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« on: December 27, 2018, 09:10:55 PM »
His mentality felt as though it adorned the properties of a crumpled paper ball; jagged and furrowed. Ever since the eve of that past stroke, the guardsman exhibited vibes of intertia, an unwillingness to move or interact. Instead, the canine confined his withering self within the stony confines of his abode, which displayed a hefty amount of bits and bobs sprawled on the cool floor. At one point in time, the building demonstrated not even an inch of disorder - now, the crash pad reeked of exhaust, and bore an interior appearance akin to a dumping ground. Adding in the fact that he was primarily living off of canned food and dirty water, Leroy’s lifestyle had taken an apparent turn for the worst. And, without a voice of wisdom to tell him to change his ways, the hound’s fate of seclusion seemed set.

That is, until a voice of wisdom indeed told him to change his ways.

Boredom. Excruciating boredom. Yes, it was pretty cliché - a plot device rather overused nowadays to kick off events. But, following an entire day or three of total isolation, he had gotten bored.

The issue: jadedness.

The cure: a new toy.

Toys and treats weren’t easy to locate around these parts, but luckily for Leroy, he knew these parts pretty well.

It was difficult to exactly lay a finger on it, but Tanglewood’s junkyard possessed an enticing emanation to it. A fair plentitude of promise lounged around behind the lot’s gilded fence, and while the scrapyard was definitely not one of the world’s most luxurious locations, a damn fine share of goods waited patiently for someone to come along and claim them.

In the grand scheme of things, the junkyard was nothing short of overlooked potential. Who could know the true number of curiosities and anomalies that lay dormant underneath the copious castoffs and bits of junk?

A little message was sent around by his own mouth, a memo requesting a few individuals to accompany him on his safari. Who knows, perhaps the lack of material goods at Christmastime could be made up for, if those involved today helped themselves to something nice.

The goal? To scour for and retrieve as many items of interest possible. The catch? None, because a catch would fucking suck in this situation.

His gray form barely escaped harm from the barbed barrier enclosing his destination, meekly sliding through an opening in the fence. Inside, Leroy slumped into a fatigued stance at short notice. He did not wish to begin straightaway, rather to keep watch and count heads. Once each and every nut involved made themselves present, then maybe then he’d start. For the time being however, he’d watch.

That last sentence was actually untrue. Instead, his amber hues were shrouded under his weak eyelids, which collapsed onto each other out of languor.
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« Reply #1 on: December 30, 2018, 03:43:25 AM »

Poor guy.

Was she worried about him? Yeah, she was worried. She considered Leroy a friend, and as much as she teased him, and he did hand that right back with such classics as 'Scarface', she was concerned for his health, and she didn't want him to waste away. She felt like she lost a lot of people, Malphas, Stocking, almost lost Aya too, she was holding onto Leroy for dear life it seemed.

So what did she do? She started keeping an eye on him. Whenever he was up and out, she found herself dragged to the general area. And that's how she ended up here, ear twitching with every subtle sound that echoed in the background. "Leroy?" Was he asleep? She couldn't tell for sure, and that was the worst part.
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« Reply #2 on: December 30, 2018, 02:33:04 PM »
Jim spent a little more time in the junkyard than he'd like to admit. He liked slipping in and scouring for bits and bobs he could use, for things he could repair. Trinkets and such. But the amount of free time he spent here just to occupy himself here was embarrasing, so he wasn't going to admit that he'd stepped foot in here in his life.
Still, he's somewhat surprised by Leroy's note. Why the Junkyard? Was Leroy planning to fucking murder them in privacy? He's joking, of course, but it's still a little weird. Ultimately, Jim shrugs off the weirdness, hopes it's not a side affect of whatever the fuck had apparently happened to the guy, and makes his way to the Junkyard.
Arrow and Leroy are already there. .. Leroy looked exhausted. Jim's ears briefly flicker down worriedly. He's not close to the guy, but he likes him.
"You sure you should be doing stuff?" He asks, and if he had an eyebrow, it would be raised, because that was just an unfortunate habit he had from Spock. However, to appease Leroy if he took it as Jim accusing as weakness, he pressed on. "What exactly are we doing, anyways?" He hadn't even heard the goddamn memo beyond 'hey go to the junkyard with leroy and the gang', and like a dumbass, he didn't even question it. Which, y'know, fair, or whatever.

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« Reply #3 on: December 31, 2018, 02:07:14 AM »
action — "speech"thoughts

When he heard Leroy was going to the junkyard, Crow jumped up from his organizing, grabbed his satchel and dagger, and dashed out the door. Oh boy, he had nothing to do. He had seen Leroy around before, and he seemed interesting, right?

The feline was in an unusually good mood today. Everything felt... perfect, but he knew it wouldn't last. It never did. So why not take advantage of it.

The feline had dust particles on his face when he caught up to the rest of the group, but he didn't seem to notice or mind. He squeezed his frail form under the fence, pausing upon exit to release the fur along his back from the grips of the barrier, then settled on the ground with a huff. Finally, he could catch his breath.

He would spot Leroy, hunched over from exhaustion nearby, and the feline's face relaxed with concern. "Hey, you're not lookin' so hot right now," he observed. "It's okay if you need to go rest."
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