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the finches — beck siblings adoption
« on: April 04, 2020, 02:23:29 PM »
     last night i posted in the main discord server asking if there would be any interest in roleplaying a blood-related beck sibling and with all the volunteers, i wanted to make an official thread for us to reference while we construct this reunited family

here's the basic information
— six older siblings, three sisters and three brothers, in order from oldest to youngest before beck: florence, ambrose, margery, bridget, matthew, tobias
— middle names all biblical
— surname finch (beck changed his surname to fisher)
— mother named thomasin and father named christopher
— lived around where germany is today
— alleged family curse where they all died young
— birth language hungarian, but english is known, along with other languages they would have learned
— european mutts of germanic, slavic, and celtic descent
— can be any animal, preferably unique
— can either be a ghost, a possession, or a reincarnation
— childhood on a family-run farm, with daily chores as they aged. the boys were taught to hunt and work while the girls were taught to craft and cook
— beck was abandoned by thomasin at the age of three, due to an excess of children. the older siblings all know him and each other, but he has been unaware of them personally beyond their vague existence
— will go to tanglewood to be with beck

family timeline
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will be updated as info is added
— 1481: florence born
— 1482: ambrose born
— 1483: margery born
— 1484: bridget born
— 1485: matthew born
— 1486: tobias born
— 1487: beck born
— 1490: beck abandoned due to inability to support seven children
— 1500: beck dies of blood loss
— 1501: tobias dies of blood loss
— 1502: thomasin dies of tuberculosis
— 1508: christopher dies of blunt force trauma
— 1512: ambrose dies of unknown causes

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for their former human appearances, should translate to their animal forms

— brown hair (75%) or red hair (25%)
— fair complexion, sometimes with freckles (25%)
— brown eyes (50%) or hazel eyes (25%) or blue eyes (25%)
— straight hair (60%) or wavy hair (40%)
— taller than average (65%)
— lean and lanky build (50%) or athletic build (50%)
— schizophrenia (10%)
— predisposition to mental illness (65%)

— historical accuracy. if help researching is needed, don't be afraid to ask!
— must be active. if you would like to drop your character, notify me and i will rehome them
— besides what's above, their characters are entirely up to you

florence played by grimm
ambrose played by kingly
margery played by felibri
bridget played by
matthew played by dragon
tobias played by kenneth

Code: [Select]
important dates, including death:
personality traits:
additional info:
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— site bastard
pixel headshots
— matching w/ fluffy

beck / isaac / nikolai
merriam / reynauld / benji / simon

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Re: the finches — beck siblings adoption
« Reply #1 on: April 04, 2020, 02:52:00 PM »
name: tobias
age: 15 at death, 500+ currently
important dates, including death:
- birth, october 9th, 1486
- death june 18th, 1501
appearance: large white stag with white moss growing on antlers, with all sorts of little creatures living in the antlers
personality traits: not decided
additional info: n/a
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Re: the finches — beck siblings adoption
« Reply #2 on: April 04, 2020, 02:57:49 PM »
name: ambrose
age: 30 upon death human, probably 15 animal
important dates, including death: Feb 14. 1512
appearance: black bear
brown hair
fair complexion with freckles
brown eyes
wavy hair
taller than average
athletic build
personality traits: mischievous, up to no good
additional info: thinkin' adhd

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Re: the finches — beck siblings adoption
« Reply #3 on: April 04, 2020, 08:25:10 PM »
name: bridget chloe finch
age: around late twenties at death, around 500+ in age, her current body will probably be a bit younger
important dates, including death:
- birth : july 18, 1484
- death : someday in late november, 1511. found a number of days later.
appearance: peregrine falcon. perhaps a bit browner in tone on her underfeathers, but keeps the typical look of black on her backside. her eyes are not the typical yellow of peregrines, but instead hazel eyed, leaning on the browner side.
personality traits: probably very proper and put-together. she's not so proper to be ice cold, but in the face of danger she's calm and a thinker. she, can, loosen up at times, but it's rare.
additional info: has hallucinations / 'visions' often
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