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The Typhoon / Open how do i live? [INTRO]
« on: November 11, 2020, 01:38:38 PM »

//TW: descriptions of dysphoria

It's safe to say that Ylva does not appreciate being in the spotlight. In the months since their birth they've hung back, watched the others grow and prosper. They were proud of them, their siblings that is; they knew, even now, that they would grow up to one day do very great things. Their mothers had already done them; truthfully, they idolized the two, for they believed quite severely that you could not do any greater thing than be a good mother, and to do that to not one litter but two... Yes, they must be very great.

But it was their time now. They had refrained, previously, from going out into the world and making a name for themself. This was what they were going to do, if only they could flush away the tightness of their chest, perhaps swallow the ball in their throat. Perhaps, even, they could teach themself not to flinch when one of their siblings affectionately called them 'sissy', or someone else referred to them as a girl.

These thoughts of course were what drew them to the water's edge, watching their reflection distort in the waves in a sort of trance. Not even the whooping and the hollering of NPCs behind them could draw them from their somber mood.

They knew that their mothers had noticed. Perhaps, even, so had some others- it was hard to miss, they knew that. The way they flinched, the way bile travelled up their throat when they were referred to as female, the way their face screwed up and they withdrew into themselves... No, they were not doing a very great deal at hiding it. Perhaps, if only they knew why they were so different, why they were the way they were, they would find even a semblance of peace within themselves, perhaps that little voice in their head would finally quiet down, would stop screaming.

If only.
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