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Animal claws rut the jungle blood . Vaas' bio 2.0

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claws rut the jungle blood . Vaas' bio 2.0
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. general .
Vaas Montenegro ; born within the islands of the typhoon alongside other tribes that claimed the island home. he had joined the clan that he found on his island out of curiosity and rebellion both. The Siberian tiger is currently three years old and ages naturally, every September 25th. He is biologically male, and while preferring male terms, doesn’t mind androgynous ones either. Sexually he is pansexual, only showing true greed and love towards those he trusts and has gotten to know for a while.

Vaas is a generation one character; and his parents are both born within the typhoon borders as well. He has a sister- Citra who is also an NPC, all members of Vaas’ biological family are dead. While his family history shows a lean on power’s being a passed down trait, Vaas has very little control over any sense of magics. Recently found the ability to control water and still learning how to use it.

Born within the Typhoon border, it took him some time before he joined the clan, and even after leaving it he has some fond memories- and friendships there- that being said he is more commonly known as the ex-boss of the boardwalk group, that had joined forces within Palmclan: where Vaas’ own den resides. That being said, he does not play on his loyalty to determine his friendships: however hard they come by for the male- he treasures those he knows personally.
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HIDE YOUR PAIN . physical
Native Bengal tiger born into a lush violent jungle . bright iconic russet fur that brightens into a lush orange near his back - and whitens along his muzzle , chest , and paws . striking black strikes up along his form - he looks like your average tiger . his fur is long but thin , coarse from lack of care . in some patches - his fur could be seen burned away completely or ripped out - an unable to grow.

he smells like gunpowder and gasoline - a dangerous mix . vivid green eyes that are sometimes a light yellow in the morning , or when feeling unwell . he is built like a tank - muscle clearly defined under his patchy fur and cut across by scattered amount of scars - the most notable a large gash that goes from the center of his head , to just under his left eye by a few inches .

hooked talons for sinking in - and whitened teeth that he uses liberally with his clanmates and enemies alike . on his ear is a notch and a pair of golden looped earnings along the tip of each ear .

accessories;; jade necklace bound by two leather cords , one braided ; a red cloth worn around the neck that hangs loosely ; a polished wicked knife ; a deck of cards [/b]
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+ | introspective ; observant ; unpredictable
 0 | relentless ; stubborn ; opinionated
 - | insane ; violent ; prideful

tv tropes // affably evil // break them by talking // cain and abel (with his sister) // death seeker // the dragon // dynamic enemey // evil counterpart // evil harmony // hair trigger temper // sadist // straw nihilist // tragic villian // wobble destroyer of worlds // you monster // afraid of their own strength // inept mage // wild magic

Vaas is, in a sense; tame compared to his unknown youth. He is a man of many addictions, and as one settles into the background another takes possession of his focus entirely. He is an intense character in most regards. Coming out of the box thinking of ways to break it so to say. he takes simply pleasure in overpowering his opponents, and controlling a conversation in equal measure, there is a sense of bravado when talking to him.

He is a natural born leader with a sense of acknowledgement to anyone he works with. He enjoys bringing pleasure to others, and helping in blunt manipulative ways that help him in turn. He is charismatic, and unafraid to share his mind, bluffing and downplaying his own intelligence by becoming the brute.

Inwardly, Vaas has an issue with self-esteem, and refuses to meet most in the eye unless he trusts them. He grows attached to people with a sense of urgency and desperation. Latching onto the few connections he gains like a lifeline. While he leads naturally well- he has no wishes to lead a group, and much prefers to work under someone's directions.
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  he  earned  every  scar  he  wears  like  gifts  .   he  earned  the  fear  and  wrath  he  wears  as  a  crown  .   he  earned  his  death  ,   whether  it  comes  or  not  . profile // palmclan // plotting
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Do you even want to go free? / I'll show you what that big word means.

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Re: claws rut the jungle blood . Vaas' bio 2.0
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history .

12 . 18 . 18 | Joined the Typhoon . x
1 . 9 . 19 | Discovered bodies of Tribe , left the typhoon . no posts made
9 . 10 . 20 | Known leader of the boardwalk group, meets Rhinestone . x
9 . 14 . 20 | Negotiations for merger with Palmclan Group . x
9 . 18 . 20 | Boardwalk Merged with the Resident clan : Palmclan . x
10 . 22 . 20 | Promoted to waverunner . x
10 . 28 . 20 | Assigned to mentor Quasar . x
10 . 31 .20 | Discovered water manipulation . x

in character history .
to be made/written

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Do you even want to go free? / I'll show you what that big word means.


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