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Announcement our clipped wings will never hold us down / MEETING 1/1

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our clipped wings will never hold us down / MEETING 1/1
« on: January 01, 2019, 08:48:48 PM »

Sephiroth's roar was long and low as he slunk into the shadows of the meeting place, pawsteps softly thudding on the ground.  He had been a bit absent for the past week, choosing to show himself rarely and instead contain himself with his thoughts.  Well, his own thoughts as well as whatever Mother had to add to the situation.  Her chatter had returned with the arrival at the new territory, murmuring into his ear almost all the time.  He still found comfort in it, thought occasionally he ignored her advice and went his own way much to her annoyance.  Regardless, Sephiroth was here to return to leading his group properly now that there were matters to discuss.

The male would watch intently as his group filed inside the meeting place, muscles shifting under his skin as he ascended to his golden throne.  There was a bit to discuss this week, thankfully, or not so depending on if you were his ally or enemy.  Sephiroth’s critical eye would examine those who arrived, before he lifted his head to speak up.

”There are a few new and returning members who have made themselves known this past week.  Welcome to Jaylah and Usagi, and Kimu has recently made themselves known as well.  Riku and Akuma have also recently returned to activity.  We welcome all of you to the group and anticipate seeing you around.”  Sephiroth would acknowledge each Roseblood mentioned with a dip of his head, silver mane shifting as he gazed at his slowly growing group.  It filled him with confidence, especially considering the situation they were in.

”There are no promotions or shout outs this week, though Rosemary has decided to step down from her position as Nomarch.  If you want a promotion, I encourage everybody to participate in clan activities, as well as encouraging everybody to stand by everybody.  We are a group, not mindless rogues.  We band together better than any other group, and we must show that towards each other.”

”That being said, we do have a problem that needs dealing with.”  Sephiroth’s eyes would narrow dangerously as he spoke next.  ”The Pitt.  We have become a joke to them, with them continuing to push us about and act as if they are better.  Pathetic.  It is about time to retaliate against them.  I declare open war on the Pitt; feel free to capture, kill, lead raids, whatever you wish to do.  I will be holding a discussion session soon regarding what else can be done.  I want absolute destruction rained down on them; no mercy whatsoever.”

”There are weekly tasks up, I encourage everybody to participate in them.  If anybody wishes to volunteer for the following weeks, let me know.  Tasks this week will most likely be focused on warring with the Pitt, as a warning if one is….sensitive about that sort of activity.”  Sephiroth would roll his shoulders, eyes lidded tiredly.

”I do believe that is it.  More developments will happen later on in the week as everything returns to normal after my absence.  I apologize for that last week; I can promise that this week everything shall return to normal.”  Sephiroth would explain with a small dip of his head.  ”Meeting dismissed.”

-Welcome to Jaylah and Usagi, and we welcome Kimu, Riku, and Akuma into the group too!
-Rosemary has stepped down from her position as Nomarch.
-No promotions this week, though there is a reminder to interact with everybody!!  We’re a tight knit group, and nobody should be feeling left out.
-War on the Pitt!!  Everybody is free to attack them as you please, and a public discussion will be held soon talking about what else can be done!
-Weekly tasks are up this week!  The OOC thread for signing up for task hosting will be updated soon as well!
-Very sorry for shortness as well as my absence last week, the holidays really took it out of me.  I’m working on getting other posts and threads up all week, so stay tuned!!  I hope you all had a great holiday and a happy new year!)
Sephiroth is a large male lion with a pale, almost white body and a silver mane.  He has blue green eyes with slit pupils.  He is the Pharaoh of the Rosebloods.  He is currently unstable and volatile, hearing a voice called Mother in his head and is believing himself to be a god.  He has enhanced senses, conjuration, and mental manipulation and communication, and is hard to fight in battle.  He is based on the character of the same name from Final Fantasy VII.

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Re: our clipped wings will never hold us down / MEETING 1/1
« Reply #1 on: January 02, 2019, 11:44:07 AM »

" my own illusion come to be "


bai shi nodded their head to sephiroth, mind drifting on the topics he had brought up. "I will be holding an shp meeting this week" they would tell him quietly.

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Re: our clipped wings will never hold us down / MEETING 1/1
« Reply #2 on: January 06, 2019, 02:59:45 PM »
The lithe calico was laying in the crowd for the day, her back giving her too much trouble to sit in her normal place, but she figured Sep would understand considering he'd seen her struggling to walk around.
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