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Title: FRIDAY IM IN LOVE || blind dating w/ arthur + imali
Post by: Brutus on February 11, 2019, 08:43:32 PM

Within the dark woods lied a small patch in the underbrush that remained clear of any of the land's dark plants. In it's wake lied a few candles in a circle, hoping to catch the eye of the two who arrived soon. While the candles lied aflame, in the middle of them remained a cozy, wool blanket to keep the date encapsulated in warmth during their endeavor. Hopefully things would get talking...

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Title: Re: FRIDAY IM IN LOVE || blind dating w/ arthur + imali
Post by: A. MORGAN on February 11, 2019, 10:14:56 PM
Arthur always seemed to get himself roped up into strange situations with or without him being completely aware. Yes, he signed up for a blind date; it was primarily a spur of the moment, "hey im bored lets do a thing i'll regret later" kind of thing. And oh boy was he really regretting it. He could be back home in Snowbound hanging around a roaring campfire. Instead he's walking into a clearing dimly lit by candles and definitely fitting the valentine mood. The timber wolf, despite what John or Dutch wanted others to think, had fixed himself up a little, making sure he was properly groomed before coming here. He may be a rough and tumble cowboy, but he knew how to be a gentleman if he wanted. Uneasy, he entered the scene and took a seat on a part of the blanket. First one huh? It only fueled his hesitation and regret. What if they didn't come? What if this was just a big waste of time?
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