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survival to the end [ t a k e o v e r ]
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// After this thread and the disappearance of [member=2040]NINAZU[/member] and [member=1738]Stryker[/member] . Which means [member=48]goldenluxury[/member] + the rest of the Typhoon are allowed within this meeting! This will be the OFFICIAL takeover and beginning of a brand new site-wide plot.

Through the underbrush ravaged The Typhoon and their Pittian allies. Jervis had promised Goldenluxury and her pirate crew free reign as he declared his leadership and they could scour the territory for supplies as needed as a thank you. Not only this, but he promised the heads of Ninazu and Stryker. For now they remained locked away in the depths of the underground caves, away from plain sight. As for his third promise, he had to release the slaves. Truly a shame to lose a lot of labor to such a promising cause, but it seemed worth it for his own self-preservation. Jervis, though, seemed unaffected as he strolled throughout the jungle with a sneer upon his maw.

Soon enough the group reached the edge of the leader's temple. Search groups hounded the area with their snouts turned upwards and eyes wide in search of their dearest leader and their marauder, but they had no luck. Instead something else caught their eye. Their attention turned south towards them, immediately triggering the fur on their scruff to rise and their haunches to flare outwards.

Out from the bushes appeared their groupmate. A devious glint flashed in his eyes as sauntered past them and towards the steps of the temple. "Calm down," he cooed. "They're with me." His words prompted snarls from all around. All around he could see their claws unsheathing and teeth being bared in the corner of his eyes, but he disregarded their concerns for his own self-worth. They would understand soon. The Pitt would be under his control and they would prevail above all, even if he had to make a few sacrifices first. In the end, their losses would be worth it.

Reaching the top of the entrance, the fox loomed by the temple's entrance for a moment or two. He had always observed it's beauty from afar. From up close, the inside was much more pleasing than expected, causing him to smirk a bit more. His curiosity ended soon though. There would be time to observe the luxuries and indulge later. Dirty work came first. Jervis' head maneuvered back around to his audience with dark eyes glancing down at the audience of intermingling enemies. "Today begins a new reign," came his first comment. More demands would follow. "Comply with a few terms and you'll be out of harms way." If that wasn't obvious already. After all, there was an army of their finest enemies behind him.

Thus, Jervis continued. "Ninazu and Stryker, as you have noticed, have been gone for some quite time." There happened to be no reason or scent trail to be found by the general public. Only Jervis knew about their true whereabouts. His head shook in false disappointment. "While their disappearance is unfortunate,-" Mischievous orbs shifted to the Typhoon's leader in the audience. -what a finer time for a new king." A paw rose to his chest and laid over his heart. "I bet you all couldn't agree more." With those weak and unwilling pieces of trash on the throne he rightfully deserved, they led with cowardice and without any flare. Things would change. No more would they be a sad excuse for what they called a 'vicious' and 'ruthless' clan. The Pitt would live up to their name.

A sigh of relief left him. With the support he had from the Typhoon, he could easily slip into this new reign and legacy. It was as if Jervis was without a worry in the world. Any revolt or noncompliance could be distinguished easily. "The Typhoon may be our allies for now, but they are not afraid of striking down any opposers." If there happened to be any. Jervis hoped for compliance, but he knew that there would eventually be a few to run away in fear. After all, the Pittian leader would like to think that Goldenluxury would prefer the loss of one of their enemies than the enslaving of many others. "The Pitt will meet their demands accordingly." And with ease, they could.

Onto the plan. "We-" Not 'I'. No, no, he was going to project this conundrum onto all of them. "-have promised to release any slaves we have remaining and any of their prisoners," he continued on. "Later on, that will happen." Some delayed gratification wouldn't kill them. "First some accommodations will need to be met." If any of them decided to stay, they would hypothetically need a safe house and any others who decided to leave would need a guide out. Any slaves would remain in their cells or within their owner's care until Jervis gave the word. "Captures, besides the Typhoon's own, will remain here." Some leverage was still needed.

There was little left to discuss when it came to the terms between the two enemies. All they wanted was a mutual end to the dastardly troubles of the world and for slavery to be prohibited. As for the rest, it was discussed privately. Jervis and Goldenluxury would keep their own personal agreements under wraps unless new information presented itself. "Some other demands will need to be gone through along the way to assure our connections." And some of them had already been met. Jervis was not a man of his word, but to convince The Typhoon of his presumed loyalty, he would need to show them results partially first.

The novel leader's speech crossed the finish line. There was nothing left to say or to impress his audience of Typhoon pirates with. Now to seem like Jervis was no horrible man, nor a careless fool, he had to address the cares of his own group and it's members. Their safety, though idiotic to him, was important to his reign and could most definitely place his life on the line. "If anyone would like to peacefully leave now-" His honey eyes scanned the audience with a gaze of warning. "-you may go..." Leaving in a smoke-filled rage would produce a different and undesired result.

Jervis relaxed a few. His posture still remained straight and his gaze narrowed, but his overall demeaner changed. Things, though serious, were more loose now. His snout cockily pointed towards the sky, his crooked smile widening. Victory was on the horizon. "Speak now or forever remain in silence." It would be smart to say nothing in these dire times, especially with such a cruel figure as their leader. There had to be disagreements somewhere though...
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Captain was new to the Pitt, and didn't know about political values of the groups here. He assumed they were similar to the ones of the old clans he used to live in, but was never sure. Not until this moment anyway.

Upon hearing the growling and snarls from the other pittians, however, Captain would pad over to see what was going on, curiosity striking him as he watched Jervis walk up to the temple before speaking, and soon enough Captain began to let a smirk cross over his face. He was down for this, he wanted a new reign, wanted to be a part of something new, something big.

//this is a rushed tracking post hngg
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//i'm tired and trying my best ok

This - while not how she had expected it to go down before, was necessary, and bound to happen, one way or another. Goldenluxury Roux was certain of that. The Typhoon and the Pitt would not continue co-existing unless one either changed, or was destroyed, and neither of those would be her pirate crew, she can be absolutely sure of that. Their strength prevailed even within the hardest of times, and this was just another example. Their lost supplies, burned island, and disappeared members did not change that they can, and they will fight. There simply wasn't a chance of them losing, ever. Not when the Pittian bastards stole so many of her crewmates, including her own self, and sure as Hell not now. The female saw this opportunity as the best one presented to her up to this point. Even if Jervis went against his word, they would be powerful enough to take down the ugly bastards that filled these disgusting lands. The Pitt has fallen to its weakest point and either Jervis would save them, or the Typhoon would take them down - all of them. There were only two outcomes now, as she saw it, and she was quite pleased about it all.

This was oh so personal for her crewmates. Most, if not all, had been affected by the Pitt on an intimate scale. Their family, their friends, and their own damn selves harmed someway at some point in the past. The bitterness, the thirst for revenge, the disgust, and the absolute rage boiled within her, as well as the rest of her crewmates, she'd assume. Her memories had been stolen. Her body had been pushed as a slave. Her mind had been manipulated. Her life had been taken from her. Her mama had been killed. And she had thought she deserved it. No, the female knew now just how much the Pitt deserved worse. They didn't deserve her. They didn't deserve her pain. They didn't deserve her friends. They didn't deserve her family. She'd taken up to the task of becoming their well deserved karma, and this newest plan would simply help aid her efforts, and perhaps make it so they would never deserve that fate again, if he kept his word. Even now, she had a hard time trusting him, but it wasn't hard for her to accept this offer made by the fox. It was just too easy, no matter if it went according to plan or not.

Walking into the Pitt, she always had a purpose. There was never any reason to just visit. That would be idiotic, and disrespectful to herself. No, to grace them with her presence, she must take a sacrifice. It was only fair. This time, she believes, could be the most important entrance of all. Their bullshit was finally coming to an end! How pleasing.

Her gaze is focused as she moves beside Jervis, cutlass scimitar around her winged back. Would they recognize the little Goldie Locks in her new body? It didn't matter anyway, they'd figure out her name soon enough. It was one she earned, and one they'd come to know if they hadn't already. They've always been inferior and it has been her task to take that stain from this world, now with the help of her crewmates and potentially this Pittian. What a silly thought, the captain of the Typhoon, a former slave herself, teaming up with a Pittian fox. This is certainly an odd situation; one she could not have foreseen, even with her many, many potential plans. Her head is held tall as he speaks, slit pupils slicing through any face that dare appear. She was impatient to hear him put their deal into action - his speech bored her, though she wouldn't interrupt. Let the boy have his fun. If he wants to feel powerful, he may. Goldie is holding onto this idea of an alliance very loosely, willing to cut ties as soon as she deemed necessary. She was tired of being screwed over by shitty deals. And, as he continues, to her satisfaction, he announces their end of slavery. Now all that was left would be to see if the Pittian held up to his word, and if any would challenge it. She wonders if there's anyone left to challenge it.

"Go in pairs an' take what you want." She would order to her crewmates, turning her head towards the pirates. She would remain in place, watching carefully to possibly take down any opposers, as well as make sure this takeover goes smoothly.
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Goldenluxury had been right when she told him that The Pitt had close to no defenses. When a squad of his rats had been sent to patrol around The Pitt, he realised that perhaps spying was going overboard. It was a waste of time when he could have left more rats to focus on helping on reconstructing and replanting the jungles of The Typhoon than make round checks of the desert territory. Of course, it never really hurt to be safe. It left the boy free of anxieties when he had arrived in support of the rest of The Typhoon and Goldenluxury, still uncertain of his stance of Jervis. Most of The Pitt's profits came from the fact that they were terrifying because of their captures and forced slavery. Most travelers would do well enough to steer away from the group than experience a fate worse than death but here Jervis was talking about abolishing it as part of an agreement with their Captain. As the wolf speaks, the feline can't help but wonder if Jervis felt regret or reluctance to make such announcements of ruling out slavery. While he does not condone forced labour, Elijah likes to think that if he had agreed to it, he wouldn't have resorted to such drastic measures. It would have been easier to hire a band of rogues in promised exchange for information or their own slaves, then proceed to continue with their slave trade. At least, that's what Elijah would have done if he were bad enough to stoop down to their level.

While members of The Typhoon had arrived out of their own personal reasons and grudges, there was no need to help The Pitt now that the drama is over. They could have left The Pitt to eventually destroy themselves - leave Jervis to work things out himself and cause a civil war. They would never have to worry about a Pitt ever again. Why was this necessary? Even if slavery was abolished, how was he to know that The Pitt wouldn't continue terrorising other Clans? Death still happened, violence still existed, thievery was always an option. Elijah begins to furrow his brows. And now they were allowed to move forward and take whatever they wanted. Even though Jervis assured that he was the king The Pitt would agree with, he still feels as if this all could have been done without The Typhoon's help. It was as if The Pitt was being left worse off than before. It bothers him that there is so far no retaliation of Pittians. Maybe Jervis had overestimated the minds of desert-dwellers, thought they would be more stubborn. Then was probably The Typhoon's presence that stopped resistance. They were a strong group, he knew that at least.

He bites his tongue, hearing that Jervis still planned on keeping captures around. How was he to know that they weren't going to continue keeping them as slaves? What if Jervis was bringing The Typhoon a long to spit all these lies in front of him? What if this was all staged and he had been leader this whole time? He shakes his head, taking a breath and letting himself calm down. The politics that occurred within The Pitt should have little impact on him. As long as the pirates were released, they can continue living their separate ways. Hearing Goldenluxury's words, he nods and moves forward to scavenge for anything that may be useful to himself or his rats.
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