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( saturday night ) — joiner? sort of?


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( saturday night ) — joiner? sort of?
« on: April 25, 2018, 06:36:30 PM »
The tuxedo tom couldn't stand to stay cooped up in that cave for any longer. Darkness? His paws being numb twenty-four/seven? Yeah, no. Jerseyboy could stand a cold environment — he had grown up on the upper east coast, for Christ's sake — but he didn't want his paws to get frostbite. Sometimes he felt like just chopping them off since they were constantly frozen, anyways. Then, an idea dawned upon him: get out of there. Why stick around in a place where he felt miserable and cold? While he wanted to be there for Jacob, he was certain that the guy could manage to handle himself. He had a job now and everything, and Jerseyboy had no duties to tie him down to a certain clan. He had even rejected a promotion to a stepping-stone rank, simply because he didn't want the responsibilities that came with the package. The title and authority was cool and all, he supposed, but it really wasn't worth it to him. He wanted to be able to wander around and stay in other places at his own leisure. So, he had left Snowbound early that day. Where had he ended up? No goddamn clue.

He had no idea where he was. He had been to the Typhoon before, and even the Ascendants for a short period of time, but other than that, he had no knowledge on where the other groups were located. Jerseyboy had just walked in a random direction, hoping that it would just take him somewhere. He was open to staying anywhere, as long as it gave him something to do. He wanted to explore and expand his horizons. He hadn't left home just to stay cooped up in a cave for the rest of his life, right? As his small form weaved through the thickening trees, he lifted his olivine gaze to the treetops and observed the area around him. He couldn't say that he had ever been in such an environment before. Hell, it was even starting to feel damp and murky; his paws were trudging through sludge. Jersey then realized that he was near a body of water, though it was still and filled with gross, green stuff. Algae, whatever it was. Along with the nasty smell, he also detected that of a border line. A "territorial pissing", if you will. Yeesh, someone lived here, alright. But who? He blinked and walked along the area where the scent was the strongest, knowing better not to cross it. He was thinking of following it until he came across another person, so that was exactly what he decided to do. One paw after the other, he hummed something lowly as he shouldered past the greenery.

Suddenly, he found his back leg being constricted by a tightly-bound rope. He yelped and tripped over himself, landing flat on his stomach. What the hell? Jerseyboy glanced over his shoulder, now seeing that he had been caught in a trap. He was tied to the ground, which was just fucking great. How would he get out? The tom began to gnaw on it hopelessly, desperately trying to free himself.

( tldr - ya boi got himself stuck in a trap near the swamp and now he's trying to free himself gg )
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Re: ( saturday night ) — joiner? sort of?
« Reply #1 on: April 26, 2018, 02:03:42 AM »
Cherry could understand one’s uncertainty around having responsibilities, expectations to live up to. Or... almost, for from what she could remember, she had once held a position - a rather high one -, and she had still done whatever the hell she wanted. If someone gave her shit for it? She’d gave them what they deserved, in due time. No one disrespected their queen without consequence- of course, Cherrywine hadn’t really been a queen, since she was pretty sure those... weren’t really a thing, but close enough, right? Not like it mattered, anyway- high position or not, no one who valued their life, or at least the quality of their life, was going to disrespect her this time around.

The tabby hadn’t really been seen much lately, likely because she’d been up to activities rather similar to Jerseyboy; wandering the lands outside her own, searching for another place to spend her time, at least for a bit, since there really wasn’t much keeping her in Tanglewood. Unlike Jersey, though, she hadn’t encountered any other clans yet. She’d come across a group of loners, or something, at one point, and they knew how to party, but aside from that, nothing much. Just some rocks and trees, some land a little drier than her current home.

When she didn’t quite feel up to crossing all the marshy land to find her way to fresher air and drier land, Cherry usually kept to Tanglewood territory, walking down the border in hopes of coming across an interesting character rather than people like the assumed crackheads she had encountered on her previous patrols of the territory. It seemed today would be her lucky day, too, for rather than some bitchy lady or a rambling stranger, she spotted a tuxedo tom on the ground only a few feet away.

And he was a fucking babe.

Now, maybe she couldn’t quite tell because of the position he had himself twisted into, but Cherry liked to think she had a good sense of these kinds of things, and if she wasn’t wrong, he was hot as fuck. For the first time in weeks, she’d found a guy she might want a piece of (the ladies here were okay, but they were a bit more difficult to woo, and she wasn’t around enough for that)- that is, if he didn’t turn out to be a complete loon.

"You’re never gonna get out of there if you keep struggling, darling," the slightly younger femme would croon as she approached, bending down beside the handsome stranger. Normally, Cherrywine would leave a trespasser tied up until she found out who they were, but since she kind of wanted to be on his good side and he wasn’t technically trespassing, she was giving this guy a  pass. She drew her dagger, which she held close to the hilt, before requesting - or, perhaps it was closer to an order -, "Hold still for a second." Without waiting for a response - if he moved, he was an idiot and would probably lose his leg in a couple days -, Cherry leaned forward, carefully attempting to wedge her blade between Jersey’s leg and the rope before beginning to saw at his bonds, warm breath that was as sweet as her name ruffling the newcomer’s dark fur as she worked. As long as he followed her instructions, she’d make it through the rope rather quickly, and allow it to fall to the ground. Stepping back, Cherrywine pushed long cream fur out of her eyes and offered Jerseyboy a coy smile before she spoke again. "The name’s Cherrywine, babe- call me Cherry, though." Offer him a nickname- that usually made people more comfortable. “And who are you? You’re not from around here." She was just stating the obvious, but a conversation starter was a conversation starter, right?

gonna run this nothing town
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Re: ( saturday night ) — joiner? sort of?
« Reply #2 on: April 26, 2018, 06:33:25 PM »
▼ — when the weak court death, they find it.
"You can tell when they're not because of the frequency they all get themselves in trouble" a distinctly snarky tone interceded as War stepped into the area - with a nod to cherrywine though he didn't recognise her from around either hm, maybe he really hadn't met everyone here and this one was a recluse come out of hiding, alas, no matter - cool white-blue eyes landed on Jersey, really, there was a border for a reason - this was the third they'd had to fish out of trouble this week alone and the week wasn't even halfway done.

granted one had been a trespasser but that was beside the point,

still the nine foot hellion inclined his head to the stranger - Cherry had asked already, no need to repeat what was an already monotonous routine.

/low muse.



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Re: ( saturday night ) — joiner? sort of?
« Reply #3 on: April 28, 2018, 02:04:35 PM »
In the midst of his struggling, as his teeth clamped down upon the rope and attempted to chew through it, a feminine voice fell upon his ears. It was unfamiliar, though he didn't even have to look at her to tell that he was dealing with a woman of class and lethality He froze, irises narrowing into thin slits out of realization that he was no longer alone. His head shot up and his cranium immediately swiveled in the direction of the cream tabby she-cat. His somewhat-frustrated gaze lingered upon her sleek form, and his features seemed to gradually soften up as she approached him. "Fuck, lady. Almost scared the shit outta' me." Jerseyboy grumbled. Perhaps he was just in a bad mood because this wasn't too good of a first impression on a striking female. He was usually like a deck of cards — smooth, clean-cut, yet there was unpredictability under his surface. He pursed his lips as she withdrew a dagger, and although she was intending on freeing him, he still couldn't help but feel wary whenever a weapon was literally resting against his flesh.

However, the stranger had kept her word and had freed him from the trap. Well, that was easy. The tom jumped to his paws and stretched out his hind leg, relief flooding through his system. "You saved my life; thought I was gonna have to chew my leg off." Jersey breathed, turning to fully face the cream molly. Now that that was out of the way, he could properly acquaint himself with this girl, apparently named Cherrywine. "Name's Jerseyboy. And yeah, 'm not."

He was going to ask her just where he was, but that was when he was interrupted by a looming, hellish creature. It almost looked like a gigantic dog with spikes jutting from its back. Jerseyboy's dark fur startled to bristle along the length of his spine, and he took a step back while slightly folding his ears. He tried his best to straighten himself up, to not appear intimidated, but it was hard not to. That thing looked like it could snap him in two. "Okay okay, I don't want no trouble." The New Jerseyan waved his front paw towards him — no, both of them, actually. He didn't know what these guys were about. Maybe they were apart of some swamp-cult, and he wanted nothing to do with that.

Seeming to loosen up a tiny bit, seeing as they weren't showing any signs of aggression (yet), he glanced around briefly before asking, "So uh, what is this? One of those groups or clans or whateva'?" Could be. Or maybe they were just two loners traveling together, who knew. In that case, Jerseyboy would hit the high-road if he was trespassing. He didn't feel like getting his hide tanned today.


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