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DESTRUCTIVE FORCES - plot with my beans
« on: January 16, 2021, 11:09:50 AM »
Howdy! If you're interested in roleplaying with me then I sure am interested in roleplaying with you. At this current point in time I am only dipping my toes back into the RP pool so forgive a lot of my rookie mistakes. For now, I am roleplaying with just Alexi [A revamped version of my former character Privatedancer]. If you're interested just throw one of your babies in and let's go from there! Here's a bit about my character and my plot availability.

My characters -
Alexi - The Frostblown - Ashfoot - Genderfluid - Pansexual - Polyamorous - He/They - 4 years and 11 months old - Ebony Jaguar with white markings, facial splotch in the shape of a skull/heart, several pink piercings, and bi-colored orange-pink eyes. - Awkward and typically sticks to themselves - A known swindler who will bargain anyone out of their  goods [ a part of a merchant group ]

Availability -
I work and go to school so forgive me if my responses are slow
My time is US Central and I am on mostly from
6am-10am 1pm-4pm 7pm-3am during the weekdays

What I am looking for -
1v1 rp open or private
new characters [muse/plots]
romantic plots
enemies and friends

What I am open to -
art trades for story muse
open/closed threads
cross-group relations

What I am not down for -
I will not be returning to forum sites - feel free to catch me elsewhere under the same user.


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