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« on: November 19, 2020, 08:33:43 AM »
The tribe of Ma'atichi has existed for a very long time. Far away and not within reach of any groups that live within the lands of where most of the commotion happens. It is a group that flourishes with the land itself but also faces deep deep hardships that exist because of other tribes as well as the natural elements. They are also known to others as the Croc Tribe for various reasons that will be discussed later on in the other sections. They live within vast humid jungles and scorching deserts, nomadic in nature they often move with the herds of prey they chase down. Or when the land needs to replenish they will move to their next location. Primarily formed of cheetahs the tribe does not often let in other animals.
The tribe is nomadic. They moved with the seasons as well as they moved with their prey and when the land demanded it. They are a tight knit group fostering that the young should grow up ever ready for anything. Because their lands were hight worn torn and they faught with other tribes and even sometimes dragons they teach their young to fight and some to hunt/gather. Some became Warriors while some deviated to paths like that of the Farseer to learn to heal and meditation, to see what laid beyond. Celebrations and Rituals. The Wild Mane provided leadership and decision. Proceeding over First Hunts and Coming of Ages. Everyone had their role to fill and to keep everyone strong. Even Elders pitched in with watching the younger individuals to keep them out of trouble.

VERNACULAR - Because of their isolation from others besides other warring tribes they do not speak with the same tongue as others. Most Ma'atichi  tribe members speak in a third person tone. Referring to others as This one, or he, or she. As well as themselves in this manner. They will rarely use I or even you. Asking questions usually begins with a statement before asking the word yes or no to the end of it.
PIERCINGS - Piercings are important within her tribe as they are normally gained through milestone like achievements. Through their first successful hunt, their first victory in battle, becoming a warrior, marriage etc. The place where the piercing goes is usually up to the member to have more significance. These piercings are primarily made out of the bones of the creatures they killed.

WEAPONRY - While most of the tribe is taught from an early age to be able to fight with their natural weapons, there are those that learn how to craft from their bonesmith daggers and needles. These daggers are primarily crafted from the thigh bones of both enemies and prey animals a like with intricate patterns and designs.

COMING OF AGE - The coming of age is important, those ready will begin their first hunt and their trials. They will be blindfolded and led through the jungle before being released on their own. Ever watched they are to bring back either their first kill, or their first rare herbal plant. Or if they are feeling that Cipactli is with them they can challenge a crocodile to claim the skull and the flesh in her name.

PAINTS - Paints are important to the Ma'atichi tribe as they have varying meanings to them. Each color represents something to them. Some tribe members wear the paint during every day going ons. But red is only worn during war times and battles or by both the Farseer and the Wild Mane. Herbalist and leader respectfully.

RELIGION - In her culture her tribe worshipped a crocodile god name Cipactli,  some saw it as female, some saw it as male and some saw it as neither. She believes that the god/goddess is all but her siblings can believe whichever they choose to. With any kill that they make they leave a piece for Cipactli as worship and for their share. The god is seen as ever hungry, a monstrous being with many mouths, birther of all crocodiles and reptilian like beasts. Resembling power, viciousness, ferocity, bloodlust and savagery of the wilds. Protector of jungles and marshlands. Having the skull of a crocodile was seen as a blessing from the god for killing one was no easy feat and lives were easily lost to the massive water dwellers. Those sacrificed to Cipactli are seen to be forever doomed to the Void that exists in the deity's stomach. Darkness infinite.
This is for the adoption of two of Elsweyr's siblings to come to Tanglewood. To experience something different with her and expand their knowledge of other creatures from the norm that they knew.

1. I reserve the right to rehome these siblings should they fall inactive for more than two weeks.
2. They must stay in Tanglewood for at the minimum of 2 months before moving then somewhere else as I would like for them to continue their bond with their sister.
3. The choosing date is not set but I made be slightly quick to pick based on reading over forms.
4. Naming theme is tribal names, you can even choose names from Elder Scrolls and the Khajiit format if you wish.
5. Please be patient as I may take a bit to look these over.
6. If there are any questions please dm @rhosmari
Elswyer does not have any current relations to any animals within these lands. She is considered a second generation character though from her mother and father who can be found in her tags.
There will only be two slots

1. khajhad by aro

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ELSWEYR is a FEMALE SMOKEY CHARCOAL KING CHEETAH with SHE/HER pronouns. She is a TANGLER of TANGLEWOOD and is 36 months old. She is physically EXTREME and mentally EXTREME. attack in BOLD. tags HERE

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« Reply #1 on: November 22, 2020, 07:08:01 PM »
name khajhad
 - kha

gender male
 - cis
 - he / him

orientation unknown
 - not thought on it a great deal
 - possibly aro ace

age three years
 - unknown date of birth
 - ages at writers discretion

ties elsweyr
 - will reside in tanglewood
 - does not consider himself a tangler as of yet
 - trusts and thus follows elsweyr as she is what brought him to tanglewood

king cheetah

he seems a rather blatant show of the expected attributes often in the forefront of the mind when one of his kind is thought of, in a way quite average. even from his youth he was a slim and small thing, lacking the definition that may become muscle, age filling him out somewhat. roughly two and a half feet at the shoulder he is within the middle ground, though lacks some of the weight expected, wiry and with little to no bulk. after crossing the threshold into adulthood some muscle has been built up, though still is he light though such permits him skill in stealth and tracking, making up for his rather poor strength

with a short muzzle and shallow, sloping forehead his facial structure also keeps to the rest of him, though may be the softest part of him. or would be, had not his neutral expression been rather severe. with plump cheeks and a large forehead his face is made of soft edges, small rounded ears somewhat nicked and scarred, alike his face bearing a few minor scars though none of large note. hard are the dark brown eyes set below a lowered brow that seems to impart a permanently angry expression, the downturn of his mouth paired with this adding to the angered look that is simply his face

layered over the top of it all is a short and coarse coat, though tended his age and life shows wear that can not be removed easily. a soft, washed out gold, bleached in part form heavy sun exposure, it is speckled with thick markings that seem to merge along back and flanks, a muddled mess that can not quite be deemed the regular markings. shaggy along spine and neck his mane is odd, discolouration began along sides and thus, among the black, white is present. deemed vitiligo patches of various sizes are speckled along his body in irregular fashion, that which colour face or paws near to nose and pads similar leaving those areas speckled, the expected black a washed out pink

the investigator

[ + | poised, stalwart, diligent ]
[ / | adaptive, unsentimental, reckless ]
[ — | brusque, mercurial, impatient ]

far is he from the child he once was, shaped by a world and people that put survival above all else, the optimistic curiosity of youth striped away and shaped the remnants. still are there hints, however, deplorable at times his reckless behaviour inciting injury to himself and those around him, flames fanned by his detached manner of handling others beyond himself. there seems an apparent lack of desire to cause others harm, of any fashion, his methods simply work towards the unexpected end goal. for some this may come down to the manner he holds himself, aloof at times when he is calm and of an even mindset, apart of the world yet barely seeing it, motions conducted as is expected of him

by no means is it a far stretch to view kha as somewhat callous, blunt in a manner that does not allow for sugar coating, the harsh truth of their lives simply not permitting it. so too does it seem a survival tactic, if one is incapable of growing attached to a place or people there shall be no downside in their loss, yet the lesson was one hard learnt. worn on his sleeve his heart, and thus emotions, are surprisingly open, if fickle with his habit of shifting disposition without warning, once apparent mirth shuttered behind practiced neutrality. still the boy he was, the fun loving daredevil with a heart of tarnished gold, is there and comes through at times, even if it can be a sudden and jarring shift, often quickly tempered and refusal to admit it happened arising on sharp tongue

even lacking a more sentimental outlook, though his place among tribe and family contradict such in certain situations, proven his worth through a near overtaxing workload. possibly it is pride, in his ability or himself, one can speculate as much as they wish, or simply feeling he must live up to a dream he carries, a tiny inkling of something kept close to his chest, possibly it is even envy of those proven adorned in crocodilian skulls. for all the reasoning behind it still is he one that may be depended upon and acts the part of dutiful worker, hunter and fighter alike, honed his skills for anything with the lessons of what this world may enact at any time drilled into his head

with such one may almost expect him to be heavily social, suitable to assembly as he takes his expected role, but such is wrong. stoic and silent in conversation much of the time it is not for a lack of opinion, many of which he has and may voice with fervour if he feels the need, but more he is simply poor with communication, his manner of speaking, that brusque speech pattern pairing poorly with a rather monotonous and deep voice, often giving the wrong impression. more comfortable seems he on the sideline, following others when it fits him, otherwise independent and rather pleased with how he can hold his own, downfall in many ways derived from this for that sense of independence has lead to further complications connecting with others outside a select few and so feeds into the cycle he has created

kha is a hard physical opponent
 - well trained with claws and teeth, and small bladed weapons
 - light on his feet, knows how to take advantage of his slight stature
 - makes up for his lack of strength with his endurance

kha is a moderate mental opponent
  - lacks concrete knowledge of the powers
  - while strong willed can be strong armed into breaking his defence

currently has no known powers
  - unknowingly has enhanced senses
  - one other power planned for the future

unknowingly a reincarnation
  - no one knows of this as of yet, even kha himself
  - identity of this individual is unknown but seems old
the ebb and flow, the smaller things, the flight of the crow; is life and death still all that we know? we all come and we all fade away, nightmares and dreams, the call of the fray; this night will soon be turned to day
code by Wisker
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« Reply #2 on: November 22, 2020, 11:53:14 PM »


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« Reply #3 on: November 23, 2020, 10:37:38 AM »
elsweyr — tanglewood — three years
@aro definitely accepted

One slot is left!
ELSWEYR is a FEMALE SMOKEY CHARCOAL KING CHEETAH with SHE/HER pronouns. She is a TANGLER of TANGLEWOOD and is 36 months old. She is physically EXTREME and mentally EXTREME. attack in BOLD. tags HERE


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