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at one point i was golden - open; stew
« on: February 01, 2021, 04:31:00 PM »
Her mother had informed her this morning that there was some deadweight being kept that needed to be taken care of. She at first didn't know whom she was talking about till she actually went to see who it was and well, she was not surprised. Then again she doubted that anyone would have been surprised given who it was. Caesar Cipher. The man of the hour, he came back more times than anyone would know and she doubted that death would deter him from coming back again. After all wasn't life just so alluring to those that didn't have it? With little care she had dragged him out of his prison and there was no reason to explain anything to him. She felt that he was well aware that his time among the Coalition was at an end. After all her mother had decreed him a pile of shit that needed to be dealt with so that he didn't stink up the territory. She guess she was the garbage disposal. A snort left her throat, anger flaring to life at the idea. Ever since her father had died she had become increasingly more and more unstable. Dangerous to other Coalitions members if her latest spar had something to say about that.

Dumping him down on the ground she allowed her paw to sweep up and she looked at her claws. The pale blue white curved weapons flexing as she wondered what her father would do. Make a show out of it, flaunt his power. She had no wish to do it because of the job she had been left to do. Instead she would make something of this, share it with the population, let them all have a small piece of Caesar for themselves. But they wouldn't know it, would they? It was disturbing the idea that she had and yet her mouth and tongue salivated at the mere thought of it. Her stomach growled and suddenly her paw slammed down upon the brightly hued cat's spine. She heard the audible snap of a spine and she lowered her head down so that she could hear her. ''No hard feelings, hmm...'' Her ice cold breath washed against before she grabbed his jaw and began to pull the teeth from his skull. After all he didn't need them and she never said that she would make it painless. Once all his teeth were out of his mouth she examined his bloody gums before she set to work on declawing him. It didn't take that long really, one twist of her jaw at a time. Each hiss of pain whispering.

After all this was not a show, this was a private dance. She gathered up all of the teeth and claws and set them aside before leaving for a short moment only to come back with knives of various sizes. He would live long during this part and she didn't expect him to. Frankly she was actually surprised with how long he held on to his life and perhaps it was in defiance. She pulled and flayed the pelt off of his body, tearing skin from meat with the curve of blades to help the process. Blood had long since soiled the ground in a thick pool but she merely kept working as the body twitched with fake life after his screams had long since died out. Once the pelt was out of the way she began to cut up chunks of the meat into manageable pieces, thick cubes. The bones were made into a broth she made in a large metal bowl over a fire. It bubbled and frothed before she added in the chunks of meat. After this she finally moved the pot to a more visible location, in camp. The private dance was over, the area cleaned up gore and ruin. What was left was a simmering stew in a thick metal bowl.

She had added carrots and potatoes for taste, her jaws dripping with saliva and her eyes more black now. Her pupils had long since gone deep saturated pink and she was already eating. What a hungry beast she was and she licked her jaws slowly, dark blue serpent tongue tasting the meat in the air. She wished she could have all of it but she was more than okay with sharing her feast with the others of the Coalition. ''If anyone wants some of this stew you better come over now. I'm rather greedy when it comes to meat.'' A humored laugh left her as she plopped a piece of meat into her jaws, chewing almost thoughtfully. Caesar didn't taste half bad.


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