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I Still Feel Alive || Return
« on: August 01, 2020, 04:10:56 PM »
—Tomorrow is another day—
——And you won't have to hide away——
—Coming back felt odd. It felt needed...but it left a dreadful feeling.

She didn’t know why she was coming back. She didn’t even know why she left in the first place. Perhaps it was the fear of a fight or the stress of discovering herself or the tugging she felt that had called her away but those were gone now. It actually wasn’t long after she had left when the emotions were replaced. Guilt. Regret....Loneliness. She hadn’t felt such deep set emptiness since a memory long ago that she couldn’t recall.

She still can’t recall most of what she had lost but she can safely say that those awful terror filled nights were restless for a reason. Visions plagued her often now. Some, she knew to be things that gave her deja vu, a sure sign it was a past memory. But others? Others showed things that she knows aren’t her own eyes and ears, past or not. It was disorientating more often then not and as previously stated, she got very little sleep. Although it’s not like she got the most pleasant sleep before but it was somehow worse when not in an encampment.

Her strides were hesitant. Part of her was ready to bolt back towards the forest and prepare for another night of no sleep and little food. The other half remembered the feelings of despair over leaving though, and felt the nostalgia of walking this same path before. But now the deep snow she threaded through was gone, and she didn’t shiver from a cold breeze upon her arrival. She didn’t know if she wanted to remember a good arrival in the case that this one might turn sour.

She didn’t even know if her “friends” were still here. It could be a blessing or a curse either way. They could greet her with open arms or shunt her out and become hostile for possibly deserting the group or her position. The thoughts plagued her because she had no way of knowing besides waiting, and that only made the dread sink lower into her stomach.

Mistrim sure didn’t feel ready for whatever comes next.—
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—Guess who’s back?—
—It’s me.—

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Re: I Still Feel Alive || Return
« Reply #1 on: August 02, 2020, 11:06:12 AM »
[ age mover of the oblivions ]

People left and people came. Such was a concept new to Clony. Staying in a group made sense to Clony. Different groups did not. Leaving, coming, it mattered not to them. They didn't understand, but was it truly their place to question? They certainly had no room to speak of leaving and returning when they hadn't been around long enough to know that the person they were swooping down towards was returning, rather than arriving for the first time. Their fluffy wings downstroke heavily before they land, ears perked and a delighted flicker in their pearly eyes.

"Hello! I'm Clony! You're in Elysium territory. I think. I can't really tell where the border is. So you're near it, or in it. What brings you here?" They ask as their fluffy head tips to the side. A curious flick of their tail mimicks that which resides in their telepathic tone. They speak by reaching out into the minds of others. Never prodding, just speaking as needed and shutting the door once again. Clony hopped from one talon to the other, awaiting for an answer, more to arrive to greet - whatever the next action happened to be.

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✧ melanistic giant golden-crowned flying fox (ref.) | health: 100% | current body
— Clony is a giant golden-crowned flying fox with a melanistic pelt. It has grey rings around its eyes, and large floppy ears. Clony's webbed wings are mutated to be feathered, with fingers and long thumbs hidden. Clony has excessive fur covering most of its body, only ending just above the knees. Clony has glowing white eyes, where its pupils blend into the rest of their pearl like appearance.
— blood is white
— no accessories
— no current injuries

✧ curious, ambivalent
✧ consistent, cautious
✧ unrelenting loathing for certain items and colors, hostile

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✧ based off the Clones from Frogmind's Badland
✧ Clones in Badland are time, size, and form altering creatures created by an evil called the Red Eye Association. The Red Eyes realize that the Clones are dangerous and discard them in the trash. The Clones traverse the Badlands to try and take down the Red Eye Association. They are halted briefly, but return years later after the Badlands have overgrown. This time the Red Eye Association is better prepared. The Clones are chased and killed down to their last member, who hides away in the last place where non-mechanized life is sustainable. BoB Clony arrives by the Nest Transport sending them off to another universe to regroup and learn new ways to deal with the evils of the Red Eyes.
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Re: I Still Feel Alive || Return
« Reply #2 on: August 02, 2020, 07:13:26 PM »
  Seeing another creature headed on a path deeper into the territory was, on its own, curious. Most would-be murderers didn't bother going past the border, instead waiting for whoever wandered just a bit too close... so this was unlikely to be a hostile individual. Clony going directly towards them without even a little caution was more concerning, though, so Rin was quick to head over to the two.

  Recognizing the small fox as Mistrim, however, Rin blinked with a singular wide eye. Picking up the pace, she managed to make it over without stumbling over any unforeseen obstacles, and immediately set about checking Mistrim for injuries. There didn't appear to be any major cuts, bruises, or burns, but a full inspection would probably be necessary, just to be safe.

  "...It's good to see you, Mistrim," she remarked after a moment, lifting her head to look at Mistrim directly. Her gaze flickering over to the forest beyond, then back to Mistrim, she added, "If you're alright walking a little further, we should get away from the border. There's been... incidents, lately. We can talk once we're deeper into the territory, yeah?" The likelihood of the wolf's attacker striking again in broad daylight was low, but there was always the possibility that the deer's attacker could come back.

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61 months old
 • ages on the 11th of every month
 • is unaware that she has a mutation causing her to not physically age beyond five years
• base form is a black-and-white bicolor Norwegian Forest Cat with one green eye
 • has three green streaks running horizontally on both cheeks, and one green stripe on each front leg, still doesn't know why
 • wears a green scarf with multiple tears in the fabric
 • has scars from arrow wound on right front leg and right shoulder, as well as burn scars on her left shoulder, right side, and tail tip, bite marks on her left front and back legs, and claw marks on her face, neck, and chest
 • is missing her right eye and her lower left canine tooth
• has also appeared in other bodies, current form will be specified in battle posts
• powers:
 • telekinesis - proficient in, hasn't mastered (usually takes 5% of reserves per use)
 • conjuration - proficient in, hasn't mastered (usually takes 5% of reserves per use)
 • shapeshifting - not proficient in (currently having difficulty using on command)
 • fire elementals - not proficient in
 • health transfer - not proficient in
 • water elementals - not proficient in
 • clairvoyance - semi-discovered, not proficient in
• starts every thread with 100% reserves
physical difficulty: medium-hard
mental difficulty: hard
• used to have retrograde amnesia due to a head injury; has recovered her memories, but prefers not to think about them
• has a persona named Nemhain, who she has a mental bond with
single, not looking
recent events:
 • lost an eye in an assassination attempt by Caesar Cipher
 • helped fight off the Messenger
 • recovered from her injuries
• PM @Verdigris to plot

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Re: I Still Feel Alive || Return
« Reply #3 on: August 03, 2020, 01:11:25 AM »
—Tomorrow is another day—
——And you won't have to hide away——
—At first, it was quiet and Mistrim thought that she would find out that Elysium had been destroyed in her absence. A truly  heartbreaking thought. Then the arrival of someone who she had never seen before.

The bat reminded her of Lemy for a moment but the tone wasn’t the same and it left her feeling like she was missing something. Her head turned so Cloney was on her right side. Then she shook her head quickly after he spoke. The telepathy felt uncomfortable for her despite the feeling being so brief. Her paw traveled from fiddling with the raven earring on her left ear to her still raggedy scarf. She opened her mouth to speak but all that left was a choked sound. Anything that she had thought of saying, which was so so much, was lost in a nervous haze.

It didn’t help that the much more familiar face of Rin appeared. She had to take in the sight a few times, switching her stance to see them both clearly before she truly believed that what she saw was real. It almost made her cry as her eyes went misty and she had to close her eyes tight for a moment so she could regain some semblance of composure. It was hard not too when Rin seemed so...so concerned.

Mistrim’s eyes met Rin’s as she searched into the cat’s eyes. Just to make sure it was her. Again and again. The moment was visible when she seemed convinced that none of the interaction was some crazy dream when Mistrim took a deep breath in as she began looking around once again and avoiding both her welcomer’s eyes.

A quick shuffle of her paws and wings showed she was ready to move. She was concerned about the incidents mentioned by Rin but she was completely fine with walking further.

”It’s good to see you too Rin...” Her voice was raspy from disuse but it still had a hint of apprehension and nervousness, despite her stance having gained a look of confidence. It seems some things never change.—
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—Guess who’s back?—
—It’s me.—


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