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the relations between us / virgo
« on: October 17, 2018, 09:53:21 PM »
a limber and lean body trailed behind the essence of grace. her alpha, like the sun and shining with it's dazzling brilliance. the light, the way and the truth.

after all, an alpha was far superior and more absolute than any rule or religion the sentient creatures deferred and bowed to.

ebony toes pattered against velvet grass, nary making a sound. her swift feet failed to stir or unsettle the ground’s mulch below her.

her sister, divine glory and alabaster coat, like a swan, was in front of her. always the head, because nature dictated it so-- placed the golden crown upon her crested feathers without hesitation or doubt. wherever the Golden One led, exodus would follow. because that was all she needed.

her ardor for their rightful monarch ran deep like the sea; when she’d settle into the nest with her siblings by her side and knew everything would be alright-- that yes, this was truly right in her heart.

virgo was an idol. her idol, in fact. resilient. powerful. ferocious. she was the epitome of snapping jaws, a princess wreathed in glory, ragged with blood.

exodus adored her. and then, even deeper, darker and roiling still, envied her. her devotion and jealousy was a terrible thing that churned beneath flesh when she spotted the queen walking with a grace rarely gifted to those around her.

there was ardor; and then the frightening envy that came when she beheld her elder sister in a quiet, delicate awe. when citrine eyes gazed upon a glossy alabaster pelt, affection and reverence and something jealous burning deep.

but exodus was never good with emotions. she handled it with fragile touch in the silent, tender moments between her and her siblings.

perhaps that was why she prized preening so much-- took comfort in being able to express what she couldn't. trading it instead for soft teeth grazing bristles of ivory feathers in an act of caring.

if there was another thing exodus was grateful for, it was the opportunity to flex their legs. stretching the muscles beneath and strengthening their bounds. she had taken a liking to these daily runs. where she could rush past without a care in the world, only allowing icy clarity to guide her past the trees in a demonstration of utter control and fluid discipline. already, they were beginning to hone their instincts to a fine, tapered point.
her young bones were tinted with the promise of malignancy and sparking chaos.

umber feathers of earthen hue tasted the air, flexing sharply with the freedom of wind brushing past her frame. it's caress was intoxicating; filled her blood with humming, dancing electricity as it sang. her frantic, uncivilized brain darted about with a certain sense of independence and liberty that only a feral could experience.

nostrils flexed, tasting the air. the potent scent of prey hung heavy and thick upon her tongue. they were hunting. hunting for virgo. it was not uncommon for them to cater raging hunger, which sat sharp and snapping in their bellies. they needed to heed it now even more so that they were still growing. still young and still expanding.

but they were already lethal in their own right.

so far from home, they were, yet they were doing so well. the belly of the jungle was not so different from their own home back on the island. they had adapted with ease. chasing and chasing prey and conquering the pitifully helpless organisms of this world.

pride brimming beneath her terrible features, exodus grew self assured in her pampered and bloated ego. if living and killing was this easy, then placing the world under the heel of the pack would surely be a breeze. unbeknownst to them, they were allowed to breathe in a land traipsed by unfathomable gods and graced with ancient spirits; things they had never seen before. things they could never dare hope to touch.
the thick, tangent scent of the deer-- their target, was irresistible-- the juvenile wiggled the dock of her tail in visible excitement before sliding amongst the foliage with one single, sinuous movement. they had practiced this routine plenty of times for it to become nothing more than muscle memory to the gal. spread out. trap the prey. wait for the signal. she wiggled savage claws into blessed heated soil that kissed her soles with such warmth.

the dappled light of the trees cast shadowed eyes upon the floor-- a shroud that cloaked exodus beneath dable darkness that enveloped and blended into her sepia plumage so perfectly.

her heart was a raging symphony. her pumping veins, the drum that she danced in sync to.

a glistening, nictating membrane slid over her iris, dedicating herself wholly to the absolute trust of virgo's judgment, that would enable them to work like a well oiled machine.


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Re: the relations between us / virgo
« Reply #1 on: November 12, 2018, 02:48:02 AM »
The tips of her crest are lined with gold, a glittering crown against her head. Eyes are earthen, deep and rich. Coffee-brown tones embrace slit pupils, pricked with a predatory gleam as the alpha’s talons strike the dirt beneath her. Weapons sink beneath the ground, kicking dirt behind, feathers rising against the sunlight that drips to the bottom floor. She makes a sharp turn, leaves rustling as she delves through the undergrowth. Her nostrils are flared, zoning in on the odour of prey, teeth bared in amusement. Her mind was so absorbed in the chase, forgetting about Exodus who trailed behind her, undistracted by her sister’s inelegance following her alabaster brilliance. She doesn’t realise the brooding cloud of envy which has begun to brew within Exodus’ subconscious, a heavy fog that follows in spite, swarming and ready to strangle her. Desire roams like a beast, a vengeful spirit that haunts her – she who is the unsuspecting prey, both the chaser and the chased.

Energy streams through her muscles, fibres burning with strength. She launches her body closer and closer towards the smell, dashing through the wilderness, cold wind gushing against her icy cheeks. Ivory feathers float behind her graceful form that speeds across the territory, drifting towards the ground like soft petals. Virgo’s claws strike at a puddle of water, refracted droplets drizzling past her royal physique. The alpha, in a silent beauty, skids to a stop. They have surrounded the poor creature, a deer washed with fear, understanding that this would be her demise. Talons land heavily, scratching the grass as the utahraptor’s head lowers, gaze narrowing in wicked amusement. ”As always, sister,” the alpha commands, tone sweet when she shifts gears, sprinting forward. Her instruction to Exodus was to do what they always did, where the rest of the pack would force their prey to be unable to run, allowing for Virgo to sweep in for a free kill.

She screeches, wings spread behind her like a flying cape, talons outstretched. Her weapons latch onto the doe’s back, sinking at the base of her neck and causing the prey to cry. Weight against her, the creature topples over, enough for Virgo to immediately strike at the throat. Her heart thunders against her chest, breathing heavily, pupils constricted. Adrenaline swims within her bloodstream, tongue sliding over teeth. Her claws skim against the doe’s frail form, still feeling the prey’s pulse desperately trying to keep her alive, sanguine drooling into the soil. ”We thank you for your noble sacrifice,” she whispers beneath a breath, the barbaric queen tilting her head towards the dying deer. Virgo draws her face closer towards the doe’s face, the animal’s eyes are still darting when the feral raises her talons again, landing the final blow. She slowly pulls herself away, crimson dripping from her talons as her earthly gaze shifts towards Exodus.

The alpha steps back, tucking her wings at her side. She straightens her posture. Her feathered tail hovers over the ground like a gentle branch. She locks contact on her soil-skinned sister, lips parting when she rasps: ”The heart if you will.” As always, and as it should be for eternity, she will be presented the heart of the prey. The first bite will be hers before allowing the scraps to be consumed by Exodus and then her brother, Ament. Virgo relaxes, lowering her body and waiting with a kingly patience.
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