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BABY I'M YOURS / wedding ceremony
« on: June 26, 2020, 12:39:25 AM »
It was funny.

This was not the direction Goldenluxury Roux had planned her life to go, not by a long shot. In fact, it could be said that she wanted to go the opposite way, deny, deny, deny. Never feel more than she had to. But it was hard to deny something that festered as strongly as it had. And maybe it was just the timing of it all, everyone was just in the wrong places at the wrong times, setting their paths along in such a manner that could not be ignored. There was no miscarriage that she could bury this time. There was living, breathing children that bore her name, her looks, her genetics. And there was someone who'd stuck by her side, without question, stayed with her, and made it hard to deny, deny, deny. So she didn't bother.

For once, she had been alright, with the little missteps.

Golden bells decorated the territory as one would near the deep sea dome, bows of purple paired with them. Origami butterflies scattered about, painted with various palettes consisting of warm yellows and deep purples. Feathers of reds and blues. And flowers - hibiscus, sunflowers, and lilies, bundled and dispersed all around, covering much of the deep sea dome's flooring. The air filled with a sweet scent as one would fill the dome, windchimes hung and blowing softly in the draft that came from its tunnel entrance. The throne would not contain their usual captain, instead it was reserved for their sage, who would announce the ceremony taking place. A large carpet is unrolled on the ground, leading the participants towards their seats, and eyes to where it splits into a T-shape, leading the currently hidden fiancees to meet in the center underneath a large archway.

Goldie stood within the small makeshift room she'd prepared for herself, quietly adjusting the accessories she'd found and made for the event, adjusting her fur and feathers. It was a little different than tradition, but it felt more personal to do it their way.

And it would soon be time for everyone to gather.

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Re: BABY I'M YOURS / wedding ceremony
« Reply #1 on: June 27, 2020, 08:47:52 AM »
"vengeance is just hope with a history"
Jaime had been one of the first ones to arrive, carefully scouting out where the best area to sit might be - for all that he was super happy for his cousin, he wasn’t quite sure if he wanted to be front row, the amount of people seated behind him made him nervous - an age old instinct that had only been exacerbated upon being alone surviving for so long, to never let his back be open (especially after the scar he’d got for ignoring that the first time around) so he’d settled for near first to mid row.

And of course he’d made himself as presentable as possible for the occasion for never let it be said he didn’t take such events seriously - and he didn’t want to disappoint his cousin after all.

So now here he was, seated and nervously waiting for his mother, siblings and uncle to come and take their seats before the ceremony began.

(Short oof)

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Re: BABY I'M YOURS / wedding ceremony
« Reply #2 on: June 28, 2020, 10:46:17 AM »
Roan had been rather surprised when he had been approached by his cousin to do the wedding ceremony for her and Sam. It wasn't as if he didn't want to. No, in fact, he was honored over simply being considered, and there had been a warm and pleased feeling in his chest as he had agreed to make it official. It felt good to be able to do something so important for two people he cared so much about – he didn't know Sam very well, but if Goldie loved her, then she had to be a good person – especially after his recent panic over his many responsibilities. So, the winged feline had decided to do what he did best – research. Research on what was proper to wear, what was proper to say, and how to make Goldie and Sam's wedding as amazing as he could with his contribution. He almost felt bad for his poor mama who had been forced to sit and listen to him ramble excitedly about everything he was reading, and how nervous yet enthused he was for the coming event.

Now it was finally the big day, and Roan was practically vibrating from the intensity of it all. So much research had gone into making sure he did a proper ceremony that Goldie and Sam would remember for the rest of their lives... and now he would need to actually put that research into action. Thankfully, he had a bit of time before things actually kicked off, which gave him time to take a few deep breaths and prepare himself. He hadn't gone big or extravagant with how he looked, not wanting to overshadow either of the brides. He had just made sure his fur was neat and tidy, and had tucked some flowers into his horns, which were already beginning to curl back. Humming with both nerves and joy, Roan found himself trotting up towards the throne where he'd be making things official, making a stop at the row Jaime was seated in, in order to gently press against his younger brother's side, muttering,  "Hey Jaime... deep breaths. I'm sure Goldie and Sam are glad you're here, okay?" He offered his nervous little brother a soft smile before he went to leap up onto the throne to wait, his heart beating so loud he could practically feel it in his teeth.

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Re: BABY I'M YOURS / wedding ceremony
« Reply #3 on: June 29, 2020, 01:56:18 PM »
Back in California, it seemed Sam's and Goldie's life somewhat mirrored eachother. Marriage wasn't in the plans, not even a thought. The difference was the worlds- Sam's was torn asunder, a giant rip in Earth. Goldie's was a dire battle between clans, between the hidden enemies. But to deny that this was part of Sam's plan now wasn't true. The way that Goldie cared alone gave Sam tingles in her paws. She couldn't mention the way she felt being with Goldie, especially between these problems. Her hind leg was still wrapped, the missing paw a quiet reminder of the problems. The wheezing in her muzzle wouldn't stop the doberman now, no. Not at all.

Sam, herself, was settled aside in her own room. She had to have help setting it up, which bothered her in her stomach, but there was no way to deny it. She couldn't do it on her own. The jacket she was gifted was pulled over her back, wings folded neatly underneath of it. Her necklace was adjusted, her ears held neutrally as she observed herself in the mirror she had conjured. Her eyes scanned her figure, and with a sharp inhale, she closed her eyes. Nervousness wasn't something she felt often, but here it was, baring its fangs.

The sounds of the observers outside made her stomach twist. This was real. Sam took a small seat, shoulders tensing up.


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Re: BABY I'M YOURS / wedding ceremony
« Reply #4 on: June 30, 2020, 12:08:22 AM »
To say Aphra wasn't surprised that she was allowed to attend her Captain's wedding ceremony was an understatement; the oriental longhair half-expected her to be banned from attending, especially given how she and Goldenluxury - and Sam, now after that whole ordeal with their stillborn - were at each other's throats a lot of the time. There was a strange, bitter taste in her throat at the mere thought of Goldenluxury getting married; how was it that the Captain had found someone to spend her entire life with, when Aphra had yet to do so herself? It was rather infuriating, though Aphra had to remind herself that today wasn't the day to be fuming other that (not to mention, she had trouble being faithful - but that was something she wouldn't admit, nor really understand why it was bad).

Aphra decided on wearing one of her diamond-studded ear rings, a gift she had gotten from a kind NPC from the tavern, as well as a long, white dress. She wasn't a maid of honor or anything like that by any means; dressing in such a way was just her personality. Of course she would be wearing the prettiest dress - in her opinion, that is. Still, the succubus couldn't swallow that bitter taste in her mouth as she approached the ceremony, trying to hide the disgusted scowl on her face. She took a seat towards the back, not comfortable in sitting anywhere near the Roux family at the moment; not because of the Captain or Roan, or anyone really, but rather afraid of saying something that might get her tongue cut out.✧*:・゚
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Re: BABY I'M YOURS / wedding ceremony
« Reply #5 on: July 02, 2020, 12:30:43 AM »
Roxanne had heard of wedding and well, she had been there when both her niece and Samantha had gotten engaged to one another. Roxie having been happy for both of them yet in that moment it made her realize and recall her failed attempts at romance, each and every time when she thought she could settle down with someone... They either left her or the would disappear into thin air and by now, her heart had already endured quite a few bruises from each time. She supposed that it was her own fault for letting herself become so infatuated or fond of someone, it was a flaw of hers. She simply had too much love in her heart but after her last crush, well, Roxie began to think it would be best to seal away her feelings and bottle them up. Just for now. Until someone actually caught her attention enough to captivate her, she longed for something as sweet and loving ad her niece but she chose not to dwell in her thoughts further wishing only to be happy for the soon to be newly weds.

Arriving at the scene with her coat having been groomed nicely and wearing something somewhat formal to the wedding, Roxanne would approach taking a seat beside Jaime only to nudge him lightly with her nose feeling a gentle smile appear on her maw. As she let maternal instinct take over and would comfort her boy by wrapping her wing around him even if she was so much smaller than the beta. Her gaze shifting over in the direction of her firstborn, Roan, seeing how much he had grown. She chose to remain silent for now hoping that her actions would soothe Jaime. ✧*:・゚


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Re: BABY I'M YOURS / wedding ceremony
« Reply #6 on: July 02, 2020, 10:56:39 AM »
  /tw: blood in italicized portion
  /this is ish

  Rin hadn't been sure what to make of the invitation she'd received.

  She hadn't visited the Typhoon since the incident with Caesar. Truthfully, part of her had thought Goldenluxury would hold the mistake of letting Caesar join against her. She should've remembered what Caesar had done to Diya, she knew that much. These failings in her memory had grown to unacceptable levels.

  Yet, she had tangible proof that Goldie still thought her worthy of attending her wedding.

  She'd spent days deliberating, pondering on what to do. The Typhoon had saved her life, and Goldie specifically had given her a reason to hope- a reason to believe that she could recover, that she could get better. If she showed up, though, surrounded by cheers and celebration for a happy couple, bright colors and flowers... would she be able to take it all in, without being reminded of how she'd come to know Goldie in the first place?

  "Look at what you've become," declared the impostor, blood dripping from its lips.

  She'd dared to hope, and it almost killed her.

  The memory, poisonous as it was, sat in the back of her head as she found herself seated within the Typhoon's sea dome. The cloth covering her lost eye was a clean white, her fur was no longer tangled (if still rather messy), and her neck was covered by a light blue scarf rather than the usual green one. Looking presentable wasn't normally a concern for her, but on an occasion like this it seemed disrespectful to show up as her usual ragged self.

  Glancing around, Rin could see that most of those seated were Typhoon members. She was certain she wouldn't have been the only non-Typhoon guest to be invited- she was just early, probably. Lowering her head to flatten down a stray patch of fur on her chest, she found herself wondering about the state of affairs in Elysium. Even if she was the main target for the gods, and the Pitt probably wasn't in a state to launch an attack... there was still the possibility of a freak accident, or one of Clony's experiments going wrong. Alastor was there and had some herbal knowledge, but...

  Shaking her head, she looked up at the throne. She was here now- it was too late to regret coming. Besides, Goldie had saved her life from Caesar; the least she could do to repay her was show up. This would be a good opportunity to apologize for the festival and arrange for more supplies to be delivered as well, if she could get a hold of Goldie's second-in-command.
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Re: BABY I'M YOURS / wedding ceremony
« Reply #7 on: July 09, 2020, 12:12:39 AM »
When Aurum had received the invitation from Goldie to attend her and Sam's wedding, he hadn't been overly surprised. Of course he had been overjoyed for the both of them, but he had known from the first time he saw them interacting at the potluck that there were sparks there. It hadn't been hard to see, even with the rather casual and private attitudes of both involved. He was extremely happy for the both of them, knowing that both of them had suffered their fair share of hardships in life. He still winced just thinking about the torture that Sam had endured, or the hours upon hours of work that Goldie did constantly in order to make sure her group was running smoothly. Both of them deserved to have some happiness in their lives, and they deserved to enjoy that happiness with each other. Was he a little bit jealous that they had both found someone to spend the rest of their lives with? Maybe a little, considering just how many times he had already struck out in the love department, but he wasn't going to be bitter about it. He was here to celebrate love, not resent it.

The lion had decided to make a valiant effort to appear nice for the wedding, having carefully preened all of his feathers, groomed down his usually unruly mane, and even added a few accessories. In addition to his usual eyepatch to cover up his missing eye, he also had a dark blue bow tie tied loosely around his neck, and some sweet smelling flowers woven into his mane. It wasn't the most extravagant get up, but Aurum had only ever really been extravagant when it came to combat, and he also didn't want to out accessorize either of the brides. After he had finished up his "outfit," he had wrapped up the small gift he had gotten the two of them, and made the flight towards the Typhoon, once again grateful for his wings to get him there much faster than he might've arrived otherwise. He had gone long enough without wings when he was pregnant, and he could remember quite well just how much that had sucked.

Coming to a landing not too far from the ceremony space, the lion tucked his gift aside before he headed to where the seating was, a smile on his face. There were faces he recognized all around, and although the scent of the Typhoon was not that of his home, it was still overwhelmingly familiar. He flicked a wing to both Roxie and her son Jaime, before he moved to sit down beside Rin, flicking his tail in greeting to the Elysium magna. Keeping his voice low in order to not interrupt anything, he rumbled softly to her, "Hey, Rin. Nice to see another non-Typhooner here... you doing alright?" He knew the other feline had been going through some rough times lately, so he could only hope that wouldn't spoil the happy event for her.
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