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Major Server Outage
« on: September 22, 2018, 07:35:18 PM »
Greetings BoBCats,

To my fellow users of Beasts of Beyond, you may have realized our site was down for a total of twenty four hours due to a major server outage. Some of you may have been paying attention to our Twitter for transparent updates or our our Tumblr for some longer messages. Others may have been present on our main Discord. Nevertheless, if you were left in the dark, I am so sorry for all the trouble that you may have been experiencing over these past twenty four hours due to our host.

To keep it short and simple, this was a human error by our host. You can see their updates and explanations linked on Twitter, along with a few on our Tumblr. In a mass email that was sent out yesterday, this was said to be the problem:

Quote from: email from our host
"A server administrator, the most experienced administrator we have, made a big mistake. During some routine maintenance where they were supposed to perform a _file system trim_ they mistakenly performed a _block discard_.... The server administrator essentially told our storage platform to drop all data rather than simply dropping data that had been marked as _deleted_ by our servers."

While I am not going to describe my frustration with said host or administrator, I am here to apologize for the downtime. Though it's not my fault, nor any other staff member's of ours, I still would like to take partial blame. Truthfully, our site has suffered because of this. On the twenty-first of September I made a few updates myself, adding badges and ranks, and also a few other things that happened to be removed due to this pitiful relapse. I am sorry for all the posts lost and if anyone happened to lose anything else important.

If you have any problems or concerns, please contact me privately.

Dearly sorry,

administrator of beasts of beyond!
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