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Ta Ta - Blazic - 07-02-2020

Sorry yall. Tried to stay while I could, but one can only hold out so long. I'm off to greater horizons.

I'll remember fondly my time roleplaying here, but BoB just ain't it anymore.

Ta ta.
(Feel free to hit me up on discord @ Blazic Needs Your Teeth#0965)

Re: Ta Ta - COSMIIX - 07-02-2020

sorry to hear that BoB wasn't for you! safe travels and good luck out there, remember to wash yo hands & wear a face mask <3

Re: Ta Ta - fulzanin - 08-25-2020

It's super sad to see you go, Blazic. Snarl was always a favorite to read about, both within character and in discord. Spunky yeen will forever live within my head. I remember you always wanted to go ham about talking about her, and I'd near always be down to hear what the latest Snarl thoughts are. I'll miss both you and the yeen, and I hope that your future endeavors with her are grand. Wishing you the best out there!