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[ supervillain ] —————————————————
—— ♡ Gotta be all that coco, eh? / Playin' too much of that GTA / Playin' too much of that Dr. Dre / Doom, Quake, where'd you get the gun from, eh? / Really think that metal gonna make you safe? / Playin' peek-a-boo with the devil these days / Black cap back with a trench coat, ay / Living in the valley cuttin' porno tapes / You think that you're Space Ghost / You're wanted coast to coast / Fuck that shit, now I go / My way and you go yours / Were you bored of gender norms? / Of bein' alone, no mama home / A bad divorce, or sad we can't / Afford the clothes our heroes own ♡ —— TAGS & SONG
—————————————— [ with a manifesto ]
'BEASTS OF BEYOND + an ability-based animal roleplay In Dire Straits: Awoo BIANDRI: fantasy canine rpg RPGfix 'SOULS-- post-apocalyptic werewolf rpg