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Welcome to Beasts of Beyond, an intermediate fantasy animal roleplay!

Beasts of Beyond started as a roleplay website on March 10th, 2018. The idea was created between a few friends after a dilemma which fueled our passion for roleplay and socialization. To keep connected, we created Beasts of Beyond. Eventually, the site grew and so did our friend group. To note, that you may not see posts from March 10th. After a certain problem on that day, the site had to be redone due to complications. It was brought back up the next day.

Our first main game was Animals, starting off with four groups: The Ascendants, Snowbound, The Typhoon, and Tanglewood. After that, we started to create several more animal roleplay groups. Some groups merged, others crumbled in the palms of their enemies, and more. We even dabbled in human roleplay for awhile! From there, we added several other boards for variation. Hopefully you can find what you desire here!

According to our staff members, all rules are subject to change and will be modified accordingly. For additional rules and help, reach out to the Guide Archives or Helpful Hub. This guide is not required to be read through but it may benefit you to do so.


I. This site is rated PG-13 due to violent content and sexually suggestive comments. We do not allow lewd / 18+ roleplay.
II. As always, be courteous to your fellow BoB members! Kindness is definitely appreciated. Respect someone's gender, sexuality, race, religion, political stance, and more. Rudeness will never be tolerated and will warrant a warning. This includes intentionally stirring up drama and picking fights with other members. For harsher actions, a ban will be issued.
III. Report any harmful, rude, or threatening messages to staff and do not handle it yourself. When reporting, please be respectable and state your problem.
IV. Moderating players, also known as mini-modding, is not encouraged. If you have a problem, take it to a moderator or administrator and they will handle it.
V. Please read what you are typing to avoid passive aggressiveness, as your words can offend other people and seem rude.
VI. Spamming the site is not allowed. Excessive spam can warrant a ban. Please note that using hidden text within a post template or post to gain more gems is not allowed, as it counts as spam.
VII. Ban-dodging, or using another account to bypass your ban, will result in a harsher offense.
VIII. Plagiarism is never allowed. You may only use your own art/writing or something that was given to you specifically. Please credit artists respectably if you use their art with permission!
IX. Offsite actions will not be held accountable on this site unless proof is warranted as being approved. Examples would be videos showing you reloading the page and getting the same unlikable message to show up or providing a direct source. Even so, this will happen very rarely, as it can be faked. Please note that if these actions do occur on our official Discord servers, you will be held accountable.
X. Stealing another member's template code will warrant a warning.
XI. You may not advertise other sites outside of your signature. Social media, such as Tumblr/Instagram, are allowed on site.
XII. Do not make several accounts to gain more gems unfairly.
XIII. There should be no bashing of any site, both on site and on the discord, that has similar means and members to our own. While the general and popular websites can be discussed, such as Facebook and Twitter, we would like to keep it to a minimum. Simply, if it offends someone and they speak up: stop. This falls under the off-site conflict rule we already have established. Ultimately, this is to prevent cliques of negativity and hate. We are a positive community and never a hate site, but instead our own entity.
XIV. Abusing the BBC parsing within 'custom title' or 'personal text' will result in punishment, removal of the spam, and could possibly result in the removal of profile editing permissions for you.

XV. You may only have ONE main account. If you wish to start anew, you must ask staff for permission to create a new account.


I. There is no required word count.
II. Powerplay is not allowed unless approved by the roleplayer. Powerplay is automatically harming a character without the roleplayer approving before hand. We suggest you use phrases like 'attempted' or 'aimed' to signify an event that may or may not happen.
God-modding(making your character invincible) is not allowed.
IV. Do not talk out of character(OOC) while in character(IC).
V. If an official leader is not active for more than four days without any inactivity notices, they are to be put on probation where they're required to post at least five times in a week. Additionally, if they only post once or twice on their fourth day of inactivity more than twice in a row, they will be put on probation.
VI. Weaponry should be stone-age and technically should be used passively within the main games(human and animal RP groups).
VII. You may only destroy territory of a group with permission of the leader or the land owner.
VIII. There are no character limits, but we do ask for you to roleplay only characters you can handle and don't spread yourself too thin.
IX. You are not required to have a character account to roleplay.
X. Unrealistic hybrids are strictly interfile.
XI. Litters should remain realistic. A male and female are required for intercourse. Whether this is with shapeshifting, amorphous, or multiple possessions does not matter as long as both parents can reproduce realistically.
XII. Technology is limited to battery-powered objects and entertainment related inventions created before the 1960's. This technology must be used in non-offensive actions.


I. To make a character, no form is needed. Just hop right into a thread labeled open!
II. You may only use powers you have bought from the store. If you have the same power for two different characters, you must by the power twice and label it as 'used' in your inventory.
III. Extorting mutations to create a mythical creature or a bipedal animal are not allowed.
IV. Furries(animals with characteristic qualities) and unrealistic bipedals are not allowed. Realistic bipedals, kangaroos and birds for an example, are allowed.

Before the animals settled on the large island that they are currently residing on, there were humans, and in the areas there were no mountains were covered in lush forest and marsh land. The humans that inhabited the island were being threatened by a nearby enemy, causing wealthier humans to flee. The humans left behind had to suffer. A single testing nuke rained down on them in fury. In doing this, the island drastically changed into the odd biomes that it possesses today, killing all the humans and the majority of the animals on the island.

The animals that had made home in the mountains survived, and, eventually, more animals were shipped over to the island and forgotten about. Quite simply, the island was now the world's dumping ground. The radioactive chemicals in the air that had caused the island to change eventually made it so the animals began to change as well, bringing forth the powers and mutations that we now see today.

From the ashes these animals rose, they begun to inhabit what the humans left behind. Animals with similar ideals came together and natural leaders came to light. Taking parts of the island and defending it rightfully, these leaders formed their own groups. At the beginning, there was only four. Tanglewood, Snowbound, The Ascendants, and The Typhoon faded into view. While Tanglewood claimed the swamp, The Typhoon claimed the neighboring islands and The Ascendants took hold of the mountains, along with Snowbound.

They remained peaceful at first, but tensions grew. Some split off from their original and rouges began forming their own group. Hopeful, they invaded the neutral lands. This led to the rise of The Pitt and Sunhaven. The Pitt took what they could, greedy as can be, and claimed the jungle and it's surrounding desert. Meanwhile Sunhaven inhabited a small town on the beach.

With the rise of more clans, others faded out of existence. By the hand of a traitor, Snowbound's territory burned down and their numbers dwindled. On the other hand, The Ascendants and Sunhaven were so similar in ideals that they decided to come together as Elysium, With time, Elysium crumbled under the hand of the Coalition of the Condemned.. Their numbers increased, making them a well-known force amongst the others. In the meantime, The Pitt's morals did not fail them. They managed to successfully takeover The Blackguard, formerly known as The Rosebloods, and destroy their territory.

The territories unoccupied by the largest groups are known as the Neutral Grounds, where any may freely roam. But, be wary, as there have been groups trying to claim their own territory in these lands! The official, and unofficial, meetings between groups partake here and are a busy, though separated, area for travel. If you aren't looking for an official group to live in, then this is where you should head!

The result of once two different groups merging, the Ascendants and Sunhaven, Elysium is a group seeking true fairness within the world. They provide a protection to justice that others might not. Remaining in the main parts of both the Ascendants' and Sunhaven's territories, Elysium resides in cold, mountainous lands with forests galore. Being a force of equality, Elysium was considered to be classified as a neutral group - neither too passive, nor too aggressive. Their reign did not last long.

Far off the shore of the mainland laid an island hidden in the mist. All remained calm for some time there. Hidden away in a serene, mysterious corner of the world, The Coalition of the Condemned was thriving. All changed as a meteor rained down from above. The small island's territory split in half.. Many died as a result and resources were spread thin. A confident leader rose to the challenge. Stryker, their Kingpin, chose to lead the Coalition of the Condemned to victory by taking over Elysium's former territory and claiming it as their own. After their successful takeover, earth elemental users manipulated the edge of the island to break off and become two seperate islands, along with manipulating their former island into the middle of them.

Known throughout all the lands as the Big Bad's, the Pitt is a harsh group built off of bitter revenge and war. They tolerate most everyone's morality; which can mean both the best, and the worst. The Pitt resides within a blazing region, a sweltering desert surrounding their sheltered jungle. All of their culture and traditions revolve around their thirst for blood, slaves a common tool used to do their work for them and public tortures and executions serving as entertainment for the members. There is no doubt about the Pitt's status as a warbound group, as they are actively seeking violence with each of the territories.

Despite holding the appearance of a radiated, overgrown town, the group of Tanglewood is seemingly a center of misfits finding life. Founded off of loneliness, the old community shelters each other in ways a family might, protecting one another fiercely despite their differences. The idea of a muddy, polluted marsh may not be what's considered comfortable, but this group has found plenty of sanctuary in their danger-filled forest. Their culture and traditions wildly promote their identities, focusing both on the individuality of each member, as well as the shared goals of the whole. Along with this, they provide plenty of trade for the other groups to take interest in, utilizing their lands to the fullest. Being bold and unafraid to get messy, Tanglewood is a bold and brave group.

Broken off from the mainland, but still close enough to keep contact, a gang of pirates lurks just a boat ride, or even just a walk, away. The Typhoon's members beliefs are strictly surrounded by freedom of the individual and will not tolerate anyone holding them back. Masters of the seas and the islands they've come to rest on, the pirates reside on the resource rich Paradis Island. Focused on the success of themselves, they offer divisions for each members to choose and focus on based off their own interests. They offer challenges immediately to joiners and work to build the strongest of seamen. Stealing and constantly working towards their best interest, the Typhoon is a sly bunch.

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Aesthetic Elementals — This item allows the use of elementals for purely aesthetic purposes, such as foxfires, flowering pelts, gemstone bindis, etc. They cannot be used offensively and cannot cover more than 25% of their body. For offensive use or full-body coverage, one will need the corresponding elemental power- such as for foxfires to burn others or for a character's entire body to be covered in stone. If you have the correct elemental power, you do not need this one as well for appearance purposes.

Air Elemental — This elemental uses wind to control the environment around it. For example, you will be able to move light objects around like telekinesis.

Earth Elemental — With this power, you may modify the Earth's surface to an extent. As an example, you may move some larger boulders(wind elemental can also move objects, but not as large) or have some flowers grow near your character, as they are Earth related. You may pick up any items under 50 pounds and made of natural elements with this item also.

Electricity Elemental — Electricity elementals will allow you to distribute lightning, shocks, and electricity to many subjects.

Fire Elemental — The fire elemental allows you to summon fire on command, along with the heat provided from it.

Water Elemental — Water elemental allows your character to control any liquid they desire as long as it contains H20.


Amorphous — This item is similar to shapeshifting, but only allows your character to have one other form. Please note this power does not stack and if you desire more forms, you must purchase shapeshifting.

Enhanced Senses — Enhanced senses raises your character's five senses, but you may limit it to only one or a few. The character can hear farther, see even better, and even feel the smallest of movements on their movement. If left unaddressed, a sensory overload can happen.

Health Transfer — Health transfer allows your character to transfer their health problems or take someone else's problems, such as wounds.

Intangibility — With intangibility, you have the power to go through solid objects, such as walls. This is also known as 'ghosting.'

Invisibility — Invisibility allows your character to remain invisible. Even though your character is invisible, others can still smell the stench of your character and hear their movements.

Possession — With possession, your character can take on any body and overthrow it's host. This a neat alternative to shapeshifting.

Wall-Walker — Your character may now walk up walls and defy gravity after making physical contact with an object they wish to scale.

X-Ray Vision — By using X-Ray vision, your character will be able see the internal structure and organs of their opponents.


Clairvoyance — Clairvoyance allows you to see the auras of other characters. This is useful to see who is in what body when they're shapeshifted or possessing another. You may also use this power to see minutes into the future if other characters allow it for their plot.

Mental Bond — Two characters will form a mental and psychical bond together. They will feel similar emotions and pain at the same time together. To use this power, both characters must have the power within their inventory.

Mental Manipulation & Communication — You may talk to other characters without verbally speaking, manipulate emotions, read minds, project illusions, alter memories, and/or overwhelm the minds of other characters with this power.

Telekinesis — Once apart of air elementals, telekinesis has been made into it's own power. Telekinesis allows your character to lift small objects in the air on command. Your character may only lift an accumulative total 20lbs/5kg!

Teleportation— Simply, your character can move between spots very quickly by teleportation.

- Mythical creatures, extinct creatures, and hybrids MUST be purchased.
- Extorting mutations to create a mythical creature or a bipedal animal are not allowed.
- Furries(animals with two-legged characteristic qualities) and unrealistic bipedals are not allowed. Realistic bipedals, kangaroos and birds for an example, are allowed.
- Bodies should not contain any human qualities.
- Mutations should provide small advantages.
- Creating a shield-like structure as a mutation (ex. metal pelt) is not allowed.
- Even with mutations and powers, a character should be able to remain mortal and can be harmed normally.

Hybridization — This body item includes hybrids that are unrealistic, such as a Cockatoo x German Shepard. They should remain sterile within this body infinitely.

Large Mythical or Extinct Creature — These bodies provide a mythical creature up to ten feet(size of a horse to an elephant), 20 feet in length(shoulder to tail), and cannot contain human qualities.

Small Mythical or Extinct Creature — These bodies provide a mythical creature up to five feet(size of a rat to a horse) and cannot contain human qualities.

Mutation Ideas —

- Horns
- Irregular body colors
- Wings
- Dietary Changes / Vampirism / Photosynthesis
- Irregular body parts
- Additional body parts
- Melanism / Achromia / Albinism
- Dwarfism
- Overgrown body parts
- Several eyes or one eye
- Spikes
- Scales
- Feathers
- Baldness
- Gills
- Glow
- Infrared Vision
- Permanently stuck at a certain age
- Hooves
- Starfish Regeneration. This mutation cannot be used in battle and will take weeks at a time to regenerate lost limbs. Think Deadpool.
- and more... If you have any questions, refer to the Helpful Hub or ask a staff member!

All staff members are open to PM on the Beasts of Beyond website! They are open to questions, comments, concerns, and new ideas for the website. Please do not contact them a social media platform about on-site concerns.





- Administrators are responsible for everything underneath also.
- They often work on server and host issues.
- Updates and additional plugins are managed by them.
- They do the majority of the site coding and modifies themes accordingly.
- Admins can handle glitches and/or problems you have with the website.
- If there is a tie in decisions, their decision is final.
- These admins can delete accounts if need be. Contact them privately.
- Any responsibilities below also can apply.

- Senior administrators may or may not handle above depending on the circumstances.
- Head of the moderators!
- Takes charge on memberbase concerns.
- Allowed to edit the news.
- Can hand out awards.
- Any responsibilities below also can apply.

- Bringers of peace and solitude on the board.
- Moderators often approve of posts.
- Will often hold site-wide events.
- Offers bans accordingly.
- Any responsibilities below also can apply.

- Ultimately people who watch over the board.
- Any disputes are handled by them.
- Often responsible for stickying, locking, and moving threads accordingly.
- Prominent guide makers and helpers around the website.
- Can give out warnings.

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