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Snowbound board removal.
« on: November 01, 2018, 07:05:07 PM »

Unfortunately, due to the school year and work beginning to pick up during the holidays for many, we have encountered slower times. Compared to the summer, as expected, the site activity has lessened. My own too. This has caused inactivity in some of our groups, ultimately leading to this. Since this has happened, and we have attempted to revive such group before, we have decided to deboard Snowbound. As of 11/1, there has been a total of in-context(IC) one post. Truly, that is not acceptable. After talking it over, we figured as staff we could either continue to revive this group after our previous attempts or make something different. The others we discussed with agreed. Thus, on 11/10/18, we will be removing Snowbound.

In it's final days, their territory will be burned by none other than the Pitt + it's enemies and any characters will become captives within the Pitt or moved elsewhere if the roleplayer wishes. You may also presume them as dead or have them killed in battle. We also suggest moving characters to a similar clan, such as the Ascendants, a peaceful star-gazing clan.

Thank you,
administrator of beasts of beyond!
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