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« on: February 15, 2020, 07:35:33 PM »
The draconic jaguar was already out and about rather happy with how she had spent her Valentine's day, the memory of it making her heart race within her chest, her tail would flick to the sides wondering what she would do afterwards. Roxanne hoped that everyone had enjoyed the gifts she had made for them since it had taken her almost a whole day to get them all done or let alone trade with the merchants that always seemed to be gathered around the tavern. That was the only time she ever went near the place, nowadays, she would try avoiding it altogether especially since well, she had to take care of the little ones that were blossoming within her. Roxanne didn't want to ever be an uncaring mother like the one who had birthed her, she never wanted to be like Judas, the name made her form briefly shiver. The femme had always been so cruel to her, lashing out whenever Roxie would even take a glance in her direction or a step, though the draconic jaguar knew that she wouldn't be able to hurt her now. None of them could hurt her now. Roxanne had made sure of that before she had left the cold streets of her birth place, her gaze darkening at the memory of mangled and torn bodies, she had been so stuck in thought that she hadn't realized that she had left the safety of the Typhoon's territory.

Roxanne could feel grass tickling at her paws making her snap out of her brief trance before she would glance around with a frown on her maw, her pupils widening with a slight fear as worry stretched over her face. She knew that there was some feral creatures around these parts, some that lacked the ability to speak or understand what a sentient person would say, Greed had told her about it when she had asked where he had gone all those months ago. Her curved ears twitched as she let out a shaky breath telling herself that she would be fine, she was much larger than most animals at the moment yet the worry gnawed at the outer bits of her mind. Her unborn cubs. Calm down, you'll be fine. Just turn around and head home. Easy. Roxanne thought to herself as she would let her tail curl protectively near her slowly growing belly, she took a few steps forward until the sound of a twig snapping behind her made the jaguar turn around with the fur along her neck bristling "W-whose there?" Her lips peeled back briefly to show off pearly fangs, she wasn't afraid to chase off some feral asshole away if need be though still a small part of her was afraid even if she held her defensive stance.

Two sides of a single coin, that's how Zephyr had referred her to in his last moments, the life draining from his eyes as death slowly glazed them. Roxanne Roux had two sides of her and well, right now it was a mix of both sides though the more confident bit of her was trying to stand in. No, there wasn't two minds in one body but rather the things Roxanne wanted people to see and not see the vulnerable, weakling she truly was. She was scared normally feeling like an animal crammed into a corner and well, like most cornered creatures, she would lunge too. A growl erupted from her maw as her tail lashed to the sides waiting to see who was the one that had been trying to sneak up on her. ✧*:・゚
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« Reply #1 on: February 17, 2020, 07:15:27 PM »
Valentine's day for Michael had been, unlike Roxie's, very unpleasant. It had been made somewhat better by the presence of Caustic, who had provided him with company while he wallowed in self pity and missed Trevor, but that still hadn't made it a great day. Michael had still drank himself silly until he woke up the next day with a roaring headache and a dry throat, the world spinning unpleasantly as he gripped onto the last shards of broken nightmares he had during the night. Most of which involved his father, since he, like Roxie, had a shitty relationship with his parent. A shitty relationship that had involved alcoholism and abuse and abandonment... a horrible cocktail to mix, if you asked Michael. Needless to say, after that disaster of a Valentine's day, he felt the need to get away from the Pitt. He wanted to go out and do something. Something that wouldn't make him feel like garbage when he got back home. Most of the time, that involved causing trouble for others, a simple fact that Michael had been in denial of for quite some time now. Originally he had caused trouble for Tanglewood, but this time he took off in a different direction, heading for the salty sea air of the ocean and finding himself in the thick of the loner lands before long.

He wasn't quite at the Typhoon yet – he knew since he couldn't smell the heavy scent of a border line or anything – but he was close enough, and he had come upon somebody who certainly smelled like they could've been from the seafaring group. A large female, with horns and wings, and a stomach that was slightly swelled with something that definitely wasn't just extra weight. Pregnant. Jesus, there was no way he was going to mess with a pregnant lady. He was about to turn and go when the flash of something in the corner of his vision caught his eye, and he found himself following the light back to the source – jewelry. Pretty, shiny jewelry, in Roxie's ears and on her form. It reminded him of the gold and silver that adorned his own body, and he found himself staring in fascination, blue eyes wide – although really only one of them could process the sight before him. He didn't even realize he was moving forward until a twig snapped beneath the weight of his paw, and Roxie was spinning around, her body tense and her eyes staring straight at him. She looked like she was ready to kill, and Michael couldn't say he blamed her. After all, she was a pregnant lady with a bunch of bling all the way out here by herself. If Michael was just enough of a scumbag, he would've seen an opportunity in this. However, he wasn't.

Michael hesitated for a long moment before he took another step forward, lowering his body slightly to show that he wasn't a threat. His stance was already casual and off balance, hardly fit for an attack, but he wanted it to be abundantly clear that he wasn't planning on attacking her. Once he was near enough to be heard, he cleared his throat and spoke, voice still hoarse from the previous night's events, "Hi, uh, hey. I'm not... I'm not gonna hurt you. Shit, sorry. I didn't mean to make you think I was sneaking up on you. I'm, uh, I'm Michael De Santa. I just... uh..." He hesitated slightly, seemingly trying to think of how to put this. He was mostly just coming up with a blank. Eventually he continued, shrugging his slim shoulders, "Well, honestly I was just looking at your jewelry. It's very pretty and I've got a bit of an eye for it myself, as I'm sure you can see. Kinda... zoned out." He gestured vaguely at himself, showing off the earrings on his ears and the golden necklace sitting heavily around his neck. It was a shitty excuse, but it was actually the truth, dumb as it sounded. The scent of the Pitt on his pelt was thankfully muddled, buried beneath the many scents of the loner lands and dulled thanks to the fact that Michael had hardly been there long.

" oh, it's a setup, no, no, we won't fall. "
MICHAEL TOWNLEY DE SANTA is a MALE BOBCAT with HE/HIM pronouns. he is a PRIVATEER of THE TYPHOON and is 40 months old. he is physically EASY and mentally MEDIUM. attack in #3670AC. played by STILLY. he is CHADDER for AC WEEK. avatar by PYPIXY.


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