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bombing king -- open, joining

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bombing king -- open, joining
« on: April 27, 2018, 05:08:10 PM »
  Bakugou awoke with a snarl, his crimson eyes snapping open.

  His first realization as he lay there, staring at the sky, was that his voice sounded... different. Higher-pitched to be sure, but there was some other quality to it that didn't seem right. Moreover, his skin was soaked with some sort of liquid, one too thick to be his nitroglycerin sweat, and his nose was overwhelmed with the stench of blood. Was he bleeding?

  The villains... where were the villains? It didn't make sense for them to just leave him for dead, not when their sheer numbers had been enough to overrun him. Maybe he'd won, and just didn't remember the details through the haze of battle. Even on his own, he would've put up a good fight. He thought so, anyway, but he couldn't remember exactly, as if he'd blown up his memory along with the rest of the surroundings in the midst of his final stand.

  Groaning, Bakugou rolled over onto his side and tried to stand, only to freeze. There was indeed blood dripping from his form, but the more important thing was that his arms were covered in fur. Actually, he wasn't even sure he could call them arms, as the appendages at the end bore only the most remote resemblance to hands, the fingers being more like clawed toes than anything else.

  Gritting his teeth, he pushed himself onto his feet and twisted around, trying to get a good look at the rest of his body. Every part of him was covered in that same light-colored fur, he had some sort of tail extending from his hindquarters, and he wasn't even bipedal anymore- he was quadrupedal.

  His eyes flared, an infuriated hiss escaping him. One of the villains must have had some sort of quirk that let them turn opponents into animals- not that it made any sense for them to do that to him rather than just offing him, but there was no other explanation. But then how had he ended up out here? This filthy swamp didn't look even remotely like Hosu City, nor did it look like any place he'd been recently. Unsheathing his newfound claws and turning to face away from the swamp, he yelled, "You think this is funny? When I find you again, I'LL BLOW YOU TO PIECES!"

  With another growl, Bakugou turned to the nearest tree and jabbed his paw towards it. The ensuing blast was... not actually a blast, but rather a jet of fire, the flames leaving black scars on the tree's bark. Bakugou stared at the burnt tree for a moment, brows raising. That was odd, the tree should've been blown apart like confetti, or even just vaporized into ash. Regular flames were Todoroki's quirk, not his.

  Scowling, he sat down and pressed a paw against his forehead. Whatever came his way, he would almost definitely have to fight it- and even if he didn't have to, he probably would anyway- but the real question was, which way would lead him to the villains? The clearer path would've allowed them an easier escape, but with their quirks, they probably could've escaped through the swamp too. If he went the wrong way, he'd lose them and look like an idiot (not that he didn't already with his stupid, mangy four-legged form).

  /tl;dr: angry ragdoll cat appears randomly at the border and tries to blow up a tree, but only chars it a bit- then sits down to think
  /wounds: some cuts on his side, mostly minor bruises otherwise
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Re: bombing king -- open, joining
« Reply #1 on: April 27, 2018, 09:00:48 PM »
She padded over with a bewildered twitch of her whiskers, and yellow eyes searched for irritated red ones; "Having fun there?" she asked, bemused, but it was then that Belladonna noticed his injuries. She would have offered to help him with it on the offset, but if he was going to attempt to explode Belladonna into pieces, then she'd have to wait. If he tried anything, then it was her advantage - they were surrounded by water.
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Re: bombing king -- open, joining
« Reply #2 on: April 29, 2018, 12:41:51 AM »
     Once upon a time, Beck would have assumed beings capable of breathing straight flame or willing water to move with a single bat of their eyelashes were involved in witchcraft and dark forces. Some times he missed his archaic naïveness, where anything abnormal could be pinned on devil worshippers and sorcery beyond a young society's understanding. Of course, his beliefs were turned upside-down over time with not only his death, but encountering creatures such as the ragdoll cat throwing a tantrum at his border. Powers as supernatural abilities were referred to -- he supposed as a poltergeist he had powers too. Not exactly powers per say, but rather taking advantage of his paranormal existence. One of the few perks of execution and then damnation to an eternity of limbo, he supposed.

     Was it too hard to ask he get a moment of peace to himself every once in a while? Beck had been minding his own business, eavesdropping on the local frogs and cicadas in hopes of catching a snippet of gossip, and perched on a mangrove's crooked limb. After a long day's work of scratching up tree bark with encoded symbols, the mangy feline had retired to an afternoon of boredom, flexing his claws with a discontented expression. His unspoken wish for something interesting to swept him off his feet didn't go unanswered, as the exact tree he was sprawled in was engulfing in an abrupt inferno. Beck couldn't react in time, since the next moment, all heat and embers vanished, leaving a bewildered and quickly upset entity to glare down at the stranger. Dropping from his branch effortlessly yet still landing with a graceless thud, Beck ignored the scolding Belladonna and hissed out a shrill rasp, "The hell ya think you're doin', firebug? Ya could've blow up the whole swamp!" It didn't take a genius to understand that the boggy fumes throughout their territory was certainly flammable, and one stray spark could end up nuking Tanglewood for a second time, without the lasting effect of radiation. Muddied hackles standing on end between his bony shoulder blades, Beck snarled towards Bakugou, lantern-likes eyes skimming over his injuries just like Belladonna's -- yet to assess a weak point rather than craft plans to heal. "Just who d'ya think ya are, comin' into Tanglewood, and tryin' t' start a damn forest fire, huh?" Needless to say, the commander wanted answers, and he wanted them now.
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Re: bombing king -- open, joining
« Reply #3 on: April 30, 2018, 06:08:01 PM »
▼ — when the weak court death, they find it.
Fenrisulfr very nearly sighed.

Approaching War looked over to beck and Bella "if need be I can always coral the flames under control and snuff them if we're to have any further accidents" this one wasn't the only beast with fire powers after all, something useful for when you had a raging pyromaniac around was if you had someone that could douse or corall the flames away.


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Re: bombing king -- open, joining
« Reply #4 on: May 09, 2018, 04:58:07 PM »
  /casually slides in a week and a half late

  The sudden approach of another creature drew his attention, his crimson eyes rising to meet the newcomer's and narrowing. It was another cat, and one capable of speech at that- and the villain that had gotten him probably hadn't done the same to her, given that she didn't appear at all bothered by the situation. Just what was this place?

  Before he could ask, though, another cat descended from the tree he'd just tried to blow up, clearly pissed. That made two of them, then. "Give me a break, I had no idea anyone lived here," Bakugou growled, though a toothy grin split his face. Getting in a fight with anyone besides whoever had turned him into a cat was probably not a smart idea, but if they decided to attack him, he'd be all too happy to let off some steam.

  Shaking his head, he continued, "I'm looking for the prick who turned me into this... thing. Don't suppose you've seen Shigaraki, Toga, or any of the other wackos near here?" Wherever one of them was, the rest of them would almost definitely be. The League of Villains tended to stick together. If none of these people knew who he was talking about, then he'd just go in the other direction, most likely.

  The next beast to arrive, however, was odd enough that he had to stare, tilting his head. It didn't look like a cat, but it also didn't resemble any of the villains that he knew of. "'Accidents?'" he repeated lowly, but said nothing further on the matter. While he would've loved to correct the creature, he couldn't think of any way to do so without it sounding like a threat.
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Re: bombing king -- open, joining
« Reply #5 on: May 09, 2018, 05:54:27 PM »
✦ ✦ ✦
"What's your name?"

The inquiry fell from the lips of no other then Nayru, an unimpressed look gracing her pale features as she gazed between the charred tree and Bakugou. The audacity of some people... coming in here, lighting things on fire as if they simply owned the place. Hmph, she could barely stand it. But she was a nurse and the male before her did appear to be sporting some minor injuries... would he be her first guinea p- patient? She had done a lot of reading as of late (almost more than she had been praying) and wondered if she was qualified enough to slap some cobwebs on him and call it a day.

But only if he had the interest of joining in mind- she, of course, would not help a random stranger who would be gone as quickly as he came. That seemed like some sort of Tanglewood policy to her.

"Are you joining? I'll fix those wounds up for you if you do," She tempted in a soft voice, cerulean eyes trained on the bloodied figure with obvious intrigue. She was eager to test out her skills and see if she had truly been retaining the knowledge she had been given. "And no... Those names are... unfamiliar, to say in the least." And strange, but she didn't say that aloud. Perhaps Nayru was being a hypocrite- her own name, for Goddess's sake, was strange. But she was growing more comfortable within her new home and thus her more opinionated side was beginning to reveal itself. Oh well, she supposed there would be time for such comments later on.

"So? What's your decision?"
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