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« on: March 25, 2020, 12:06:04 AM »
They've been laying low for the most part.

Most who'd seen them from their joining, or from a quiet wander around the territory could guess perhaps it was because of their healing burns, which were mostly scarred over by now. Or maybe it was due to the fact they seemed to be alone - maybe they just needed some help getting connected in the community, still being a child. If others asked them, they would give them something along those lines. Oh, it was just hard to fit in. Oh, they just miss their dad. Oh, their burns were hurting. Those all seemed reasonable enough to come from the young lion, and they weren't all entirely lies. Though, the truth remained in their bag that remained always sealed at their side. None may see the contents of what was in it. If they had, it may become all too obvious what those burns were for, what the child had done.

Thankfully, no one's been nosy thus far. And, they're beginning to think...maybe it was safe to show their face a bit more, interact more with the society they've placed themself in. Their father would want that. Maybe they could try having friends. Ones they could physically see, touch, sense. Not the ones that'd instructed them to do as they'd done, spoke to them when they were lonely, like imaginary friends.

What would be the best way to go about this, though? They weren't really sure. For now...they'd simply settle on remaining in the camp...hoping someone would come to them. Perhaps not the greatest plan, but for the time being it was the best idea they had.
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« Reply #1 on: March 25, 2020, 07:51:06 PM »
[ age mover of the oblivions ]

Clony was quite new to this land. It was still getting used to the lack of machines, of editions of itself being slaughtered right before their very eyes. Poofed into sad tufts of fur, life snuffed out in a moments notice. Clony hadn't done a lot of exploring, mostly due to having a new body. A new body that allowed for a greater range of movement. Especially on the ground! It was still difficult, yes, but it had far more control over the speed it administered during movement. A creature like Clony didn't really get friends, back where it hailed from. It was a discarded piece of trash. Nothing really would talk to a piece of trash. Nasty and disgusting were all terms to be associated with Clony's kind. Did it even have a kind? It wasn't really of any importance. It had been getting a better grasp of their new movement capabilities, getting used to the new bending requirement that their wings used to fly. Curling the limbs was hard work, but it certainly was managing.

Noticing someone just sitting on their lonesome wasn't a new concept to Clony. Back where it hailed from it was common to see the natural inhabitants sitting around and resting in the brief places of calm, where machines laid dormant and weren't in the process of skinning and slaying. However, this was a new location. It lifted Clony's curiosity, and the fluffy bat began to flutter over. The landing was rough - bats weren't really meant to be toddling around like a loopy toddler. It resulted with Clony mostly flopping on their fluffy chest, its head then popping upright. "Hey," they chattered with mental reach, ears raising up to form an attentive state. "What are you up to..? Anything fun?" It then added on, to make the question seem a little less pressing.

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✧ Clony | Cloni
✧ physically easy, mentally hard
✧ nonbinary | it/its/they/their
✧ clan/group | rank

✧ melanistic giant golden-crowned flying fox (ref.) | health: 100% | current body
— Clony is a giant golden-crowned flying fox with a melanistic pelt. It has grey rings around its eyes, and large floppy ears. Clony's webbed wings are mutated to be feathered, with fingers and long thumbs hidden. Clony has excessive fur covering most of its body, only ending just above the knees. Clony has glowing white eyes, where its pupils blend into the rest of their pearl like appearance.
— blood is white
— no accessories
— no current injuries

✧ curious, ambivalent
✧ consistent, cautious
✧ unrelenting loathing for certain items and colors, hostile

✧ no parents | created
✧ no family name
✧ aromantic asexual | single/not looking

✧ physically easy | mentally hard| mental communication, elasticity
✧ will start and end fights, easy provoke | will kill
✧ allowed to powerplay peaceful actions | attack in bolded #879191 | mention @﹝ CLONY ﹞

✧ based off the Clones from Frogmind's Badland
✧ Clones in Badland are time, size, and form altering creatures created by an evil called the Red Eye Association. The Red Eyes realize that the Clones are dangerous and discard them in the trash. The Clones traverse the Badlands to try and take down the Red Eye Association. They are halted briefly, but return years later after the Badlands have overgrown. This time the Red Eye Association is better prepared. The Clones are chased and killed down to their last member, who hides away in the last place where non-mechanized life is sustainable. BoB Clony arrives by the Nest Transport sending them off to another universe to regroup and learn new ways to deal with the evils of the Red Eyes.
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« Reply #2 on: March 26, 2020, 09:34:37 PM »
  Rin had occasionally thought to ask Aleifr how he had come by the burns on his skin, as they seemed electrical in nature, but she had ultimately decided not to. It was entirely possible he'd been attacked by something, and that recalling the memory would cause an emotional breakdown. Someday it might become pertinent to ask anyway, but she'd give him time to recover before she pried.

  At least, his burns seemed to be healing well enough. Approaching Aleifr after Clony, Rin let her gaze wander between the two of them, before landing on Aleifr. Tilting her head, she let Clony ask their question, then chimed in, "Are you feeling any pain?" She'd been meaning to check on him earlier, but he seemed okay for now.

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Warringkingdoms Kepler-Langley
 • aka "Rin"
 • this isn't the name she was born with, but she's keeping it
Magna of Elysium
 • held the Pisces title while part of The Ascendants
 • former cleric of The Ascendants
npc x npc
57 months old
 • ages on the 11th of every month
• base form is a black-and-white bicolor Norwegian Forest Cat with green eyes
 • has three green streaks running horizontally on both cheeks, and one green stripe on each front leg, still doesn't know why
 • wears a green scarf with multiple tears in the fabric
 • has scars from arrow wound on right front leg and right shoulder, as well as burn scars on her left shoulder, right side, and tail tip, bite marks on her left front and back legs, and claw marks on her face, neck, and chest
 • is missing her lower left canine tooth
• has also appeared in other bodies, current form will be specified in battle posts
• powers:
 • telekinesis - proficient in, hasn't mastered (usually takes 5% of reserves per use)
 • conjuration - proficient in, hasn't mastered (usually takes 5% of reserves per use)
 • shapeshifting - not proficient in (currently having difficulty using on command)
 • fire elementals - not proficient in (currently having difficulty using on command)
 • health transfer - undiscovered
 • water elementals - undiscovered
 • clairvoyance - semi-discovered, not proficient in
• starts every thread with 100% reserves
physical difficulty: medium-hard
mental difficulty: hard
• used to have retrograde amnesia due to a head injury; has recovered her memories, but prefers not to think about them
• has a persona named Nemhain, who she has a mental bond with
single, not looking
recent events:
 • fought off the Captain
 • was threatened by the Skyborne
 • suffered two "detachment" episodes- the first after witnessing a double murder, the second after seeing Tena's injuries
 • completed a memorial for the Ascendants, was visited by Bastilleprisoner
• PM @Verdigris to plot


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