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Oneshot YOU'RE SO SILLY // open, nightmare


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YOU'RE SO SILLY // open, nightmare
« on: December 16, 2018, 10:20:44 PM »
//TL;DR - Vigenere has a nightmare about somebody attempting to kill Morgan, that's it lol

It was about damn time Vigenere got sleep, huh? With the threat of The Rosebloods somewhat disappearing, the demon finally found himself able to relax. The soft sounds of Morgan already asleep lulled him into the sensation himself, with him practically feeling relieved. It has been weeks since he last got proper rest and it definitely had been taking a toll on him.

At first, the darkness that was surrounding him was slightly alarming, but soon it faded into a more beautiful scene at the beach. The waves lapped at the sand, calm despite the threat they could potentially become. The sun was shining above, the heat returning after the harsh winter. Vigenere liked the feeling of the sunshine on his fur, however the relaxation he felt was short-lived, his attention being snapped to the left of him.
"My Vigenere!" It was Morgan's voice, shrill and panicky. Vigenere saw a looming creature above him, a shadowy shape - almost like a lion. There was no face to the creature, but the Captain could see its piercing white eyes and its jaws opened in a snarl. Slowly, the creature moved towards Morgan's neck and Vigenere launched himself forward, being fueled by anger and desperation to save his Commander - his boyfriend.

Vigenere leaped, grabbing a hold of the shadowy figure. It let out a roar of fury, slowly turning its head to glare at Vigenere, who was clinging to its pelt. Which was strangely made up of fur, despite how the creature looked. The creature let out a snarl, reaching forward with a free paw to try and grab Vigenere. The demon felt claws score down his back, leaving long, deep scratch marks there. Although Vigenere felt no pain, he did feel the numbing sensation he associated with the feeling. He could feel blood seeping out of his wounds, eventually travelling down his back. Still, the Captain held on, gritting his teeth as he clung onto the creature.

The creature moved, abandoning its attack on Morgan and instead deciding to focus on Vigenere. The Captain let go of the figure as it released Morgan, bounding towards the canine and standing in front of him protectively. Vigenere's fur was puffed out, his ears pinned and his back arched as he glared up at the creature who was attacking them. There was a sickening smile on the being's maw as it neared the two, before it lashed out with one of its massive paws, sending Vigenere flying towards the ocean. Before he could react, the creature pounced on him, pinning him down under the waves. No matter how many times he kicked and tried biting into the figure's paw, it wouldn't let go and Vigenere slowly found himself losing air.

It burned, not being able to breathe. Strange, considering Vigenere didn't technically need oxygen to survive. But this body, this mortal body did and it hurt. It was an uncomfortable feeling, one that Vigenere wanted to end. No matter how many times he struggled, he couldn't get the creature to let go of him and water filled his mouth and lungs -

Vigenere jerked awake, jumping in his nest. "MORGAN!" At first, the Captain wasn't able to feel the canine next to him and frantically looked around, his claws digging into their bed. Slowly, as he came to his senses, Vigenere could feel Morgan's body next to his and he tried to bury his head into the Commander's fur, trying to hold back his tears of fear and worry. He's safe, The demon tried telling himself, willing himself mentally to stop shivering. He's safe. Everything's okay.
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Re: YOU'RE SO SILLY // open, nightmare
« Reply #1 on: December 28, 2018, 05:36:55 AM »
Morgan's dreams were the same as usual - that is to say, they were chaotic and awful. Yet, Vigenere always found his way to calm him as he slept. Sometimes the feline appeared within the dreams to ground him, while other times the dog could feel his boyfriend's warmth even while asleep. This time was a mixture of the two, but there was something different as well; he could sense a distinct negativity in the savannah's aura. It was such a strong feeling that the samoyed woke up from the shock; he nearly felt like waking his partner up himself, but decided against it. Instead, he provided what comfort he could by snuggling close and giving him something of a hug.

Before long, however, he was assaulted by a loud noise: his own name. He was about to bark out in surprise when he heard Vigenere weep and press his muzzle into his chest. The samoyed's heart pounded as he pulled his boyfriend in closer, closing his own eyes as he turned his head down to give him a few licks.
"It'll be alright,"
Morgan whispered, his tail wagging slowly.
"I'm here, and you're here, and there's nothing that can hurt you or me or anyone."
He found that he didn't have trouble coming up with words to say, so he continued,
"You know I love you."
He gave the savannah a long lick across the forehead, trying his best to stay calm and sweet as he found one last loving sentence to whisper.
"I'll always protect you, my Vigenere."

(just posting a little something here as a proper sendoff for Vigenere.)

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