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SLEEPWALKER // storage & testing

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Re: SLEEPWALKER // storage & testing
« Reply #15 on: April 05, 2018, 04:47:35 PM »
lmao i'll make tags and/or a bio for agil eventually but for now here's another small dump

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Re: SLEEPWALKER // storage & testing
« Reply #16 on: April 08, 2018, 05:45:19 AM »
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Re: SLEEPWALKER // storage & testing
« Reply #17 on: April 16, 2018, 12:52:52 AM »
some agilities character notes before i go to bed
- a Good Boy
- honestly just wants to please people and gets very frustrated and upset when he can't perform how he believes he should, "loyal as a dog"
- relatively timid, not exactly much of a talker - especially around strangers
- can come off as pretty blunt at times, especially when unsure, since he struggles to find what to say and ends up saying the absolute minimum in return
- he also speaks sparsely when he's upset and this can making reading him difficult, especially since he doesn't have the thickest of skin. he's rather sensitive
- tbh he doesnt really have a sense of humor, things are pretty black and white with him. he /understands/ humor, he knows when something is a joke and when to take it lightly, but for the most part he doesnt exactly laugh at them.
- THAT BEING SAID in a more private setting he's much more open and light, easier to converse with and certainly more giggly
- Uncomfortable Chuckles™
- intense rivalry with his brother - possibly stemmed from the fact surefour is purebred and agilities is a halfbreed? if we still go that route, agilities could feel the need to prove himself to his mother & half-siblings while growing up and surefour saw this as a direct challenge @ him and stepped up himself
- non-confrontational, not much of a fighter and would much rather duck out and accept scorn from his opponent than risk himself in a fight. fucking loves to wrestle and play-fight however, only with those he's particularly close with. has small nics and abrasions from his frequent playfighting with his siblings/half-siblings before parting ways with them
- scars sprout small yellow-green feathers instead of remaining hairless stripes. this means agilties has a lot of random plumage where he's received small nics growing up. this is also why he's so nervous engaging in new fights, he doesn't want any serious scars to bloom a full set of feathers.
- resting bitch face, its not that he MEANS to look scowly and upset but he just. does. a lot
- despite his feud with his brother, surefour also gives him a lot of confidence. their dynamic is a very double-edged blade for agilities, he loves his brother but he also feels threatened and lesser than him
- coydog?? wolfdog?? ideally coydog since he's a smaller boy, could have got his name for the fact he's lanky and lithe- able to move quickly, difficult to hit. gen one husky/coyote cross??? (x) (x x) (x x) blue eyes? green eyes? blue-green seafoam eyes? ideally still pretty young, maybe younger brother to surefour?? littermate but still half-brother bc Genetics??? ~10 months, still childlike in some of his mannerisms
- obviously agilities/brady girardi is a faceclaim and source, but he has some serious inspiration from james sunderland (silent hill 2) and jon snow (game of thrones/asoiaf)

use south's playlist for the most part, with some of sam's playlist. (actually update lmao sam's playlist works VERY well for agilities use that a Lot) some ~muse~ songs in particular:
- hopeless wanderer by mumford and sons
- little game by benny
- guillotine by jon bellion
- legends never die by against the current
- teen idle by marina and the diamonds
- running with the wolves by aurora
- lungs by chvrches
- wolves without teeth by of monsters and men
- no one's here to sleep by naughty boy/bastille
- rich kids by new medicine
hOh yeet his finalized body is def an f1 coydog, and his coat is definitely this w/light blue eyes & the little random sprouts of green and yellow plumage, he's a Small boy but got some POOF like his brother. im guessing surefour is smth like this?? try 2 find an actual ref for how the feathers go but a simple description is that small down-like feathers (x x) grow in thickly where scars would be, so they're randomly across his body - i dont rly care where they go tbh, but i do know there'd be a lot of little plumage sprouts on this throat especially from his roughhousing hobby. and obvs green/yellow like a parakeet for the valiant colours. his undercoat would definitely be lighter than it is in the picture to reflect brady's bleached hair but the rest of it is Pretty Spot On
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Re: SLEEPWALKER // storage & testing
« Reply #18 on: April 28, 2018, 04:25:57 PM »
so show me where my armour ends,
— show me where my skin begins.
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Re: SLEEPWALKER // storage & testing
« Reply #19 on: May 04, 2018, 03:29:22 PM »
HOH storing these character notes again until i can get home

- wakescott?? or maybe nathanael - merge them into one char? steal nathanael's name?
- basically nathan from life is strange meets james from silent hill 2, a genuine Problem Child
- purebred smooth collie with blue eyes- ~2013 jonah is the perfect ref. covered in scars, esp on his throat and underbelly, nicks in his ears, filed down canine teeth
- bred to pedigreed parents from a show line, lesser herding drive although particularly strong with cattle animals
- sold to a loving family after being weaned from his mother and separated from the rest of his litter of five, raised by a comfortable family of two parents and two children for approximately three weeks before stolen from their front yard and used as a bait dog in an underground fighting ring- thus the filed teeth and large accumulation of scars
- fought to survive, has killed two inexperienced dogs : put in the ring as a competitor a handful of times, hopped up on steroids. after his loses he was retired to be a bait dog once more, sedated so he was inhibited against his foes
- very hostile toward other dogs ; extremely aggressive toward beefier "fighting" breeds that rival his size like the staffordshire terrier, boxer, cane corso, etc
- still just a boy at 1 year old, still growing; very thin, lanky, neither feminine nor masculine; well muscled although it doesn't particularly show- enough but to flip others off of him but not enough to pin other dogs down
- aggressive, generally untrusting, extreme dog aggression & has a severe distrust of humans, addicted to street drugs without knowing what they are, easy to "trust" but also difficult to truly befriend, finds eye contact very challenging, finds sudden movements or loud noises frightening, always goes for the kill in fights, usually experiencing withdrawals as he cannot find a consistent hookup for his drugs - suffers from psychosis, anxiety, bipolar disorder, insomnia, and paranoia which all come from his past as a bait dog. eventual redemption arc through each?
- expand on what his personality would be if he had been raised "normally" as a pet dog
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Re: SLEEPWALKER // storage & testing
« Reply #20 on: May 11, 2018, 02:52:00 PM »
quietly vibrates with excitement
all the old icons from ff are tOO SMALL but at least i can re-use the signature ideas
lmao im not going to bother with colors yet im just going to change them to the div format

screaming out with concrete sounds, i'm losing all control
i could be the storm that tears down everything you hold

uncontrollable, emotional - (chaotically proportional) - visceral, reloadable
everybody in the world knows i'm a little twisted

tell me that i'm fucked up, tell me that i'm wrong, that i'm right,tell me that i lost touch, tell me that i'm like him, tell me that i'm down for the fight ——————————————————

first i felt faded, then it got loud: next i was wasted, then i blacked out
said ❝damn, gotta get sober❞ but it always starts right over

in a spiral, i'm going down ————
in denial, i'm going round and round
.( i'm a c a n c e r to myself )

dust simmers the globe, turns oceans to foam
earth, dust down below, you're dead to your own

i'm so sedated and serene on the cover of your magazine
( oh, and i suppose i brought it all upon myself )

our heart's gone, and the timing's never right
but for now, let's get away on a roman holiday

first i felt faded, then it got loud: next i was wasted, then i blacked out
said ❝damn, gotta get sober❞ but it always starts right over

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Re: SLEEPWALKER // storage & testing
« Reply #21 on: May 13, 2018, 04:30:55 AM »
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Re: SLEEPWALKER // storage & testing
« Reply #22 on: May 20, 2018, 06:52:43 PM »

dying is easy, young man, living is harder — Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Integer ut metus ac lorem laoreet suscipit. Aenean tincidunt egestas augue quis rhoncus. Maecenas accumsan convallis mi nec pharetra. Aliquam consequat accumsan malesuada. Mauris nibh magna, posuere nec lectus eget, suscipit efficitur libero. Cras ac arcu ipsum. Nam sed consectetur mauris, ut efficitur tellus. In consequat nibh in nisl semper, eget eleifend ipsum maximus. Phasellus tristique facilisis sapien nec efficitur. Suspendisse potenti. Sed maximus sit amet nulla sit amet vehicula. Maecenas ornare sed justo vel laoreet. Donec iaculis erat at felis semper vestibulum. Maecenas porta dictum nisl non iaculis. "Quisque sagittis metus eu tortor commodo, at maximus tortor malesuada." Ut non mollis leo. Mauris mi neque, tincidunt sit amet orci et, tristique euismod purus. Pellentesque faucibus lacus sed diam euismod, ac ullamcorper urna condimentum. Praesent vitae magna consectetur, vestibulum lorem ut, convallis ex. Morbi ut rhoncus orci. Proin vitae aliquet lacus. Nullam eu faucibus nisi.

Vestibulum ante ipsum primis in faucibus orci luctus et ultrices posuere cubilia Curae; Integer placerat dictum nunc. Nam fringilla hendrerit velit eu bibendum. Sed vestibulum nibh vitae sem porta imperdiet. Phasellus at urna non turpis pellentesque congue vitae at urna. "Duis non rhoncus dui." Nulla libero tellus, ornare non ipsum sit amet, semper lacinia tortor.
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Re: SLEEPWALKER // storage & testing
« Reply #23 on: May 23, 2018, 04:59:38 AM »
some uhhhh southpark notes bc i kinda want to bring him back?? maybe???

so uhh name change from kaiser to southpaw/southpark because what are original character ideas?? this came to me both at the gym & at 2am so uh u know how could this go wrong

a couple revised notes
- a shift off of kyle to kenny instead
- genderfluid, identifies with whatever predominate soul is present
- cant permanently die, comes back to life within the next 24 hours
- inherits a new soul every time he dies that becomes linked to him while still remaining distinct- their fate is the same as his, so however south died was also how the new soul had died. currently has 4 total souls, counting himself: kaiser (murder/kyle), elliott (drowning/butters), miles (stan/suicide)
- MAJOR identity crisis, unable to distinguish his own memories from the memories of the souls he's connected to
- due to being overwhelmed with the memories of kaiser & the unnamed second soul, south attempted suicide, only to return once more with another soul. he can only recall bits and pieces of pasts, but cannot distinguish if they are his own or another souls'
- starting at 10 months, but will stay southpaw well into his adulthood, feeling he is not ready for any sort of name change while he's still so unstable in his identity. once he inherits all the souls i have planned for him he will finally begin to distinguish himself from the others, and after having a firm grasp on who he is and who they are, as well as who they all are together, will change his name to southpark. this is also when other souls would change their names as well (such as butterpaw to butterscotch)
- planned souls are wendy, craig, token, cartman & jimmy; possibly ike or adult characters?
- stick with loner/human names!! important for his past

kody : kenny
kaiser : kyle
miles : stan
elliott : butters
tucker : craig
wisteria : wendy
zane(?) : cartman
ezekiel?) : token
jonathan(?) : jimmy
gang gang gang

use something from "whatever it takes" by imagine dragons for a sig
so until i get a proper biography up, this will be a masterpost of southpaw's character notes!! it will contain all the info you need for understanding him & roleplaying with him nwn

- his name is currently southpaw, although he reacts more strongly to kaiser, elliott, miles, and kody. each name will elicit a different response
- male by sex: genderfluid, aligns with whatever soul is "in control". this is more than often not he/him
- currently 10 months old: will keep his apprentice name well into adulthood, when he feels he is more unified and ready to change his name to be more fitting as the sum of his parts. his planned warrior name is southpark.
- a thickly furred mid-content wolfdog covered in scars. his fur nearly swallows him, hiding his underweight body beneath a thick layer of fluff. south is almost able to hide in his own fur like a turtle, and when he curls up into a ball, his features are unidentifiable through his fur. his fur is a dark dusty brown covered by a black grizzle, dark freckles marking his muzzle that blend with a combination of small nicks and toothmark scars that speckle him with dots of different colours on his face. his most notable scars, aside from the numerous that mark his muzzle, are a stab wound to the chest from his first death, a bite mark on his right shoulder, and a vertical cut across his throat from his most recent suicide. his eyes are a bright blue, while is tongue splotched black and pink. concept sketch
- unable to permanently die, comes back to life in the next 24 hours - if his body is too maimed to recover, he will be forced into a new one
- every time south dies, he is linked to a new soul from his past that shared the same fate he did. kody was the first to die in a drunk driving accident and the first to take over the wolfdog body, having full memories of his prior life. his first death was by murder, in which he was linked to kaiser, one of kody's old friends from high school. kaiser and kody's memories blended in the wolfdog body, and they were unable to distinguish themselves from each other. the second was elliott when he was thrown into a river and could not get out; the sudden addition of another voice in kody's head caused him to commit suicide, bringing in the final addition, miles. whereas kody was formerly the predominate personality, the souls are now all equally in control: their memories are still blended together, unable to distinguish themselves from others: they recall their names and the fact they knew each other, but little else.
- currently comprised of four souls: kaiser, elliot, miles, and kody. "southpark" is their collective name, and they are still adapting to responding to the name. it is not kept a secret that southpark is not an entity unto himself, but not common knowledge either. often times not the souls speaking through the body will introduce themselves as their own name rather than using the collective name.

signs of which soul is dominate:

- flirtatious
- generally wont speak unless spoken to, although will ramble if given the chance. not shy of speaking, just doesnt take initiative often
- toothy grins and chuckles!!
- unashamed of the scars on their body, but takes prompting to explain where they each come from
- very informal way of speaking: "an' whatdya want to do 'bout it?"
- very easy to befriend, but difficult to become close with
- protective to a fault, will do very very very stupid things to keep those he loves safe
- pretty easy to confuse, but wont ask for clarification: will just sort of roll with it and often times get it wrong
- doesnt regret much, a "fuck it" mentality - this includes his death from drunk driving
- redneck
- the most likely to fight: kody is the dominate soul in combat
- when southpark dies, kody is always the one in control: their soulbind is kody's curse
- pansexual as fuck will swing for any gender he likes to sleep around
- "i just came here for the weed"
- morally ambiguous, tentative chaotic neutral
- moves with a downplayed swagger, gait is smooth but masculine and confident

- relatively quiet around crowds, chatty in one on one conversations
- a Sassy Boy, unafraid to speak whats on his mind, especially if he disagrees with something. nothing can change his opinions if he believes he's right
- loves to give a speech!! kaiser doesnt just say one or two things to make his point no no no he's constructed an entire argument and counterargument in 2 seconds and he's going to explain ALL of it
- most formal method of speaking out of the main four, but still casual
- huffs and snorts a lot when irritated
- irritated a lot
- very, very, VERY angry about his murder dont let him rant about it he wont stop
- a little self-conscious about the scars, but doesnt actively try hiding them
- can usually be found reading, prefers history novels
- biromantic homosexual, very cautious and unsure of any sort of relationship
- pretty solid lawful good, although easily swayed by his friends
- steps are light and soundless, gait is effeminate and confident

- the strong, silent type
- doesnt really speak unless spoken to. even thats a coin toss
- broody, usually has a lot on his mind but defiantly denies such
- abuses the phrase "dude" this is such a giveaway
- doesnt smile much?? difficult to make him smile - when he does its usually when he's on his own, talking to the other souls inhabiting southpark's body
- weak as fuck for his friends they can walk all over him and he's a-okay with it
- also incredibly defensive about them he'll cut a bitch if they get too nosy about something any of them is uncomfortable with
- he just wants to cry 24/7 honestly drink hot cocoa with this boy he deserves it
- alcoholic
- honestly not too difficult to befriend?? but forget getting close to him he only sees the other souls as his """true friends""". once youre his friend he will be much more open and happy: laughs at almost any joke pitched, and will talk you through any problems youre going through.
- INCREDIBLY self-conscious of the scars on his body, especially the one across his throat. will go out of his way to keep his chin down to hide it
- lawful neutral
- movement is slow and heavy, its clear he's not really watching where hes going- head is almost always hung low

- resident soft boy
- very talkative!! LOVES to initiate conversation, a sucker for small talk- honestly any and all attention is good to elliott, he loves to be showered with attention and adores talking someone's ear off and giving them the recognition they deserve. he loves to give compliments but cant take them well, easy to fluster with kind words but thing of a dirty or risque nature he's completely unphased by
- takes words literally? dont use metaphors or similes he will take them at face value and you'll just confuse him
- lives for arts and crafts LOVES to make little trinkets for people
- almost always smiling, if he's not smiling it's because he's worried about something or someone (which is also almost always, elliott is a worry wart by nature)
- drugs are bad!! dont do drugs!!!
- uses a lot of filler and hesitance when he speaks, with very slight southern mannerisms "oh, gee, um, im not so sure about this fellas"
- cries easily: make him macaroni art and he'll cry, call his hat ugly he'll cry, watch a commercial with a dog in it he'll cry, just mention the commercial and he'll probably cry
- lawful good, but an incredible pushover: does whatever the crowd does for fear of being isolated and disliked, just wants to fit in and have a good time
- very easy to befriend, easy to become close with: elliott has no problem spending hours with someone, but rarely gets the chance due to the other souls vying for time in control. elliott doesn't mind sharing, though, and enjoys being a spectator for the others
- self-conscious of the scars on their body, normally doesnt try to hide them but will become dodgy and uncomfortable if asked about them. will not explain them outside of a private setting
- movement is very childlike and clumsy, a feminine "frolick"


- resident asshole
- very bold about his opinion and refuses to change it
- quick to judge
- very very very easy to upset, especially if you talk about his death
- in denial

- the only soul that was female by sex and also identifies as female
- "me, an intellectual"
- very booksmart
- extensive history with miles, gets along well with kaiser, pities elliott, grossed out by kody, neutral-leaning-irritated by tucker
- loves purple and pink flowers
- purple and pink anything
- very feminine but not open about such
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Re: SLEEPWALKER // storage & testing
« Reply #24 on: May 23, 2018, 05:09:39 AM »
oo heck i dont want to lose this - this would have been a flashback to elliott's death & him coming to terms with it with the other souls

The brakes. Fuck, he kept pushing his foot down but nothing was happening. Fuck, fuck, his foot was flush with the floor of the car and it wasn't responding in the slightest. Fuck, fuck, fuck, he was taking this corner way too fast oh fuck-

The feeling of weightlessness encased in a two ton shell of steel weights.

The impact of hitting something, the uncomfortable sensation of sinking.

Descending into a black pit, strapped into the machine meant to save you that would take you down with it to the depths of Hell. Black and cold and wet, everything Hell wasn't supposed to be, feet splashing in a thin layer of water as it forced itself into the car the further they sank.

He rolled down the windows and got the door open, but God, it was hard against the water pressure.

His head felt light. Did he forget to breathe while he still had the chance? Or was he just so weak that it took so little to wind him?

His eyes were open but he could barely see. They stung as saltwater rushed against them, feet kicking sloppily to push him closer to the surface. A hand reached forward, desperately grasping at the strands of light filtering through just beneath the surface. He was so close. He could make out the ripples atop the surface, could see the wakes created by the impact of his car.

His mouth opened, violently burning lungs filling with water in a silent gasp.

The addition of weight wrapped an anchor around his ankle, pulling him further down at a rate that his flailing only accelerated.

No, no, he was so close!

The strands of light disappeared from his fingertips, suspended in a darkness he could not fully comprehend. He did not know which way was the surface, which way was the lakebed. If, or when, he'd make contact with the bottom of the lake. Water pressed strongly at his skin, clothes loosely hanging off of him as the soft currents led them.

Would his parents be okay? Oh, he hoped so. He hoped they knew how much he loved them. That he never meant for this to happen. It wasn't anything he had control over, anything that could have been avoided like it could have for Kody.

... Kody.

Kody and Kaiser were gone.
Now Elliott was leaving too.

Not that any of them had much of a choice.

Would Miles be okay? Miles worried him. Miles struggled with the loss of Kody, but the murder of Kaiser tore down whatever he had left. He'd still have Wisteria though, right? She was a smart girl, definitely smarter than he was, suspended in nothingness waiting to run out of oxygen. She could help him through his problems. Hopefully the others would pull out of it easier. They moved past Kody and Kaiser with relative ease- at least, as easy as it could be to accept the death of a classmate and close friend. Or maybe they just got better at hiding it.

Oh, he hoped people moved on quickly from him. Of course he wanted to be remembered, but he didn't want to ruin anyone's lives with the loss of his own.

He was beginning to feel lightheaded.

His eyes drifted shut, the same impenetrable darkness that surrounded him with open eyes. His head rolled back, muscles going limp as he slipped out of consciousness.

Southpaw's body jolted as he awoke to a crack of thunder, sloshing through a thin puddle of mud as dark storm clouds wept a rainstorm upon the Thunderlands. Baby blue eyes blinked rapidly, taking in his surroundings. This wasn't- the bottom of a lake. This was his home, or the closest he would ever get to it again. Shaky limbs pushed him to his mud-caked paws, drawing in a long breath of damp air. His chest ached, a feeling the wolfodg took a long moment to appreciate. One he never thought he'd experience again.

"Hey, um, fellas?"

Southpaw questioned open air, taking a slow step toward the direction of camp as a flash of lightning illuminated his surroundings before a crack of thunder deafened him to worldly sounds for the briefest of moments.

"You're talking out loud again, Elliott."

Although Kaiser was the only to speak, he could sense the presence of Kody and Miles as well. Not that they ever left, but rather that they were paying attention. They usually occupied themselves with one thing or another when their body was catching up on sleep.

"Oh, uh, I know, I just wanted to let you all know that, uh, -"

Another clap of thunder interrupted him, not that Elliott minded the powerful display of nature.

"That you know, I love you guys."

"Love you too, dude."
"We love you too."
"Aw, love ya too, Elly!"

The wolfdog nearly walked into a tree at the soul's words, eyebrows drawn into a faux scowl as he trekked back toward his den.

"Aw, c'mon Kody, you know I hate that nickname!"
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Re: SLEEPWALKER // storage & testing
« Reply #25 on: June 05, 2018, 02:55:20 PM »
i could be the storm that tears down everything you  h o l d
Code: [Select]
[td][div style="background: transparent; text-align: center; font-size: 20px; width: 180px; font-family: times new roman; margin: auto; color: #997458"][i]i could be the [b]storm[/b] that [b]tears[/b] down everything you  h o l d[/i][/div][/td][/tr]
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Re: SLEEPWALKER // storage & testing
« Reply #26 on: June 05, 2018, 02:56:34 PM »
(  boneshaker, dominator ; freight train, wrecking ball  )


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Re: SLEEPWALKER // storage & testing
« Reply #27 on: June 07, 2018, 05:20:35 AM »

jello shots and lemon drops
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Re: SLEEPWALKER // storage & testing
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[center][div style="width: 480px; height: 150px; border: 1px black solid; background-image:url(https://i.imgur.com/OkiyGOF.gif); background-position: center;"][/div]
[div style="background: transparent; width: 480px; font-size: 37px; text-align: right; padding-right: 10px; margin-top: -24px; font-family: georgia; color: white; text-shadow: 1px 1px black, 1px -1px black, -1px 1px black, -1px -1px black; "][i]gale.[/i][/div]

[div style="borderwidth=0px; width: 480px; color: black; line-height:115%; text-align: justify;"][b]FULL NAME[/b] gale folie-mikaelson
[b]CALLNAME[/b] gale
[b]SEX[/b] female
[b]GENDER[/b] demigirl → she/her, they/them
— has no preferred pronoun, will not take offense to misgender, even the use of he/him although she wouldn't use masculine pronouns by choice.
[b]NOTES[/b] gosh i haven't done a bio in so long - done!! but i may add more in the future regardless

[b]BLUE-SILVER TABBY | LONGHAIR | [abbr=fur][color=#bdc2c5]◼[/color][/abbr] [abbr=tabby markings][color=#949c9f]◼[/color][/abbr] [abbr=white markings][color=#f4f4f4]◼[/color][/abbr] [abbr=eyes][color=#cde9ff]◼[/color][/abbr] | [url=https://i.imgur.com/BQsUSvA.jpg]REFERENCE[/url][/b]
of average size but sleek build, gale is an elegant blue-silver tabby with long fur that shimmers like water when she moves. her bodice is a pale shade of silver, a light gloss reminiscent of steel. thick stripes a few hues darker than her undercoat braid across her skin, weaving themselves in broad curls and masking most of her light base to produce marbled tabby markings. her chest is cleansed of the markings, instead a vibrant white hardly ever darkened by dirt due to incessant grooming. the ivory reaches down her chest to swallow her front legs and paws, as well as a moon of white on her belly, leaving the rest of her body untouched. matching her soft palette are muted blue eyes like that of the sky, a hue that conceals thoughts well without appearing cold to others. her sylphlike build comes at the cost of strength, bulk sacrificed for grace: the lack of muscle is evident even beneath gale's heavy fur, making her an easy target for those brutish enough to pick a fight with her in a one-on-one situation. her low weight means she can maneuver much easier, however, easily dodging heavy swings that come her way. much like porcelain, gale gives the illusion of being beautiful and delicate, but in fact is hardened and difficult to harm.
— as she ages, gale's first victim to a vampiric episode will be a blue jay. she will keep some of the birds feathers, dipping the tips in silver to keep them in place behind her left ear. they serve as a reminder of what she must never become. the silver tips react negatively with her body true to vampiric lore, fusing with her fur and keeping them in place.
— very sensitive to the sun, any skin not covered in fur including her nose and pawpads will often become badly sunburnt after a day out and about. a mild sun allergy is exasperated by her being a vampire.
— despite being a vampire, gale does not have elongated fangs.
— pendant currently unknown.

— POSITIVE TRAITS: benevolent, conciliatory, calm, objective
— NEUTRAL TRAITS: contradictory, traditional, competitive, abrasive
— NEGATIVE TRAITS: deceptive, prideful, iconoclastic, egocentric
quick witted and honest, gale has a modest personality to accompany her understated appearance. often times the blue-silver tabby can be found quietly listening in on conversations, carefully following the words and body language of every individual as they speak. despite her lethargy to engage in an ongoing conversation gale has no issues striking up a completely new one with strangers. a walking contradiction, gale floats the thin line between extrovert and reserved to fit the situation best. in this way, gale is a chameleon, changing her skin to best suit her environment: she offers smiles to those that would benefit her and chastising words to those that stand in her way. her kindness is often a flourished affair, a theatric she has fun with that are by no means insincere but over the top in a very intentional manner. her kind gestures and honeyed words are not without benefit as gale works to earn the liking of her clanmates, an achievement she will push especially hard for during her adolescent months in an almost self-deprecating fashion. despite her silvered sentences gale is true of heart, finding that even white lies slide from her tongue sickingly. this means when gale does speak, they are her truest thoughts, although refined in her mind's eye before exiting her lips: this can make sensitive novel questions seem particularly abrasive, such as inquiries of appearance, or can put a wedge between gale and others as she provides them with a brutal honesty they might not be prepared for. her sharp tongue can be just as barbed, choosing a war of words to make up for her lack of physical strength. wordplay is something gale excels in, a skill refined on her siblings and parents as she quickly picks up how she can talk herself out of trouble, and how to ask favors of others. gale does not speak immediately when spoken too, a brief moment of silence that can be awkward to some, as gale seriously considers her replies and how it would advance the conversation, especially when discussing more serious topics. rather than letting her mouth run faster than her head, gale thinks her words thrice over before finally speaking. gale does not want the favor of her clanmates just for the bragging rights, however.

as gale ages, her vampiric tendencies from margaery's side will become more prevalent. true to traditional lore gale cannot enter homes without being explicitly invited inside - this will eventually even include her parents' home, being physically incapable of crossing the threshold without spoken permission granting her access, such as "come in". she is highly allergic to silver, even brief contact searing her skin in a fashion similar to fire: equally so, she is allergic to the sun, although her sun allergy is considerably more mild than her aversion to silver. but the biggest downside is her dependance to unfiltered blood, either drained from the body of freshly killed prey or sucked from a (willing or unwilling) host. after a substantial amount of time without feeding, gale's eyes will begin to shift colours from their soft shade of blue to a vibrant, molten yellow to physically document her change over the course of a day or two. once they are fully yellow gale will have reverted into a more "feral" state: she is not overly hostile, aggressive, or timid as is typical of true ferals, but instead little will stop the fledgling vampire from finding a source of blood. in this state gale does not intend or attempt to kill the host, but smaller animals such as rabbits may not survive the process. this state will happen once just as gale becomes a fireball, killing a blue jay in the process. her fear of reverting is what keeps gale on such a straightlaced line of polite smiles and courteous compliments, despite the fact a reversion is so unlikely with gale so on top of managing her desires. in her mind, winning the favor of others and proving to them that she is a dependable cat means that if she were to ever snap for even the briefest of moments, they would be more inclined to forgive her for anything she may do while her mind disconnects from her body.

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Re: SLEEPWALKER // storage & testing
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B R E A T H E   T H R O U G H   M E
fill up your lungs with us
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