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Welcoming Board / Open Ta Ta
« on: July 02, 2020, 01:09:01 PM »
Sorry yall. Tried to stay while I could, but one can only hold out so long. I'm off to greater horizons.

I'll remember fondly my time roleplaying here, but BoB just ain't it anymore.

Ta ta.
(Feel free to hit me up on discord @ Blazic Needs Your Teeth#0965)


Snarl needed activities. Something to save her from the endless boredom. Something, anything, to do.
As such, she was always an early taker for tasks. Waltzed up near the same time as Aurum, though distinctly away from the lion.

"Mm. Whaddaya need."

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Tanglewood / Re: POISON ON ITS LIPS / o, joining
« on: June 28, 2020, 01:20:36 PM »


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More talking. So it was one of those types.
The hyena let out a deep sigh, though it sounded more like a wheeze than anything.

She didn't wait for the small cat to finish talking before the started.
The fur on her back pricked every time the vekkteman spoke, but she didn't respond save for the lion's first comment. She'd give the coward what's coming to him later.
"Tanglewood? Interesting? Never." The hyena barked out a single laugh, as if the concept was hilarious to her. No, no, the swamp could and would never be exhilarating on its own. Any fun to be had was made by herself.

The hyena flicked her ear at the wolf, spoke one last time, words stern. "Tread carefully, kitty cat."
And she skulked off. The hyena never stayed for the 'processing' of new joiners.
But one day they'd all be glad she caught an enemy trying to slip in by the throat.


Tanglewood / Re: POISON ON ITS LIPS / o, joining
« on: June 28, 2020, 01:54:22 AM »


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Snarl, if she could clue into it, would agree with much of Lemy's mentality. Not your issue, you don't have to deal with it. No reason to stay in a sinking skip except some pitiful pride.
The hyena remembered the feline only very vaguely. If she was honest, most of the cats blended together in her mind. Cats were usually not good company: small, frail things. At least small cats. Jury was out on larger breeds - it seems that cheetahs, at least, knew how to have a good time. Two for two.

The hyena sauntered over, fur just barely prickling at her back. Flicked one tattered ear and wrinkled her nose. Yes, she knew that face, but not how she knew it. Bad senses didn't allow the hyena to glean any of his lingering Elysium scent; though even if she could, one neutral wouldn't ease her much. Even Typhooners, their allies, had had Snarl on edge lately.
Spat out a few words. Distinctly ignored Aurum save for a pointed glance. She wouldn't acknowledge the traitor.
"Vekktemit. Name. Clan. Chop chop. N, gods, would you quiet t'fuck down." A pause. The hyena gritted her teeth - this excitable fuck did nothing to help her headache. "Who d'ya know. What's y'relation. What's y'intents. Quickly."


Tanglewood / Re: FALLEN FOR THIS WICKED TRAP || Mask Vigil 6/26/2020
« on: June 28, 2020, 01:10:04 AM »


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Snarl had been to the previous mask vigil, the only in Leroy's span of leadership. It was a fond memory -- as fond as any of her memories could be, at least -- the gang all together for a night of fun. The hyena snickered to herself; they'd gone a step further than surviving the night, instead opting to try and steal the masks of hunters.

But tonight was different. The hunted had become the hunter, except this time she was meant to be.
Snarl didn't announce her presence, arriving on the scene, she simply hunkered in the tall grass and watched. Waited for a suitable target. Thick mud obscured the hyena's smoky scent and bright fur, her brightest element the shine of orange eyes. Yes, this would be fun.

// PM me on-site or DM me on discord (Blazic Needs Your Teeth#3952) if you want Snarl to go after your character specifically!


Tanglewood / Re: ANOTHER MIRACLE ☆ re-joining
« on: June 28, 2020, 12:10:22 AM »


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Tanglewood was desolate. No one was left.
Crowley slept until he rotted into the ground. Kazzyboy left for 'vacation'; she was sure the cat ended up thrown to the dogs. Feza went and offed herself. Moth let herself get crushed, Selby was off doing his best to not be a father.  Beck fizzled out of existence. Even the newer comers were gone: Octane prolly got himself blown up, or ran off with his little 'lab partner'. That other one... grey cat. Alaric? Had run off.
And then left Leroy, one of the few good things to ever happen to Tanglewood. Underhanded, skeevy fucker, but did his job, at least. Crow either drank himself to death, was still locked up in his little house, or was dragged off with the dog.

And then Aurum. Vasetuuk. Old Overbearing Wormyboy. Never really learned his place, how to stay in his lane. Lion who could beat her ass on a whim, and Snarl wouldn't blame him.
Fucking deserter. Just as the hyena got back from her 'trip', the coward fled. Just cause the going got a little tough, Wormyboy? Leaving your kids behind? What a 'mother hen' you were.

Tanglewood was a shadow of its former self. Cowering in what it once was. Desperately trying to not let others, not let its own citizens see past the facade. Fake a smile, a growl, say it's fine, that you best not ask any more questions.

The hyena  caught sight of him before she could have ever dreamed of finding scent - bright wings, golden mane. Vasetuuk indeed.
His return was not met with open arms.
The hyena entered a trot, mohawk at her back raising and a snarl pulling at her lips, baring stained teeth. Approached the lion head-on, making no mistake of her intent.
Filled the air with scent of smoke and ethanol, didn't even register his own Elysium.

Contorted her face. Rumbled out words, raspy in her throat. "Deserter. Bonvit. Coward. W'the fuck are y' doing back here. Got some fuckin' balls to show your face." Stopped only to cough, sputtering against the ground.
"Y'gone. Left. Gonna make a decision, fuckin' stick with it. Lucky I don' attack y' on fucking sight, Vantermitt. Get t'fuck out. This's Tangle Territory, shouldn' y'know that," a wheeze. "In your all mighty proxy wisdom?" Bitter sarcasm dripped from her words.




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Snarl stood stock-still as the wolf explained their rules. Tattered ears pointed right at Bloodhound. The hyena's only movement was the slow spread of a toothy grin, the slow dilation of pupils. This would be fun.

The appearance of the bumblebee(?) shook her out of the pause. Stared at it, for a moment, unsure if that's what she was actually seeing. And it spoke. The hyena's questions were quickly discarded - not the first giant bug she'd seen. If it wanted to fight, she'd damn well fight it. She wasn't one to ask of origins, anyways.
As soon as Bloodhound finished their dye demonstration, the Hyena was off. Snorted at the idea - If this was done right, blood would be all the marker one needs. Whatever. Nabbed a bowl of bright orange, smeared it over feet and mouth and teeth. Huffed to get excess out of her nose, smeared excess onto her shoulders.
Snarl Snorted at Ivan's comment. Two for two. Maybe this is a kid she could actually stand, wouldn't that be something? Spoke without looking up from her smearing project, not caring how it made her fur stick.
"We'll see, kid, we'll see. Valja, think you'll find mosta us here are apex predators. Don't go thinkin' y' so special."  

As ready as she'd ever be, the hyena stood, sizing up her competition.

Bloodhound was fair sized, and she ought be cautious of those antlers. They were blunted, not like the goa she was familiar with, but Snarl had more common sense than to dismiss their potential. Not to mention sharp teeth - they might be smaller than what she was used to, but they were still a wolf.
Leroy was a dog. Big, sure, but not that much bigger than her. All leg, at that. But he was probably fast. She'd seen firsthand how high he could jump, and that he could hold on for a good while to the bug just by his bite. Not to mention - the dog seemed scrappy, in every sense of the word. Assume he wouldn't be above 'underhanded' tactics.
The hyena didn't spare much thought to the Cipher. A cat's a cat. Small one, at that. All leg, and the hyena wasn't even aware of his injury. She could step on him, and he'd die, she was sure. One good bite and it'd all be over. If he cared to show the hyena otherwise, she'd be all for it.
And the bee..... Snarl wasn't even sure where to start with them. Did it have a stinger? Normally, she'd go for the eyes, but she wasn't sure if they'd crumple immediately. Probably wouldn't be appreciated to blind a member(?) immediately, especially with the leader right there.

"So, Who wants t'go? Or are y'waitin' for assignments?"


Coding Corner / Re: Blazy's Hole
« on: June 10, 2020, 09:29:42 PM »


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My heart was stolen by a blind pickpocket in the deep city streets in the summer of 2012, and I never even saw her face.
My dreams were shattered like a stained glass window. Jesus in Pieces! I believe I threw a brick right through Him, but my memory could not be saved

It just seems unlikely that it’s me who was to blame, So I bookmark my DSM ‘cause I need to remember my place.
"This is not enough! This is not enough to prove it yet! No, I need to hit the bottom, gotta get to the bottom of this, take you with me"

My soul was crushed like a tall boy underneath the boots on the curb, and I’m still picking up my molars and putting them back in my face.
My name was soiled by a last call spill with a backwash swill and the blackout killed me. Sober on impact from a fall from grace.
Take the road on higher ground, and tell me “don’t look down! You’ll fall and break your back.” But that just reminds me how there’s more to be found beneath the black.
Bottle, well, or barrel? All are empty. Dug, or drank, or poured it out. When too much is not enough there’s plenty more ahere that came from around.

Looking up we see the point of entry, between where we are and we’ve been. Looking down I could say Heaven sent me. Hand me my shovel. I’m going in.
"Gotta get to the bottom of this if it kills me."


Welcoming Board / Re: A Wild Newcomer Has Appeared.
« on: June 10, 2020, 05:10:23 PM »
Hey hey! Welcome! I hope you enjoy your time here! Despite all the dogs, we don't bite, haha.

I also draw, and have a big interest in worldbuilding! I'd love to see some of your work. If you use discord, at all, there's also several Official Discords that are a bit more active, and could help you get more involved with the community, if you like!

Tanglewood / Open The Mountains of Cul-de-Sacia || RECONSTRUCTION TASK
« on: June 10, 2020, 01:59:28 AM »


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"I need ya to head on over to the junkyard, and stockpile some sturdy material. I'm talkin' steel, blocks of concrete, bricks, maybe even gypsum. In order to build new stuff, we need materials, and I'm confident that you're able to accumulate some of the heavier stuff; and feel free to get others to tag along as well."

Junk gathering. Lame job. O.K.
It was a lame job, sure, but it was still a job. Something to do, something to keep her mind off the shake of her paws and the pain coursing through her skull.
'Recruit Others', said Leroy, but Snarl had no such plans. As of yet, no one had stuck out to her as trustworthy. No one she'd want on a team. No one like Crowley or Kazzyboy, or even Aurum, traitor that he was. The hyena snorted to herself, bitter. She'd made no attempt to gather a team, no, but she had made it known what she was doing, and when. If others congregated around her, she wouldn't stop them. Hah -- another snort to herself -- maybe the hyena could welcome a distraction. Tempt someone new into her favorite passtime; with the new crowd, she was sure few would preempt the drunk's tendencies.

Idle thoughts ran through the Hyena's mind as she wandered through the junkyard, piles of scrap rising around her. She knew it nearly like the back of her hand, by now, wandering all the time in search of flammables or anything interesting she could find. Already, she'd remembered some plates of sheet metal, dragged into a central pile. She could move the pile back to the town center later.
Now, came the fun part. The search. The hyena would spend the next hours dragging to the pile anything she could find. Sheets of metal, cinder blocks, mostly-intact bricks. Screws and Nails, scooped up in her mouth and poking at her gums. If left alone, this search would extend far into the night. The building pile was messy, but the scrapyard had resources aplenty.




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"Becomes A Problem"
  Snarl fought often. All the time, even. There was nothing more calming than cracking a skull against stone, be it yours or that of some other poor sap. Well, calming afterwards. Exhilarating in the moment, some way to get out forcibly endless energy. Nothing better than the afterwards, either, keeping yourself working despite the ache running through your muscles.
Her time out of Tanglewood had let her live that life daily, getting into scraps with all manner of loners. Especially scavengers. She'd missed it, while she was here before, and she was missing it again. The hyena thought back to the bonfire, that first spar with Aurum, that class they made her teach. All great fun, all good distractions.

She trotted up towards the gathering, eager. Patchy tail swung behind her. Her lips were pulled back, revealing yellowed teeth; just in a grin, as opposed to her namesake. Good fights were hard to come by, in the swamp. Shame, really. She'd take any she could get.  "M'in." Was the only thing she verbalized, standing at the edge of the group.
The hyena still looked like she'd seen better days. Ribs showed under thick fur, accompanied by burns and scabs; if she let herself sink into it, in other occasions, she might even look pitiful. But Snarl was sturdy, and she wanted, needed, everyone else to know it to be true. Needed to show she could hold her own among others. Needed to show that she was fine, that she wasn't weak.


Staff Applications / Blazic's Staff Application
« on: June 05, 2020, 02:15:11 AM »
Ranks interested in:
     Junior Mod

Discord Username:
     Blazic Needs Your Teeth#0965

Time Zone:
     Eastern Standard Time (EST) UTC-5

Any qualifications or previous experience?:
     Junior Moderator on Minecraft Server for ~6months
     Past Owner of 2 Discord Roleplay Servers. ~12 months, same time. Servers fell out of use.
     Admin and Moderator of ~3 other Discord Roleplay Servers. ~4mo each.
     Current Owner of Discord Roleplay Server, 15 months and still active.

Why would you like to be staff?:
     I love helping people, and being generally useful! I'd love to see the community grow and thrive, and do what I can to help foster that. I have a fair amount of experience moderating already, but I'm one to think that under all circumstances, the more experience the better. I'm always looking to learn and grow myself, and if I can help others do the same, that'd be amazing.

Got any fun facts about yourself?:
     I collect a lot of varied hobbies! Off the top my head, I can throw knives, juggle, and am learning to pick locks. Additionally, I'm an artist, and sew custom-made clothes!


Tanglewood / Re: lullaby | lost child
« on: May 31, 2020, 12:00:19 AM »


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"Too far gone, now"
  Snarl's decision was made for her, with the approach of Safflower. She glanced towards the intruder - eyebrows lowered as her gaze fixated. They took a defensive stance, so Snarl followed suit, snout beginning to prickle and contort. She knew the look they gave her all too well - worried. Panicked. The hungry hyena has no self control, right? Take as old as time. As old as Iun, as old as Famia. Finds a child, can't stop herself from eating it. Food, food, food. Of course. Or killing the potential competition, right? Cause a baby was such a threat, cause she's just a fucking savage with no restraint.

The hyena coughed.
Words held no malice, at first, despite her stance. "Sibling, eh? Where's t'parent-" Broke off her stare as the child first began to move. Only glanced for a moment before returning sharp gaze to the intruder. Only now, did bitterness seep into her words. "Kid coulda been killed." She coulda killed the kid. Shoulda. Woulda. "Gators, snakes, owls. Y'looking t'feed non-clan life? Didn'cha hear what they said - feed em and they'll just come back, yeah?" The hyena still easily backed off from the child - in fact, the more distance gained, the less her muscles tensed.
All tension lost was gained once again, as a plant-covered mass sludged into view. The hyena lowered her front, hackles raised, a low growl rumbled out of Snarl's throat. Took a moment of wrinkled nose, for her to remember - this was the same creature that had approached when she first returned. Some creature of earth. Though the hyena calmed somewhat, she still remained ready to attack. Two stanced ready to fight, and Snarl wasn't planning on losing any today. Wrinkled her snout again, as the plant beast began to hum. Bid the child good riddance as it tottered towards the parasite.

Coughed as Ivan approached. Finally, someone got it, even if that someone took the form of a tiny little cat. Though at the same time, he didn't get it. Naive. The hyena was used to the reaction, by now. She wasn't surprised, nor should he be. Kid would learn in time. That's just the way it goes. Assumptions made, reactions taken.
Hypocrite, some part of the hyena's mind spouted. You were going to kill the kid. You should have killed the kid. Don't act like you're so innocent. They assumed fucking right, , you're just as bad as the rest. Kid've been better off. Coulda, shoulda, woulda killed him first. Make them know they're right. Coward, hiding behind inaction. Coward, that you hadn't just gotten on with it from the start. Coward, worrying about consequences. When had that ever stopped you from doing what you wanted, what's right? Had this pitiful little clan rendered you weak? Was that it? Was Snarl being a little baby again? Acting like a little kid?

The voice of a cheetah brought Snarl out of the state, blinking up from a face that had fallen from aggression to complete blankness. Snorted, at his ask of the creature. Let out a few raspy laughs that devolved into a coughing fit, wheezing intermittently. For the moment, the hyena was indisposed.


Tanglewood / Re: lullaby | lost child
« on: May 28, 2020, 04:31:01 PM »


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"No one really cared enough."
Always, was Snarl pacing through Tanglewood's territory. The hyena's fur was still matted and lusterless, ribs and hips still pushed against skin, yet resting to health wasn't a thought in her mind - not something she'd consider for a moment.

Mewling drew the drunk towards a hollow. Eyebrows lowered, Snarl was at least skeptical, though to what she wasn't sure. She huffed at the air, trying to glean the milky scent of child. She nearly jumped, when a dry voice pleaded for its mother. The hyena whipped around, lowered her head, stared at the feline. Wrinkled her snout.
She'd heard right. A child.

Left alone, in the middle of a swamp. With some tiny cloth. Of course it was.
She should kill it, she thinks. Obviously no one would care for the loss. Child left alone; if she didn't end its little existence, clearly some other predator would. Maybe she should leave it to whatever comes along - let nature take its course. Gators, birds, even scavengers, would all make quick work of the kid. Well, not that quick work. So she should end it now. One swift crunch, make sure it's really dead. Ensure a quicker passing.
A thought to other members of Tanglewood - they'd likely want to 'save' it. She paused a moment, face still inches from the kitten. How much would sparing its life now save it, really? Sure, it would live a few more days, at least. If it was lucky, it'd grow. Snarl huffed at the child. But then it'd be faced with the fact that no one cared about it. It'd still die someday, there was no escaping that. It'd be confronted with the fact that everyone left, slipping out from your grasp, that you couldn't control it. Sure, taking it to the main clan may be a small mercy, but it'd be a short-lived one.

Leaving the child alive wouldn't save it for long at all. And worse, the child might appreciate the fact she saved it. No, if it was up to Snarl, she'd end the milky being's life right now. Spare it from the reality of this world, not let them develop a bubble of naivety that would someday burst. The thought of repercussion was all that gave her pause - The rest of her clan, she was sure, wouldn't approve, if they found out. None of them realized the reality of life. On the other hand - when had she cared for repercussions in the past?

The hyena deliberated for now, but with luck, someone else would arrive, ensuring that the child's life was spared.


Tanglewood / Re: FOLLOW ME INTO THE GREAT UNKNOWN / dual membership
« on: May 28, 2020, 03:12:46 AM »


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"Horse Broken Both Legs"
  Everywhere. She needed to be everywhere. Snarl was never not filled with a desire to know everything that was going on at any given moment. With that goal came the hyena setting back on her regular track, spending nearly every waking moment pacing a lap around Tanglewood's swamp.

Today, this led the half-starved hyena to Roxanne. Patchy mohawk raised at her back, nearly doubling the hyena's already impressive size, she approached the intruder. Moved through the swamp with a learned almost-grace, knowing the spots to avoid and easily slinking through the muck; surprisingly little clung to striped fur.
Already, Snarl's maw was twitching into her namesake, eyes squinted as she sniffed fruitlessly at the air, trying and failing to glean any scent from the pink feline.

"Name'n intentions. More'n just 'joining'. Plus Vekktemit. Speedy 'bout it." Not the kindest greeting, especially to an unknown ally, but that's the hyena for you. "Whaddo y'want with Wormyboy, how'd'ya know t'fuckin' deserter? Long gone. Don't expect him back. Want Leroy, y'talk t'me first." Just a bit, did her teeth bare, though the hyena's tail was raised straight up. Though she wasn't outright hostile, she was absolutely towing the line. What did this cat want with the leader?
After just a moment - not enough for Roxanne to really respond, but still a short pause - the hyena barked out more commands. "C'mon. Fast 'bout it. Don't have all day. Vekketemit. Now."


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