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« on: December 30, 2018, 10:07:11 PM »
Do a story. With no... words. Well, that was fine with them. Typically not speaking, they had to find other ways to convey what they wished to. Digging in their old room, they found old dolls. One of Susie, one of Ralsei, and one of themself. They decided to head out into the observatory, to show this story.

Standing on a box, they whistled, waiting for others to gather around.
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« Reply #1 on: December 31, 2018, 12:36:10 AM »
Stories were a familiar thing to Orpheus. Sometimes his birth parents would tell all sorts of tales, mostly about what the world was like and why he should behave. Then Brigand told some too, though his were better. Maybe it wasn't a great idea to teach a child to read and then jump in with Shakespeare and Dickens and Brontë, but it was those stories that started to shape his interest in telling them and creating them. He'd learned all sorts of voices from his dad and all kinds of expressions from the world; he's a pretty decent storyteller, really. But he had never tried to tell something with no words. So when Kris whistles him over, settled on a box with dolls, he can't help his curiosity. Head tilted and eyes warm, he's too impatient to wait for whatever explanation would come with watching the show. "What are you up to, Rice Krispie?"

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« Reply #2 on: December 31, 2018, 01:49:04 AM »
Link had a lot of patience for stuff like stories. Actually, he had a lot of patience in general. But he still remembers listening to dramatic tales by elders in rest stops and listening to Kass's songs that made his head hurt. .. This one seems to be more like a puppet show, judging by the dolls they held in their paws. Link wasn't too familiar with the concept -- he didn't have any memories of his childhood or anything, but he still just knows.
The small canine, upon noticing the kitten waiting, only regards them for a moment before approaching, as nosy and curious as ever. .. He considers getting closer to investigate, but stops when he realizes the strange tiger has halted. Link does too, just based on the fact that he doesn't really know what would be acceptable. So, Link stop dead and simply stands there rather ominously, gaze intent on the small feline.
All in all, he looks rather foreboding, but at least he's curious.
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« Reply #3 on: January 02, 2019, 01:31:49 PM »
Clarence was glad to see Kris out and about. He knew the child didn't care much for speaking in public, so he'd decided to try giving them a different way to interact and hoped they'd enjoy it. He was rather excited to see what they'd come up with, if he was being honest, and he soon arrived beside Link and Orpheus to turn his attention to the storyteller. They didn't seem very nervous, although Clarence found it hard to read them. In any case, he was excited to see what they came up with. Back in his own time, he'd been a huge fan of any sort of storytelling, be it a book, play, or opera- but most of those things required speaking or at least some music accompanied with gesturing or a dance. Based on the dolls in front of them, he guessed maybe this story would be mimed somehow, though it was hard to say until it actually started. At Orpheus' words, his eyebrows raised slightly and he looked over to the man. "What's-" his voice wavered slightly, as though he were debating even asking. "What's a Rice Krispie?"
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« Reply #4 on: January 06, 2019, 09:12:14 PM »
TRIGGER WARNING: mentions of suicidal thoughts

They had been waiting for an audience, flicking their kinked tail as best as they could and being as still on the box as possible. While they were waiting, they drew the first scene: a school classroom. They dropped the crayons when they heard the first person arrive. Wh-what did he call then? Rice Krispie? Underneath hair and shadow, crimson eyes gleam with amusement and they chuckle. "I'm doing a story! It's about some events that happened to me." The kitten meows, eyes falling onto the dog.

Link looked so nice. Was why he looking like he would beat Kris up with the Master Sword? The child looks a bit nervous, clenching their teeth briefly. He just stopped, in his tracks, and then stared at Kris. What was he gonna do? Go Gordon Ramsay and call them an idiot sandwich? All the kitten did was wave their paw, somewhat awkwardly.

Upon Clarence's arrival, the kitten smiles a bit. Ah, he would be here! Kris somewhat idolized the leader. They wanted to grow to be as strong as a leader as they had been. They were about to speak when Clarence asked what a rice krispie was. Chuckling, the kitten lifts a paw to their mouth and replies. "It's a type of dessert, I'll make it for you, Clarence."

Now, they could begin. With the classroom set, Kris maneuvered the dolls. The one that looks like them bursts through the door. The teacher's figure tilts her head, before motioning to the rest of the class. Suddenly, they begin singing. "With my brother Asriel gone, I had done some wrong. I cared less, and my life had become a mess. This was the only time it went well, as my story will tell." After the brown kitten's figure had looked at the the other students, conversing with them, another enters the room. A purple dragon-cat hybrid had crashes through the door. The teacher's doll moves, showing them to get something. The two leave, before the purple doll slams Kris' onto the lockers. "'How do you feel about... losing your face?' she asked. That was when I was unmasked. Yet, she told me not to answer. Holding the bitterness of myrrh, my choices did not matter -- not to err or err." The purple doll drops Kris', before they walk to the closet. They open the door, and walk in. Suddenly, something goes wrong, and Kris draws the floor falling from underneath them.
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