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« on: February 19, 2020, 09:36:31 PM »
Abduction isn't a misdeed unknown to the Pitt. The desert/rainforest-bound group held a history composed of blood belonging to torture victims, sufferers of murder, and those duped into being kidnapped. A lineage of leaders, all of whom possessed a pervasive predilection for barbarity and sadism, had ordained their underlings time and time again to commit vile atrocities, and these atrocities were perpetrated so frequently that they became rooted in the Pitt's very traditions. Senseless carnage and crimes of horrible nature would become the norm, to the point where the inhabitants within in the blood hungry tribe became completely unfazed by the dreadful occurrences that transpired around them on a daily basis.

Other groups did not go about the Pittian's felonies in an unfazed manner, though. Speaking for everyone never garnered accurate results, but it was thoroughly safe to say that all creatures living on the island held some contempt for those bastards. Everybody knew someone who'd been harmed by the faction's treacherous grasp. In a hypothetical scenario in which the Pittians hated themselves as well, Leroy wouldn't exhibit the slightest shred of surprise if he learnt became aware of it. Those unlucky fucks lived in a literal shithole, one that, if not the outsiders wanting them all strung by their necks, would soon prove to be the end of them all. The only hope they truly had was Kydobi, the jaguar who Goldenluxury Roux saw as most fitting for the title of Ardent. Though, unbeknownst to them or not, Kydobi failed them, for he failed to keep his group well behaved - in spite of its dwindling population.

Moth, one of Tanglewood's medics, pregnant with Selby Roux's children, fell victim to yet another incident of seizure wreaked by a Pittian. The knowledge of the culprit's origins wouldn't have been uncovered if it were not for Moth's rescuer. The fact that the she-cat had been saved by one of Kydobi's own ushered waves of realization into the general's brain. Perhaps, not everyone living there bore evil thoughts, in lieu of their violent atmosphere. Perhaps, not everyone deserved to be slaughtered in the way in which he had originally envisioned for them. Perhaps, they deserved a chance today.

Within the first hour of Moth's return, Leroy ordered his high positions and semi-high positions to wrangle every Tangler in sight so that they could mobilize at the lake within Tanglewood's territory. There, once all had arrived, he informed them of the plan. Everyone was to traverse to the Pitt in one vast amalgam, with Beck and Kiira stopping halfway so that they could establish a medical post if anything went wrong; Moth was given the luxury of a choice, as she had been permitted to either stay in the territory, tag along with Beck and Kiira, or join her comrades promenading in the Pitt's direction. Everyone else, however, was expected to accompany the assemblage of Tanglers - regardless of fighting experience. To be candid, the wolfhound did not expect to clash tonight. He knew that his tribe had a population that triumphed their enemies by an enormous threshold, and if necessary, could easily crush any resistance should it arise. But for now, everyone's role was to act menacing. No fighting would be necessary if their enemies were intimidated into listening. In the case of push coming to shove, though, Leroy would give the order to eradicate their enemies.

The territory was all too familiar too him. He'd been here on numerous an occasion, and knew where all the action could be found. "KYDOBI!" he bellows, his voice brimmed with confidence born from his comrades' presence. "I'VE GOT SOME DEMANDS FOR YA! AND IF YOU'RE THE LEAST BIT SMART, YOU'LL LISTEN TO 'EM!"

so does anybody know if help is on the way?
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« Reply #1 on: February 19, 2020, 10:51:03 PM »
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"Thunder, Instead"
Moth wasn't close to Snarl. Not terribly close - but the feline was still a Tanglewooder. Still one of the hyena's clan. Harm unto her? Absolutely and completely unacceptable. She would not let it stand. The Pitt would get what they fucking deserved.
This wasn't their first offense. She'd heard others. She'd witnessed Kydobi trespass, threaten their clan before being appointed as leader. They overstepped their boundaries, tugged on their leash. They haven't stopped. They won't stop. They needed to be taught their place. Learn what's good for them before there's no one left to learn. Before they were rightfully eradicated off the face of this island. Before they got what they fucking deserve.
Snarl stood close behind Leroy. Though the trip, she'd hounded the back, nipping at heels - making sure no one strayed behind. But now, she was up front. Her lack of rank didn't matter - she was among Tanglewood's few good combatants. What she lacked in magical power she made up for in physical power and constitution - and the hyena looked the part, covered in ragged scars and burns. She stood tall, head and tail raised, ready for whatever came. Staring into the distance, towards the Pitt's excuse for a clan.

She didn't yet speak, just filtered a look over her face. Cold. Bitter. Keept potent rage from dripping down her expression. As much as she longed to rip this place, it's inhabitants, whoever fucking stole Moth to shreds,
she couldn't. She had orders. The worst kind. Normally - not much would stop her from getting what she wanted, giving what this barren desert deserves. But those softer were here. Roy. Feza. People who couldn't find, people who they'd have to headcount. People who they'd have to protect. She couldn't. And it made her sick.

So she stood. Stared down. Would lock eyes on Kydobi, when he finally deigned to show up. Wouldn't let them leave, would scarcely blink. Play the part of bodyguard - a protector.


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« Reply #2 on: February 19, 2020, 11:55:28 PM »
Had she known what this was about, Sweeney probably would have chosen to stay behind until someone else had showed up, someone older and someone more in gear to be able to deal with something like this. But for all she knew, this was a band of joiners that she could try and boss around, joiners that smelled a lot like swamp and knew Kydobi's name, but joiners nonetheless. "Mr. Kydoobi isn't around any longer, and I'm in charge." The child would lie, something obvious by her demeanor and the way she stumbled over the words - not to mention her age alone would deter anyone form believing that - "A-and if you're here to join, there's too many of you! Go away and come back maybe three at a time at most... it'll be too hard to talk to you this way." She would look over to Leroy, tail fluffed up and ears pricked, trying to look her most threatening, but, instead, looking more like a q-tip with legs.
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« Reply #3 on: February 20, 2020, 12:53:27 AM »
Tanglewood.  Singularly alone, without their pirate allies -- in full number nonetheless.  War hardened the heart, mind and soul; the intimidation the swamp dwellers intended simply hit an indifferent wall as the vulpine padded forward.  Numbers always failed to move him.

His hazel eyes glinted, apathetically towards leader -- a canine different from the cat he recalled setting their jungle aflame, endangering, frightening, his only living child. 

A child, who was not Sweeny Callahan who he offered a hard, blank stare to.  "Go to camp, Sweeny or be quiet.  These Tanglers are not here to join."

Regardless of obedience or insolence, Gael's attention swiftly returned proper.  Legitimate curiosity brought his head to a bare incline.  The Tanglers failed to frighten him, but the faerie saw them as a threat to his daughter nonetheless. Injury could be inflected without physical attack -- she associated the swamp dwellers with her greatest fear; fire.

For that, he despised them.

"I suspect there is reason for this," he inquired absently, ear flicking.  Anger must have been incited from something -- he failed to see an obvious causation for such a show of force.  The origin must have occurred behind his back.
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« Reply #4 on: February 20, 2020, 01:47:36 AM »
In the past, The Pitt had wronged Tanglewood, as well as Aurum in particular, in a great many ways. They had injured his body, forced his poor ex boyfriend into their cruel ways, and had taken more people that he cared about than he could even list. So many faces had disappeared from his life at some point because of them, and he was always full of wild, untamed fury when it happened. He was not one to be wronged. He was an angel, and an angel of vengeance at that. He wasn't exactly the one that you wanted vowing to hunt you down forever. Yet still, things had only become worse and worse for them, and for a brief moment he had even thought that perhaps they had changed. He hadn't thought for a moment that Kydobi would be a good ardent – he had killed the other once for a reason, after all – but he tried to trust Goldie's judgement, and at least give them a chance. However, that chance had been wasted on them, and once again they had taken someone he loved. Not just anybody he loved, but his sister. One of the people in his life whom he cared about the most, and whom he would set the entire world on fire for. They had thought it was bad when they had taken Roy, when he had come charging in, aflame and ready to dole put sweet, sweet justice? They had only seem the beginning then. Hell, the only reason they weren't already all on fire and screeching in agony was because Leroy had said they were just going to talk. For now.

Aurum's body was practically trembling as he came up beside Leroy, the proxy's one blue eye gleaming with rage and focus. His wings were outstretched wide, the golden and red colors of the sunset clashing against the background of the Pitt's territory. His body was screaming at him to charge forward. To leap into the fray and leave questions for later, but he knew that wasn't the plan here. That was only a last resort if they put up a fight – a last resort that would more than likely end in the Pitt's total extermination, if they weren't careful. The lion could feel the wisps of flames upon his feathers, dancing back and forth in a motion on the outside that reflected the flames of fury within. He supposed he should just be glad he wasn't leaking lava from the mouth again. His gaze darted towards Sweeney as he spoke, immediately recognizing her as one of Jervis's children from his execution. When she spoke, it became even more so apparent that Jervis was her father. He shook his head a little, silently disappointed that his poor children were saddled with the burden of their father's genes, and his legacy. They'd more than likely be tainted forever, right from the beginning. It was after her little outburst that Gael spoke, and Aurum's eyes focused upon Aine's father, his form only tensing further when the fox finished. How dare he sound so damn calm and casual about everything? Acting as if he didn't fucking know why they were here? Aurum practically spat, the flames on his wings growing in size before shrinking back down again, "You're damn fucking right there's a reason for this." He would leave the actual explanation for Leroy, but he was just so angry that Gael could dare to feign ignorance.
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« Reply #5 on: February 20, 2020, 08:38:38 AM »
Politics were, admittedly, not one of his stronger suits. Not in the way that sight escaped him, but more in the way that he didn't understand the nuances, the fine details that made up any politician's decision making. This, then, was one of those precious learning experiences for him - and he was a very, very fast learner.

He knew little of the specifics, but he did know that Moth had been captured and Tanglewood was marching on the Pitt (who had presumably been behind the capture - would be a bit strange for them to flaunt power against those who hadn't wrong them, from his understanding of Tangler behavior) in order to negotiate... something. Really, he was here for the learning experience, and to help out should negotiation turn to combat. Adrenaline coursed through his blood, and his blood coursed through his body in turn, pushing him forwards, until he came to a stop besides Aurum.

Aurum, who was bristling, a ticking timebomb, ready to detonate at whatever point certain key words were said. He could feel the tension in the lion's muscles from beside him - frankly, it was disconcerting. Abathur hadn't witnessed such anger from him when he could witness things, nor when he was forced to rely on touch alone. All he knew of the lion was his fierce loyalty and his general friendliness to those around him. A kind heart, for whatever that was worth - but perhaps his assessment was wrong. He reached out one of his legs to touch the side of the lion, in an echo of something Aurum had done for him once - he hoped to ground him, keep him just a little bit calmer, extend that fuse which was so helplessly burning away, threatening the peace talks.

After that small interaction, he took a few steps forward, prodding at the ground a few times to fully assess the Pittians that were assembled. It was a sparse crowd, if you could call a duo a crowd. One presumably adult, from his voice, the spread of his limbs, the cool pulse of his heartbeat through his veins, the other a child, addled by a fear he could not tell the cause of. A very sparse showing. He didn't know either of them, but he had a guess as to the adult - who else would speak from such a place of relative tranquility than the man whose name was being thrown around, the new leader of the Pitt? He was wrong, of course, but that was where his assessments led him, even if he was incorrect. As Aurum spread his wings, so too did Abathur spread his legs just a little bit, standing taller, flicking his chelicarae as if hungering to bite into someone, to spread his venom - a mere intimidation, but hopefully it would do the trick.
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« Reply #6 on: February 20, 2020, 01:33:03 PM »
I'll come back when you call me
Aine might've turned tail the second she caught the smell.  Swamp.  Tanglewood.  Tanglewood... Fire.  Aurum.  Fire.  Yet her hazel hues, flecked with gold, caught her father.  Standing his ground.  Alone.  With only Sweeny.  The Tanglers looked mad too.

The petite vixen quickly slid to her father's side, sinking low to the ground defensively at the sight of Aurum.  It was always Aurum.  All she had here was sand.  Sand everywhere.  Not vines.  Could she still control the sand? Da can blow out fires... He can... He can stop... Any fire.  She swallows a lump back in her throat.  "Da? Cad a rinne muid?An féidir leat a dhéanamh orthu dul ar shiúl?"

Hadn't they been bullied enough?  Jervis was gone.  Who could've done something to make the Tanglers mad again?  She didn't understand.
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« Reply #7 on: February 20, 2020, 06:59:49 PM »
How adorable. A child was saying they were the leader. Raymond couldn't help but wince at the thought of The Pitt being ran by an incessantly annoying kid. For a uptight clan, even that would be ridiculous. Then again, they already had a childish fox by the name of Jervis leading their shithole. Perhaps even a literal child could lead better than that cunt.

Thankfully another emerged. Another fox. Was this a vulpine cult? Had the Callahan's truly succeeded? Little did he know, there was another big family out there who specialized in procreating foxes. Even so, he swayed away from that topic. Instead Raymond focused merely on their response. Telling off Sweeney was wise and their implication of something being wrong was correct. Despite Aurum's willingness to talk, the panther was surprised he didn't answer Gael. Sure, he 'answered', but there was nothing but blandness. The Pitt needed to know why they were attacking, not just that they were aimlessly attacking.

Raymond chose to keep his trap shut as he arrived though. There was nothing he could say in memoriam of Moth, as he did not know her very well. Instead he stood tall and awaited Kydobi's presence. The fellow panther had to show up sometime...
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« Reply #8 on: February 20, 2020, 10:29:45 PM »

[OOC: ]

Kydobi really couldn’t have been farther from where the Tanglers had decided to gather. Preoccupied with his thoughts and mundane tasks, the Leroy showing up was so far from his mind. So far.

But he had always been aware of his surroundings. For some reason his name had power, it snatched his attention. So no matter the distance, he would hear someone holler his name.

Leroy was no exception, hearing his name screamed with so much anger nearly yanked his neck. He jerked it up and ears perked, head swiveling to search for the direction. Meanwhile his heart was thundering, minority panicking.

Not again.

Not again.

Not again.

It had been a moment since he had terrible flashbacks but the chaos of it all rushed into him and he lurched forward trying to catch his breath. But he couldn’t. People were going to die again. People are going to die again. People are going to die despite his efforts to make some sense of peace and normalcy.

He would stand there frozen for a moment before he gathered himself. There was no screams... focusing on the noises around him and on the distance he heard no signs of struggle. But he did hear Aurum yelling at someone. That was a voice he couldn’t forget. Thankfully, fear and dread was replaced with a nonchalant disgust and loathing. Not this man again. Really, he was tired of Aurum. Tired of Leroy. But especially Aurum.

Tired of them all.

If they wanted to harm us they would’ve by now, he would tell himself. They didn’t have as much nobility as they all thought. This would slow the thundering of his heart but it did not quiet the roar of anxiety in his ears.

Quickly he would head toward the gathering smells of Pitt and Tangle. The overbearing stench of swamp allowed Kydobi to guess there was a sizable number of Tanglers. Of course there was, but Kydobi wouldn’t let them intimidate him. And Leroy? Hollering about Kydobi listening to his demands? That nearly made the jaguar laugh. The fool should know that even the most stern command was nothing but a mere suggestion to someone who refused to bend.

Truth be told he was tired of Tanglewood thinking they could bully the Pitt. Kydobi tried to stay out the way and let hostility die down but it seemed fate had other ideas.

The most annoying thing was that Kydobi couldn’t fathom why Leroy bothered trekking a large sum if not all of his group through the desert. Really, what could’ve caused this?

He could see them through the dense foliage, just spots of faces and pelts through the smallest gaps between leaves. Of course, it was all of them. Of course. Kydobi held back a snort. He would close his eyes and slow his breath. Shoving the storm of emotions deep down in his body. He wouldn’t forget it, no. It always came out sooner than later when he was alone.

But never around others and he would be damned before he let Tanglewood know how much stress and trauma they caused him. There was people to protect. Eyes focused on Aine and.. damn Sweeney looking bold as ever. The way Aine pressed against Gael hardened his gaze. Such terror...

 He would destroy Tangle for sure. Yet this took time. A lot of time. The period from Jervis death to now was not even near enough to what was needed. Time to gather numbers. Strengthen bonds. Heal the land. Mostly heal the people.

But the rug of security was yanked from under Kydobi. He would adapt and survive, he always did. Just nowadays he had to look after more than just his self.

Finally having gained his full composure Kydobi would emerge from the thick foliage. A shadow breaking apart from the mass of darkness. His head held high and posture at its signature regal stance. A handsome face would be stoic as ever perhaps even bored. Because he was bored. This was beginning to become stale. These games of argue and attack were old and the Ardent was done. Their poor attempts to terrify were outdated. These people would not evoke fear.

That was done.

His demeanor was calm and nonchalant despite his brief panic attack. Even though he had shoved them to the side, Kydobi couldn’t forget how he truly felt. The emotions were far from the front of his mind but he was constantly aware of them sitting in his gut. The only indicator of his rage, hate, and fear was his glowing eyes of molten. That was it only. pride would not let him show it and he wasn’t being so calm for just himself or just to piss of Tanglewood. No, he was being calm for his people. To show them that they didn’t have to worry.

As he neared he would slowly pad over to Gael and Aine and dip his head in greetings.

“Do not worry Aine. Things will be fine.”, because already he was deciding plans to murder Leroy. Eradicate the threat the resided in the swamp. This would not do at all. This attempt at peace... failed. Unless Leroy has intentions of discussing neutrality but from the looks of it that was far off.

“Sweeney. Stand by Gael or go back to camp. Now.”, his voice lead no room for complaint or negotiation. That was a cold and straight order.

Finally his eyes rested on Leroy, “You Tanglers do love your shows.”, he would tilt his powerful head to the left, looking at Leroy in the manner of a mother amused but disappointed at her child, “What is all this about?”


“Oh lord please dont let me be misunderstood..”
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« Reply #9 on: February 20, 2020, 10:53:34 PM »
Caustic had yet to familiarize himself with the other clans, but Octavio's arrival and his transcription of the surrounding area had filled him in on the details. The return of Octavio to his side had been a welcome one, with its draw backs. Staring at Octavio's face for too long was dysphoric, as his metaphorical mask would glitch away into his piercing-filled face, replacing just as quickly with the cheetah's tear-marked eyes.
Hunger panged at him, green eyes glancing to the various piles of blood leftover from his hoarded prey, and eaten by that annoying wolverine. The cave was too cold for Octavio, the cheetah stuck too close to his side for the warmth. The wound on Octavio's shoulder was closing somewhat nicely, a complete accident as his part. The cheetah had spent the last days doped out on venom, and the wolf was intrigued by all the possibilities. He had patched the wound, but he would need to replace the wrappings soon. Caustic wasn't a fan of the constant contact, and he wanted Octavio to get away for just a few moments so he could work-
He looked over to the portal maker on his "desk" (a flat rock near the wall), and the sharp rocks he was already attempting to use as tools. He wanted to get out of here.
A parade of footsteps went over his head, the sounds of voices and smells of a swamp coming from the outside. Perhaps, it was inevitable for another group to arrive. He couldn't imagine why, though. Had the Pitt done something to gain the ire from another group? Perhaps, he would think on it later though-

Octavio stared at him with wide eyes, ears tilted back, already standing. Caustic was familiar with that look, a quick glance of assurance and an understanding that they needed to escape.

"Caustic, we gotta go."

He watched the cheetah move, scrambling to grab the portal maker, and Caustic moved to assist him, strapping Octavio's pouches to him and clasping his harness. Caustic took one of the pouches for himself, carefully placing the chemicals from his desk inside. The wolf placed his dog brush, Razer, scissors, and voice recorder in the cheetah's pouch. He looked across the cave, then back to Octavio, giving him a nod and turning to leave. The wolf moved ahead, taking the lead in the tunnels as they moved towards the outskirts of the territory, safely travelling to escape underground.
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« Reply #10 on: February 20, 2020, 11:00:48 PM »
Octane wanted to get his rey out of here as soon as possible. While Caustic didn’t look awful at first sight, closer inspection revealed deterioration. The wolf’s thick fur hid lost weight, and his eyes were full of exhaustion and hunger. He could see these things in the way Caustic coughed just a little more often, how his paws moved at a sluggish pace and he reacted slower than ever. A Caustic bothered by weakness and unfamiliarity, and Octane wondered every now and then if trapping the scientist here was the best decision for Caustic. The wolf didn’t want to be here, but at least they were alone, away from all the fans, the games, the cameras.

Octane wanted Caustic’s laser focus to be on him, that obsession he was so fond of and the brutal grip of his lover. Caustic was soft in the stomach but cruel in the heart, danger and brutality always on tap and it drove Octane loco. Vulnerability was not Caustic’s brand, far from it. Being here brought the worst out in Caustic, therefore, Octane needed to get him out of here.
Octane couldn’t stand being here another fucking minute. They needed to escape, move Caustic closer, closer to him, he just needed the right opportunity. He needed to get Caustic somewhere with better weather, better food, and better access to equipment. Tanglewood would be perfect, he just needed to get Caustic to leave.

"Caustic, we gotta go."

Octane’s claws sunk into the harness, strapping on the portal maker and clicking it into place. He closed the clasps with his teeth, putting on the canteen and pouch. Caustic was, ever so painfully, slowly, putting the chemical vials into his own pouch, between tufts of monkey skin. Caustic zipped open the fanny pack strapped to the cheetah's side, placing the dog brush, razer, scissors, and voice recorder inside.

Octane took a step, being cautious of his wound, and followed Caustic through the caves.
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« Reply #11 on: February 21, 2020, 12:17:51 PM »
In no time flat whatsoever, Pittians of all sorts came cascading into the fray. A large percentage of them appeared to be caught in a state of swivel-eyedness, especially the little tyke who rashly claimed leadership. Cute. One new aspect of the locals which he immediately recognized was their apparent lack of paramount hostility. This birthed the theory that Kydobi had possibly softened the desert dwellers up a tad, an idea that the wolfhound found appealing. If the jaguar actually taught his associates anything, though, it was how to be as clueless and crude as him. Both a fox and Kydobi himself had the balls to inquire the reason behind their enemies' occupancy - a move that nearly brought forth a disgusted chuckle.

If these buffoons were truly that feeble-minded, then the general would make sure to make his intentions and the logic behind them as clear as crystal.

The tall canine pivots his noggin to face Aurum, whom he shoots a confident nod in the direction of, before doing the same to Raymond and Snarl, two other prominent Tanglers at the current moment. Then, he hacks his throat in a raspy manner, clearing it of the phlegm infesting its interior, so that he may speak comfortably.  "Now!" Leroy asserts vibrantly, albeit the tone of his voice somewhat softer than before, "ya may find it hypocritical for us to be in your home after I made a whole fuss about your little stint to our border, Kydobi - but you better believe I got a good fuckin' reason to be here today." Chocolate hues burnt their gaze onto the ardent's figure, though the speaker's message was moreso directed at the group's entirety.

He continues. "If ya actually dunno why we're here, I'mma put it into simple wordin' for ya. Moth is one of our medics. She is expecting children in the next month. One of your people took Moth and imprisoned her. We know it was one of yours who took her, 'cause one of yours went ahead and kindly returned her. Gas mask fellow. You have HIM to thank for us sparin' your asses from an actual raid."

The male's talking subsides, allowing him to refuel his lungs for a brief moment. Giving spiels was something this body still had to get adjusted to. "Like I said," his slick voice punctuates abruptly, "I got some demands I want ya to adhere to. They ain't too strict, and you'll listen to 'em if ya wanna avoid gettin' this place razed to the ground courtesy of us AND The Typhoon." The closing threat was not one falsely made. He was aware of Goldenluxury's interest in quelling the Pitt's existence, and should a good reason to do so ever arise, he could count on her to get the job done.

"Firstly, I want'cha to start punishin' the folks who do wrong around here - startin' with whoever nabbed Moth. Jail 'em. Throw 'em out. Kill 'em, for all I care. Just make sure the fellas who do bad shit get what they deserve."

"Secondly, I want ya to make it known to all future joiners that this place ain't safe, and by livin' here, they're only paintin' huge targets on their backs." He pauses, yet only briefly. "Actually, that goes for everyone here. By stayin' in the Pitt, you are willin'ly associatin' yourself with treachery and malice, and will not be met with hesitancy if another raid ever occurs. That being said, from this moment forth, all Pittian deserters will be allowed into Tanglewood - if they can prove themselves innocent of committin' misdeeds."

That last part hadn't been discussed with his comrades, but he held faith in his heart that they'd understand where he came from. The Pitt was one of many groups on the island, and associating yourself with them whilst not knowing of their violent past came as a common mistake. Hopefully, with this warning and offer, that mistake would be totally prevented from occurring again.

so does anybody know if help is on the way?
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The swamp people were here. He could tell it before he'd gotten close. Antennae flicking in the air above his head. He could sense the fury in the air, the dread. The nerves of those that were members of his hives. The swamp hive was here with all their fury and all their flames. Undoubtedly they had strength in numbers - something that Astiar easily grasped. Cicadas thrived on strength in numbers after all, and so it was a concept easily recognized. One that he knew that, for the swamp hive, certainly would not be good for his own. What was the reason for them being here? He didn't know. A lot of things fell into the category for what Astiar did not know, but this certainly was an outlier within that field. Were they here to take more food? They didn't have any. Certainly not the kind that Astiar thought that they were here for. The jungle had been burned. No trees with any nutritional value to their name for certain. A disaster of a territory it was.

Noticing that Kydobi, the hive leader was present, Astiar decided that he would come over. Somewhat. He spotted a familiar and certainly dangerous face and that warranted nervous clicking from his mandibles. He did not want to be burned. He did not want to be hurt. It defied his instincts to want to come closer. A chitter sounded from him. He wasn't going to stick around to see how this confrontation played out. The strength of numbers was not on the hive's side. Large wings buzzed, and he turned and rushed away. The dragon felt bad about not even offering his massive presence to help, but he simply favored not getting burned far, far more.

control yourself and take only what you need from it

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✧ Astiar | Asti, Ast, Bug
✧ physically medium, mentally easy | 7/30
✧ male | he/him
✧ unallianced
— wherever there is food, that is where Astiar will take up temporary residence. Notably most of his time is spent in the Pitt, but has distanced himself from the group due to the lack of food following the raid.

✧ dragon (ref.) | health: 100% | cicada
— a nine foot seven inches tall cicada themed dragon. He has four antennae growing on his head from orange growths on his head. Two grow in front of his twisted horns, and two from behind. Dewclaws point backwards from the body-facing side of all six feet. He has mandibles on either side of his mouth that come from his upper jaw. The top of his upper jaw lays a hardened segment of scales, dotted with yellow dots. These extend as deep green freckles onto the face. A long stinger rests at the end of his lanky, segmented tail. His body has the segmented build of an insect, consisting of a deep orange head, brown body and abdomen, and black spine. His underbelly is a pale navy, with splotches of yellow showing the separation of the sections. His wings are tinted blue, but are translucent. The membrane for them is a bright, vibrant orange. Each wing has one claw at it's second bone, pointing down the rest of the wing's length from the body. His front paws have five fingers, while the rest of his limbs have only three toes. His red eyes are near unblinking, and are built like that of an insect. A series of jagged spikes rise from his black back, and run down his head to his neck.
— tongue and blood is yellow
— current injures: burnt front right leg, deep scratches in his front scales

✧ Soft Buzzing
— Ambient noise. Pleased. Feels like making noise. Stretching. Curious.
✧ Loud Buzzing
— Angry. Infuriated. Sizing up. Stop. About to strike. Flying.
— IF ALONE: 'Come here'. 'Come closer'. 'Help'. 'Need assistance'. Lonely

✧ Mandible Clicking
— Ambient noise. Hungry. Curious. Nervous.
✧ Hissing
— Angry. Irritated. About to strike. Stop. 'Stay away'. 'I'm uncomfortable'. Testing vocal cords.
✧ Chattering
— Ambient noise. Mimicking speech. Pleasant.
✧ Grumbling
— Irritated. Annoyed. Being pessimistic. Bothered.
✧ Roaring
Angered. Infuriated. Enraged. Sizing up. Stop. About to strike.
✧ Rumbling
— Curious. Intrigued. Friendly. 'Come closer'. Pleased. Happy.
✧ Screeching
— Submission. 'Stop'. 'Go away'. 'I yield'. Panic. Fear. Terror.

✧ Curious, inquisitive, devoted, loyal, open-minded
✧ neutral sided, easily impressed, impressionable
✧ clueless, over-obedient, takes commands without hesitation

✧ adok x yitz
✧ clipyer
✧ demiromantic bisexual | single
✧ friends
— will add

✧ physically medium | mentally easy | mental manipulation/communication | no weapons | claws, teeth, talons
✧ will start/end fights on command, hard provoke | will kill
— notably this is for instances where Astiar must fight. If able, Astiar will never raise his claws against any other creature unless he has been directly ordered to do so
— commands must be one word. If any words follow the command, Astiar is unable to understand due to his limited intelligence. Heavy presence of emotion will equally tarnish his ability to follow commands.
✧ very limited fighting knowledge
✧ allowed to powerplay peaceful actions | attack in bolded #B21925 | mention @Astiar when attacking

— mostly feral
— speaks a wordless bug language
— worker drone
✧ Obeys without question as long as it is a simple command
— eats trees and other hard plant matter
— cannot understand speech
the humming warcry of the undergrowth

astiar - dragon - unallianced - @kugawing

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The vulpine felt his brows raise, unimpressed by Aurum's immediate outburst and pulling Aine closer to protect her from the sight of flamesArrogant 'righteous' fools.

Rather than bother with the lion, Gael let his daughter catch his full attention.  Voicing the question of the day, which the Tanglers seemed intent to believe an unnecessary inquiry.

"Tá sé ceart go leor," he soothed gently, nodding to Kydobi as the jaguar approached.

With a blink of his eyes, the faerie listened to Leroy.  His head continued to rest in its inclined state, considering each word and demand.  He found reason within due process and punishment, but held back a snort at the canine's concluding statements. 

Hell itself would fail to move him to ever join Tanglewood -- surround himself with the very faces who left Aine scarred with nightmares.

The vulpine felt inclined to point that fact out to any newcomers, should the demand be enforced.

"Despite your obvious presumptions," Gael replied after a long moment, his accented voice remaining cool in tone, "I speak for myself 'an Aine, when I say we didn't know of this."

Indeed, he began to wonder who possessed any potential motive.  Many new faces had begun to appear, oblivious to the past -- Gael knew none of the newcomers well on a personal level.

In the end, the decisions fell to Kydobi -- whom he suspected may come to same conclusion as he did.  New members they have yet to understand left many open suspects.

"I see no issue with enforcing justice," he pointed out at length, speaking more to his Ardent.  "But we'll have to discern who did it first."
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Sam didn't want to come. She hated this place, what lives they've ruined just by existing. The fact that none of them had the gall to overthrow Jervis for allowing evil misfortunes to continue to spread, and the malice in their ranks, made them the enemies themselves. The fact they had sat there and watched her, laughed at her while she was tortured, screaming for Beck's life. It made her sick to her stomach, honestly. It reminded her of the Wildmen, and anything about the Wildmen was, yknow. Not. Good.

So when the doecat appeared, her eyes narrowed and ears flat, hearing what Leroy was saying, her breath froze. Mismatched eyes flicked towards the wolfhound. Let them join..? Just let them call themselves guilty, waltz in, and try to atone after what happened? A snarl touched her muzzle, lips pulling tight and hair standing on end. And without fail, the doecat turned and started to walk away. She was sick of the fighting, the constant back and forth. But inviting the Pittians into their home?


// in, out, and retro to attack!


don't bless me father, for i have sinned


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