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centuries ago + introduction
« on: December 20, 2018, 06:23:26 PM »
Ω — For a long time, Perseus had slaved from group to group with a new identity each time. After reaching Tanglewood many months ago, the warrior felt in tune with their ways and felt humbled by everyone who surrounded him here. They were kind people. A little odd, but sweet nevertheless. The German Shepard never managed to come out of his shell and remained to himself as he stayed. All of his tasks were done in private. It was practically a rarity for him to get out and interact between the few that frequented the area, but he still tried his best to at least know their names. Despite being closed off, there may be a time where he needed their assistance and he’d equally tried to guide them towards peace.

Today was one of those rare times. The sable canine had wandered from his home within the depths of the swamp and into the main camp with great caution. With alert ears guiding the way through the crowd, he found himself taking a pause for a moment near a water hole. His rump plopped into the moist ground and he balanced his head on the trunk of the tree, admiring whatever he could take in. From afar, leaves rustled and the sound of chatter rushed through the salty air. The blind man was pleased with how the day was going so far. It never hurt him to get out anyways. Now if only he could have some company to enjoy it with.

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Re: centuries ago + introduction
« Reply #1 on: December 20, 2018, 06:42:08 PM »
Morgan, as usual, put on his widest smile as he did his daily rounds around town. He hummed a random tune to himself as he looked around, taking in the sights and keeping his chin up to appear perky and energetic, happy and friendly.

However, in candor, a deep hole had been gouged out of his heart when Vigenere first took his indefinite leave from Tanglewood territory. In a matter of days the General found himself dreaming about, staring at, and mingling with the males of Tanglewood far more than he once did in order to fill the aching hole, but it was not quite enough. His newfound needs drove him to seek out even the more quiet and reserved of his group, and so he was lead to Perseus. He had not really seen the other dog enough to get to know him like some other Tanglers, but it was never too late to try.
he barked, skipping along toward him.

Taking his voice down to a quieter level, Morgan asked,
"Nice seeing you out here today, friend -- how've you been?"
The samoyed was not the best with greetings; even with all his practice, he still worried that he would say something wrong when talking to someone less familiar. Still, he kept up his smile and wagged his tail around as he awaited a response of any kind.

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Re: centuries ago + introduction
« Reply #2 on: December 20, 2018, 09:09:28 PM »
Ω — The sound of a soft hum radiated with in his ears, granting him some bliss. It was approaching closer though, eventually coming to a stop. Pointed ears stood on end. He was a bit annoyed that the tune ended rather abruptly, but was rather delighted to hear light pawsteps passing through. Perseus’s head shifted to face the noise. The stranger spoke. They briefly mentioned the term ‘friend’ and to him, that meant they’ve met before. To double check, he look an unsuspecting sniff at the air. Their musk didn’t seem to be familiar, but their voice definitely did ring a bell. Perhaps this was Morgan? It would make sense for a leader to consider his fellow subjects as his allies. Hopefully he wasn’t wrong.

His head craned off to the side, a slight grin meeting his lips. ”Greetings,” the sable canine echoed. ”I assume you’re Morgan, yes?” Perseus should know better than to forget a superior’s voice, but unfortunately his old mind was catching him off guard. Proactive interference got the best of him. There were too many names in his life for him to recall. ”Apologies, I don’t mean to be rude if I’m incorrect. Lots of faces to remember.” His smile widened... Blind jokes. ”Either way, it’s quite the pleasure to meet you, sir.” Plus, it was Someone new to add to the list of people he knew and hopefully come to know better, despite Perseus being closed off himself. The former warrior and justice bringer could use some friends... Permanent friends. This was his home now and he could no longer ditch anyone for the sake of himself. Still, they wouldn’t know that the thought lurked. After so many years of running from his problems, even he was surprised to finally find a place to settle... for now at least.

A sigh left him. How was his day? As long as the sky was still blue and the tree leaves were still green, he’d be pleased. Though, it’s not like he would know the difference. ”It’s been awhile since I’ve gotten out, so it’s a pleasant day if I say so myself,” he commented. ”And yourself, my good man?” Usually he wasn’t this talkative and was more serious, but he found himself continuing to ramble.

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Re: centuries ago + introduction
« Reply #3 on: December 20, 2018, 09:46:36 PM »
Familiar was the sound of the distant murmur of voices.  Absent ears perked up, mind working to recognize specific voices although only one name surfaced in his thoughts.  With a blink of dark eyes, the canine rose to his feet, stretching as he moved.  Quietly, the Egyptian approached, satisfied to see he had indeed recognized Morgan and curious in attempting to recall a name to the second face.

It was good to know one's clanmates, although Anubis had known many clans as home before and soon enough the faces seemed to jumble together.  Oft one or two stood out in his memory when there were significant friends or circumstances too distinct to forget.  He doubted he'd forget Tanglewood, even if he moved on one day and a century passed by.  The young God could name a few distinct faces here.  Somewhat strange at times, but kind faces.

"Hey," a rather informal way to start but Anubis preferred it to the stares his... Oddly formal greetings in the far past.  Cynthia and Lessa both had often scoffed or chuckled at him.  The wolf tilted his head lightly as he studied both males.  Just talking.  A small smile flickered across his face.  'What's wrong with just talking?' 'What's the point of it, Nu?' "..." Now he felt a little odd.  Perhaps his old friend had a point... He wasn't very good at just talking.

"I'm Anubis," since this one was not very familiar, he'd offer a friendly introduction.
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Re: centuries ago + introduction
« Reply #4 on: December 21, 2018, 04:05:03 PM »
Jim tried to keep note of all of the comings and goings of everyone here. He liked keeping an eye on his groupmates, the same way he would his crewmates. He tried to care for them the same way he did as captain. .. It wasn't the same, of course, especially with how loose it was, but it made him feel better.
This being said, he at least knew of Perseus' existence. Not his name, but at least his existence. .. So yes, maybe Jim takes advantage of the opportunity to get to know the guy. Morgan is already starting small talk with him, and Anubis is there, too. Who the fuck is Jim, if he turned down the chance to dogpile some unassuming Tangler? Jim grins to himself, and the wolfdog spins on his paws to approach, tail wagging lazily all the while.
"Jim." He introduces, and, god, it's been a while since he's heard somebody be so formal. It wasn't a stifling type of formality, unlike the admiralty. Which, honestly, thank god, Jim doesn't think he'd be able to deal with that again, even if it's weird in an environment that doesn't call for it just by sheer casual-ness. .. Jim grins crookedly again, this time towards Peseus. "Haven't seen you around a lot." He says, all the while desperately wracking his brain for a cool comment to say. Anything, besides just another face in the dogpile.

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Re: centuries ago + introduction
« Reply #5 on: January 04, 2019, 08:19:01 PM »
Ω — Pointed ears moved off to the side as Anubis approached, perking his interest. Their canter was almost silent to the normal ear, but it indicated that this was a smaller animal to Perseus. As they spoke, they seemed informal. Perhaps he was being recognized by someone? Who knew. Nevertheless, the fox continued to introduce himself. 'Anubis.' To the point and the name involved the Gods that he dearly decided to ignore above, so it was an easy thing for him to remember. Then came another. Bigger than the other two, but only slightly above Morgan's assumed weight. The lanky German Shepard kept making notes as they went along with their short-sighted small talk. All he had to go on was four out of the five senses. He was a loss. Perseus could not help that he had to 'see' more of the world than others.

As the group fell silent, the canine began to speak. "Well, it's my pleasure Jim and Anubis," came his delightful remark. "I'm Perseus, a longtime wanderer of the shadows here in Tanglewood." Strange to note. It was the truth though. "Don't be afraid to call me Percy if you prefer, but I do have to say my full name has grown on me." For an old fella, he had to admit that his shortened nickname did seem a lot more childish today.
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Re: centuries ago + introduction
« Reply #6 on: January 07, 2019, 12:25:11 AM »
action — "speech"thoughts

The feline couldn't help but spot an unfamiliar face as he emerged from the dark shack he called his home, and his paws began to wander toward the figure with intrigue. His day so far had been spent organizing, again, and he needed a break from it to stretch his stiff legs. He was also thirsty, but that could wait. It was only polite to introduce himself, especially now that he was a chaser.

"Oh, hey guys... and you, new guy," the smaller being spoke bluntly upon arrival as he awkwardly shifted his weight and tapped the his toes. "I'm Crow." He was not covered in dust this time, which would be a surprise, but instead his fur was refuge to a multitude of fragments of fragrant shriveled leaves. The feline had moved some of his plants to different pots. They desperately needed it.

"What do you mean, 'longtime wanderer'. Have you just been creepin' around for a while or somethin'?"
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