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touch of vintage | character storage
« on: April 26, 2018, 01:19:15 AM »
cairos [ tanglewood ]
khaol coratio [ the typhoon ]
noctis lucis caelum [ the ascendants ]

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Re: touch of vintage | character storage
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2018, 01:21:35 AM »

name. Cairo
has shortened his name to kai to blend in with "modern ages"
gender. male
age. appearance wise he looks to be 13 months

like amun, cairo is a jaguar, though their pelt greatly contrasts amun's black counterparts. while cairo used to be of normal coluring, a warm sandy brown with darker brown markings, his pelt is now almost white with beige markings. through their journey to follow amun, a great deal of stress was placed on their shoulders, having lost not only a lover but also their best friend the stress eventually caused their pelt to change colour. their eyes are almost haunting, and while are generally viewed as a hazel, sometimes seem to change to a warm purple, but this is never for more than a flicker of a moment.

cairo, much like a teddy bear, is warm and strong, at least, they used to be. there's a part of kai that has always cared for others, cared for life in a way that many are incapable of understanding. they absorb things in a way many cannot. they have a habit of picking out small details, an odd stitch in a rug or an old scar on a leaf. the way someone's tone or movement has changed, for some reason, unbeknownst to even them, they are always able to pick up on it. there's something about kai that makes him incapable of detaching himself from emotions, he easily sympathises with others, but this also leaves him easily hurt. it is when someone he has begun to care for seems to be in the way of harm that another side of him begins to stir, see, in his quest of locating his lost love, he was forced to take measures he had never wished to. he had absorbed a part of Sekhmet's soul. this gave him not only his immortality, but it also gave him the strength to do what he must. when those he cares for are threatened, he becomes violent and unstable, a part of himself that claims to be sekhmet rising to the stage, although, in reality, it is simply a different personality he has developed in order to deal with the stuff in life he can not. as of late, he has become increasingly unstable and sad, at first this is not noticeable but after a while it becomes obvious.
disorders. multiple personality disorder, bipolar

cairo grew up in ancient Egypt, he was a scholar and a soldier, someone who wished for peace but was left no choice but to fight for his ruler. it was during this period in his life where he met amun. cairo had never felt love before but, it wasn't long after they'd met, that he did. he fell hard and fast, though it was when amun grew sick that he began to change. while cairo assumed that his alternate personality is sekhmet, it actually developed during this time. scared of losing the only one he'd cared about, he went to great measures to find an old ritual that would bind amun's soul to one of the gods/goddesses. though this ritual required sacrifice, and cairo was not the sort of man to kill another for something like this, and thus, the alternate personality was created. a defence mechanism against the evils he wished he did not have to commit. though it seemed that, even after all his troubles, that cairo would not be able to see amun again. cairo was heartbroken, but, his love was still strong and he vowed he would find a way to follow amun. it was during these times that his alter-ego became more prominent, more and more blood being stained onto his paws. in search of a solution, he'd become a serial killer, and perhaps that was why it was Sekhmet who came in his time of need. in exchange for a hundred hearts, he was offered the chance to take part of Sekhmet's soul. absorbing that amount of power though changed the jaguar's body and very nearly killed him, but, afterwards, he was able to follow Amun to the world he inhabits now.

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Re: touch of vintage | character storage
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2018, 01:31:14 AM »

name. Khaol Coratio
gender. male
age. about 11 months

black panther
that describe khaol with his glistening pelt and slender body. as a black panther his grace is seemingly endless, his body long and slim. his coat always has a clean shine to it, the sun's rays only exaggerating this fact. his paws are somewhat large in correspondance to his legs, his tail just a little crooked and the scar across his neck a little too noticable. his eyes are bright, a swirl of yellow and green locked in an endless dance.

khaol is a mystery, though not of his own accord. he speaks nothing of his past, though he's always thinking of it. a smile is always slung across his lips as if it was always meant to be there, but he hides fear behind the mischief in his eyes. it's like he's hiding inside a cell of his own making, forever trapped in the prison he placed himself in. though no one would be able to tell this, for all they see are the bright, cheery eyed smiles and the obnoxious laughter. they see the casual swagger in his step and the excitement in the way he swings his tail. they see khaol for who he wishes to be entirely, they see only the sun in the bottomless darkness. but that darkness is all too real.

endlessly bright smiles often bless the male's lips making him incredily easy to approach. those bright smiles alongside his confidence and charisma make for a frightening combo. often more than not others find themselves liking khaol even if they wish not to, his positive attitude and laughter often rubbing off on those around him. of course, that doesn't mean that those people are constantly fond of him. khaol can often come across as obnoxious and annoying, his "trickster" personality being quite in your face and out there. though even this tends not to deter him, a smile almost always remaining on his face and his long, long list of "dad" jokes always at the ready.

despite his obviously "joker" style personality, khaol harbours a deep loyalty for all those that he comes to ackowledge as friends. while he doesn't always have the best methods of presenting his affections, his sense of duty and loyalty to them often makes itself clear in some way or another. he lacks the capability of understanding how to properly comfort those around him so when faced with a troubling issue concerning his friends he often responds with either humor or anger depending on the situation at hand. his loyal and caring affections may sometimes come across as clingy. after his past he wishes to remain close to and protect those that he values, even going so far as to lay down his life.

khaol sometimes comes across as cocky and prideful with his blunt nature. he generally likes to say things as he sees them and if he believes someones idea to be faulty or lacking he will let them know. this also goes along with criticism. if khaol believes that something or someone could improve he will let them know and offer them pointers even if said person possibly does not wish to recieve his criticism. while this is often interpreted as something else, khaol is used to a life where criticism is freely given and believes that he is helping. it wouldn't be unreasonable to assume that he may get into some altercations in response to this straight-forward method but it's likely that he would quickly apologise and attempt to diffuse the situation.

having moved around for the majority of his life, khaol can be seen as adaptable. he's quick to get used to the situation around him whether it's territory, friends, whatever, he's quick to adapt. when he first moved to sunclan he was quick to adjust despite his arriving during a seemingly permanent solar eclipse and the aftermath of a war. khaol quickly adapted to the people around him and to the new routine that he was eventually pushed to follow. during battle his adaptions are even quicker. as the situation changes, so does khaol. he'll go from dodging to attacking in moments and is able to think freely whilst fighting which makes a good mind for strategy in the heat of battle.

suffering from losses in his past, khaol is unwilling to lose anyone else. unfrotunately, this leaves him vulnerable. khaol takes his loyalty seriously and would, without hesitation, sacrifice himself for his clanmates. he could be about to wipe out an opponent but see a clanmate in trouble and run to their aid, leaving his opponent time to recover and leaving himself open to attack. not only that but his past and friends leave his mind vulnerable. chances are that if he were interrogated about or memories from his past were resurfaced he would easily break under the weight and have something akin to a nervous breakdown. khaol's mind has sealed away most of the worst of his memories, or at least dulled his emotions towards them but with enough pushing the wall could be broken down.

with a past he wants no ties with, khaol can be considered secretive about his origins. he will often answer questions about his past vaguely or change the subject entirely. when faced with the flashes of memories of his past, khaol becomes anxious and all too alert of his surroundings. this makes him incredibly unstable seeing as no one knows when or what could trigger a flash back. while he chooses not to put a label on it, this could be recognised as a form of PTSD. while during the day, these episodes are near non-existent, if one were to sit by his door for long enough at night, they would hear the uncanny sobs of the boy within.
disorders. ptsd

Spoiler: ShowHide
born with no warmth, no nuzzles or kissed, no cheers for the first times. khaol was birthed, and then left partly buried in the dirt alongside his stillborn siblings. there was no kindness, no love, no nurturing or care. no mother or father. khaol was alone. it was only by chance that a creature came across him, though it was in search of prey, it found the half-buried panther cub instead. it'd believed khaol to be dead, it'd planned to eat his corpse. it wasn't the creatures fault, the creature was a scavenger. a hyena. it was only once it'd picked the cub up did the hyena realize that it was alive, that it was breathing. the cub, khaol, had begun to cry and whine, pitiful sounds escaping it's jaws and filling the silence of the forest around them. khaol had yearned for only warmth and food at that time, the hyena had been kind enough to give that to him.

with the cub in his jaws, the hyena had wondered back to his pack, a strange assortment of various animals. cats, dogs, wolves, lions, there were even dragons that would ocassionally stop in. perhaps this was a clan. perhaps it was a group of random animals just looking for a way to live, khaol never found out the truth. three months had gone by smoothly. not a single problem to note. khaol had become part of a family, a large one. they were kind to him, they healed him when he was injured or sick, they trained him, fed him, taught him to walk and talk, even if he'd developed a strange mix of accents because of it. they were the family he'd never had, and, they had sworn to protect them until the day they died.

they fulfilled their promise.

khaol had been out on his first hunt, a tiger was accompanying him. though that tiger was also a traitor. it was during this hunt that a rebellion had begun, a smaller faction within the group overthrowing and murdering those that didn't support their cause. he can still remember it. khaol returned to camp, a prideful smile on his lips with his first prey beneath his teeth. the prey didn't stay there for long. when he saw the massacre that had passed through his home, he was left in shock. blood, fur, extremeties, they were scattered across the area, though the one body that caught his attention was the one of the hyena. the hyena he could only remember calling mother. he'd stood by the side of her still body, tears glazed his golden green eyes.

the tiger that had accompanied khaol on his first hunt pushed the cub. the child slamming his face into a pool of his foster mothers blood. he can still clearly see it some nights in his dreams. the red that leaked into his eyes and dried onto his face. he'd never felt truly clean again after that. not really. even now he still feels as if that blood is there, as if that same sticky fluid is clinging to the fur on his face. that night was a night he would never truly forget. the night the ground became red. the night he was betrayed. the night he lost everything that had ever mattered to him. the night khaol had lost himself.

in a hasty movement, khaol had run. fled the scene of his decaying friends and family, fled from the grasp of his captors. though the words of one of them remained in his mind, "we will meet again." khaol wished that wasn't true, but it was. for the fourth month of his life, the cub lived alone. he travelled all over, hunting and foraging, fighting and killing. his eyes hadn't been the same since that night. they held emotions that'd never previously corellated with the child. hatred, anger, regret, they were eyes that hungered for one thing, vengence. they were the eyes of a killer in the making.

it was towards the end of his fourth month that it began again. the pain in his heart would rise once more, for he was met with the tigers eyes once again. he'd been attacked, a matter of territory and a shortage of food. khaol had been beaten and left in a bloody pile. this was a life of kill or be killed, be strong or be dead, this was a world where it didn't matter how old you were, if you were a threat in any way, you were fair game. khaol was no exception. it was when he was in this beaten, bloody mess that he saw those eyes once again, their colour similar to his own. "i told you." the words were whispered in his ear before the boy blacked out.

he was brought back to their camp, inevitably. it was a temporary camp, a perimeter set to only last them a few days tops. and since the last time khaol had seen them, they had grown in numbers. a boy, about five months old had been stationed to sit by khaol's side. to protect for but also against him. when khaol had awakened the boy had smiled, but khaol had not. he was brought before a councel of warriors, all in different shapes and forms of different genders and backgrounds. they'd observed him, made him fight, and when satisfied, they'd clamped a golden band around his ankle and declared him theirs. that was when his slavery had begun.

khaol did many things. he killed, plundered, stole, he entertained and he ran and he did as he was told. but each time he showed any sort of rebellion, he was zapped. electrocuted until he'd pass out and then shaken awake again. if he misbehaved still, he was tortured. scars on top of scars still line his chest and stomach as well as the insides of his legs. they weren't allowed to harm him where it could be seen, he was an entertainer, he needed to look good. at least, that was their logic. though there was one thing that kept khaol together. the same boy that he'd refused to smile at in the beginning soon became his only reason to smile.

the serval would often sneak to khaol's sleeping spot in the dead of the night and wake him up to tell him a new joke he'd thought of, or a prank he wished to play some day. khaol could not remember how it had started, but he was glad it had. he awaited the serval's visits each night, waiting to listen to his new jokes or his fantastical stories and ideas. that serval became khaol's ray of hope. he'd begun to smile again, begun to laugh, he'd learned how to make jokes. the feeling he got whenever he'd manage to make the serval laugh, well, perhaps what khaol had felt back then was love.

there was one moment khaol would always remember. it was a cool night. he was six months old at the time. he'd somewhat grown used to his vicious routine, to the atrocities that he was forced to commit. in a way he'd figured out how to close his mind off from it, to ignore the things he did. the serval never brought it up either, he was kind like that. "khaol," khaol had perked his ears at the soft whisper in his ear, "khaol if you ever get out of here, i want you to smile more. i want you to smile all the time. i want you to laugh and make friends, i want you to make something of yourself. i want you to spread the same joy to others as you give to me, you hear?" the speech had been out of the blue and khaol had been shocked but he'd nodded nonetheless. "i promise." he'd said it with a certain sort of finality.

two and a half months later, their escape plan had been underway. though what they hadn't accounted for was a spare guard that night as they fought to leave the place that had kept khaol in chains for so long. the serval had told khaol to keep running, and in fear for his life, he had. he'd kept running, even when the screams of his lover had reached his ears in the dead of the night. even when his eyes had blurred so much he could no longer see. he'd kept running until he'd passed out from exhaustion. grief clinging to his mind like a fog. the next morning he'd vowed two things, to never run away again, and to never break his promise.

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Re: touch of vintage | character storage
« Reply #3 on: April 26, 2018, 01:39:17 AM »

name. Noctis
gender. male
age. 15 months

bengal tiger
a melanistic bengal tiger with a lean, tall figure. as an attribute to his royal past his posture is typically rather good and sometimes may make him seem almost arrogant. his eyes are a solid blue colour with a strange red glow beneath them.

reserved, introvert, fussy, sleepy, laid-back, reckless
disorders. none

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Re: touch of vintage | character storage
« Reply #4 on: April 26, 2018, 08:32:47 PM »


name. Andreas
gender. male
age. 16 years
home. griffingate
relation. biological child

faceclaim, diego tinoco
like his father, andreas has black hair that he tries to keep well-maintained, though in comparison, andy's features are more prominent. while his father's eyes are blue, his own are a shade of brown passed down from perhaps a grandparent or older generation in his family. on several occasions, he has thought of dying his hair in hopes to look less like the father he despises so much. his brows are strong and defined and his eyelashes are surprisingly long, making his eyes the most prominent feature on his face. while his father's skin is pale, andreas' time in the sun has given him a healthier complexion.

neglected as a child and lead to believe he is only as great as his achievements, andreas has adjusted by becoming overly ambitious and competitive. he doesn't like being outdone and will go to dangerous lengths to out do others, originally this was in order to gain attention from his father and it has now become his method of feeling valid. he's a people pleaser and will try to say what he thinks others would like to hear and becomes easily insecure when he is lead to believe others aren't interested in him or what he has to say. aside from this, he has an air of confidence about himself and doesn't show fear in disobeying what he's told to do by anyone other than mordecai. when he is around his father, this facade disappears and he becomes what could be explained as the equivalent to an obediant puppy.

andreas has been threatened into complacency by his father and now harbours a quiet hatred of the man.

bio . griffingate . 16 years


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