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Halls of Hiraeth :CORN: ☆ meeting 1/12

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:CORN: ☆ meeting 1/12
« on: January 12, 2020, 07:24:34 PM »
REDVOX "VINNY" ABRAMO - cis male - goat-bat hybrid - harbinger
A meeting. It had been nearly a month since the last one, and Vin liked to have them on a somewhat regular schedule, if only so that everyone would know what the hell was going on. Besides, in all of the meetings that the group had in their few months in existence, there was plenty of news to go around and warrant such a thing, which was nice and refreshing. This was all floating around Vox's head as he heaved himself up onto the front steps of the town hall, looking over the regal building for a long moment. Last he had checked, it was now fully cleared of rats, and for that he was eternally grateful. Sending a silent thanks to Bertille, that male set his gaze outwards, "Members of th'Halls! Gather 'round f'the monthly meeting, plus a discussion!" He watched as others began to gather around, some of them looking irritated at the yelling. Resisting the urge to roll his eyes at them, Vox waited until a decent sized crowd had gathered around the town hall before he started, "First things first... welcomes! I'd like ta welcome Marlon 'n' Kamara into our ranks... sorry if that second welcome is a bit late. I've been a little scatterbrained lately..." Both Kamara and Marlon seemed as though they could be valuable assets to the group, along with possible friends or even family. Vinny only saw fit to welcome them in properly.

Letting the welcomes sink in, Vinny called out after a long moment, shifting on his wings, "Next up... promotions 'n' demotions. While I don't have any actual promotions f'right now, shoutouts to Aslisk 'n' Breena. You guys 'ave been doin' great in your respective ranks. Roman... I'm afraid I'm gonna 'ave to demote you back to regular templar. Don't worry though, you 'ave a chance to re-earn your rank again, if y'want it." Vox visibly winced a little as he announced that Roman was demoted. He knew that the other was in a rough place before, not to mention that thing with the snake... however, he needed to give some tough love, and it wasn't as if he wouldn't Roman the rank back happily. Once he saw some nods of acknowledgement, he continued on, "Furthermore... we've got an event comin' up! The Festival of Bertille starts tomorrow, and goes 'til th'seventeenth. As per tradition, we're gonna be invitin' some folks. Namely, Elysium 'n' The Pitt. Aslisk, I'd like you to go 'n' extend an invitation ta The Pitt, and I'll handle Elysium." He then said, chuckling a little upon the looks of confusion on some faces, "If ya don't know, the Festival of Bertille is a yearly festival we put on ta celebrate Bertille 'n' all th'light undergods. We'll have an event goin' on each day for a different god. It's basically just a way ta celebrate our heritage... 'n' ta drink." He smiled a bit as a laugh passed through the crowd, clearly pleased with his own joke.

Next up... some not so fun things. Face darkening a little, Vox sighed before speaking, "Next... I'm afraid we've been havin' big snow storms goin' on more 'n' more often. I'm not entirely sure why, but I want people ta be careful. We never know when we could get completely snowed in. Because of this, we've got food supplies and other stuff hidden away in the fortress in case things get real bad." With that out of the way, now came the other not so fun part, although honestly he didn't think it would be that bad. Clearing his throat, the harbinger spoke softly, "Lastly... a discussion, involvin' the whole of the Halls. As y'may know, when I went ta give out invitations t'our christmas dance, I was very rudely turned away and insulted by th'members of Tanglewood. Now, we are not a violent group unless we've been provoked somehow, but that doesn't mean we don't have consequences. I wanna discuss whether or not th'rest of you think Tanglewood deserves to remain a neutral, or go down to enemy status. In addition ta this, I'm announcin' that when I go t'invite Elysium to the festival, I'm gonna ask if they wanna be allies with us. They haven't been anythin' but kind t'us, and our values are very similar, so we'll see how that goes..." Giving a brief shake of his head, he mumbled, "If anybody has any particularly strong feelins about The Pitt or The Typhoon and what their statuses should be, y'can also speak up."

– Welcome both @marlon. and @Kamara Jilani into the Halls! ( Sorry it's a bit late )
– Shoutouts to Aslisk and Breena for doing well at their ranks, and Romanempires has been demoted back down to templar
– The festival of Bertille starts tomorrow, and goes to the 17th. There will be events each day corresponding to each of the light gods, and the Halls is inviting Elysium and the Pitt. Aslisk is being asked to bring an invitation to the Pitt, while Vox will take care of Elysium
– There have been more and more odd snow storms lately! Vin is warning the group to stay vigilant, since they never know when they could be snowed in
– Lastly, there is a discussion going on about allies and enemies. Members are encouraged to give their opinions on whether Tanglewood should become an enemy, and where The Pitt and the Typhoon should stand. Vinny is going to extend an offer to be allies to Elysium while delivering their invite )

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Re: :CORN: ☆ meeting 1/12
« Reply #1 on: January 16, 2020, 10:12:16 AM »
ASLISK - wyvern - powers - halls of hiraeth - regent - hot shot
Every single time one of these meetings came around, Aslisk felt as if she was going to have to rip her horns from her head to be able to understand it. Why? Why were they so weird in comparison to the meetings she was used to? Soft huffs accompanied her approach, returned to her regular wyvern form for a better since of familiarity in the mess of oddity that was the meetings. Webbed ears raised to listen to the Harbringer. A snort sounded from the wyvern when demotions were brought up. Aslisk found it funny, but didn't dare let that train of thought continue further. She'd keep it, yes, but would savor those vicious thoughts for a later and more applicable time. Hearing how she had to go and extend an invite to the Pitt, her red gaze found itself lowering. Oh. Diplomacy. Her absolute worst attribute. Aslisk had to ponder over whether she'd ever been in charge of inviting people to events before, and grumbled when she realized that no, she had not. And the reason for it? Gods she didn't even worship? Ew. Ew. Deep breath, sucking in air to sturdy herself. People could believe whatever they wanted, sure, even if she knew that she was in the right. Idiots and stupidity, it was all abundant. Yes, Aslisk was curious about the religion of her current residency. It did not mean that the wyvern truly believed the same way. She'd do the stupid invite, and a nod of her horned head confirmed such.

The snow storm comment rose another snort from the wyvern's maw. Stupid snow. The weather was stupid. Aslisk figured that if Redvox wasn't such a wimpy fire-phobic, she could get rid of all the snow in an hour. Maybe less! A challenge it would be, and the wyvern made a note to try her hand at it nonetheless. Aslisk raised her head up a little when the discussion part of the meeting came around. Finally! Something familiar, something she knew. Discussion (debate, really), was most of what she had done in her last position of power. Sure, beating people into submission and dropping people off roof's were also parts of that job - not that they were actually approved methods of getting featherbrains to stop screaming about the deadly dangers of clouds - but she figured that here would not be the place to re-engage those 'diplomatic' practices. "Tanglewood sound's like they're a bunch of quartok-faced dung. Thinking they're all morally just 'n hask. If I had any say in it, I'd march right over there and give them a show," the wyvern hissed, her weight shifting. "Killing people for where they live is Xiogipa dung, even I've got higher standards than that." Aslisk referred to what she heard Kanga had said prior, her tail swinging sharply behind her. Killing people for where they lived. Killing for no reason bit into her fiercely. Death had to have reason, and she ought to know for she was a person who worshipped it. "I'd want niartoks like that as an enemy if I'm honest, the easiest enemy to exterminate other than a baby. Or at least, the lowest hanging fruit of that 'neutral' term you used."

TAGS 11/19/19: ShowHide
✧ Aslisk | asli, alisk
✧ physically easy, mentally medium | March 7
✧ cisgender | she/her
✧ halls of hiraeth | regent | hot shot

✧ wyvern (ref.) | health: 58% | piyan_baby rock demon wyvern
— a short purple wyvern with a plethora of spikes covering her lanky tail. Her horns are a light pink and spikes a deep green, and her eyes are a blazing red. This wyvern’s wings are grey. She possesses blue feet which sharply turn into the purple of the rest of her body. A long, vibrant and yellow tongue allows for her to fish. Her tail ends in a two-parted segment, acting as a pseudo hand. Her upper teeth are longer and sharper, where her lower teeth are shorter and sturdier.
— blood is yellow and glows
— a long, diagonal scar across her face. somehow it does not impair her vision.
— covered in severe burn wounds

✧ sinotyrannus (ref.) | health: 100% | alternate body
— a 3 meter tall sinotyrannus kazuensis covered in a thick pelt of purple fur. Darker purple spots dot her pelt much like the spots of a cheetah. Her face is scaled and a lighter and paler purple in color, with her yellow scar cutting across her snout. She has long, pink horns sticking out from her head and curling back towards her face. Sharp teeth line her gums, longer in the front and firmer in the back. Her arms are stocky and have dark purple feathers lining the back, with each hand having three fingers. Her feet are blue, ending in green talons on each of her three toes. A fourth dewclaw hangs from the inside of her legs. A long tail is covered in spikes and ends in a seemingly harmless tuft of feathers, which is actually an incredibly dense smacking club.
— blood is yellow and glows
— a long, diagonal scar across her face. somehow it does not impair her vision
— incredibly great night vision

✧ determined, outgoing, strong willed
✧ self-preserving, sly, devious
✧ temperamental, hissy, irritable

✧ asulkio x unla | crafted from an infertile egg
✧ nul
✧ demiromantic bisexual | taken/not looking | asligo

wyvern: physically easy | mentally medium | teleportation, invisibility, intangibility, fire elementals, shapeshifting
sinotyrannus: physically hard | mentally medium | teleportation, invisibility, intangibility, fire elementals, shapeshifting
✧ will start/end fights, easy provoke | will kill
✧ trained to kill swiftly, not to fight
✧ allowed to powerplay peaceful actions | attack in bolded #9c6dc7 | mention @Aslisk when attacking

✧ Aslisk comes from a self made original concept, redrafted here for the purpose of character development!
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