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Announcements / Announcement BoB's 2022-2023 Choice Awards Winners!
« on: May 01, 2023, 07:11:04 PM »

Another year has passed and the choice awards have finished! Here are the results... Drumroll please! This year had a few ties, and since they did involve staff members, they were unable to be split. Instead, the award will be shared between the winning members!

First up, IC (in character) votes!

Best leader: Aesior

Best couple: Rommer (Romulus x Merlin)

Best villain: Valerius

Most well-known character: Romulus

Best character: Kold

Best plot: DOTD/COTC Sacrifices

Best group: It's a tie... The Pitt and The Typhoon!

And now for our OOC votes!

Best artist: Teef

Best writer: It's a tie... Teef and Orion!

Best plot-maker: Orion

Most helpful staff member: Wifewoof

Most helpful non-staff member: Sykes

Funniest member: It's a tie... Sykes and Dio

Congratulations everyone!

Best regards,

(P.S. Thank you for voting for me and my characters! I am absolutely honored and surprised that a lot of my babies got love this year. It means a lot to me. I appreciate all of you. <333)

Announcements / Announcement Five years of Beasts of Beyond!
« on: March 13, 2023, 12:28:45 AM »

Truly, I can't believe it. We have made it to FIFTH ANNIVERARY! Time really does fly! That is a big commitment. After all, five years is half a decade and... wow... That's just astonishing. I am thankful for everything that has happened during our website's run, whether for better for worse. Overall, it has made us get to where we are today. I could not be any happier with the progression of BoB.

To all of you, thank you for being here. You are all amazing, wonderful human beings (or BoBCats, whoops). Every single one of you contributed in some way to this website for the better, whether new or old. So, from the bottom of my heart, thank you. I love you all and I can't wait to see what the next years bring us! Maybe we'll make it to a decade... Who knows!? (That'd be so cool.)

On another note, I would like to give a shoutout to @teef for making our anniversary banner! This will apart of our website for quite awhile as a celebration of our companionship. Isn't it gorgeous? Plus check out a celebratory new theme!

Along with that, our yearly choice awards have been moved. Rather than doing them in January, staff have decided to do them around anniversary time. Since we did not do one for 2022, this year's choice awards will feature 2022-2023. So keep that in mind when voting! Go vote now! There's surely some fantastic characters and users to honor this year.

Not only this, but I would like to announce a little surprise... double gem week! For one week only (or extra if you're good ;)), users will be able to acquire double the amount of normal gems for posting AND donating!
— For each topic, rather than the normal 500 gems, you will receive 1000.
— Each new post is 200 and each word is 4 gems each.
— Every donation to BoB server fund of $1 will be 10,000 gems, rather than 5,000!

Now, get to posting! You've got some awards to win and gems to acquire, don't you? Let's celebrate. <333

Much love,

General Discussion / Open BoB's 2022-2023 Choice Awards!
« on: March 12, 2023, 06:54:21 PM »

With the chaos of the New Year, staff have decided to do the yearly choice awards around our anniversary! This time we will be focusing on the years of 2022 and 2023, acknowledging both due to missing a previous choice awards. Truly, it's been quite the ride. I hope everyone enjoys our third (and fourth!) annual choice awards. Per usual, Make sure to read the rules and vote carefully. Winners will get a special set of badges created by @teef ! Good luck everyone!

— You may only vote for yourself once.
— Do not coerce friends to vote. You will be disqualified and so will they.
— Any cheating will be disqualified.
— Only vote on your main account, no subaccounts.
—  You do not need to vote for every category.
— Do not post an empty form with no answers. It'll prevent spam and make it easier to count votes.

IC (in character) Categories
— Best leader
— Best couple
— Best villain
— Most well-known character
— Best character
— Best plot
— Best group

OOC (out of character) Categories
— Best artist
— Best writer
— Best plot-maker
— Most helpful staff member
— Most helpful non-staff member
— Funniest member

Code: [Select]
Best leader:
Best couple:
Best villain:
Most well-known character:
Best character:
Best plot:
Best group:

Best artist:
Best writer:
Best plot-maker:
Most helpful staff member:
Most helpful non-staff member:
Funniest member:


Helpful Hub / Announcement A discussion on changing BoB's age limit + poll!
« on: March 06, 2023, 01:56:37 PM »
Hello BoBCats!

We want to discuss the possibility of raising Beasts of Beyond's age limit.

After some discussion between staff, we noticed a large portion (if not all) of our userbase are over the age of eighteen. Due to this, we feel that there is a strict maturity (and age) difference between our current rules. While staff agrees that we are not an eighteen plus website, due to our rules on sexual activities, we are suited for an older audience. Hence, as a crew, we decided on sixteen as a middle ground. This would be an easy change for us, given the current audience, but we just wanted to confirm before doing so.

Does anyone have any questions? Pros/cons? Any ideas along the way? Please let us know your thoughts, along with voting in the above poll. It will help us determine whether or not we will go through with this decision.




Long ago, Requiem and Vayu led the island together peacefully for years. The land was a paradise. No divine intervention, not a soul to pass. Death, in short, was non-existent. The immortals thrived for the longest time, but, eventually, tensions started to rise.

As a result, the group boiled down into two categories with Requiem and Vayu leading each. When the the leaders reached their final breaking point, they began to fight. Their battle went on for quite awhile, both tired and desperate for their troubles to end. With teeth bared, they both d dove into the center. They clashed. With heads crooked, they clamped down on each other's throats. In a last ditch effort, they both pulled away and blood began to pour from their necklines. Requiem spit out the flesh, while Vayu scarfed down their enemy's tissue. Both triumphant in their measures, they fall. In no time, they grew still. Death, for the first time, arrived upon the land.

While Requiem slowly rose  to the heavens, they created something called 'the above' for their colleagues. Meanwhile, Vayu focused their attention on creating a place called 'the below' for their subjects. Upon finishing the creation of their realms, the fight continued on the island. The volcano, on the command of Vayu flooded the island with lava flow. In response, Requiem used their sway to cause a thunderstorm and cool the land below. Very few survived the fury of their newfound deities, leaving former members behind to create the Descendants of the Departed.

Over time, due to the distance between the deities, the chaos started to fade. To keep both parts happy, the member preformed sacrifices and rituals in honor of their deities. As a result, the group began to thrive. By continuing these performances, the deities remain stagnant and content.


The territory of the Descendants of the Departed is often barren and without any buildings. In fact, most of the territory is lackluster to an overlooking eye. The land consists of charcoal-colored lava rock covering the entirety of the island. There is almost vegetation to be seen across the black land. Most notably, the distant volcano stands out among the abyss of darkness. Upon looking closer, onlookers may find openings across the land leading into caves. Truly, what lies below is an enigma.

CAVE SYSTEM — The cave system is located underneath the island's surface, ranging from the shore to the volcano's side. These caves are also widely known as inactive lava tubes.
COMMUNAL AREA — While higher ranks often have their own caves for themselves and their family, regular members have the communal area. The area is in the direct middle of all the caves. Many members use the communal area to spend time with others, while others come here to rest during the night.

SHAMAN'S CAVE — Closest to the fighting pit lies the medicinal cave. Shamans live here, but also provide assistance to the wounded and those who seek guidance from their deities.

CHAPERONE POINT — On both the surface's edge, the volcano's bottom, and the cave's beginnings lies multiple chaperone points. There are large golden bells at each entrance which can be rung to gain the attention of a chaperone. This is usually done to receive guidance, whether spiritually or physically leading.   

UNDERGROUND TRADING — In a chain of openings within the lava tubes, members can set up trading posts and shops. There is no limit on what can be sold. Talk about an underground black market, huh?

FIGHTING PIT — To keep themselves strong and train apprentices, the Descendants of the Departed uses one of it's largest caves as a fighting pit. The fighting ring is surrounded by a thin river of magma that lights up the surrounding area and exhausts opponents due to it's heat. Along with this, there is an assortment of weaponry kept outside of the pit for training and the tournaments.

SACRAFICIAL LAVA POOL — In the deepest part of the cave system lies a lava pit, rumored to be the source of many of the created lava tubes or caves as all points eventually connect to it. This lava pit is used for sacrificial rituals to the below's deity. Enemies are mainly deposited here to avoid mingling them with those worthy of going to the heaven's above.

VOLCANO — The volcano is located in the north western point of the island. Some caves come out of it's bottom and side, along with active lava tube.
THE RIM — The rim is the highest part of the volcano. When a member passes away, members drag their corpse to the rim to rot. When completely decomposed or the has flesh turned into ashes due to the heat, the family members go up to the rim and take their bones to cherish.


The Descendants of the Departed  focuses on dark traditions that honor their deities. The group focuses on two deities in specific. One deity focuses on the skies above, while the other represents the hell below. To honor them, they preform rituals.

REQUIEM, DEITY OF THE ABOVE — To avoid hazardous weather changes from The Above's deity, sacrifices and rituals are preformed to satisfy Requiem. — Reference
DEATH RITUAL — When a member passes away, members drag their corpse to the rim to rot. When completely decomposed or the has flesh turned into ashes due to the heat, the family members go up to the rim and take their bones to cherish.

VAYU, DEITY OF THE BELOW — The volcano's contents and underground features of the island are controlled by Vayu, the deity of The Below. In an attempt to please them, members make sacrafices in their honor. — Reference
SACRAFICES TO THE BELOW — Enemies unworthy of being harvested are taken to the sacrificial lava pool to satisfying the deity of the below. With no goodbyes in order, the bodies are then dumped into the lava pool. The enemies are then sent to 'the below,' what many call the underworld or hell.

RIGHT OF PASSAGE — In order to go from a child to an adult, the children are required to participate in the fighting pit. Regardless of age, if they defeat an opponent in the ring, they are immediately considered a mature warrior. They are then ready to participate in raids, wars, captures, and more. While this fight is not required to be to the death, children are encouraged to aim for the kill instead of letting their opponent yield.

This tradition also goes for joiners. New members to the Descendants of the Departed do not have full member status until they complete a right of passage fight. Unlike the members born in the Descendants of the Departed, this is battle IS required to be to the death to prove their worth.

SEASONAL TOURNAMENTS — Seasonal tournaments begin sign-ups on the first day of the season and are later performed within the fighting pit. The tournament works in bracket style, pairing up members and ascending through the ranks as they win. These fights are not to the death, but are encouraged to be. If your character manages to win the tournament, they are assigned a special rank for the season and are given privileges for the duration.

BODY DISPOSAL — Deceased enemies and members are used in multiple ways. Such as:
CANNIBALISM — Cannibalism is normal within the Descendants of the Departed. Due to their lack of vegetation and animals, the group often feeds on other sentient animals.

BONES AND SKULL MASKS — Nothing goes to waste. After eating the remains of another, the bones of the dead are repurposed. Many members of the group use the bones as repurposed weaponry or armor. Meanwhile, the skulls are used as masks for wartime.

FALL HARVEST — On October 1st, the Fall Harvest begins for the Descendants of the Departed. On this day, they begin preparing for a feast that occurs on the last day of October. The feast includes indulging on rarities found on the mainland, corpses of the legendary sentient animals, and more. Depending on when autumn starts, this may also overlap with the seasonal tournament.

ECLIPSES — While it's often a once in a lifetime occurrence for many, the eclipse symbolizes perfect alignment. This is when the above and the below come to together all at once, enough for the dead to appear before their eyes. With the encouragement of the dead, the Descendants of the Departed preforms their most important rituals. Each eclipse has a different theme depending on it's name (such as a blood moon), but all eclipses include mass sacrifices.


VIZIER — The leader of the Descendants of the Departed. Their word is law and is not to be ignored. They are in charge of declaring all out war, assigning raid targets, promoting/demoting members, leading traditions.
Valerius — roleplayed by Orion

INQUISITOR — Inquisitors are directly below the leader and are the heirs to leadership. They are in charge of hosting consistent raids, managing battles, and overseeing tasks for members. If there is no decision made before death, the inquisitors will fight for leadership.
Apocalypse — roleplayed by Dio
Meteor — roleplayed by Axiom

SHAMAN — Shamans are the religious and medical heads of the group. Mainly, they practice divination and healing. These animals oversee all rituals preformed, using their knowledge to make sure they are conducted correctly. Along with this, they heal all wounded and inform others on how to dispose of bodies properly.
CHARACTER — roleplayed by

CHAPERONE — Split into two separate ranks, one assigned to the above and the below, chaperones are the group's guide to the island and the other side. Trained directly by the leader, the chaperones get to know the caves or the island's surface front to back depending on their assignment. They are in charge of leading many members to their destinations. Chaperones are also in charge of leading others to the heavens above or underworld below by preforming their assigned rituals. They are said to have a close connection to the deities and can guide one's morality to their desired place.
Anduril of The Above— roleplayed by Teef
??? of The Below — roleplayed by ???

CHARACTER — roleplayed by

WARRIORS — Mature adults who have completed their right of passage fight are known as 'warriors.' They can conduct raids, capture enemies, and participate in traditions freely.

NEOPHYTE — These outsiders have not completed their right of passage fight. They have reduced rights within the group, such as being open to violence or abuse at any time. Raids cannot be led by these members, nor can they participate in the seasonal tournament. Often times, they'll be used as servants and are under the leader directly for everyday tasks.


The Descendants of the Departed is a group with no allies. All groups are open to be attacked. While all groups are enemies, transactional alliances or neutralities may occur temporarily to gain advantages. There are currently no temporary alliances.


— The Vizier's word is absolute. Disobeying their word is under punishment of death.
— Raids can be led by all members, minus children and neophytes.
— All acts of violence are on the table. Cannibalism, slavery, maiming, killing, and more.
— With prior grievance and mutual disrespect, members are up for slaughter. Senseless violence is unpermitted.
— All BoB rules apply OOCly and ICly.

Plotting / Animal THE VALENTINE EMPIRE - a black market coming soon to you! apply now!
« on: December 26, 2022, 09:35:39 PM »


Welcome to the Valentine Empire, a riveting network of the services that'll fulfill your sickeningly sweet desires. From weaponry to drugs to the darkest deeds, the empire covers a wide spectrum of needs for all dastardly needs. If you dare to proceed, so be it... but do it with caution.

Quiet for now...


THE VALENTINE — Do not ask. Do not wonder. Do not proceed. Do not approach. The leader of all is upon you and their identity remains one of the best kept secrets in the industry. Very few are blessed with the chance to be trusted or talk to the Valentine themselves.
Pyrrhus — roleplayed by Orion

MERCANARIES — Mercenaries are in charge of executing any violent tasks given by the Valentine. Executions, maiming, headhunting, and more are dealt out to mercenaries to take care of. This includes following and updating the 'Most Wanted' list.
Waylon — roleplayed by Orion
Solsken Nightshade — roleplayed by Finnick
Aegis Ridel — roleplayed by Quietly [woof][/color]

BODYGUARDS — Bodyguards watch all ranks from afar. If something goes wrong, they are in charge of the life at stake. They will defend their target at any cost, including their life.
N/A — roleplayed by

DEALERS — The distributors of the business. They deal our weaponry, drugs, and more to needy customers.
Atticus Roux — roleplayed by Orion
Clove Nightlock — roleplayed by Finnick
Red Alimanus — roleplayed by Dio
Sariel — roleplayed by BomBom

EMISSARIES — This rank is designated to members who wish to recruit other members and communicate with the Valentine to dish out orders to body guards, dealers, mercenaries, and more.
N/A — roleplayed by


ALLIES: Trusted associates of the Valentine Empire.
— Not applicable at the moment.

COMPETITORS: Other businesses in the competition to keep an eye on.
— Not applicable at the moment.

DO NOT INTERACT: Former customers or allies who have proven to be a nuisance. They will not be dealt with. If their actions interfere with business, they will be moved down to the wanted list.
— Not applicable at the moment.

MOST WANTED: Those who have done the worst to the Valentine Empire. They are to be captured, maimed, or killed on sight depending on the leader's desires.
— Not applicable at the moment.

— There is no leaving the Valentine Empire. This is non-negotiable.
— Any betrayal, wrongdoing, and side-playing will result in punishment. Most likely death.
— All acts of violence are permitted for mercenaries and bodyguards to preform, especially in self-defense. Other ranks only act with permission of the Valentine.
— Silence is key. If approached about the empire, say nothing.
— These are subject to change at the Valentine's will.
— All BoB rules apply OOCly and ICly.

If you wish to join the Valentine Empire, your character's reasoning must be solid and their choice is unable to be retracted. Any insignificant budding newcomers will be executed at the risk of exposure. If you are sure, apply below.

Here's how it works: After being watched by ranks within the empire, a written message soon appears somewhere your character frequents. Given a list of terms and duties, your character will then sign/stamp their paw to join the Valentine Empire. Afterwards, Pyrrhus or an emissary will retrieve the dead-dropped letter to confirm or deny their membership. From their, another message will be sent designating their first assignment... or we can assume your character has been apart of the Valentine Empire for awhile. Your choice!

Feel free to provide any further info, including future plots or desires for your character in the group.

Code: [Select]

——————— some signature text here ———————

Guide Archives / Guide Discord Rules
« on: October 13, 2022, 07:50:39 PM »
Staff have rules for the Beasts of Beyond Discord server we expect to be respected, please give them a read!

1) Be respectful. No racism, sexism, abuse, or anything else with harmful intent. This also means keep spoilers in mind, Try not to spoil anything from recent episodes/books/movies!
2) PG-13 content only. Beasts of Beyond is a pg13 site, and so is the Discord. nsfw content is not allowed.
3) Controversial topics have no right within this server, as they can cause discourse and disagreement within the server. This includes religion, politics, and many other topics. Keep political and religious discussions light. Talking about politics and religion in a respectful manner is fine as long as you cease the conversation when someone states their discomfort at the subject. Do not post memes, harmful jokes, or anything disrespectful about either.
4) No spamming. do not excessively flood the chat with content/images irrelevant to the conversation. this also applies to pings, do not excessively @ someone.
5) Try to use the correct channel. Obviously sometimes conversations drift to other topics, and that's perfectly okay! But instead of using general to try to generate a whole bunch of plots for your character, go to plotting for example.
6) Be yourself. Do not impersonate staff or other members. Nicknames are fine, but do not pretend to be someone you're not. This also includes keeping your Discord name relatively the same as your site display name.
7) Staff have the right to delete messages and serve reminders as they see fit. if you believe you have been treated unfairly by a staff member, please privately contact @orioooon  or another staff member.
8) No advertising off-site websites and/or other forums. You may only advertise within art-requests for commissions.

If you have any questions, please feel free to message a staff member or ask in the Helpful Hub for more information.

Biographies / Animal rigil/polaris' biography
« on: October 04, 2022, 03:59:30 PM »
name — Rigil
nicknames —
origin —
roleplayed by — Orion

current rank —
past ranks — Rigil has no previous ranks.

current alliance — The Typhoon
past alliances —

sex / gender— CIS Male
age —
species —
breed —
eye color —
fur color —
posture — Rigil's posture is often hunched over when non-attentive, but upright and stiff when needed.

possessions —
powers —
injuries —
illnesses —
handicaps —

accent — His voice is often gruff, strained, and has a grumble to it with a tinge of an English accent.
languages — Rigil's main language is English, but has quips in other languages from travelling. 
voice volume — His voice is low and rough.
common phrases —

personality description goes here

mbti personality type —
moral alignment —

strengths —
likes —
weaknesses —
dislikes —

quirks —
hobbies —
beliefs / religion —
goals —

family name —
parents —
siblings —
other direct family —

sexuality — Bisexual, preference to females. Closeted sexuality-wise.
martial status — Single
spouse — None

best friends — Nansen
enemies — Morrison
mentor — N/A
apprentice — N/A

astrological sign—

accomplishments —
secrets —
regrets —

history — Insert Kraken fight, stranded, meeting Nansen, etc.
plots — Finding Nansen, relationship with Morrison, etc.

Announcements / Announcement BOB's Wildlife Conservation Society Charity Run of October 2022!
« on: October 02, 2022, 05:44:19 PM »
Hey BoBCats,

It's that time! The fateful and promised charity run of 2022. Rather than doing two consecutive months like promised, I have decided to spread out our resources for the charities throughout the year. Our next event will be in DECEMBER. The charity is yet to be announced, but keep an eye out for that, as we will have a lot of Christmas themed gifts for all! Thank you for your patience. Now let us continue...

This year Beasts of Beyond has decided to support the Wildlife Conservation Society. The Wildlife Conservation Society focuses on conserving fifty percent of the world's diverse wildlife through fourteen areas across Earth. With their wide range of staff, they assess wildlife populations and manage them to benefit ecosystem health. They are apart of zoos like Bronx, Prospective Park, Queens, Central Park, and the NY Aquarium, along with extending their outreach to other establishments with a helping hand. Needless to say, they are an important and diverse program. If you do not wish to join our yearly fundraider, there are many other avenues you can take to support them. You can view those resources here, along with more information on their goals.

"How can I donate and where will my money go?"
This year is different. PayPal has shut down their money pool option, but instead introduced fundraising pools for charities specifically. These only last thirty days, hence another monthly charity is being moved to December, rather than making two consecutive fundraisers on Paypal. On October 31st, all of these funds will be donated to the charity accordingly! When finalized, an update thread will be posted on the results of our donations, similarly to the past three years.

"Why should I donate and what's in it for me?"
The survival of our dearest wildlife, from the smallest to the largest, is dependent on us. Their numbers are dwindling due to human expansion and it is our job to reverse the effects of human technology. To support and protect them, I urge you to donate. If you support this cause today, you will receive a few things:
- You'll get a special 'Wildlife Conservator' to flaunt your donation! 
- A specialized rank that gives you a very spiffy color within the site's 'Users Online' section.
- DOUBLE the amount of gems for donating! Usually it's 5,000 gems per dollar, but this time it's 10,000 gems! $$$ x 10000 is quite a lot of gems!

Claim your rewards HERE!

I would like to give a special thank you to TamperedJukebox who did this month's art. Their piece has been deliberately worked on quickly before the month's start, so please give them your finest thank you. It's a genuinely wonderful piece and I couldn't have asked for a better representation for what BoB charity run stands for.

Along with this, a short thank you to everyone else. My staff, friends, and members alike. You have supported Beasts of Beyond through thick and thin. Running these charity runs have kept me pushing and BoB on throughout the years, as I adore having a larger impact. So my kudos to you. I could not be able to do any of this without you.

Yours truly,

Neutral Grounds / Open [ TROPICAL STORM EVENT ]
« on: September 19, 2022, 07:07:35 PM »
[ This is a site-wide event. The effects will start in The Typhoon, spreading into Tanglewood, and then leading into The Pitt and Coalition of the condemned last. A tropical storm includes powerful rain, strong winds, flooding/rise of sea level, and storm surges. This may also lead to erosiond, uprooting larger plants, and character death. Water borne diseases and salt from other groups and/or the ocean will pour into clean water sources, leaving them unable to be used for awhile. Please keep these plot points in mind when creating topics in your chosen groups. Thank you! ]

The mainland had been silent for too long. Not a trickle of danger had effected them for two years and all was peaceful, but their luck couldn't last any longer. Mother Nature was bound to strike soon. That time was now. With her palms out, they clapped together and a thunderous boom caused the waves to rise and clouds began to swirl. The winds started to head outwards with her command, the others following in pursuit. Pent up rage of the earth, sky, and sea was about to reign down on them.

First came the rain. A drizzle at first. Soft and light, barely acknowledgeable at some times. With grey clouds above and wind brushing against the animals of the mainland, they assumed what they felt was the beginning of fall. Little did they know, the worst had yet to come.

Hours later, the breeze begin to pick up. The trees were beginning to shake, plants waving aimlessly in the wind. The wind was beginning to whip the smaller animals around and cause any medium animals to be stumble around, unable to move in the drenched land. A new downpour started to grow painful and a single step outside caused anyone to be soaked. Times were beginning to grow rough.

In time, the sea level began to rise and the beaches started to flood, leading into the mainland. Waters from the outside merged into clean water resources and brought ick from other lands. Shorter animals struggled in the waters, eventually going below sea level and starting to drown. Other characters with feathered wings were soaked, leaving them at a disadvantage and unable to rise out from the depths below. Large animals needed to assist the best they can. Water manipulators were at a great advantage, able to move some water out of the way. Earth benders could also raise small portions of land upwards, saving those below the flooding. Nevertheless, they cannot save everyone.

Tread carefully.

General Discussion / Open DISNEY PROFILE WEEK! [9/4-9/11]
« on: September 04, 2022, 08:17:58 PM »
Let's do some cool profiles for a week! Choose anything Disney and go whacky crazy.

Not sure what I'll be doing yet, but I might keep Romulus as Dr. Strange, altho I want to avoid Marvel... hmmm.

Adoption Agency / Closed Leaders needed for The Typhoon + Tanglewood
« on: September 01, 2022, 01:57:20 PM »

Hello everyone! We need a leader for Tanglewood and The Typhoon. Brief descriptions are being provided below for more information. If you have any questions, feel free to message me on-site, reply below, or on Discord!

A quick note on activity requirements for leaders: Usually the requirements (as mentioned in the guide tab) is for a leader to be active every four days. This, obviously, has been pushed to the side due to my own issues and inability to monitor these things. After all, we all would be without leaderships if that was true at the moment. I may revisit this rule due to the site's activity. At this point we're just looking for someone who can at least post semi-regularly and push events forth throughout these groups.

Rhosmari, Ciabhan's roleplayer, and I talked about rolling back Cia's leadership, saying Morrison is still a leader. Then handing leadership off to the next leader, saying Morrison has retired... but if not, I would step up with Morrison again. Given my activity though, I do not think that is fair though. Hence these applications.

— Captain [leader]: The highest position in the the Typhoon; the overseer of everything in the group. They are expected to understand the basics to each division as they are the ultimate head to each one. They are in charge of every decision made within the group. Their word is the law and they are referred as "Captain Name or Surname".

— Luminary [leader]: The highest in the hierarchy of powers, and in simplest terms, the leader. Capabilities include hosting clan-wide meetings, promotions and demotions, managing politics and raids,  among other common tasks.

What does Beasts of Beyond Look for?
- Activity: A HP must be active and comply with Beasts of Beyond's activity rules on-site to lead properly. Not only this, but an active HP attracts other characters and brings a welcoming environment. Review the activity requirements (leaders only) here within the guide tab for more information.
- Character: Characters with a compelling concept, rather than a bland Mary Sue, can give a clan a whole new vibe.
- Open-Minded: Having an open heart and mind is key to roleplay. With this, a user and their character can easily adapt through situations and embrace new ideas. Whether these ideas come from staff or many users, we want to see the community thrive due to the input and output of our members.
- Plotting: To keep things 'fresh' and 'new,' HPs should engage in a multitude of plotting. This includes plotting with other groups, attending monthly meetings, and discussing plots amongst your group. Group-wide plots, along with site-wide plots, also encourage activity and involvement that keeps a community going.
- Taking Charge: As a community HP, you should be able to effectively communicate and decipher your group's needs. This includes independently hosting events and recognizing the downfalls/how to improve the group as a whole.
- OOC Connection: Communicating out of roleplay is also a big factor. This not only allows the characters to get their IC opinion in, but also the true opinion of the OOC users themselves. Along with this, chatting can lead to interesting plots or opportunities for you and your group.
- Experience: While not required, HP or IC experience would be preferable. This allows staff to oversee past experience and analyze your capabilities. Nonetheless, new applicants are very much welcomed!

Application Form
Please remember to include these aspects: username, character name and bio, potential plots/ideas, and why your service as a HP would be beneficial. Here is a basic form to get you started. You may use post templates and images as you wish, but please stick to the basic format.

Code: [Select]
[b]Username:[/b] Not your display name. The one you login with.
[b]Character name:[/b]
[b]Character description/bio:[/b]
[b]Position you are interested in:[/b]
[b]Potential plots/ideas:[/b]

Helpful Hub / Feedback Traditional Warriors RP Continuation: Yes? No?
« on: September 01, 2022, 01:49:11 PM »
Continuation from here.

As many of you can see, the Warriors board has taken a hit in activity over time. This is due to my inactivity and the inability to start the Warriors boards properly. I will take the blame for this completely. A lot has been going on in my life, which I may get into a different time, and I have not been able to attend to my BoB tasks lately. BoB is definitely a priority of mine, but life has come first lately due a multitude of things, and I dearly apologize for that. As a result, the Warriors board came to a staggering halt and has not seen any posts since late August.

With this in mind, I would like to discuss the possibility of putting effort back into these boards. While this may a fun addition to BoB, I want to mention a few points. Warriors, as shown already, is not the priority of the site. It's merely an addition. Along with this, continuing the Warriors boards may spread our activity throughout the site thin, rather than strictly focusing on the general animal roleplay boards. So, what do we do? Do we continue or drop it, potentially in favor of perhaps doing it in the future when things are more active?

Artist Loft / Open ArtFight profiles? 2022
« on: July 01, 2022, 02:37:52 PM »
Figured I’d post this buuuut… Share your ArtFight profiles! I’ll be attacking when I feel better, friendly fire, and getting REVENGE.

My account is LegacyOfOrion! <3

« on: May 10, 2022, 08:49:48 PM »
Welcome to Beasts of Beyond's Monthly Challenge event! Last month participants completed multiple prompts with their characters in return for awards, along with a grand prize for the group with the most posts. Last month, that group was: Coalition of the Condemned. As a result, they will be receiving double the amount of gems for this month's challenge board! New and old characters welcome.

#1: Yawn. Something has got your character super tired. Up late? Exhausted? Hm...

REWARD: 250 gems
#2: Spring has sprung! Flowers are beginning to grow, trees are blooming... Does your character enjoy the plants?
REWARD: 250 gems
#3: A gust of wind knocks your character off their feet! What do they do?

REWARD: 250 gems
#4: Your character stands on the shore, looking out at the water. Something is in the water. What is it?
REWARD: 250 gems
#5: A snarl is heard in the distance. Predator or prey?

REWARD: 250 gems
#6: Something's up. A rumor is going around the group. What could it be?

REWARD: 250 gems
#7: Thunk! Something fell from the sky/tree/etc. What the hell is that!?

REWARD: 250 gems
#8: It's the season of newborns! Have your character/parents interact with children in some way.
REWARD: 250 gems
#9: Attend the monthly meeting (animal RP) OR post an introduction (Warriors).

REWARD: 250 gems

— This works like traditional Bingo! Match a row/column/diagnol to get double the rewards.
— Singular prompts that do not line up can also be done!
— The minimum word count for all threads is 200.
— Due to the group rewards in upcoming competitions, this event is character-based. Each character will have their own form, rather than each user.
— Due to this being character-based, you can repeat prompts and rewards to your delight for different characters.
— You cannot combine two prompts together.
— Please use the form provided to keep track of your events for the sake of ease!
— All rewards will be given at the end of the month. If staff accidentally miss one of your rewards, please contact one of us so we can get to you properly.
— You must post a thread unless otherwise stated (ex. posting in the monthly gathering, within in a site-wide event, etc).

— Completing a single prompt will reward you with what is mentioned on the board.
— Completing a row/column/diagonal rewards you with x2 the rewards! In total, if you complete the entire board, this will reward you 12,000 gems.
— Completing the entire board will earn you a fancy badge to show off. Every month will have one!
— The group with the most submitted posts will get a special reward/booster next month! Perhaps something exclusive? ;)

Code: [Select]
— [url=LINK HERE]#1[/url]
— [url=LINK HERE]#2[/url]
— ... and so on.
— 1, 5, 9
— 3, 6, 9
— etc....

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