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hot dang im back, hopefully i won't ghost on yall like two weeks into roleplaying
uh i know i didn't talk to many people for the short time i was here but im planning on actually staying for good time hopefully, so ill see you guys around! im planning on joining rosebloods and maybe another group if i have time ^^
uh some stuff about me since i dont think i put this in my initial thread: i like danganronpa, vocaloid, mystic messenger, food fantasy, various otome games, and drawing 0: im currently a senior in high school and im learning japanese on the side.
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welcome back to the site! i don’t believe we’ve met, so i’d just like to say: “sup, i’m toboggan”. i went by many names over the years on ff, like gnome, fire, incognitoburrito, bolide, and now, toboggan! i currently play leroy in tanglewood, wendell in sunhaven, and marco in the typhoon! i’m not into anime, or any cartoons/shows in that matter, but i love music, as well as games; i just got red dead 2 and it’s amazing! i do hope you stay longer than your previous visit, and i’m looking forward to seeing you around!; background-size: 115%; background-position: center;margin-left: -350px; border: 2px solid #e18a7a;">
”tobo” | moonbase alpha | he/him | maritimer | ❆
thank you!! its nice to meet you toboggan! ^^ yeah i don't we met back in ff, but i used to go by blanckary. oH! i remember leroy a bit from when i had eggnog in tanglewood haha. ooo nice! i love music as well but i havent ventured into anything outside vocaloid and mother mother so im not very knowledgeable in the area. !!! ive heard about that game and that it was good and im glad to hear that youre enjoying it!! i think i got better a grasp on managing time and stuff so i really hope i get to roleplay here for a while!! likewise, i hope to get to see you around as well!
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I am a huge sucker for vocaliod since that fandom as consumed a good bit of my preteen and teenage years. make want to make a character based off a song oof.

I am familar with the fandoms you have listed, knowing from spending to much on tumblr. 

Also i'm Kaiors. 

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