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General Discussion / Discussion short inactivity notice
« on: April 26, 2021, 08:55:43 PM »
just a heads up, my activity will be lower than usual from 4/26-5/7 due to finals! this means my characters won't be getting as many posts and upcoming characters, such as lucius of HoH, are being postponed. i've mentioned this a few times on discord, but i figured i'd throw it on-site too. if there's any issues, let me know. good luck to everyone else on their finals too!

edit: 4/27
went to the doctor. my chest wall and muscle are inflamed/strained, so im ordered to rest despite everything anyways whoops

second edit:
ear infection gang, still chest issues

The Palm Glades / Announcement Regarding recent issues with OOC/IC
« on: March 03, 2021, 06:36:32 PM »

There have been recent occurrences of OOC to IC and vice versa, as mentioned in a previous announcement post. Staff has managed to narrow down where these situations were occurring after discussion, thus the announcement post in this board. This is a warning to all members. Beasts of Beyond does not tolerate intermixing OOC/IC within roleplay. We want to be a welcoming, open website where members new and old can join in. A roleplayer should not project their own OOC opinions in roleplay, nor should a character’s opinions impose on their roleplayer. Users are not their characters. Remember to keep things separate.

If this problem persists, staff will be taking action and will discuss as needed. As for users, if you see this issue recurring and wish to report such, please feel free to message a staff member so we can discuss this further.

Thank you,
Beasts of Beyond Staff

Tanglewood / Announcement Regarding recent issues with OOC/IC
« on: March 03, 2021, 06:36:29 PM »

There have been recent occurrences of OOC to IC and vice versa, as mentioned in a previous announcement post. Staff has managed to narrow down where these situations were occurring after discussion, thus the announcement post in this board. This is a warning to all members. Beasts of Beyond does not tolerate intermixing OOC/IC within roleplay. We want to be a welcoming, open website where members new and old can join in. A roleplayer should not project their own OOC opinions in roleplay, nor should a character’s opinions impose on their roleplayer. Users are not their characters. Remember to keep things separate.

If this problem persists, staff will be taking action and will discuss as needed. As for users, if you see this issue recurring and wish to report such, please feel free to message a staff member so we can discuss this further.

Thank you,
Beasts of Beyond Staff

Biographies / Animal morrison's tags
« on: February 26, 2021, 06:38:23 PM »
name — Morrison Adair
nicknames — Captain, Mori, Captain Mori
origin — The name Morrison originates from 'Morrissey', another name meaning 'sea taboo,' and 'Mortimer,' which means 'dead sea.' As for his last name, Adair, the name directly translates into oak tree or 'ford at the oaks' according to English/Scottish/Ulster origin.
roleplayed by — Orion

current rank — ???
past ranks — Morrison has no previous ranks.

current alliance — The Typhoon and The Palm Glades as a dual alliance, mainly travelling between the two to visit family and explore the areas between them.
past alliances — Morrison's past alliances resided within the Pendragon kingdoms which have now been dissolved. As the oldest, he chose to deny ascending to the throne and instead explore the world.

sex / gender— CIS Male
age — 8 1/2 years
species — Wolf
breed — Gray Wolf, 'Canis Lupus'
eye color — A golden color, leaning more towards orange but shines yellow within bright light.
fur color — His pelt is varying shades of blue with more notable darker stripes and a shepherd-like back saddle.
mutations— Besides his unusual color, Morrison has many other mutations that makes him special. The wolf has a long shark tail that dons his backside and two ruffled fish ears. Along with this, two sets of gills are hidden underneath the fur on his neck. All of these mutations enable him to survive within water, but also thrive on land.
posture — Morrison's posture is often rigid and stiff.

possessions —
powers — Water Elementals
injuries — Three claw marks on his right shoulder and two on his lower right leg. Needs a story.
illnesses — None currently!
handicaps — Due being proficient on both land and water, Morrison sometimes has trouble breathing after transitioning between the two environments.

accent — His voice is a very thick British accent with a subtle mix of deep Caribbean and Coastal Latin America.
languages — Mainly fluent within British, but has amassed knowledge of other languages throughout his many travels.
voice volume — His voice is rather pronounced and gruff, often times being the blunt voice of reason in strategical talk.
common phrases —

personality description goes here

mbti personality type —
moral alignment —

strengths —
likes —
weaknesses —
dislikes —

quirks —
hobbies —
beliefs / religion —
goals —

family name — Pendragon
parents — Mountainsong x Sleepingeternal
siblings — All siblings are deceased.
other direct family —
Family Tree
— Brother to Sophiea's parents and Wormroot
— Uncle to Sophiea, Eternalknight, Winterhymns
— Great uncle to their children

sexuality — Pansexual, no specific preference over one another
martial status — Single
spouse — None

best friends — Undetermined
enemies — Undetermined
mentor — Morrison had no mentors and instead grew up teaching himself through his explorations.
apprentice — N/A

astrological sign—

accomplishments —
secrets —
regrets —

history —
plots — 

Announcements / Announcement Reminder: IC to OOC mixing is not allowed.
« on: February 01, 2021, 07:08:40 PM »

There has been some prevalent issues recently with users taking in-character(IC) actions and interpreting them as out-of-character(OOC) reflections on roleplayers or their other characters. Please remember to separate roleplay from real life. A character is not their roleplayer or vice versa. Along with this, do not isolate or ignore a character/roleplayer due to this, especially when they're actively trying to prompt plots and activity by providing a new perspective/personality on-site.

As staff, we will be implementing all the help and programs we can to prevent this issue. We want everyone to feel welcomed into our community, no matter the character or roleplayer. With that said, we expect you to be open too. Try welcoming a member, plotting with someone new, and more! It might just help. Lifting someone's spirits never hurts!

Take it easy,
Beasts of Beyond Staff

Announcements / Announcement [RULE CHANGES] Accounts + Length of Mythical/Extinct Bodies
« on: January 02, 2021, 11:04:55 PM »

After some discussion, staff have decided to revise some regulations on-site ICly and OOCly. The rules are as follows:
ACCOUNTS: From now on, you can only have one main account. You may not have multiple accounts, otherwise they will be merged together into the oldest account and any subaccounts will be transferred over from this point on. This is to prevent warning/ban-dodging. If you wish to circumvent this rule due to comfortability or other issues, please contact a staff member to discuss your options.
MYTHICAL/EXTINCT CREATURES: After some discussion, staff have finalized some rules regarding the length of mythical creatures. To prevent overpowered creatures, we have set some standers. Measuring from shoulder to tail, large mythical creatures can now only reach up to twenty feet in length. As for small bodies, it will change to ten. Please keep this in mind when creating your character. As always, height will be from head to toe and will be 10 feet/5 feet depending on the purchased body. We also do not allow the enlargement/downsizing of creatures.

If you have any questions or concerns, please privately contact a staff member or make a thread within the Help Hub.

Thank you,
Beasts of Beyond Staff

General Discussion / Contest BoB's 2021 Choice Awards!
« on: December 28, 2020, 10:15:58 PM »

Well, 2020 has been one hell of a year. Now that the year is over, let's find the best of the best for our second annual choice awards. As always, read the rules, ponder your choices, and then fill out the form below. Make sure you get your votes in before February 1st! Every winner will get their own special 2021 choice awards badge to show off too!

— You may only vote for yourself once.
— Do not coerce friends to vote. You will be disqualified and so will they.
— Any cheating will be disqualified.
— Only vote on your main account, no subaccounts.
—  You do not need to vote for every category.
— Do not post an empty form with no answers. It'll prevent spam and make it easier to count votes.

IC (in character) Categories
— Best leader
— Best couple
— Best villain
— Most well-known character
— Best character
— Best plot
— Best group

OOC (out of character) Categories
— Best artist
— Best writer
— Best plot-maker
— Most helpful staff member
— Most helpful non-staff member
— Funniest member

Code: [Select]
Best leader:
Best couple:
Best villain:
Most well-known character:
Best character:
Best plot:
Best group:

Best artist:
Best writer:
Best plot-maker:
Most helpful staff member:
Most helpful non-staff member:
Funniest member:

Announcements / Announcement Site Updates + New board for The Palm Glades!
« on: December 03, 2020, 12:04:08 PM »

Thank you for being patient with us as we updated the site and got some stuff going! Maintenance mode is fully turned off, so you will be able to post on the site. For those in Palm Glades, you will find that there is now a backboard for it in the uncharted territories section! Due to how many posts they have, the activity, the interest, and the overall concept of the group, staff have decided that they would be the first group to test out the option of backboards. For now, this is a trial run. If it's received well, it will stay, and the possibility of other groups getting their own backboard in the future will be there. It will not be a reward for being an official group, but rather it's own separate thing. Activity, originality, interest, and concept all take place to decide on a board, so keep up the fun plots and concepts everyone, we love to see them! <3

In regards to the posts in Palm Glades, due to staff changing the prefixes on each post, some of them will state that a staff member edited it. The only thing that was done to them was the prefix change, and none of the content within the post was messed with.

Thank you!
Beasts of Beyond Staff

Announcements / Announcement $350 towards Xerces Society for Invertebrate Protection!
« on: December 01, 2020, 09:59:39 AM »
Congratulations BoBCats,

We met our goal for October/November's charity run! After some last minute funding, we managed to go over our goal. I'd like to thank all of you for your participation and donations. We hope you enjoy all your rewards and feel gratification by donating to such an AMAZING cause. As always, BEE amazing! <333

Thank you,
Orion and the Beasts of Beyond team

Adoption Agency / Animal NINAZU x STRYKER || medic x leader || ONE AND ONLY LITTER
« on: November 09, 2020, 08:18:59 PM »
After a long conquest within The Pitt as lovers, the two had always been by each others side. They were ardent and vicar in crime. As one led, the other supported the other. Even as they two succumbed to Jervis' devious capture and lasted months chained within a cave, their love blossomed. Persistent and determined, the two eventually escaped from their tyrannical reign and ran.

Shortly after they escaped, the two discovered Ninazu was pregnant with Stryker's children. Desperate and homeless, it was not long before they heard the rumors of a tribe on an island afar past The Typhoon, so they travelled there. Upon arriving, the group was peaceful and serene. The female gave birth in no time. In the meantime, the two lovers assisted as they could with their children in tow, but as the meteor struck within The Typhoon's bay, their island crumbled.

Stryker, determined to stick up for his new home, stood up and took leadership of the group and deemed them the 'Coalition of the Condemned.' Within no time, he appointed his lover to Guru. Since then, the Coalition of the Coalition's power couple conquested throughout the groups. Their success has paved a path for their children to truly thrive as Malus' and Harbringers.

These will be adult children of two years. They will have lived through the meteor strike within COTC and any events following that. This litter will strictly be lions for their birth only unless shapeshifting is listed. Lions can inherit either of the parents traits include: fire mane/fire elementals, venomous fangs, earth elementals, spiked horns, slitted eyes, snake-like shedding/shapeshifting, mental manipulation, and many more qualities. Please remember that you will need to buy the power if accepted with any of the features listed above. Along with this, lions can have any concept or design. There is no limit on your creativity, so run wild with your ideas!

Ninazu Harbringer will be the mother of the this litter. She is currently the Guru of the Coalition of the Condemned [HP] and former leader/medic of The Pitt. Her current body is a tawny-colored lion with golden colored eyes. Along with this, Ninazu has a forked snake tongue and fire lining her head as a mane and on her tail. She also has vampire digestion, allowing her to consume blood. Here are her tags for more information.

Stryker's body is a male lion. Stryker is a bold, albino white lion. He dons two curved horns wrapping around his ears with several jagged points on them. Not only this, but his neon green tongue is split like a snake and his eyes are in the same green shade + slitted. Stryker is the current leader of the Coalition of the Condemned and former two time leader of The Pitt. He has successfully taken over multiple clans, along with destroying Snowbound with assistance. Here are his tags for more information.

— These babies will carry the Malus and Harbringer last name.
- These are REHOMED children but as blank slates. Three of their litter went inactive awhile back.
— Children will be able to start roleplaying at two and a half years old.
— Please keep your child active. If you fall inactive, Axiom and Orion have every right to rehome your child. Please post every other week to be considered 'active'. We want these children to be active, as this is Ninazu and Stryker's ONLY litter.
— Stryker and Ninazu are good parents. They are not abusive, so keep this in mind when creating your character.
— Please stay within Coalition of the Condemned until after two months of in-game roleplaying.
— Do not kill off your character early, please. If there are issues, let us rehome them.
— This litter is not first come, first serve.
— Remember, quality of application over quantity!
— All site rules apply.

The form for this litter is free-for-all. Please at least provide the basics, like your character's name / gender / appearance / personality. Other categories are also appreciated. Make sure to also follow all rule and provide significant genetics.

Adoption Agency / Open Tanglewood Leader Applications
« on: November 06, 2020, 05:52:51 PM »
Hello BoBCats! Today will be the start of our Tanglewood leader applications. This has been a long time coming and we hope to see your applications. Feel free to make them as long or as short as necessary. Remember, quality over quantity! Please also remember that not only does the factors of your IC character come into play, but also your OOC behavior as a user. So keep your head up and apply!

What BoB looks for in a leader:
- Activity: A leader must be active and comply with Beasts of Beyond's activity rules on-site to lead properly. Not only this, but an active leader attracts other characters and brings a welcoming environment. Review the activity requirements here within the guide tab for more information.
- Character: Characters with a compelling concept, rather than a bland Mary Sue, can give a clan a whole new vibe.
- Open-Minded: Having an open heart and mind is key to roleplay. With this, a user and their character can easily adapt through situations and embrace new ideas. Whether these ideas come from staff or many users, we want to see the community thrive due to the input and output of our members.
- Plotting: To keep things 'fresh' and 'new,' leaders should engage in a multitude of plotting. This includes plotting with other groups, attending monthly meetings, and discussing plots amongst your group. Group-wide plots, along with site-wide plots, also encourage activity and involvement that keeps a community going.
- Taking Charge: As a community leader, you should be able to effectively communicate and decipher your group's needs. This includes independently hosting events and recognizing the downfalls/how to improve the group as a whole.
- OOC Connection: Communicating out of roleplay is also a big factor. This not only allows the characters to get their IC opinion in, but also the true opinion of the OOC users themselves. Along with this, chatting can lead to interesting plots or opportunities for you and your group.
- Experience: While not required, leadership or IC experience would be preferable. This allows staff to oversee past experience and analyze your capabilities. Nonetheless, new applicants are very much welcomed!

Application Basics
Please remember to include these aspects: username, character name and bio, potential plots/ideas, and why your leadership would be beneficial. Here is a basic form to get you started. You may use post templates and images as you wish, but please stick to the basic format.

Code: [Select]
[b]Username:[/b] Not your display name. The one you login with.
[b]Character Name:[/b]
[b]Character Description/Bio:[/b]
[b]Potential Plots/Ideas:[/b]
[b]Why would your leadership be beneficial for Tanglewood and what do you offer to the group as a whole?:[/b]

General Discussion / Discussion anyone play wolvden?
« on: November 02, 2020, 02:54:12 AM »
Ngl, I've been really getting into Wolvden lately (unsure why), so I figured I'd ask if anyone plays here! My user is here:

To prevent from guests or bots spamming, Beasts of Beyond has always had a system that requires approval from staff for guest posts before they show up to other members Please be patient while we accept posts. Thank you! <3

Announcements / Announcement A BEEutiful charity for October! [Stickers, badge, double gems, and more!]
« on: October 15, 2020, 04:35:40 PM »
Hey BoBCats!

Another October means another charity. Due to some complications, we've had to hold this event a bit later than usual, but we hope to make it up to you with this year's very special additions. This year we will be supporting the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Protection. Xerces's mission is to focus on the conversation of pollinators and many other special invertebrate that provide for planet Earth. These special little bugs support our ecosystem, especially with the food supply. Lately though, pollinator populations have been declining. Whether this is from pesticides, harmful parasites, or local tragedies, our delightful little friends are tragically dying off. These bees, butterflies, and more are vital to global agriculture and must be preserved. Hence why chose this year's charity to be the Xerces Society for Invertebrate Protection.

Xerces supports this deficit is many ways. With suitable training, habitat management, and more, the charity ultimately tries their best to protect Earth's little pollinators.
- The charity focuses on long-term projects that ultimately assist in protecting the habitats of pollinators. "Two such projects in Portland, OR, include a large-scale grassland restoration project by the Port of Portland and the restoration of a powerline corridor that runs through Forest Park," quotes their website. This includes overall monitoring the population and assisting in identifying these species. Overall, their company also curates a special guidance for these habitats that at-risk keepers use to benefit their pollinators.
- Xerces also holds training. This ranges from community science projects, bee monitoring protocals, and teaching educators how to advocate for their beloved invertebrates. More specifically, one community science program called Bumble Bee Watch focuses on teaching younger generations about our pollinators and their ecology. The website also keeps track of the populations of bees in general with a focus on conversing species' that are rare/endangered.
- You can get involved too! Due to COVID-19, many in-person projects are being withdrawn, but there are still many ways to assist. Webinars are constantly being held to spread info. You can also volunteer online or in-person! If you're looking for something more though, job opportunities are available too. '
- Sign the Pollinator Protection Pledge to help too! It only takes a few seconds.

"How can I donate and where will my money go?"
As always, donations will be held through our Paypal Pool under Beasts of Beyond's financial account. After November 30th, all of these funds will be donated to the charity accordingly! When finalized, an update thread will be posted, just like the previous two years on the results of our donations. I can't wait to see what happens this year!

"Why should I donate and what's in it for me?"
These animals are ESSENTIAL to our lives. Their benefits towards crops are beneficial to our food source and without them, the world's agriculture will collapse. If you support this cause today, you will receive a few things:
- You'll get a special Xerces Bee Badge to flaunt your donation! Look at how cute that is. <3
- A specialized rank that gives you a very spiffy color within the site's 'Users Online' section.
- DOUBLE the amount of gems for donating! Usually it's 5,000 gems per dollar, but this time it's 10,000 gems! $$$ x 10000 is quite a lot of gems!

"Stickers? That's new!"
This year we're also including a NEW WAY to donate! With three gorgeous artists, we've created some stickers for you to purchase. Each sticker is $3 and 100% of the proceeds go towards the charity too. All payments are eligible for the above rewards also, so make sure to claim your rewards in this thread. Also please give a big thank you to @tikki @rexaraneo @threecaballeros for creating these gorgeous stickers. View our shop for more information!

Here are your options:



Along with this, we'd like to give another special thank you to @Reggan for creating this theme's beautiful animated header. We encourage you to check out every artist's work and give them a thank you for their contributions!

Donate here! As of right now, our current goal is $300, but let's go past that. Our pollinators are important so let's give them the love they deserve.

Don't want to just donate though? Buy some stickers from our shop. 100% goes to the charity.

Thank you and regards,
Beasts of Beyond Staff

Artist Loft / Shops Webkinz YCHs for Charity!
« on: October 13, 2020, 06:36:52 PM »
Selling Webkinz YCHs!! All proceeds will be going to the upcoming charity run that starts on October 15th! This year we will be supporting the Xerces Society of Invertebrate Conservation... Save our bees and precious pollinators.

You pay whatever you want at a minimum of $12. The more you pay, the better you get! DM me to set up a commission. <3

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