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lesser of two evils . prompt / development
« on: January 05, 2019, 10:55:25 AM »


mentions of a NPC character dying by fire + investigations as to why , triggers for drug deal gone bad, history of parent neglect. - prompt found over here


Maybe it wasn’t a surprise that, eventually- inortis would stumble upon a body not of his own creation. The stench of death was a familiar one, and the foreboding feeling curled in the recesses of his mind as he cautiously followed it near the borders. He wasn’t- isn’t sure why he even moved to investigate. Something small and flickering inside of him hoped it was just someone’s leftovers they forgot to bury up. The thought cemented when the smell of char- and the smell of familiar- home - no, that is not the smell of home anymore

Memories of his younger years, no less complicated, not in it’s simplicity but his compliance in it all. He has always been meek, compliant and his home- his family had always abused that. Being raised was brutal, he was practically dropped into a wolves den and told to use his teeth and claws and live by whatever means necessary.

It was a drug dealing clan, from what he remembers, though he didn’t partake in any of the trafficking the rest of his classmates didn’t hide it, either way he was dragged- stained with it in it’s own way. They were all ruthless competitive, greedy, manipulative people who dragged innocents- dragged children into the wars. He was useful for his size, innocent looking made a good runner- and while he made sure to stay clearly away from the darker parts of his clan whatever customers saw an innocent looking kind thought opportunity. Either as a hostage or holding something valuable enough for a trade in spice.

He learned how to defend himself, not how to kill but how to debilitate. It became a unconscious action against anyone who brushed pelts with him- got near. He learned how to handle violence younge, and as he got older, how to handle death- and killing, in turn.

Guilt- guiltyguiltyguilty-

He needed to protect himself, then he needed to eat. And in his home his actions were recognized- he was encouraged. It only made the culpability - the blame absolute. his fault.

no matter how hard he tried to bury it, it would always be there

He would always be murder.

It was one of their own, inortis remembers seeing them not too long ago, the only thing recognizable was the dogtags that flickered around their neck menacingly. The rest was so perfectly black- perfectly charred that dared the lion to investigate. His paws shook, his form trembled, and his mind raced. Unflinchingly, boldy encroaching into the dumpsite of one of his own- their own with little but a passing thought for condolences. He was interested, and for once it had nothing to do with the species, just the scent.

Only the smell of smoke and ascendance. Whatever clan or loner who did it might’ve been able to hide their scent in the smell of fire or other means. he had to be sure he neared, and beaned his neck, inspecting any visible killing blow and inhaling deep-


The smell grounded him, it reminded him of simpler times, and wasn’t that fucking hysterical? A light huff came from the usually nervous observer, memories lapping into mannerisms striking compared to his once timid nature. The thought only made him more invested rather than nervous. Something like this could affect others in a similar negative fashion.

whatever drug was on his body- was snatched. Taken. Inortis was honestly relieved if only to keep it away from influencing his new home. he knew drugs did, knew that they would be no better than his abusers.

it was cold feeling.

to know that he would probably kill them just as easily, if they hurt him tried to use him -

There was a need to cover it up- to hide it all. Even despite being innocent, guilt- shame warmed him in the chill. It rattled his teeth in a way that had nothing to do with the cold, and the white of his eyes turning almost black in panic-

not again


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Re: lesser of two evils . prompt / development
« Reply #1 on: January 05, 2019, 01:18:22 PM »
  See, this- this was why she had taken steps to distance herself from others' suffering. A sense of empathy might have proved useful once upon a time, but not so much anymore, now that she knew what she did about the world. There was no benefit to beating herself up over every single person that died on these borders when she couldn't have done anything about it in the first place.

  As she arrived on the scene, Rin observed that the dead body was thoroughly charred. Fire, perhaps the ultimate culmination of nature's fury and creatures' emotions, and ever destructive to both of them. Her mind conjured images of wool, wood, and steel alike crumbling to the ground, screams of panic and rage, and futile attempts at comfort. Your books won't bring them back, indeed.

  More pressing, though, was the other creature standing at the scene, his eyes flickering dark in panic. He could be brought back to reality by force- the fallen one would only return by their own choice. Rin approached Inortis and cleared her throat. "Smelled something of significance to you?" she asked softly, twitching her ears. It wasn't an accusation; maybe he would take it as one, but she assumed nothing as of yet. The corpse smelled only of ash and the Ascendants to her, but hiding one's scent was child's play, so there was no real lead to follow. If he reacted in a way implying shock, she could treat him accordingly.

  /couldn't match muse, rip
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