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Welcoming Board / Open not new hi
« on: February 25, 2020, 02:39:15 AM »
hi it's me, a clown
i come and go a lot
iykyk :)

i might end up, uhhhh making a character. and doing something with it. who knows. not me. tune in next week. my goal rn is to just bully you all into being my friend. my incredibly weird interests include: playing bastards or straight up evil dudes tryna do good, loki, SPECIFICALLY modern warfare 2 and no other cod game, creating 6 layers of aus and then writing an au of THAT au, maybe space. who knows.

Artist Loft / Re: BIRD SONG ⚝ art shop [open]
« on: January 01, 2019, 11:19:46 PM »
hewwo fwiend uwu

ref: here's her ! white wolf with feathered wings and smooth horns curled from under her ears to around her cheeks. another set of small horns on the back of her neck and final set of horns just before her wings, between the shoulder blades. no accessories or anything. (possible to do a star pupil instead of a regular oval?)
expression: determined ! no specific pose, just whatever you want for that~
style: fullbody and headshot if you can?? (+ chibi?)
price: like 15k?? i can't math right now

Uncharted Territories / Re: all dressed up — o, potion making
« on: November 04, 2018, 11:35:17 PM »
Oh, he was at it again. Moonshadow sighed heavily, rolling his eyes as he glanced over the edge of one of the bridges to take a peek at whatever their dear Augur was up to now. He considered staying in his spot, keeping guard and planning to preserve his night for his own plans for Samhain. Then he remembered why he was even concerned about Augustus's announcement in the first place.

He grimaced, standing and stretching, shaking his fur free of the dust and twigs clinging to his belly. He was not going to join this little event because he actually cared to see yet another failure, but he would join to make sure Augustus didn't destroy anything too important. He took the long way down to the ground floor this time, holding off on his showing off.

His approach was tentative and he stopped short, further back from the set up than was necessary. "If you cause a mess with this, you better clean it up." He squinted, looking from the nervous augur to the set up once again. Some typical paranoid thoughts crept into his mind, but he cast them aside to focus on the task at hand. Which was just watching to make sure nothing was damaged. Not helping. Because he didn't care.

"... what potions do you plan on making, then?"

Uncharted Territories / Re: march of progress || ambassadors needed
« on: November 04, 2018, 11:22:35 PM »
That was possibly the easiest thing he'd done so far as magus. The dire wolf looked over the two, completely ignoring whatever it was that Augustus continued chatting about. Moonshadow didn't care one way or the other how these two planned to go about their assignments, as long as they did them.

Kade, on the other hand, was probably perfect for any sort of job because she got to the point and didn't fool around with nonsensical discussion. It was probably the first good quality of an outsider he might admit to appreciating.

"Good. Augustus, you take Tanglewood. Kade, you have The Typhoon. For this first visit, introduce who we are and what we're about. Mention the possibility of alliances, but don't push it. We don't want to dive into this without really scoping out who they are and what they have to offer. I suspect they'll wish to speak to a higher up about it, anyway."

As he spoke, his eyes moved back and forth to keep contact with the two of them. There was a pause of silence after the initial information he gave, then his gaze turned to a glare as he focused on Augustus. "Represent us well or I'll find a replacement." His mouth twitched and he gave a dry smile.

"Anyway. I think my sister mentioned something about... gift baskets. But we'll talk more about that after this first contact."

"It's a mere precaution. Don't get your tail in a twist about it. I don't take kindly to strangers wondering in our forest without permission." Moonshadow huffed, watching the cat step away. Whatever he was on about, the dire wolf wasn't exactly following. But he didn't care to try to make sense of it either. It was unfortunate this was the kind of attention they received when they opened their borders.

"Luck for you, my sister here wouldn't let me chase you off. However, you don't get to come in and announce you'll stay without even asking first. Better learn that quick. You staying is up to my sister at this point. Who is our leader around here. I happen to be a deputy of sorts."

He was sure the usual arrangement was to meet at the border, but most people he was coming across these days obviously did not respect that. Yet another reason he wanted to close off their communication again. Obviously, these outsiders were horribly uncivilized and would cause a ruckus in their ranks. He didn't care how pretty they thought this land was, he was ready to teach the next trespasser a serious lesson in boundaries. It wasn't a good image to allow this to keep happening.

"For the record, we will not be friends. Call me Moonshadow. Nothing else." There was an air of 'or else' lingering on his words, but he'd never state it. Personally, he thought he gave enough of a fair warning in his stance alone.

Uncharted Territories / Recondite Realm march of progress || ambassadors needed
« on: November 01, 2018, 06:34:19 PM »
After careful consideration, Moonshadow decided he would not be one to participate in whatever it was his sister wanted these so-called ambassadors to do. He was not fond of leaving the safety of this forest, though that safety was being compromised everyday now by the outsiders. Maybe he could be considered a bit paranoid and over doing it, but you couldn't teach an old dog new tricks. At least, not this old dog.

But what he could do was be a good magus and order people around as the title allowed him to do so. So, he had his sister write down the groups she wanted to get word to and made his way out to the middle of camp. He wasn't going to use the tree for this business, it wasn't even his place to do so. It wasn't super important, either, not in his obscure opinion.

"I need volunteers for this emissary program we'll be setting up. A way to get ourselves out there to our potential allies and to form any future collaboration with them. Anyone willing to make a visit to..." he paused a moment to squint at the paper under his paws. "Tanglewood or The Typhoon? Please step forward and announce your interest. I will explain further if necessary."

The dire wolf sat back and waited, then. He wore his same, neutral-almost-annoyed expression, not looking or sounding too thrilled about this.

Uncharted Territories / Re: shadows in the distant light || open
« on: November 01, 2018, 06:01:38 PM »
"Is it not obvious?"

Moonshadow lowered his head slightly to gently nudge at the eggs with his nose, about to continue his explanation when the ever familiar flamboyance of Akira caught his attention. He lifted his head, rolling his eyes and taking a moment to reel in his urge to snap at the cat for no other reason than existing. He gave Rune a brief look of annoyance at the interruption.

"Fine, whatever. Just back up, would you?" he finally said, not even attempting to sound friendly. He sat down, returning his attention to his younger sister, even more cautious of the eggs at his paws with someone else in the area that he obviously did not trust.

"These are, to the best of my knowledge, owl eggs. Left behind. Someone or thing killed their mother and unfortunately, destroyed the third egg. I couldn't leave them out there, not if bringing them back here would at least give them a chance. I thought it important to notify you immediately... considering we share the room. Unless you think we should hand them off to someone else."

With that thought in mind, though, he knew there was no one around here he'd trust more than himself to take care of the orphaned eggs. If his sister's wasn't willing to help out, he was just as fine taking care of them himself before passing them onto a stranger.

Biographies / Re: sahl's storage
« on: November 01, 2018, 01:42:48 PM »
oh mercy me, mercy my
grave zevro atreides — updated 10/30

name. Grave Zevro Atreides
Unknown origin. Atreides is a family name.
nicknames. N/A
biological gender. Male
birth date. November 1st
age. 1 year old
clan. Tanglewood

faceclaim. text ( optional )
voiceclaim. Liam O'Brien as Illidan Stormrage

jaguar. — birth body 100% health
Grave is a lean jaguar, possibly slimmer than might look healthy for one. His fur is dark gray, almost black, rosette markings just barely darker than that to stand out. His eyes are amber.
injures. none.
references. in progress
estj && gryffindor && true neutral.
Will write later.
main personality traits. --
disorders. none.

parents. NPC x NPC
siblings. Jendi, Enceladus
sexuality. Aromantic
relationship status. Single
friends. None
enemies. None

physically && mentally. Moderate difficulty
Skilled combatant, but still young and over-confident in abilities. Keeps mental blocks up at all times.
self defense. Will fight back no matter who is attacking him.
weapon preference?
mention @grave. or @sahloknir when attacking
powers. in the works.

Uncharted Territories / Recondite Realm shadows in the distant light || open
« on: October 08, 2018, 03:20:41 PM »
With their growing ranks, he found himself drawn more to the outside camp. Though, with every trip in the territory, to the ruins or otherwise, there was a quiet nagging in his brain that would not shut up. Every time he left camp, he worried the outsiders would do something again, something he vowed he would never let happen again. So far, those thoughts have proven wrong, but one could never be too sure, right? He could be described as paranoid, but who could blame him when all he's known outsiders to be were monsters.

Moonshadow huffed, shaking his head to clear the cloudy thoughts and continued on his short route from the entrance of camp through a specific path in the forest that would take him by the ruins. He enjoyed visiting it often because it was quiet and the crumbling buildings held a beauty of their own. The memories associated were less bitter and more sweet these days as the wound that his mother's death left slowly began to heal.

Pacing around the ruined stone, he dragged his paw across the runes that matched those on his horns. He was still disappointed he never got the chance to ask what they meant. There was still time to figure it out on his own, but it felt impossible to do so now. With his responsibilities, he didn't have all that time to pour into books and magic. Not now, at least. Maybe he when he was an old wolf and unable to fight, but that was far in the future. Hopefully.

After a few minutes of quiet thought, a strange sight came into view and he broke from his reverie. Several feet ahead, there was a dead owl, wings spread out on either side with no obvious wounds. Beside it was the unfortunate sight of a broken egg, the baby within also dead. It was unsettling and he immediately began to piece together the different situations that might've led to this. He looked up for the nest they obviously came from and spotted it half way up the tree.

Well, he had to be sure there were none left behind. He carefully pressed a paw to the owl's body, warmth still lingering told him to it wouldn't be too late if there were any eggs left. Scaling the tree with ease, he slowly stood on a branch just to the right of the nest's branch. Lo and behold, there were too white eggs sitting there, unattended now. There was a heavy sigh from the dire wolf, gaze dropping to the owl's body again from where he stood in the tree. Poor children, he thought, to be left without a mother so young. Not even born yet.

Even if it were a hassle, he couldn't leave them here. He inched forward and carefully plucked both eggs from the nest, moving very slowly so he didn't jerk his jaws shut. That would've been a horrible mess. It took him much longer to get down from the tree than it did to get up, but he was on the ground eventually and conjuring a blanket from his treehouse. He did his best to wrap them and carry the blanket like a basket back to camp.

Back in the Realm's camp, he sat down and carefully set the blanket between his forepaws. He looked up to where he'd stopped, in front of Runicflare's treehouse. "Rune! This is important!" he called.


Moonshadow was usually careful not to cross anyone else's patrol paths while he was out, making sure he could be somewhere that was obviously not occupied to double their efforts. Still, he probably covered their entire territory more than was necessary, especially now when he had to be on the look out for those dreaded "joiners". There would probably never be a time the magus would ever be okay with the outsiders joining their ranks, his severe mistrust would forever taint any sorts of bond.

Still, personal feelings could not get in the way of how he worked. If his mother, and now Runicflare, said to accept the outsiders so it would help the future of the Realm, then he would reluctantly do as they said. Both because he trusted their judgement, and because of the position one held and the other holds currently. And so, in this particular outing, the sound of an unfamiliar voice singing caught his attention rather quickly. Due to his heightened senses, which he only channeled through his hearing currently, the singing was actually a lot further off than it sounded.

By time he arrived, he saw his sister beat him to it. He stepped off the root he'd climbed over, right behind the feline. He shared a glance with his sister, but this pipsqueak was no threat, he could see that on his own. But with the super friendly approach to strangers, he wasn't exactly pleased with. Another conversation for another time, though. His gaze dropped to the smaller being there. All these newcomers were so small, he hoped he wouldn't step on them. Or maybe he hoped that he did - he could use it as another reason why having them around camp was such a bad idea. With a heavy sigh to announce his presence if it hadn't been known before, he sat down and casually conjured a knife to his paws. He didn't do anything with it, yet.

"This is the Recondite Realm. Yes, there are more of us. No, you cannot sing again. Will you explain your reasons for being here or will we have to escort you from our forest?"

Uncharted Territories / Re: i'm chasing, your fading out }} joiner; open
« on: October 08, 2018, 02:06:42 PM »
Moonshadow was not a fan of strangers wandering into their camp without permission. Or at all, for that matter. What irked him even more was that he hadn't been completely aware of it until his sister was the one approaching the feline that stood by their trees. He hardly ever let himself become distracted, especially when he had a job to do. It could be a fatal mistake and he was only the tiniest bit thankful that this particular stranger did not seem to be immediately threatening anyone here.

With a pit of anger slowly burning in his stomach, he stood from his spot and quickly made his way down from the bridges and houses. Standing beside Runicflare, the dire wolf towered over the both of them (but his younger sister was quickly catching up in height and he was afraid soon she might be able to actually push back). A plus was that if he really needed to, these strangers were easy to grab and rip to shreds. But, that was unethical and not a good first impression for the outsiders. As if he cared to impress them.

Running his tongue over his teeth, he narrowed his eyes down at Shuu. "You have some nerve walking into our camp uninvited. Answer the question quickly before I throw you out."

Uncharted Territories / Re: SPOOKY SCARY SKELETONS // o, attack via ghost
« on: October 08, 2018, 01:51:46 PM »
Sleep was hard to come by for Moonshadow lately, he hid away the fact that everything's left him on edge, but it was the exact reason for his troubles then. He'd only wanted to lay down for a nap, but a far off voice caught by his heightened senses jolted him. Ears sharp, he raised his head quickly, listening very carefully to hear it again. He could've sworn it had been his sister. It must've been someone else or even worse, a misheard word due to his lack of sleep. He huffed and dropped his head, flicking his tail over his nose.

Still, that left him even less at ease than before. He shifted in the spot on his treehouse floor, growling lowly to himself and the thoughts that ran through his head. A moment or so later, he pushed himself up and began to very slowly pace, hoping to walk himself to sleep. Because he still trained his ears to listen for anything further off than what was normal, he picked up a lot on the tiny creatures of the forests.

He jolted again, stopping his pacing when he heard yelping. He attempted to narrow his senses to its origin, but it didn't matter when a moment later, his sister's clear call for help cut through. Without much thought, acting fast, he spun and burst through the door of his treehouse. He could not be bothered with a normal exit today. Running along one of the many bridges, he made a running leap for the tree wall. His paws caught easily and he scaled the rest of the way with ease, carefully but quickly maneuvering through the branches and leaves at the top before making his way down on the other side, outside of camp now.

As fast as he could, he ran toward the call for help, leaping from tree root to tree root. Drawing nearer, his eyes quickly scanned the scene as he tried to assess the damage and the forces. There were spirits in too much of a large number for him to count quickly, and his sister pinned against a tree was the center of their malicious attention. One of his many knives appeared in the air and he grabbed the handle quickly, snarling loudly.

He attempted to barrel through the ghostly crowd without a word, intending on getting to his little sister as quickly as possible. Whether they were doing any real damage wasn't something he knew yet, but the pain felt was still all the same and he would put a stop to them. Unsure, he also tried to swing his blade toward a spirit, not exactly thinking about whether or not that affected them.

« on: September 23, 2018, 01:49:29 AM »
hello hello!!

Uncharted Territories / Re: say i told you so || joiner
« on: September 20, 2018, 10:30:15 PM »
Coldsun was startled, slightly, but quickly relaxed as her gaze landed on Moonmade. Not speaking for a moment, she was obviously awestruck. She'd never seen a lion before, she hadn't seen a lot before, hence her journey. They were definitely much taller than she had thought. Carefully, she placed the flowers at her paws and looked back up at Moonmade with a smile.

"H-hi there! I wasn't going to take much, really. That's why I was growing my own... they're very pretty!" Her paw scuffed against the ground, smile turning sheepish. It wouldn't do well on her part to anger the first person she saw, especially when they could easily squash her. "I can grow some back, it's okay!" It might tire her out, but as long as it kept him happy.

Having to look up so far to speak to the lion, she completely missed the small kitten running out until he brushed against her and caused her to jump again. "Oh! Well, hello!" she laughed quietly, "I'm not sure what green paw means myself, but it certainly sounds cool. It's nice to meet you, Danny!"

Once again, she was looking up to the third one who approached. Another she'd never seen in her life was a wolf. She saw her fair share of dogs, though, and she could see the similarities. Except, the dogs she knew were clumsy and dopey, but this one here wasn't. "You're so pretty!" she said quickly, nearly squishing the flowers beneath her paws as she moved forward. "I-I'm Coldsun! It's nice to meet you, too, Imperia. What does, um, bonjour mean? I've never heard that before."

A glance at the lion again reminded of her original reason for even waiting around for them. "Oh! Before you answer that... can I stay around here? I'd love to see the rest of this place."

Uncharted Territories / Re: HELLO MY NAME IS // o, gift basket making
« on: September 20, 2018, 09:50:10 PM »
Gift baskets. Moonshadow wasn't completely convinced by the idea of them. If someone came to them with such a thing, he'd possibly turn them away for bribery. He didn't need some charms to consider alliances, he needed the facts of it. The strengths and weaknesses, pros and cons. A bunch of toys for kids wasn't going to help anytime soon. But, if that's how they played, then he had to follow it, even if it agitated him.

"I won't be visiting anyone, but I will... help with gathering these gifts. It is the least I can do, Sorceress." He sighed, dipping his head slightly toward her.

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