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« on: February 15, 2020, 09:56:21 PM »
REDVOX "VINNY" ABRAMO - cis male - goat-bat hybrid - harbinger
The sky high above was a calm blue, only somewhat mottled with the occasional fluffy white cloud. The wind was no longer howling violently or carrying a vicious stinging cold with it. It seemed as though spring was finally on the way, and Vinny couldn't be any more happy for it. He'd been neglecting his duties somewhat lately, feeling a bit upset and under the weather thanks to the oppressive and thick environment that winter brought with it. It had still only been around a month since the last meeting, but the harbinger somehow felt like something was still off about this meeting. Something he couldn't quite put his claw on. Either way, he knew that he needed to scramble something together, even if it wasn't the most impressive. Taking a deep breath, the hybrid found himself stumbling to his position in front of the town hall, looking around at everything before he called out, "Members of th'Halls of Hiraeth, gather 'round for a meetin'!" He watched as more and more of his group gathered around him, and he felt slightly at ease in their presence, like he was meant to be up there in front of them. Still though, an unpleasant and uneasy feeling lingered, like a knife to the heart. He tried to ignore it as he continued, giving his head a good shake, "Ah... this shouldn't be too long of a meetin', since things 'ave been a little slow lately. That's not a bad thing, though. Only a little bit of news is better than bad news, after all." He shrugged and offered the crowd a crooked little smile of reassurance, noticing a few worried looks leveled in his direction thanks to his brief disappearance.

Vinny bit his lip for a moment in thought, his chest tightening a little before he spoke, "First of all, I'd like ta welcome Julian and Rilaud. We're really glad t'have you both here." Only a couple of joinings, but good ones nonetheless. He then continue, short tail swaying from side to side behind him, "Julian, given your interest in th'medical field that you've demonstrated already, I'd be glad t'offer ya a role as our first cleric, if you'll accept." Hopefully Julian would accept, since Vinny didn't see them getting another person as skilled in medicine like that anytime soon. He continued on, wincing a little at the next bit of news he had to bear, "Everythin' has been goin' pretty well lately, but I would like to see Breena around a bit more, if y'could." He rose his eyes up to the sky briefly, that uncanny feeling of unease over him only settling further into his fur, like a heavy blanket, "It seems like we're finally startin' t'get away from winter weather, thankfully. If anybody has any events they wanna throw or just fun ideas in general, ya can feel free to suggest 'em to me..." He then began to move down the steps of the town hall, his voice slightly strained, "That's... that's pretty much it f'this meetin', at least. But hopefully next meeting I'll have a bit more t-"

Redvox was cut off when, suddenly, there was a ball of flame launched in his direction. It was huge and blinding, full of rampant elemental energy, and was heading straight for the town hall. He had no idea where it had come from, nor how he was going to stop it, but he knew he had to do something. Without thinking, Vinny leaped forward and threw himself into the fireball, letting it slam into his relatively small body before it could reach the building behind him. The pain was searing, and he could hear his own scream echoing outward through the crowd as he hit the ground, his head spinning. His flesh was roasting before his very eyes, and all he could see was red, red, red. Blood poured forth from the new open wound in his chest, and his claws scrabbled uselessly at it, as if desperately attempting to shove the life giving nectar back inside of him. Tears burned his eyes as the flames consumed him, and he could hear the crowd around him alive with shouting and frantic screaming, and people desperately trying to help their leader. His head fell back against the earth as the pain intensified, and he found himself croaking out softly, "I... I'm sorry..."

Eventually the crowd sprung into action, and water was dumped forth on top of the flames that had consumed Vinny's prone body. However, by then the damage had been done, and there was nothing anybody could do. There was nothing but a burnt corpse left behind of Redvox, the leader who had died to defend his true home from the flames that had consumed it once before.

( I'm afraid I'm very sorry to tell you all that this isn't a temporary death, nor is it a joke one or a hallucination! For around the last month or so I've been very steadily losing muse for Vinny, and as time has gone on I've been forced to look at my priorities with school and stuff, and I just can't really justify to myself playing him anymore. Playing him has been amazing, and I love the HoH and hope it will continue to run wonderfully under the guidance of Kuga/Aslisk, but it's just a little too much for me right now. I love you all, and I'll still be around the discord <333 )

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« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2020, 03:01:11 PM »
Trojan had been angry, and he had been pissed when he had left the body of Romanempire and had gone off on his own, stealing some of Roman's soul and causing him to be weak. He hadn't thought there would be any revenge that he would be able to get any time soon, so had made his way off to the Typhoon in order to do what he did best - worm his way in somewhere and wreak havoc once he made a good impression - but his journey had been cut short when, soon after joining, a familiar face had come to the male. Usually there for his son, Trojan had told Pluto that he wasn't Roman, he was the soul that had been trapped inside the demigod's vessel, and he had been told that, in fact, Pluto had been there for Trojan this time. To speak directly to the male and to make sure he knew what was wanted of him, a way to get back at Roman sooner than expected, so Trojan had left the Typhoon, and had gone back to the Halls in an attempt to ruin everything.

Go back to where he had been captured, he'd been told, go back and seek the town hall, and burn it to the ground. Roman cared much for the territory even in his absence, and he cared much for those there. So destroy the town hall, and then destroy those there, but do not touch Roman. Let him suffer.

Those were his directions, and although Trojan didn't like the idea of not touching Roman, he would follow them in the hopes that it was something that would begin to give trouble for the other male, and wish for death, something that would never come his way. So Trojan made his way back, and, by the time he had gotten there, there had been a meeting going on, a place where there would be a large gathering of members of the group, and, hopefully, Roman, to sit there and bare witness to what was about to take place.

So he opened his maw, and a large glowing ball began to form for but a moment before it shot off into the distance, and Trojan watched as Vinny jumped in the way of the large flame, ruining his plan, causing him to pause. The town hall needed to go down first, not the leader. This was wrong. He began to turn to run before an unseen force caused him to stop and tumble to the ground. He had been too close to Roman for long enough, and his soul was taking a toll. Despite the weakened state of Roman's own soul, and the fact that he couldn't be seen by Trojan, he was still close enough where his soul once more took a hold of the other's imprisoning it once more.


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« Reply #2 on: February 17, 2020, 05:32:34 PM »
And in her hold you wait and see me
And in her gold you wait and see

A meeting? His first at that, this could be interesting.

Julian stepped out of the dusty run down building that had been dimly lit by red and white candles. A breath of fresh air made him dizzy, it felt good though. The man made his way to the front when Redvox had spoken his name. The sound of being a cleric, the only cleric at that, put a smile upon his masked face. That's what he came here to be, wasnt it? Well he of creatures would know what he wanted to do. And this was it, head cleric. "Thank you Redvox," he grumbled. "I'm glad to be here." But when Redvox greeted another by the name of Riluad, his eyes narrowed to look through the crowd to see whom he was speaking about.

Another wyvren, great.

"Yes sir," he huffed. " I'd be glad to take the role of Cleric." Head cleric would never fall from Redvox's lips. It didn't matter, he'd be head cleric soon. Not just because he was the only cleric but because... nope that was it. Unless someone else was as skilled as he in the art and practice of somewhat herbalistic behavior. Which he highly doubted, he had 3 years of experience behind him being taught from who he though was the best. Despite being taught from only one being, Julian had enough knowledge to heal a whole damn army. He blinked, a blinding light scorched his eyes even through the lenses in his mask. "Ack!" A few moments passed by before the light dimmed.

Im...I'm sorry...

The smell of burnt flesh and iron from blood filled the newly spring air, Julian's eyes widen. Speechless for what seemed like forever. The body of the harbinger fell to the ground in a burnt heap. "Redvox!" The man scrambled forward up to the gat, he knew there was nothing he could do; redvox was burnt more than a potato chip. Julian turned his head towards the crowd. "Somebody get me some water," he laid a hand on the body. "Aloe Vera, or cobwebs. Anything!"

(Excuse me stilly, but what the fuck)
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Death cast her gaze on this wretch
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« Reply #3 on: February 17, 2020, 05:57:54 PM »
I will try to be the brightest
Shuffling paws.  Dark, dimmed eyes.  Breena didn't know what was into her lately.  A sense of listlessness.  Lingering void.  The petite badger -- finally a badger once more -- lingered close to the edges of the crowd, bowing her head sheepishly at the sound of her name.  An encouragement to be around more.  Yes, of course.  She could... Try.  Find some purpose to walk with.

A sudden light caused her eyes to widen, wincing.  Confused.  "W-wha…?"  Then the horrible smell of burning flesh. "Redvox!"  Sorry?  He was sorry? No, no, no, no, no.
Her chest felt tight.  Eyes burning.  Watering.  No, no, no, no.  No amount of aloe vera or honey or water could do anything.  No, she could see that.  She could see that but she didn't want that to be true.  This was why she didn't want to be a medic, knowledge and experience be damned.  But even without the title she felt her stomach sink.  Guilt and disappointment knowing she couldn't help because nothing would help.

"J-Julian... T-there's nothing..." Nothing.  "He-he's gone."
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« Reply #4 on: February 17, 2020, 09:29:59 PM »
ASLISK - wyvern - powers - halls of hiraeth - regent - hot shot
Meetings. They commonly annoyed Aslisk. They weren't exactly what she was used to. They were odd spectacles of calling the group together for a brief period of time to spill news. It confused her as much as it annoyed her. Why weren't there messengers to do such a thing, she had wondered upon her first few meetings. Then she'd realized that it was quite effective, in a population that wasn't full of featherbrains. It kept information straight from the source. Almost admirable, if it was not for her stubbornness. She was stubborn, refusing to think of these meetings as anything other than stupid. She had come over upon hearing the call nonetheless, brought forward by her duty. She was second in command. It would look bad on her leader if she slacked off and didn't attend. Aslisk expected another boring meeting - and the news truly wasn't that spectacular. New people, which Aslisk could always find delight in. Events, which likely would be a bore. Then the meeting was coming to a close.

And then there was fire. Burning hot fire. She didn't know where it'd come from, and there certainly wasn't time to react. Her purple scales, freshly made fireproof, probably could have taken that blast. Aslisk hadn't seen it coming. Her scaly form was rigid as she watched hungry flames rip and tear apart the leader. Her talons were throwing her forward towards the scene faster than her mind could recognize them. The regent was speechless, surprised. The wyvern hadn't been paying attention. Again she was paying the price for not being aware. She could have gotten in the way if she'd seen the flames. She could've taken that hit. Her teeth were gritted together, focused on the sad, dusty pile of ashes before her. It wasn't the first time that she'd seen someone close to her - if only marginally - be slain before her eyes. Never had it been in such a swift way before. Never had she been so close to it. The flames that curled from her horns and tail died out for the first time since they had ignited months ago. In a way, the closeness almost mimicked how she'd almost allowed herself to open up to the Gat. She'd barely saved herself from a world of hurt when she was watching his body hopelessly burn.

"He's gone," Aslisk finally said. Her voice was quiet, softer than the norm. Her talons dug down in the dirt, her mind coiling upon itself. Fury began to brew inside her, wanting to lash out and immediately turn and run away to find the source of the flames. Webbed ears were raised, listening intently for anymore bursts of flames that were incoming. "He's dead, the hasking- he's dead." It was surreal. Just like that the Harbringer's life had been snuffed out. She should know better than anyone how quickly Nitis could claim a person. It almost didn't seem fair.

Back where she came from, they had a neat way of dealing with fears. If you were scared of something with no good reason, it would be what killed you. Aslisk had noticed Redvox's pyrophobia when she had burned her cheek shortly after announcing her stay here. The way he recoiled from it had noted the fear, the fear of flames that had come and taken his life. A cruel irony. Aslisk should've seen it coming. She knew she should have, and yet she hadn't. Anger couldn't claim her, for shock had usurped it's place in her heart for the briefest current time.

A sharp breath was taken, attention snapping her head behind her. She'd been promoted a few meetings ago to be the one just beneath Redvox. She didn't know how the succession of power worked in this odd land, and truly she didn't need to. Aslisk had been second in command, and now that the first in command was gone... that made her the new Harbringer, didn't it? Just like that. No fancy ceremonies - another featherbrain thing that Aslisk swiftly dismissed for it's lack of importance - not that the regent would need one. The featherbrains did like their bodies burned, though. It was a way for their lifeless bodies to be lifted to the skies on the wings of the breeze that carried their ashes. Irony, it was all so ironic, Aslisk's teeth gritting tightly together. The wyvern was doing nothing useful, standing and staring at charred ashes. Action was needed. Leadership was required.

"The meeting's over. I want anyone who can manipulate water to go and bring some here right now. Whoever killed Redvox might still be around, and we need to be prepared if something or someone else catches on fire," the new Harbringer commanded, her tone stinging. Her last time giving orders to such a group of varying ages had been under similarly sour circumstances. It hurt, something deep within her feeling like it had been crunched and shredded. "You're free to return to your homes. Or mourn here. I'll... I'll sort things out later." Fury rose in her tone, aiding her need to carry her voice over the crowd. She was going to find who did this. She was going to take her sharp teeth and claws and rip and tear until the death's she'd caused in the past seemed merciful. "Anyone who does not wish to mourn can go home," Aslisk repeated, "but expect to be called out for a territory sweep soon."

Aslisk had never seen herself as leadership material. Yet Redvox, the one who had rebirthed this group from the ashes, the one that had given his life for these people, had promoted her. Someone had seen something in her, and it made looking at those ashes all the more difficult to do. The wyvern was tough, and she'd manage, but it did not make it any easier. A person that believed in her was gone. Reduced to the ashes that he had feared. Her throat felt as if she'd swallowed up glass. Later. She'd come to terms with it later. People needed her to be strong, and that she certainly could be.

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✧ Aslisk | asli, alisk
✧ physically easy, mentally medium | March 7
✧ cisgender | she/her
✧ halls of hiraeth | regent | hot shot

✧ wyvern (ref.) | health: 100% | piyan_baby rock demon wyvern
— a short purple wyvern with a plethora of spikes covering her lanky tail. Her horns are a light pink and spikes a deep green, and her eyes are a blazing red. This wyvern’s wings are grey. She possesses blue feet which sharply turn into the purple of the rest of her body. A long, vibrant and yellow tongue allows for her to fish. Her tail ends in a two-parted segment, acting as a pseudo hand. Her upper teeth are longer and sharper, where her lower teeth are shorter and sturdier.
— blood is yellow and glows
— a long, diagonal scar across her face. somehow it does not impair her vision.
— covered in severe burn wounds

✧ sinotyrannus (ref.) | health: 100% | alternate body
— a 3 meter tall sinotyrannus kazuensis covered in a thick pelt of purple fur. Darker purple spots dot her pelt much like the spots of a cheetah. Her face is scaled and a lighter and paler purple in color, with her yellow scar cutting across her snout. She has long, pink horns sticking out from her head and curling back towards her face. Sharp teeth line her gums, longer in the front and firmer in the back. Her arms are stocky and have dark purple feathers lining the back, with each hand having three fingers. Her feet are blue, ending in green talons on each of her three toes. A fourth dewclaw hangs from the inside of her legs. A long tail is covered in spikes and ends in a seemingly harmless tuft of feathers, which is actually an incredibly dense smacking club.
— blood is yellow and glows
— a long, diagonal scar across her face. somehow it does not impair her vision
— incredibly great night vision

✧ determined, outgoing, strong willed
✧ self-preserving, sly, devious
✧ temperamental, hissy, irritable

✧ asulkio x unla | crafted from an infertile egg
✧ nul
✧ demiromantic bisexual | taken/not looking | asligo

wyvern: physically easy | mentally medium | teleportation, invisibility, intangibility, fire elementals, shapeshifting
sinotyrannus: physically hard | mentally medium | teleportation, invisibility, intangibility, fire elementals, shapeshifting
✧ will start/end fights, easy provoke | will kill
✧ trained to kill swiftly, not to fight
✧ allowed to powerplay peaceful actions | attack in bolded #9c6dc7 | mention @Aslisk when attacking

✧ Aslisk comes from a self made original concept, redrafted here for the purpose of character development!
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