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Title: Rin's heartchart
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just toss your characters in, any clan, doesn't matter ^^

"She's my clanmate- has been since even before the Elysium merge. It's nice having someone with healing experience around, and she's loyal and hard-working besides. Once you have someone like that around, you'd kill and die to keep them alive."
"Part of me wonders if keeping her safe could make up for all the Ascendants members who have passed on. Another part of me wonders if she blames me for everything the Ascendants went through... for not being there when they got to the point of having to merge. ...I suppose it doesn't matter. I'd do anything for a friend regardless of what they think of me."

"She's not a clanmate, but she did save my life. I don't know what her business with the Warrior was, but I'm grateful for her help nonetheless. I'll have to keep it in mind while making decisions involving the Typhoon in the future."
"It would have been so easy for her to let me die... did she see something in me? Or did she think the Warrior was lying about me, like he presumably lied about her? There's no way his accusations of her were based in reality, so perhaps she thought the same was true of me..."

"He's a clanmate, and I'd lay down my life for any of them. In his own strange way, he's been helpful- posed some good questions during the discussion, found a bunch of newcomers, and made things... interesting. I just hope he doesn't make me regret promoting him."
"Something's not right about him. I'm not sure what it is, but his tension with Videogames and the way he reacted to Valerian's first appearance... I don't know. If he goes off the rails I can handle it, I'm sure- I wouldn't have promoted him if I wasn't ready to keep him in check. And he is useful. But I'll have to keep my eye on him."

"I don't know her particularly well, but she's still a clanmate. She seems reserved, lacking confidence, but kind and loyal nonetheless. She could turn out to be a valuable ally."
"She reminds me a lot of myself... hopefully she won't turn out the same way I did."

"...what do I even say?"
"She's... like me. So much like me that it scares me, even more so because... does that make me...? No, it doesn't. But she's right about me, and it terrifies me. I appreciate her offering help with the gods, I really do, but if she died... could I deal with hearing her in my nightmares?"

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Tosses Player and Eirny for fun
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ive been meaning to post here
lemy? :eyes:
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  updated! ^^
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Mistrim? Very curious :3
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  Mistrim's is up- it's not super long, but hopefully you'll find it interesting nonetheless ^^
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*Punts Te*
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  added Tena's entry ^^
  after the next entry, I might update everyone's entries to reflect revelations from recent threads
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Halo for curiosity, because he’s been around more, huehue.