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« on: January 15, 2020, 11:35:30 PM »
REDVOX "VINNY" ABRAMO - cis male - goat-bat hybrid - harbinger
The second day of the festival, and thus the second god to go along with it. Sachin was one of Vox's more preferred gods, mainly due to the fact that he knew Cottontail had been a devout worshiper of Sachin, and he missed the other. Sachin was the god of none other than music and purity, and was commonly represented by a large black swan. A kind god, Sachin could often be found purifying others of their past sins, and just generally trying to make mortals better in any way that he could. Redvox found that he thought Sachin had a noble goal, even though he wasn't entirely sure if the other should really be giving mercy to everyone. After all, there were some souls, like Jervis, that just weren't worthy of redemption. However, it wasn't as if Vinny was the god around here, so he supposed he would just sit back and let Sachin make those decisions. All he really needed to do was celebrate the guy, and celebrate he would.

Since it wasn't as if they could really celebrate the purity side of Sachin, Vox figured that it was natural to celebrate the musical side of him instead. So, he had set up a large open area decorated with flowers, with light pouring down from the sky. At the edge of the area, he had set up the portable battery powered CD player, which was playing jaunty tunes with lots of flutes and lutes and other old instruments. Once again, Redvox found himself wishing that Cottontail was around, since he knew that the other could play instruments pretty damn well, but this would work for now. Lastly, Vin did the same as he had with Boniface, dragging the shrine of Sachin to the edge of the dancing area. The makeshift statue this time depicted a carved black swan, which was surrounded by little music notes. Taking a deep breath, Vox called out, "People! Come 'ere for th'second day of the festival! For this day, we'll be celebratin' Sachin! Sachin is an under light god of music 'n' purity, so in order to celebrate 'im, we'll be havin' a nice traditional dance 'ere!" It was a simple enough task, just dancing to music, try not to clock anyone. The usual.

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« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2020, 10:24:02 AM »
ASLISK - wyvern - powers - halls of hiraeth - regent - hot shot
Parties were odd. Parties here especially were odd. Holidays that Aslisk had never heard of nor ever celebrated before. Odd holidays that confused her, and left her unsure whether she should be stubborn and not partake or attempt and realize how out of touch she was. The parties back home were simple. Whenever the sky would turn orange, everyone would go outside and just.. have fun. That was it. There were some drinks, yes, but Aslisk would not touch those with a six foot pole. There were fancy displays of light and magic, and lots of cooking and feasting for a few hours straight until the sky lightened back up to it's eternal state of daylight again. Aslisk hadn't partaken in many of those sunset parties, less her wife was feeling well enough to get up and partake. There hadn't been music or anything. The parties were hosted by the featherbrains, and the featherbrains were tone deaf. They couldn't sing or create music.  Aslisk fell into the category of tone deaf as well, and the reasoning for it irritated her to no end.

The wyvern's burnt body slowly approached at the other's call. A festival that went on for more than one day. How odd. How peculiar. Her webbed ears flicked as she grew closer, looking at the statue. A swan. Music and purity. Purity. It reminded her of home. Someone, particularly. A person that got her out of some of the worst places, that kept on pulling on her no matter how badly she fought against it. He was the one that reunited her with her wife after she was revived. He was the first friend that she'd had in many, many years. Aslisk wouldn't dare admit it, for that would be soft, and swiftly she sought to change her mental topic. A soft huff escaped from Aslisk's maw, attention then turning to the music that was playing. It sounded like pure noise to her, unable to be fully comprehended. The underlying beat she could barely hear, but all the other olden instruments clouded it out. "Dancing, huh." Aslisk's scarred and burnt face scrunched up at the thought. She'd never danced before, not even with Ichigo. Briefly her teeth clenched together, homesickness raising up only to be forced back down. "Sounds stupid, but I wouldn't expect anything less from an event for this kind of.. god. I'll watch, and wait for someone to trip, and then I'm going to laugh. Hah. Hah." The regent slowly stalked a few paces away before plopping down, rolling her shoulders.

TAGS 11/19/19: ShowHide
✧ Aslisk | asli, alisk
✧ physically easy, mentally medium | March 7
✧ cisgender | she/her
✧ halls of hiraeth | regent | hot shot

✧ wyvern (ref.) | health: 63% | piyan_baby rock demon wyvern
— a short purple wyvern with a plethora of spikes covering her lanky tail. Her horns are a light pink and spikes a deep green, and her eyes are a blazing red. This wyvern’s wings are grey. She possesses blue feet which sharply turn into the purple of the rest of her body. A long, vibrant and yellow tongue allows for her to fish. Her tail ends in a two-parted segment, acting as a pseudo hand. Her upper teeth are longer and sharper, where her lower teeth are shorter and sturdier.
— blood is yellow and glows
— a long, diagonal scar across her face. somehow it does not impair her vision.
— covered in severe burn wounds

✧ sinotyrannus (ref.) | health: 100% | alternate body
— a 3 meter tall sinotyrannus kazuensis covered in a thick pelt of purple fur. Darker purple spots dot her pelt much like the spots of a cheetah. Her face is scaled and a lighter and paler purple in color, with her yellow scar cutting across her snout. She has long, pink horns sticking out from her head and curling back towards her face. Sharp teeth line her gums, longer in the front and firmer in the back. Her arms are stocky and have dark purple feathers lining the back, with each hand having three fingers. Her feet are blue, ending in green talons on each of her three toes. A fourth dewclaw hangs from the inside of her legs. A long tail is covered in spikes and ends in a seemingly harmless tuft of feathers, which is actually an incredibly dense smacking club.
— blood is yellow and glows
— a long, diagonal scar across her face. somehow it does not impair her vision
— incredibly great night vision

✧ determined, outgoing, strong willed
✧ self-preserving, sly, devious
✧ temperamental, hissy, irritable

✧ asulkio x unla | crafted from an infertile egg
✧ nul
✧ demiromantic bisexual | taken/not looking | asligo

wyvern: physically easy | mentally medium | teleportation, invisibility, intangibility, fire elementals, shapeshifting
sinotyrannus: physically hard | mentally medium | teleportation, invisibility, intangibility, fire elementals, shapeshifting
✧ will start/end fights, easy provoke | will kill
✧ trained to kill swiftly, not to fight
✧ allowed to powerplay peaceful actions | attack in bolded #9c6dc7 | mention @Aslisk when attacking

✧ Aslisk comes from a self made original concept, redrafted here for the purpose of character development!
aslisk - halls of hiraeth - wyvern - harbringer - tags


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