2.0.2 merging two shop items into a new power!
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Announcement merging two shop items into a new power!

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merging two shop items into a new power!
« on: September 07, 2018, 08:15:03 PM »
hello bobcats!

later tonight, telepathy and mental manipulation will be merged into one item - with them being so similar in their uses except for a small handful of distinct differences, staff found it to be less confusing to merge all these abilities into one power rather than have it shoddily split between two. this new item will be called mental manipulation/communication. it will encompass all of the abilities from BOTH telepathy and mental manipulation. its price will be the same as telepathy is now.

i will be going through member's inventories and removing the mental manipulation item, as less members have it than they do telepathy - it will be replaced with a telepathy item in your inventory! if you already have a copy of telepathy (soon to be mental manipulation/communication) for your character, you may: use this item for another character; exchange it with a member in need of one; ping me directly (xqfouribilities#4772, displayed as "susitna" ) in the discord in the forum questions channel OR message me on site for a refund and to have the item removed from your inventory.

if you guys have any questions, just let us know!!
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