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Re: pure motives // storage
« Reply #45 on: May 22, 2019, 01:14:20 AM »
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Re: pure motives // storage
« Reply #46 on: May 22, 2019, 10:36:22 PM »
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—— lyrics here *:・゚✦
name nightcore (assigned angel name)
— nicknames zebulon (prefered name), zeb, zebby
— past names n/a
— name meaning [nightcore] refers to both his dark coloured fur (night) while his full name refers to the japanese voice synthesizers commonly used for parties or energetic gatherings. [zebulon] is hebrew for exaltation or little dwelling.
— pronunciation night-core ; zeb-you-lon
sex male
— gender transmale
— pronouns he/him/his ; they/them/theirs
age fifteen months
— mentally fifteen months
— spiritually ageless
— how old do they look fourteen months
— d.o.b unknown (chose july 25th though)
— star sign unknown (leo)
— birthplace unknown
species "multidimensional wavelength of celestial intent" (angel) ; physically a domestic feline
— ethnicity unknown
— accent x
rank x
— do they like their profession? x
— how long have they had this profession? x

primary eye colour every colour on the spectrum; rainbow
— eye colour details x
skin colour dark grey
— skin colour details on his back, there are two small indents where wings would grow from. though they go completely unnoticed under his fur.
— blemishes and birthmarks x
— scars x
fur colour black, cyan and magenta
— colour details only his ears, top whiskers and "brows" are cyan and magenta. his whiskers are each a different colour. if one gets tugged out, there's a fifty-fifty chance the same colour or a different one will grow back.
— texture zeb's fur is super soft to the touch and easy to manage.
— length short; wonderful for the summer and spring but a nightmare in the colder seasons.
body type smaller than most males; lithe but also slightly muscular
— posture relaxed, casual
— disabilities/handicaps x
— illnesses/diseases x
detailed appearance
— faceclaim
— reference(s) i. ii. iii. iv. v. vi.
aesthetic helium balloons, rainbows, neon lights, dove wings, bright places, concerts, candy, fireworks, soft kisses, music, summer nights
— accessory(ies) lots of gold earrings, steampunk-like sunglasses he modified to fit his face, black, blue and grey headphones and a single gold ring

positive traits
neutral traits
negative traits
mental disorders
— mental tick(s)
mbti type
— enneagram type
— alignment
— house
— faction
detailed personality
— fear(s)/phobia(s)

physical health 100%
— physical strength 100%
mental health 90%
— mental strength 100%
emotional health 90%
— emotional strength 100%

generation one
— reincarnated? no
parents unknown
— figuratively x
— adopted x
— other influences x
siblings x
— figuratively x
— adopted x
best friend(s) x
— friend(s) x
archenemy x
— enemy(ies) x

romantic attraction panromantic
sexual attraction pansexual
current status single
— level of difficulty to impress medium
— at the moment, are they interested in dating?
— are they actively looking for a romantic partner?
— what do they look for in a romantic partner?
brownie points

this or that?
— lover or fighter?
— pop or rock music?
— singing or dancing?
— outdoors or indoors?
— shy or outgoing?
— coffee or tea?
— introvert or extrovert?
— monogamous or polyamorous?
— hugging or kissing?
— fiction or non-fiction?
— morning or night?
— head or heart?

what is their opinion on...
— spirituality?
— settling down and having a family?
— their own family?
— death?
— long distance relationships?
— violence?

what is their favourite...
— season?
— color(s)?
— activity?
— setting?
— song (hypothetically)?

zeb's (unfinished) tags: ShowHide
&& Basics
— Nightcore ;; "Zebulon", "Zeb", "Zebby" ;; Prefers to be called/introduces himself as Zebulon ;; Nicknames welcomed and encouraged
— Ftm trans ;; Masculine/neutral pronouns ;; He, him, his, they, them, theirs
— Fifteen months months ;; Unknown date of birth
 . Ages realistically
 . Chose July twenty-fifth to be his birthday
 . Leo
 . Physical appearance doesn't excel twenty-five months
 . Immortal
 . Created 4.09.17
— Conquest/Greenside
 . Member
 . Previously a loner
&& Appearance
— Dom. Feline [birth / main] ;; mental health: 100% ;; physical health: 100% ;; ref.
 . The first thing anyone would notice first about Zeb is his mismatched, brightly colored ears lined with gold piercings; the right is cyan and the left is magenta. They're a stark contrast to the rest of his fur which is dark as night. His brows are also cyan and magenta though reversed in comparison to his ears- the left brow is cyan and the right brow is magenta. The whiskers atop his head keep the cyan-magenta pattern going as once more it is revolved; the whiskers next to the cyan brow are magenta and the whiskers next to the magenta brow are cyan. Continuing on, the whiskers on either size of his maw are rainbow patterned and when one falls out, another of a different colour grows. Rarely does the same colour grow back. Back tracking a bit to his eyes, he is never seen without his dark sunglasses, modified to fit his face and not only keep sunlight from all angles out, but make it impossible for his eyes to be seen. If, however, he is spotted without them on one would be able to see all the known colours on the spectrum. Bright and warm rainbow optics are only seen once in a blue by him and is even rarer - borderline unlikely - by others. His small nose is a dark purple to match his tongue. His teeth are white, well taken care of and very sharp, arguably sharper than average. Moving on, he has a small build, only standing a few centimetres above the average female domestic feline. Though his frame is small, he has the physique of a well trained, healthy individual; he'd have the equivalence of a competitive swimmer's body. His legs are proportionate to his body and while his paws are a bit on the small side, it's far from cute. When unsheathed, his claws are sharpened to a deadly point. Though, much like his eyes and the underside of his paws, his claws - which are naturally grey - are painted rainbow. Each nail being a different colour but resembles a rainbow if all his paws are lined up properly to further sport his colourful appearance. Always following behind him, Zeb has a small bobbed tail that in comparison to the rest of his fur, is quite fluffy. As far as accessories go and not including the already spoken about sunglasses, he also has a pair of blue and black headphones that hang around his neck as well as a single gold ring on his front right toe. His appearance probably would be best described as cute and energetic.
&& Personality
 . detailed personality
 . positive traits include being optimistic, friendly, empathetic, trustworthy, selfless
 . neutral traits include being reliant, just, mysterious, curious, loyal
 . negative traits include being malicious (developing), deceitful (developing), merciless (developing), self-doubtful,
&& Relationship
— [G1] Npc xx Npc
 . Created/Manifested into being
— Children: x
— Friends: x
 . Close friends: x
— Enemies: x
— Trusts: x
— Adopted: x
— Panromantic ;; Pansexual
 . Single
 . No past relationships
 . Not actively looking
 . Medium-difficult to impress
 . Easy to befriend ;; hard to get close to
— ½ ---
&& Interaction
— Powers
 . Keeps all but conjuration and telepathy a secret
— Physically easy-medium ;; Mentally medium-hard ;; Will start fights if provoked ;; Will end other's fights
— Open to minor injuries and plotting ;; Closed to death, maim, torture and major injuries
— Attack in #fe01db ;; Can powerplay nonviolent/peaceful acts
&& Miscellaneous
— Angel
— Will give other's nicknames
— Calls those much older than him "Uncle [name]," "Auntie [name]," and "Guardian [name]." Calls those older than him but not by a large margin "Big Bro [name]," Big Sis [name]," and "Big Sib [name]." If younger, refers to them as "Little Dude," "Little Dudette," "Little Bro," "Little Sis," and "Little Sib."
— Only takes off glasses when sleeping or if they're forcefully removed
 . Will grow hostile if forcefully removed; Will possibly result in a physical conflict
— Loves candy and is never seen without eating some; Loves sweets as well
— Always IC opinions
— Updated 00.00

conjuration [30.000]; teleport owned items
enhanced senses [15.000]; raise character's five senses (hearing and scent). sensory overload could be the result of it going unchecked
health transfer [15.000]; give or take another character's pain/wounds
mental bond [10.000]; mental and physical bond between two characters- emotions and pain will be shared at the same time
mental manip. and communication [50.000]; telepathy with more perks
mutation {0}; wings
shapeshifting [30.000]; angel form???
telekinesis [15.000]; lift small objects into the air (20lbs max.)
teleportation [20.000]; zip zap vroom in between spaces
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Re: pure motives // storage
« Reply #47 on: May 22, 2019, 11:59:00 PM »
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Re: pure motives // storage
« Reply #48 on: October 28, 2019, 08:51:16 PM »
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer risus urna, pharetra nec velit ac, condimentum fringilla turpis. Etiam sagittis justo ut nulla tempus, non iaculis nibh sagittis. Orci varius natoque penatibus et magnis dis parturient montes, nascetur ridiculus mus. Duis vulputate lectus sed enim accumsan porttitor. Duis fringilla consectetur lectus, ut euismod nulla volutpat sit amet. Integer gravida lacus in rutrum facilisis. Cras condimentum purus et libero cursus accumsan. Quisque at dignissim ligula, ornare fermentum orci. Mauris vitae tortor id dolor pretium pulvinar. Proin est quam, elementum eu placerat a, maximus ullamcorper tellus. Aenean sit amet dolor ex. Phasellus in nunc nec sapien venenatis pharetra. Donec in magna est. Nullam scelerisque dolor sed lacus consequat euismod. Pellentesque et diam non tortor tempor venenatis id non massa. Vestibulum et sapien ex. Nam vel dignissim eros. Aliquam non sem non quam consectetur lacinia in et nisi. Nunc ut ultrices tellus. In vel justo nec ex ultrices cursus vel eu magna. Interdum et malesuada fames ac ante ipsum primis in faucibus. Praesent vel feugiat lectus, sed eleifend metus. Nullam nec sapien risus.

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