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New Year’s update!
« on: January 01, 2019, 03:52:14 PM »
Big news BoBcats,

With the New Years around the corner, Beasts of Beyond is most definitely participating in the ‘new year, new me’ campaign like everyone else. Here’s some things we will be beginning in January!

- The news header will be getting an amazing upgrade to celebrate 2019. No more ugly layout. Instead we will finally be providing a more mobile-friendly layout. None of the content will be removed. Instead, we will be adding a new category which pertains to this next announcement!

- Monthly Spotlight is something new we’ve decided to start. Every month we will feature a new user, writer, character, thread, and more within the news header to showcase their proud accomplishments. Anyone who is featured will get a badge. They’ll also be in the news header! Everyone and anyone are eligible for these rewards, along with any previous winners. For now, we will not have badges that stack for those who win more than once. In the meantime, please wait for more announcements. Our first winners will be posted in January with details pertaining deeper into the subject.

- Badges have been sat on for awhile. We have finally found a proper use for them! Beasts of Beyond will have plenty of badges coming up in the near future. Many of these will be event-coordinated and specialized to fit OOC/IC activities, along with member accomplishments. Keep an eye out for a badge guide coming soon... Collect them all.

- Monthly IC Leader Meetings that will address inter-group relations will begin within January also. We have experimented with this idea previously and now we think it’s a stable time to begin this process, seeing that drama has finally sparked between the groups. If there is any interest in a monthly meeting that involves all characters, we are not opposed to that idea and may also experiment with it in the meantime.
       Leaders: Please keep an eye out. Thank you.

- A site-wide CDC, also known as a Character Development Challenge, has arrived! These will occur monthly and reward our members with a fantastic gem reward, along with a badge (themed in monthly birthstone colors). For our first ever challenge, the lovely @Andromeda has offered to host and provide us all prompts. Go check it out!

- Staff Q&A has proceeded along nicely. Thank you for the warm welcomes and the interesting questions for some of our newer staffers!

- BoB’s official chatting thread has finally popped up. As always, keep it civil. You can discuss anything and everything here. Perhaps you can find some new friends or a role play partner with similar interests. Check out the official chat! Don’t be afraid to pop into other threads though. We’re sure you’ll get a warm welcome.

- The mass meet and greet to kick off the year has begun. Post here to meet some new folks or possibly reintroduce yourself to others you already know.

We appreciate all of the love within 2018. It’s been a hell of a year. Much love... <3

Thank you,
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