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"I scorn to do anyone a mischief, when it is not for my advantage."
☠     THE TYPHOON     ☠
It's a pirate's life for ye! The Typhoon is a crew of island-dwelling, sea-sailing pirates, with a love for adventures and gold. The Typhoon is all about freedom of both the world, and themselves - rarely will you hear a proper captain give actual orders to their crewmates. There is always choice for them, and they value this deeply. Crewmates trust each and protect each other in the way a family would, faithful that their comrades will act on what is best for themselves. Along with this ideology of independence, the Typhoon make for fierce enemies, as well as powerful allies. It is not often this warbound group will make allies, but when they do, they are keen on making sure both parties benefit in their deal, and will not hesitate to cut off from bad deals.

The Typhoon lives on a secluded large tropical island known as the Paradis Archipelago. It holds a thriving rainforest jungle and an active volcano. Their base is located on Barracuda bay but the island is full of numerous other landmarks, the most notable being their entrance, the Railroad Gate, the Haven Island, the Anchored Tempest, the Capricorn Tavern, the Lighthouse, the Pier, the Jungle Temple, and the Deep Sea Dome.

THE BEACHES [ x, x ]
The Typhoon's tropical archipelago is perhaps best known for its beaches, giving it the look of a place to go for a relaxing vacation. This is where a majority of the pirates' homes will be located, choosing to pick an open hut on the beach, build their own, or even find the occasional hut built just above the shore. On their many beaches the crewmates' sailboats and sole entrance to the island from the mainland can be found.

Starting at a northern part of their island, there can be found the pirates' MAIN DOCK. [ x, x ] his expansive dock is a central point for the Typhoon's supply of seafood, rope, and weapons. It is a large point of traffic, being one of the few places that connects the mainland to Paradis Island.

This dock is also where THE ANCHORED TEMPEST [ x, x ] and a majority of the crewmates' sailboats can be found. The Anchored Tempest is considered the jewel of the Typhoon, painted a rich obsidian black with various streaks of bright crimson red outlining its curves and edges. The ship's figurehead is a statue of a giant squid known as a Kraken, made out of pure gold that glistening in the sun. The first floor below the main deck serves as a storage for a majority of the Typhoon's weapons, the floors below serving as rooms for crewmates to take up, including the captain's quarters.

Going down from there, the next and most frequently used connector to the mainland is the RAILROAD GATE [ x, x ] and RAILROAD TRACKS [ x, x ] The railroad gate serves as the most popular entrance to the Typhoon. On the gate sits a loud bell, inviting any visitor to ring it to gain the attention of others. However, if the visitor is too hasty, rings the bell too many times, a bucket of black mambas sits below, ready to strike when aggravated.

If one does not desire to reach the Typhoon via boat, then their next best option would be to walk the sole path leading from the island to the mainland, an old railroad track with just a few feet of sand connecting on solid land. In low tide, the tracks are dry, but in high they are submerged slightly, enough to get an individual's paws wet on their trip to the Typhoon. The tracks themselves run three miles.

Just in between the most north and most south beaches, lies the pirates' main camp, BARRACUDA BAY [ x, x ]. The bay has a coral reef, crystalline blue waters allowing visibility to the bottom that shows the various schools of fish that reside. In the bay, there are various colorful huts that many crewmates may choose to reside in. Palm trees scatter the beach, providing shelter from the sun and offer a bounty of coconuts that contain delicious water and meat. This is also where many events will be held.

Just before the land splits in Barracuda Bay, towering over a rocky cliff, sits a LIGHTHOUSE [ x, x ]. This is a prominent meeting location for high positions, as well as the closest thing to a library the pirates have. At the top of the spiraling stairs sits a room filled with bookshelves, various collections of history, maps, and any other stories the pirates have collected and donated to the lighthouse's stores.

Below the lighthouse, detached from the beaches and below the waters is a cavern path leading to the DEEP SEA DOME [ x, x ], where all meetings are held. Formerly intended by the humans who'd built it to be an attraction in a theme park, the pirates use its large structure to gather and discuss their events, as well as hold the occasional party. The path starts out on the beach, rocky and natural, before smoothing out into a more concrete surface, opening up into the dome made of bulletproof glass, giving view to the ocean around it. At one side, it scales upward, a throne sitting at the top with mineral skulls decorated upon it for the captain to sit on, and at the bottom many pillows, blankets and chairs sit for the pirates.

The more south you travel down the island, the darker the sand gets, the rockier the surfaces become, and this is made apparent as just below the Deep Sea Dome, there lies the Typhoon's CRYSTAL CAVES [ x, x ]. Thanks to the Typhoon's volcano, plenty of minerals can be found within these caves, and its the source of a majority of their supplies for things such as their charm earrings and weapons. Torches light up these caves, however the main source of light the farther in one goes is the glowworms that hang from the ceilings of the caves. The conditions of the caves are not entirely safe, especially the farther in one goes, and others discourage going very far into them, especially due to the fact that the treasure cove is just on the other side of them.

Finally, at the most southern point of the island, lies what is considered a no-man's land for the pirates. It is forbidden to visit the black beaches of the TREASURE COVE [ x, x ] due to the legends warning them of it. Legends tell of the black cove always in smoke to hold an untouched treasure, guarded by rough waves and dangerous sea creatures, such as tempting sirens and monsters. Going there and surviving still does not grant the survivor safety, even touching the ground an omen of death upon whoever dares to face the treasure.

THE JUNGLES [ x, x ]
While a large portion of the Typhoon's landmarks are located upon their beaches, in fact, their jungles cover much more of their archipelago than the sandy beaches. Thanks to the large amount of rain and sunlight that the territory receives, their rainforests thrive upon their tropical islands. The jungles they have are a great source of resources for the pirates, as well as secure choices for homes, if a crewmate decides they would rather live within the treehouses in the jungles. While filled with many more dangerous animals and plants than the beaches, the rainforests provide lush security as well as beautiful sights of the rivers between the archipelagos.

Just below the Typhoon's main docks, atop a smooth hill defined with wooden stairs sits a three-story building, on it a sign reading CAPRICORN TAVERN [ x, x ]. Once inside, one can find the main room filled with tables and chairs, similar to a restaurant, along with a wooden bar containing plenty of colorful drinks and kitchen behind it. This is where many crewmates go to unwind, enjoying the foods and drinks provided from the tavernkeepers. Going to the second floor of the tavern, there are more tables and chairs, however less than the first floor, providing a more quiet and intimate environment. Atop the third floor, sits many bunk beds for members to rest in.

Separated when the island split into its archipelago, below the tavern can be found a PIER [ x, x ], helping connect the largest points of separation in the archipelago, a river passing through barracuda bay and splitting to surround a smaller island holding the HIDDEN COLOSSEUM [ x, x ].

The pier surrounds both sides connecting to the main top part of the archipelago, as well as the bottom, two ports for both, sailboats sitting for others to use as well as a ferry to traverse members back and forth. If one chooses to land on the island containing the hidden Colosseum, they'll immediately be met with a steep incline in the jungles, several waterfalls found at the top. However, there is a secret sandy path leading behind the waterfalls, taking members into a huge cave where the Colosseum can be found. Small lava rivers can be found pulsating along the path, leading to the large stone structure under the mountain. This is where spars and fight trainings are primarily held within the Typhoon.

In the center of the most lush parts of the jungles, below the hidden Colosseum, the largest mountain upon the Typhoon's territory can be found. The mountain, in fact, is an active VOLCANO and is generally discouraged traveling up to unless the member is experienced with the archipelago's conditions already. The volcano contains several paths helping members scale it, however the paths stop several feet below where it opens up, warding crewmates away from the dangerous temperatures of the lava that sits within it. The ground still contains plenty of lush plants, however the ground is much rockier, and darker, especially as one gets closer to the top.

Upon one of the paths leading up the volcano, there is the Typhoon's JUNGLE TEMPLE [ x, x ], where necro mambas keep their herbal stores. The temple is made of stone and has many vines growing around and on it, coexisting with the plants that surround it naturally. Within the temple, there are many shelves where sages and soothsayers keep the herbs they collect for easy access. The room is filled with blankets and pillows for any potentially injured members to rest on, as well as proper beds for sages and soothsayers to sleep on if they choose to reside within the temple.

The Haven Island has never been a part of the territory the pirates have used for living, resources, or even events. Instead, this small set of three islands is used for one specific tradition unique to the Typhoon. It is to the most Northwest part of the territory, separated from the main archipelago and only accessible via boat. It reflects much of the main territory, with its rainforest and beaches, however is much more condensed, and remains mostly untouched, aside from the occasional night-long visit from the pirates.

To help further this belief in freedom and expression, the Typhoon offers three different major paths, known as divisions, for ranks, each with the potential to step up into a general quartermaster, and then captain position. These three divisions are labelled as the NECRO MAMBAS, the medical and scientific group, the GRIM RAYS, those focused on physicality and strategy, and the BLACKJACK RATS, crewmates who excel in community and public relations. Each crewmate is expected to choose their division when joining the Typhoon, or when growing from a beta. There is an option to be in more than one division, but every member should have a main division they are in.

To find out more about each division and who's in them, check out the division and mentorship program.

THE CAPTAIN [hp] — The highest position in the the Typhoon; the overseer of everything in the group. They are expected to understand the basics to each division as they are the ultimate head to each one. They are in charge of every decision made within the group. Their word is the law and they are referred as "Captain Name or Surname". Their main headquarters are within the bottom level of the Tempest, where they may invite their family to reside or live within the same rooms as past captains.
Captain Goldenluxury Roux — played by Reggan

THE QUARTERMASTER [hp] — The second in command and the equivalent of a deputy. They enforce the laws and may hold raids and events as well as accepting any alliance-based invitations or ideas from members of the clan. They assist and advise the Captain. Referred to as "Quartermaster Name". Their main headquarters is wherever they may choose to be.
Quartermaster TBA — played by TBA

THE SOOTHSAYER [hp] — Assistant deputy / the head of the Necro Mambas and the division overseer for it. They are the top healers that focus on strengthening the group through medicine. They are allowed to hold medical events as well as accepting any alliance-based invitations or smaller ideas from crewmates. They may also hold funerals as well as weddings. Referred to as "Soothsayer Name". They reside in the Jungle Temple.
Soothsayer TBA — played by TBA

THE SAGE [hp] — The apprentice of the Soothsayer. They are the healers in training that work alongside the Soothsayer and focus on strengthening the group through medicine. They are allowed to hold medical events as well as accepting any alliance-based invitations or smaller ideas from members of the clan. They may offer help with funerals and weddings. Referred to as "Sage Name". They reside in the treehouses closest to the Jungle Temple.
Sage Ahab — played by musey
Sage Roan — played by stilly

THE OFFICER [hp] — Assistant deputy / the head of the Grim Rays and the division overseer for it. They are the top battle strategists and fighters, experienced with weaponry and war-planning. They are allowed to hold battle training events as well as accepting invitations from alliances and small ideas from crewmates. They also are generally the best blacksmiths, ensuring each crewmate has a means of protecting themselves. Referred to as ''Officer Name". They reside in the Officer's Quarters of the ship, just above the captain's.
Officer TBA — played by TBA

THE DEALER [hp] — Assistant deputy / The head of the Blackjack Rats and the division overseer for it. They are the top social event planners as well as the closest connections to the outside world. They are allowed to create events for the groups and the alliances, accepting invitations from alliances, and small ideas from crewmates. They also are the finest spies. Referred to as "Dealer Name". They reside in the sky parlor/attic of the Tavern.
Dealer Keona — played by Misty

THE REAVERS [hp] — The highest role that one can achieve before deciding what their main division specialty will be to improve Typhoon as an assistant deputy. The reavers are known as members that have proven their worth many times and can be the general overseer of the lower ranks, creating mini-meetings to ensure that the lower ranks are doing their job. They may accept ally invitation for events and small ideas from crewmates as well as creating raids/attacks. They reside in wherever they choose to be.
Reaver Roxanne — played by TONI

THE PRIVATEERS [hp] — A rank given to those that have managed to remain active from their Striker position and have contributed enough to be considered an important part of the Typhoon. They are seen as the "senior" police/rescuers of the Typhoon. Just under the assistant deputy positions, they may accept events but must seek acceptance from higher positions for raids. They may reside wherever they choose to be.
Privateer Séamus — played by SPEK
Privateer Michael — played by stilly
Privateer Octane — played by Owlie

CREWMATES — The normal ranking of the members within the Typhoon (12 months and older are considered crewmates). They are expected to have chosen their primary division at this point.

BETAS — The equivalent of apprentices of the crew that is not fully prepared to choose between divisions They are free to explore on what they will focus their lives on and what apprenticeships they will take. (usually, around 6 to 11 months are considered betas).

MINNOWS — The youth (child) of the crew that one must ensure remains safe from all harm. (usually, around 1 to 5 months are considered minnows).

SEADOGS — The elders of the group that are released from their duties and allowed complete peace and freedom to relaxation.
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☠     THE TYPHOON     ☠
Much of the Typhoon's culture is shaped not only by the once popular bands of pirates that voyaged the seas, but also by the island they reside on and captains that lead them. The lives of the pirates constantly revolve around their bustling culture and traditions, quickly adopting any newcomers into such a lifestyle as well.

Following their culture and lifestyle, they have many traditions to celebrate their home and diversity.

  —  A mandated part of the pirates' culture is that they all, upon entry, have a CHARM EARRING made for them. There are exceptions to them being earrings, if a crewmate decides they wish to pierce somewhere other than their ears, or don't want a piercing at all, but it is encouraged generally that they are earrings.

When a new crewmate joins, or a minnow becomes a beta, they are to go to a blacksmith and have a golden hoop earring made for them. These earrings are used to hold the charms they receive from titles, display the mineral of their chosen division (quartz for the Necro Mambas, obsidian for the Grim Rays, and emerald for the Blackjack Rats), and allow them to show off any treasures they have.

  —  While the pirates do not enforce any specific religion, it is generally accepted that they are POLYTHEISMOS and more specifically, most follow the NORSE GODS.

  —  A big part of the Typhoon's culture revolves around its own members and their own skills that help further their group. Many will take on jobs and hobbies to assist in their development and everyday life. Some jobs can include BLACKSMITHS, one of the most important ones for the supplies of the crew, TAVERNKEEPERS, masters of the kitchens and mixology, TATTOO ARTISTS, providing their crew a lively and unique look, and even more.

  —  For each captain that lead, MINERAL SKULLS made by a blacksmith are used to represent each one and placed onto the throne in the Deep Sea Dome. The minerals are specific to each captain to show who they were. The process of placing a new skull brings forth a celebration of the old captain's efforts and the skull remains there to remind the crew to never forget their former leaders. If a mineral is to be repeated, then something different must be done with the skull, whether it be the shape, size, or anything else, to show the unique appreciation for each and every individual captain.

Current skulls created: A large aquamarine skull for Pincher Roux.

More than anything, the pirates believe in freedom, and as a result of this, they find as many ways to express it as possible. Conquering the seas using their own sailboats is a skill unique to the crewmates of the Typhoon, an essential art used not only to their advantage when fishing or traveling, but also in order to simply get around their own archipelago.

As an extent to this, the pirates have many traditions revolving their sailing and the sea.

  —  One of the most popular and most important traditions the pirates have is known as the ENTRANCE RITUAL. It is not required for joiners to go through, but it is heavily encouraged, and can even be done multiple times by individuals who have already completed it. The point of the ritual itself is to force oneself to face their inner most desires and/or demons and learn to let go and move forward for the sake of a greater life.

In order to begin the ritual, one must go to the tavern and ask for jungle juice. From that point, the individual will be sent to Haven Island to spend the night alone. Jungle juice gives the user very strong hallucinations, causing them to see very intense images, usually as either their greatest fears and/or greatest desires. The drink wears off by sunrise, and by that point the individual may return to the main archipelago and complete the ritual.

  —  Another important tradition for the pirate crew is known as the BLOOD DIVISION CEREMONY. It is the next step for betas to become true crewmates, as well as for regular crewmates unaffiliated with a division to officially choose.

At the rise of dawn the individual performing the ceremony is given a map from either their mentor or a high position that shows three X marks for three hidden treasures around the archipelago. The treasures are all uniquely crafted wooden charms that represent the three divisions of the Typhoon (quartz for the Necro Mambas, obsidian for the Grim Rays, and emerald for the Blackjack Rats).

Once each treasure has been found, the individual must climb to the top of the Typhoon's volcano and decide which two of three charms they will throw into the volcano, holding onto one to show the division they have chosen. Once the ceremony is complete, a small party is hosted by a high position or mentor to celebrate their accomplishment.

  —  When a crewmate dies, the pirates have their own tradition for FUNERAL ceremonies. The passed member will be wrapped in seaweed and placed onto a small boat decorated by their loved ones. On the beach, eulogies are given for the member and a final viewing of them is permitted before they are set out to sea on their boat, returning to the ocean as their final voyage.

  —  The pirates have a tradition of MAP MAKING, encouraging any crewmates to go out and create their own maps of both explored and unexplored lands to both further the pirate's understanding of the world as well as prove mastery in sailing. For quartermasters, this is a required part of their promotion, as they are sent out to leave on their sailboat with any company they may choose to take with them. Any crewmate who aids in completing this challenge is given the title of cartographer.

  —  Every summer, the Typhoon comes together to celebrate what is known as CALYPSO'S CARNIVAL. This celebration consists of three main events, as well as smaller in between ones, to recognize each three divisions of the crew.

At the midway point of June, the first event will be held, known as the festival of colors. The main gathering consists of the crew entering the Hidden Colosseum to have a fight using colorful powders and paint. Throughout the rest of the month until the end, more mini events celebrating the Grim Rays are held. Towards the beginning of July, the night of gathering is held, where crewmates may come together in the tavern, watch films, and share stories. Throughout the rest of July until the midway point, more mini events celebrating Blackjack Rats are held. Finally, at the midway of July, an event known as the sea of lanterns is held. Meant to encourage healing and good fortune, crewmates gather paper lanterns and decorate them with their wishes before sending them to sea, lighting up the sky. For the rest of the month, more mini events for Necro Mambas are held.

The Typhoon is aligned as a warbound group, allowing their members to go out and attack anyone they are not allied with. They are picky about who they ally, only seeking relationships where they know they will gain advantage from creating a deal with the other group. The pirates are prone to carrying grudges, and whenever they felt like they have been deal unfairly in a deal, they will retaliate until they get what they feel is fair. Any group they are not allied with is fair game to attack, however their enemy list specifically shows who their main focus is against and who they actively encourage retaliating against.

While the Typhoon is warbound, currently, they discourage captures due to their belief in freedom. Instead, they would rather either fight whatever it is that's against them, or get the job done by killing it entirely. If they wish to get specific information on enemies, then they are more likely to send out spies than to capture and torture.

  —  Tanglewood
  —  Elysium, anyone else not listed
  —  The Pitt

While the Typhoon has a strong belief in freedom and allowing their members to express themselves, they still do have specific rules enforced each member is expected to follow. Members are generally held to a three-strike system, and by the third strike, they are exiled. There are exceptions, however, depending on the severity of the crimes.

  —  The Captain's word is law.
  —  Respect and obey higher positions. If there is abuse of power, it should be reported to the Captain for further investigation.
  —  Any harm (including: attack, capture, torture, etc.) towards members or allied groups is prohibited.
  —  Joiners are automatically accepted unless deemed hostile, giving freedom for members to attack and kill on sight.
  —  Members of the group are free to be members of allied groups but members of enemy clans are prohibited.
  —  Mutiny is not allowed unless with given reason.
  —  Do not betray or share secrets to anyone outside of the Typhoon.
  —  If a fight is to be commenced, contact a privateer or a higher position to supervise the fight.
  —  All BoB rules apply.

Caesar Cipher, Argus Motem-Grimm, Stryker
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feel free to post tracks! official territory change not happening until the 5th at the earliest.
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.⋆*⋆ Harry, I have no idea where this will lead us but, I have
a definite feeling it will be a place both wonderful and strange.
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tracking with this account rq
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