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IN THE WHITE ROOM / jervis' execution
« on: January 02, 2020, 11:53:56 PM »
It was time.

Personally, she looked forward to this less so than several others would. The fox's death was inevitable, nothing worth noting so much to the female - though she supposed it could most certainly provide example and warning for those that dare hold similar ideas as the coward. The display, she felt, was much more appropriate for a man still on the run. One that she would find (and that was a promise). But, for the time being, she guesses this'll do, and she is certain others will be pleased with the event. And, she must admit, it would be fun seeing him suffer. Karma, after all, has long since manifested itself within the tigress, and she took that title very seriously. It was simply a part of nature. What goes around, came around, and this was most definitely true for the traitorous tyrant.

Keeping prisoners...that was not something she believed in. The very reason she had fought so hard was for her and her crew's belief in freedom. It kind of grossed her out, keeping him locked up. But, it was the terms of conditions the leaders had agreed upon: at least, the former ones had. What the current ones would think? She hadn't the time to ask. She did know, though, they probably wanted to see the fox burn just as much as their previous rulers. And so, tied to a pole on a small, make-shift stage, the fox has a small, controlled fire surrounding him. Oh, if he wanted to put on a performance, this was his last chance. Make it big in Hollywood.

The tigress had been exhausted for weeks, and it was not so hidden that she refused to sleep within the Pitt during her stay there. However, she did her best to, at least, rest before the show. The bags under her eyes still remain, but she at least carried herself in a more..."Goldenluxury" manner. This would be her second time killing off a Pittian leader. Stryker would be her third, soon, she is sure of it. And all that left was Ninazu, though she doubts she would go through the trouble to hunt her down. Wasn't really worth all that. Jervis just so happened to make it easy for her. The female walked around his post, head held high. "Anyone interested in a show?"

"Feel free t' join in."


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Re: IN THE WHITE ROOM / jervis' execution
« Reply #1 on: January 03, 2020, 12:22:39 AM »

[OOC: ]

He wasn’t going to miss this for the world.

This man had led him, fooled him, used him, and in the end betrayed him. All Kydobi ever did was try to help, try to make it better. Jervis knew this, and while the jaguar denied he ever wanted any power he had went after it. But he was not thirsty for it and so when he was kindly rejected he took it well and continued with his duties.

He though his promotion to Marauder was Jervis finally recognizing his worth. It was only to solidify the his blind loyalty. To keep Kydobi fighting for nothing. In the end, costing him his life.

There was a cold and primal look as he laid his eyes on the fox. He didn’t want Goldie to have the pleasure of killing the man all himself. The marauder had given the fox so much from himself. He had even offered a well thought out and extensive plan. But the fox wouldn’t listen. He had offered his protection, his loyalty, his time, and at one point his life. But his life was snatched from him. In the end he died fighting for none other than himself.

Perhaps Jervis symbolized all the men who had done Kydobi wrong. Maybe in some subconscious way, Kydobi had gone to Jervis as a father. But like all figured before him he had been hurt and undervalued.

The fox would be the victim of his wrath if Goldie let him.

“I’d wish to join.”, he said as he kept his eyes on the fox. Looking at the burnt face with hate he nearly spat. His eyes began to glow as he thought of all the pain he felt. The hurt. The emptiness caused by the vulpine.

A very ugly side of Kydobi would come out, a side only brought out by immense pain.

“All those screams you caused innocent others Jervis. I want to see if you can scream just as loud.”, he doubted Goldie would let him draw out the death as he wanted. But the fox would die. Would his blood be as offensive and pungent? Would his cries leave the same heavy feeling of guilt in his stomach as all the kidnapped prisoners? Or would it give Kydobi satisfaction? Would it spark and start a dark pleasure in the man? Kydobi feared he’d like it too well, but he would hide such pleasure.

He was a master at masking.

He had no expression on his face. It was colder than ever. Steel. But there was a storm brewing behind his eyes.

“We all pay for our actions.”

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“Oh lord please dont let me be misunderstood..”
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Re: IN THE WHITE ROOM / jervis' execution
« Reply #2 on: January 03, 2020, 01:36:32 AM »
Personally, Leroy hadn't the foggiest clue as to what Crow agreed upon when discussing Jervis' fate. The general understood that the ex-ardent's imprisonment and imminent execution were solely the result of extensive planning, though he took no part in it. Thus, owing to his lack of comprehensive knowledge surrounding today's occasion, the methods in which Goldenluxury would distribute justice was an utter mystery. Him being unaware of these exact affairs didn't kill the excitement, though; if anything, it added to it. The tyrant, murderer, torturer, and slaver was living his final day. And he had first-class seats to the performance that'd end his life once and for all.

He hoped.

Aurum. Kydobi. Goldenluxury. Delilah. Arrow. Himself. Those named were individuals he knew to have died at one point, only to return to the mortal realm soon after their "demises". Death existed as nothing but a mild inconvenience in this day and age, and he reckoned that before long, Jervis would experience life again. It's always the important folk that come back, he found, and Jervis definitely fit the category. The possibility of the fox's restoration following his own execution beset the cohesion of Leroy's mind. Of course the wolfhound wanted the bastard dead for good, though he just couldn't shake the likelihood of a revival of any sorts. It has happened before, and will definitely happen again. He just wishes that it didn't happen to him.

Tucking the doubts and misgivings away into the deepest recesses of his imagination, Tanglewood's leader makes the scene with an exuberant smile, tongue hanging out the side. Regardless of what followed, it was a day he'd awaited for quite a long time. Red, Sam, Kiira, and more were gravely maltreated at his arm or call, and Pastel butchered. An abundance of horrendous crimes attributed to his vile name, and today, he'd finally receive his comeuppance. Why it took so long was completely beyond him, but that was the past. The wait was over. The good guys had won, and he wore the undeniable satisfaction in his expression. It sours a bit upon seeing Kydobi, who'd caused somewhat of a stir back home. The mongrel's scowl reverts to its original state, though, as he learns to ignore the jaguar's presence.

Contemptuously, Leroy waltzes up towards the criminal's post, far enough out of his abominable reach, yet close enough to build a distance between the two that could be considered dear. The canine's smile fades not whilst approaching the malefactor. If anything, it widens.

"Ya likely don't know me," he begins, stating the obvious, "but I know you. And I know what ya've done. Ya hit my home hard - ya hit my family hard." Following the last part, he released a tender sigh. Pastel never even lived to learn of her adopted father's romantic life. She never got to know the potential fatherly figure that was Leroy. The male restrains himself from showing any further sentiment; for all he knew, Jervis might get off to that sort of thing. "I guess this is it, then," he continues, "end of the line. Tell ya what though; I'm gonna make sure that everyone who stood by ya meets a similar fate. And I got an entire tribe to help with that. Have a nice day."

Next, he encroaches on Goldenluxury - leaving about the same distance between them he did with Jervis. "Lookin' forward to it, Ms. Goldenluxury," Leroy declares before playfully adding "such a shame I didn't bring no snack."

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Re: IN THE WHITE ROOM / jervis' execution
« Reply #3 on: January 03, 2020, 01:47:10 AM »
i was born, on the highway, in a train wreck
with a heart, that was beating, out of my chest
God, this was going to feel like heaven on earth. Sure, perhaps the effect of it all would be a little bit diminished by the fact that there would be right bastards like Kydobi and Bai Shi present, but Aurum refused to let even them get under his skin. Even if he hadn't hated Jervis for as long as some had, that didn't make the rage that burned in his heart for the fox any less impressive. After all, Jervis had stolen away so many things from him. Jervis had brainwashed Roy, hurt Red, hurt a ton of his other beloved clanmates, and had mistreated Draekon, someone the lion had dearly loved. Sure, things hadn't ended well between the two of them, but that didn't mean that Aurum wanted Draekon to suffer, and Jervis had caused him to suffer silently for ages. The angel wanted to rip the head from the former ardent's shoulders and slam it onto a pike to be proudly displayed along the border of the Pitt, but he somehow felt that would be frowned upon, at least by a few people. Still, that didn't mean he wasn't going to come and enjoy watching the bastard get executed, even if he didn't particularly want in on the action himself. After all, he was still pretty injured, and had only worsened his wounds in fighting with Kydobi and saving both Leroy and Miller from Astiar nearly carrying them off, so he wasn't exactly in the mood for killing, even a captured opponent.

As Aurum moved through the crowd that had gathered around Jervis's coming execution site, he felt the hairs along his back stand up a bit at the sight of Kydobi, before slowly settling back down again. Sure, Aurum fucking hated Kydobi, and wanted nothing more than to slit the jaguar's throat as well, but... there was a time and a place for that, and it wasn't here. Besides, he had no reason to worry about anything here. After all, Tanglewood had been invited to this event, so there was no reason he couldn't be there. Plus, Leroy was already here as well, and if Kydobi tried to stir shit with the hound here watching... well, holy hell would probably be rained down upon him by both Leroy and Goldie, and Aurum would've been delightfully amused to watch that. Pushing all of this aside, Aurum moved further through the crowd, up to where Jervis was. With a bit of a gap in between them for safety's sake – even if Aurum couldn't truly be hurt by fire without a lot of effort – Aurum gritted out with a crooked grin, "I will delight in finally seeing you dead, you cowardly scum. You have hurt... so many people that I love. So many people that my clanmates have loved. I will never forget all of the horrible things that you inflicted upon Tanglewood, and I will take great pleasure in watching this... and just so you know, even if you someday return..." He leaned in the faintest bit, his grin somehow widening even more, a grim tone to his words, "...I will find you. And I will completely, and utterly destroy you from this plane of existence for what you have done. Anyways... may you hope that God has more mercy for your soul than I ever will." The lion then just let out a soft and warm chuff of utter delight, turning around and walking away from Jervis and back into the crowd before he settled on his haunches, waving a wing up at Goldie. He would just relax, for now. Seeing retribution finally come down upon the heads of the guilty... well, it just filled his little angelic spirit with light.
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Re: IN THE WHITE ROOM / jervis' execution
« Reply #4 on: January 04, 2020, 01:07:35 PM »
golden lung dragon & black panther w/ vitiligo & platinum silver fox. unknown age - ancient. bai 'pure' shi 'honest' lynn lingré. prefers lynn if close. they/them. blind. wind element & electric element. firstborn son of jerisidie lingré & current head of family/general. courting kydobi & idyllfields. marauder of the pitt. demiromantic gray-asexual.
coming to stand at kydobi's side, the beast rumbled deeply in their throat, blind gaze focused on where all the voices were coming from. they had their own share in this execution, memories dancing in their mind of the long missing sepiroth, their first love in this cruel world and his madness. they were reminded of stryker and ninazu, of the torture that they had once suffered at the small woman's paws. jaws splitting in an angry exhale, they licked their maw, brows furrowed, "your day was coming for years, long before you were a concept in your sire's mind, jervis." they growled, hackles rising as they remembered their dame's screams of agony as his leg was ripped from his body before the spectating crowd. they could still feel the small bundle that was their little sister pressed into their side, sobbing in grief.

lips curled they blinked blind eyes, standing beside kydobi, knowing that their clanmate was there, and enjoying his presence, his anger. they would fall silent,
aware of all those that had gathered, listening in satisfaction to the threats thrown at the man. the fox had ruined a lot of good things, and good people. his justice was coming, slow as it had built, and fast as it had come crashing down upon him. kydobi's death had been the fox's fault, leading him to the empty wings of the reaper before he could see that the vile man had tricked him.

"let his head fall from his shoulders.
nobody will mourn his passing. dare he come back, he will find no welcome anywhere!
" they snorted, claws digging into the ground, lifting their head to face goldie, eyes glinting, swearing in silently that they too wished to have a claw in his death, but they knew they were not the most furious with him. they could scent aurum and leroy, listening to their voices and their words.
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Re: IN THE WHITE ROOM / jervis' execution
« Reply #5 on: January 06, 2020, 09:44:41 PM »
— if I fall, get knocked down, pick myself up off the ground —
Jervis himself never laid a paw on the tiny Privateer.  But the Pitt had.  She'd been treated kinder than most.  Lucky.  Watched over by a father desperate enough to sneak away from his crew to spy.  Taken by someone who became attached to a child they stole.  But it meant nothing.  Nothing compared to the blood they'd spilt.  And for Jervis, who broke deals, kidnapped her cousin, and made his own clanmates suffer in his place... No punishment would be severe enough.

The fae joined the outskirts of the crowd, scowling towards the crackling fire.  Should the vixen ever return to the living, he would find no welcome in any corner of the continent.  Now if only Stryker and Ninazu could share his fate today.
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Re: IN THE WHITE ROOM / jervis' execution
« Reply #6 on: January 07, 2020, 01:21:18 PM »


They were wrong about one thing, when they assumed nobody would care. Fourth cared, in perhaps the most selfish of ways. He wasn't sure if what he felt was love, because emotions like that took time and effort, but he definitely felt a sense of possession. In a way, Jervis had been his even if the fox would never admit to it. They hadbeen Fourths outlet, had been a presence he could take advantage of in almost every sense of the word, and in those moments of senseless touches and pointless conversation the massive canine had found a comfort that lay nowhere else in his clan. Fourth was a beast, a cold, cruel, selfish monster who cared little for anyone outside of his clan- but he was a social beast, one who craved the sense of camaraderie that should lay in a clan and who - maybe surprisingly- enjoyed the affections and closeness that was born from those bonds. He liked playful spars, pointless conversations, and just being with others, and it was never enough to just exist[//i] along side others without any of that. And that's what the Pitt had unfortunately been for him, a place where lines were always drawn and where people paired off into little groups that disliked the others. And Fourth had never found a place in those groups, had never felt truly like they were his people despite the fact that he knew he belonged there. Vox had been the closest thing to a real friend he'd had, but he'd jumped ship the second things had gotten rough. Kydobi had been a close second, but between them was a distance brought on by different viewpoints that had never quite lessened to allow a proper friendship even though the jaguars presence was a welcomed familiarity by now.

So while they may not have been in love and while their 'closeness' had only been brought on by the outlines of a shady deal, it had meant more to Fourth than anything else the Pitt had offered him. And he knew it was selfish to ignore everything else in lieu of that, but Fourth was a selfish guy. He didn't like to give up the few things that brought him some semblence of contentment, and he would forever hate Goldenluxury for stepping in the way she had. In Fourths eyes that couldn't change even if the leader wasn't Jervis, because in his eyes she had no right to dictate them a sa group. Coming in here like she was their reigning god, to dictate who could live and who could die, to decide who could rot in a cell or who was worthy of leading them, it was all wrong. It should have been The Pitt to overthrow Jervis if they'd wanted him gone, should have been them to take the initiative. And if they didn't? Too bad for her. It wasn't her place. He didn't care what her past was or what vendetta she had, the pit was none of her business. He had half a mind, now that his children were born, to call open season on her group of mongrels, to tear her down and play dictator in her own lands the way she had here. And why not? According to her all it to was for him to disagree and that should justify it, right? All he had to do was not like her or the way she ran things, and that should give him the right to insert himself into her business like it was his own.

One thing was certain. No matter what happened here today, she would suffer. She would learn her place and would regret ever sticking her nose into the Pitts business. The children he bore and any generation to come afterward he would be sure to pollute against her clan, and she would lose lives over this. Would see the blood of her clanmates splatter the ground of her territory weather their new leader wished it or not. Fourth would not let his clan go soft, would not let them change the foundations. The Pitt was the only warmongering group, and he would kill before he let that change.

He was a wolf once more, finally able to don the body he was most comfortable in. He'd left the children at home with someone to look after them so that he could attend, but his participation would not be what they intended. Instead the massive, muscular canine lingered in the back where he sat, wine red eyes cold and ignoring those who gathered. It was true that a part of him would hate his own clan for doing this, for taking away what he considered his possession, but he knew there was no changing this. Jervis had made his moves poorly and now there was no force to come to his rescue. Fourth couldn't do it alone, and there was nobody who would have tried anyways.

The only reason he was here was because he was the clans Marauder, that, and because he felt he should be. He may not support this, but if they were going to destroy his things then he would be there to remember those who did it.  Wouldn't forget that they'd stolen the only toy he had to ease his silent suffering.



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Re: IN THE WHITE ROOM / jervis' execution
« Reply #7 on: January 09, 2020, 09:09:51 PM »
This wasn't the first time Sweeney had decided that she was going to sneak out. There had been a time before when she had decided that it would be a good thing to do, and she had clearly not learned her lesson since then. She had whispered her plans to her other siblings, soon leaving to follow their parent from behind, trying her best to keep up with the size difference, out of breath by the time she had made her way there, ears soon pinning down to her head as she began to sneak around, making sure to stay out of site of Fourthwall, whether or not she was actually doing a good job didn't matter to her, but she trusted in herself to move around properly in order to do what she was meant to do, and hope that her siblings would be close behind her.

If the other three mentioned playing or sent their babysitter off to find Sweeney then maybe they, too, could get away to come follow. If not, she didn't care, she'd be the only one here and even if she got in trouble for it, she'd have bragging rights of being able to watch... whatever this was. She didn't know what an execution was, and didn't really know Jervis, but she knew of screaming, it was something that she and her siblings did when they played, and they got told to quiet down. So when Kydobi mentioned it, she couldn't help but get excited. Was her dad gonna have fun?
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Re: IN THE WHITE ROOM / jervis' execution
« Reply #8 on: January 09, 2020, 09:57:01 PM »
  Rin hadn't exactly been in a hurry to return to the Pitt's territory, but word of Jervis' punishment had drawn her to the fringes of the gathering.

  She had told Elysium she would be going, and offered an invitation to any other Elysites who wanted to attend. So long as a majority of each group- the Pitt included- attended the execution, the odds of Elysium's territory being raided while they were gone were minimal. She suspected the Captain wouldn't attack the territory either, not while his primary target was elsewhere.

  Listening to others' testimonies about Jervis' crimes- the speakers including members of his own group, likely due to the stunt he'd pulled with Kydobi- elicited a soft sigh from her. If everyone was going to speak their piece, then she ought to as well. Digging up those old memories wouldn't be pleasant, but all she had to do was state the facts. She wouldn't condemn herself here; really, she wouldn't be condemning anyone who wasn't already.

  As the last speaker finished their declaration, Rin calmly stepped forward and leveled her gaze at Jervis. "You destroyed the old observatory," she said, a strange sense of strength filling her. "You destroyed a home that I and many others held dear- a record of the Ascendants' history, that you burnt down without remorse." Narrowing her eyes, she continued, "I doubt I'll ever understand why you did it, but I understand this much- the Ascendants' memory will live on forever, whether the observatory stands or not." Allowing a small smirk to cross her face, she remarked, "History will remember you, too- as a coward, who resorted to trampling those who could not fight back and sacrificing his own men to make himself feel strong."

  Taking an arrow out of her quiver and pointing it in Jervis' direction, she glanced towards the others who had gathered- her unlikely allies, if only until the day's end. "Ready when you are, Goldenluxury," she said, with a small nod.
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Re: IN THE WHITE ROOM / jervis' execution
« Reply #9 on: January 09, 2020, 10:43:27 PM »
diamonds are a girl’s bestfriend -

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call me your sweet baby —

another ball of fluff would follow closely behind her own sister. She too had snuck out upon seeing Sweeney leave. It occurred to her that she couldn’t let the brat take all the spotlight and have all the fun.

So seeing her window Mercede quickly left. While Sweeney looked excited.. Mercede got a little scared. She understand that Jervis was her father. While this was the first time seeing him- she could hear others speak of him poorly.

Ears pinned against her head, sounded like they were scolding him. In fact.. the young girl got a very bad feeling. Mercede hobbled over time her sister, tail tucked as she pressed against her for comfort.

“Look our papas are here..”, she whispered. She kept her eyes glued on Jervis. Deciding that he was gorgeous. Like her. Her honey eyes were wide as she stared at her dad.

If only she had more control over her powers.. she would reach out and speak to him if she could.

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Re: IN THE WHITE ROOM / jervis' execution
« Reply #10 on: January 12, 2020, 12:47:40 AM »
Noor was being a fucking brat at home because her father had left her with someone.

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Re: IN THE WHITE ROOM / jervis' execution
« Reply #11 on: January 13, 2020, 07:40:27 PM »
Long before the gathering, the darkness rightfully encapsulated the fox. Chains tugged at Jervis’ wrists and a thick collar wrapped around his neck as he laid against the cold floor of the prison cell. With every rebellious pull away at the wall, the metal band choked him. Even after hundreds of attempts to escape over the span of weeks, there was no success. The restraints didn’t budge.

Another day. Another tug. Another failed attempt. Another temper tantrum. Weakened by his debacle once again, Jervis threw himself violently against the wall. Just like every previous time, another colorful slur left his mouth. Finishing his defeated and shrill scream, he slumped onto the ground. A restless sigh echoed around the room.

The silence was unnerving to him. There was no man to criticize him. Not even a soul to praise his otherworldly leadership. Just nothing. Jervis dearly craved even the slightest of attention. It was what kept him going... but no one visited him. Fourthwall hadn't even tried to rescue him. For once in his life, he felt alone. Nobody wanted to assist him. If no one was going to keep him company, he would do it himself. From mocking his enemies' voices to creating false scenarios of victory, the self-serving fox had done it all. In no time, he was indulging into his manic muttering. Thus began his long-awaited decent into madness.

Jervis truly thought he was going to rot in the cave. Something changed eventually. There was never a shimmer hope until now. A light. In the distance. A silhouette of a figure followed. The vulpine jerked forward impulsively, only to be pulled backwards by the chains. Nevertheless, he remained on the edge of his toes. Squinted eyes stared out into the distance, awaiting the figure to come closer. "P-please," he called out foolishly, "Help me!"

His call into the unknown was met by a gruff snort. A large snout, followed by a flash of grey fur, appeared before his vision. It was not long before he realized the wolf's scent lingered of The Typhoon. "Please," came the voice. The stranger's tone mocked the ardent's. "You're pathetic." Ivory teeth flashed in front of the vulpine, causing Jervis to retreat back to the wall behind him. Frightened by his inevitable fate, Jervis pleaded for his life. It was met by nothing but a cackle.

Not long after, they were off. As the wolf pulled him along by the chain on his neck, the fox unwillingly followed into the light. One unscatched eye narrowed out towards the bright sun in the distance. Soulless pupils widened as he grew close to the exit. For the first time in awhile, Jervis truly saw himself. A golden gaze shift towards his paw. The ardent’s, or ex-ardent’s, shock left him silent. What was left of the glorious vulpine was no more. Imprisonment hadn’t bent kind to him. His once shining, slick pelt was now a matted mess that reeked with piss and the salty stench of blood. Dirt manifested under overgrown claws. What muscle he had faded away, leaving him with nothing but bone. Skinny as can be, the fox was notably weary. With every step he took, he could feel himself loosing balance... but the guard just kept pulling him along.

Jervis trudged along, but not without a fight. Every breath he could muster was followed by a prompt screech of dismay and an insult to come. There was not a pejorative phrase he missed. He'd even tried to run off with his chain in tow, along with attacking his guard. Nothing worked. They always reverted back to Jervis being pulled along with the wolf walking in silence... Pitiful.

Goldenluxury's makeshift stage came into view. Though his pleads grew stronger and his discontent was obvious, the wolf still led him towards the pole in the middle of the stage. With a huff, Jervis was forced against the pole. ”PUT ME DOWN YOU FILTHY FISH FUCKER!” he yelped. The wolf laughed. No acknowledgement nevertheless. He was surrounded by thick chains in no time. His foe made sure to tug them tight against his neck and ribs for ultimate discomfort, along with successful asphyxiation. Heaving from his excessive amount of screaming and new addition, the vulpine found himself nauseated.

As a golden eye stared out in the distance, watching others gather and Goldenluxury begin, his attention failed to gather what the wolf was doing around him. He had only noticed once the light appeared before his gaze. His head threw itself backwards and his body reared away from the flames in disgust. Jervis tried to scramble away, but was successfully held against the pole by the chains wrapped around his neck. The visions of Crow dipping his head into the flames with Goldenluxury in two flashed through his head. What they had done to him had left him traumatized. They had single-handedly ruined his image. No facade remained. His promiscuous beauty was no more. Only the ever-vegeant ardent remained. Thus began his downfall.

As the flames encircled himself, Jervis’ eyes remained sewn shut. Only one thing caused his attention to shift and her voice stuck out like a sore thumb.


At the sound of her voice, his eye shot open. The tiger stood mid-stage, away from the flames, but close enough to keep an eye on him. With her foreign twang, she spoke aloud for all to hear. ‘A show,’ she proclaimed. One for all to see. A free-for-all round to follow. Though her words were quick and to the point, he still managed to protest. With every word, Jervis shouted back vehemently with disgust. The smoke caused him to cough occasionally during his loud objections, but it appeared as if no one was paying attention to him.

Hissing furiously, he whipped his head around towards Goldenluxury. Jervis spat towards her feet, challenging for her to come closer. “YOU THINK THIS IS FUNNY?” the ardent yowled. As he spoke, he wildly yanked on the chains in hopes of escape. TRY ME. His maw curled up into a mischievous smirk. “I AM JERVIS CALLAHAN, THE VICIOUS VULPINE OF THE NORTH, OVERTHROWER OF STRYKER, BANE OF ELYSIUM, ENEMY OF TANGLEWOOD, DESTROYER OF THE BLACKGUARD, AND THE TYPHOON’S TSUNAMI. NOT TO FORGET RIGHTFUL ARDENT OF THE PITT.” True to his confidence, he gloated as much as he could. He barely took a breath between his words, losing himself to a coughing fit afterwards. “I. WILL. THRIVE.”

Momentarily, the fox peered into the audience. Though he saw none of his allies in the audience, he didn’t let that sour his mood. There was always a plan. Someone would come soon... Hopefully. Prideful as always, Jervis continued on with his spiel. “I WILL HAVE YOUR HEAD ON A PIKE.” Goldenluxury’s, along with Crow’s, would be a fine addition to The Pitt’s collection. “MY ARMY WILL ERADICATE YOUR CORPSE, PILLAGING WHAT THEY CAN.” It was obvious they were false threats, but if it got him the attention he craved, then it satisfied him. A legacy would prevail.

His first thought of assistance was Kydobi. The panther had always been there. From the beginning, and sadly to the end, they raised Jervis’ up and assisted him dearly. That was ruined though. During the battle, Jervis had pushed Kydobi into the line of fire and ultimately played a hand in killing him. Yet Jervis held onto his hope. Maybe, just maybe, a shred of loyalty remained.

Something had changed though. Amber eyes held a fiery rage, unkempt and ready to burst. In a turn of events, despite Jervis' praise, Kydobi's loyalty shifted elsewhere. He wanted to hear Jervis suffer. "What?" he spat. Karma was a bitch. Exasperated, yet enthused by the idea, he snorted. "Come on. What'd she give you?" He laughed. "The key to a private island on the edge of your new clan?" He leaned forward, chains keeping him from falling face-first into the floor. "You can come back, rule beside me, and end this," Jervis hissed. "Or you can wallow and suffer the consequences in the future." Little did the vulpine know, there was nothing that could change Kydobi's mind. Either way, his words hid another meaning. Truthfully, if the offer was accepted, Jervis would only lead him on again. This time Kydobi would be finished. For good.

Pushing back against the pole, he listened to Leroy's speech. An eye rolled profusely. "Who the fuck are you?" As Leroy turned to Goldenluxury, he mimicked the canine's threat under his breath. What a twit. There was no indication of what he did exactly, but it some nobody could say something in retaliation to him, then Jervis would give it to him. That took some balls. Nevertheless, did he care? Not at all.

Next came the brave lion. As always, Aurum had something to say. Their confidence and courage was outstanding. Just like with Leroy, they spoke of being indirectly affected by his wrath. Per usual, the ardent was satisfied. Here was another animal crying wolf though. "Go to hell," came his slick reply. The more discourse his final moments had would ultimately lead to his potential escape. For as much as he wanted to preserve himself, he couldn't help but notice there was no one for him to live for. Perhaps Fourthwall. Nothing more.

With a growl, he addressed Bai Shi. "You can't ever figure out where your allegiance lies, you traitorous cunt," he spat. The fox was impartial to the strange dragon, especially after they repeatedly changed placed. Hell, he'd even considered promoting them for a short time, but with how often they roamed, he never did. "Muster up some courage to pick a place and stay in it before you proclaim anything."

Finding Warringkingdom's face in the crowd, his eye narrowed. They had never been brave enough to go after The Pitt by themselves. Goldenluxury was lucky enough to convince them to attack. She was cowardly, along with the rest of her goons. Elysium deserved to suffer for that. Easy to takeover and control, Jervis was surprised he never took the opportunity to do so. It would of meant more power for him. "I find little remorse in watching the children of your doomed clan burning," he rumbled deeply. "Your group will be remembered as the clan that barely fought back. At least I'm someone who used my power to it's extent and dominated all of you fucking lousy bitches here." Hopefully his words would blow a fuse. He was looking for her to finally strike back.

Besides those that arrived to his live-action funeral, he truly missed a few significant figures. Surely Crow would want to see him suffer. Seeing that his boy toy was here, why wouldn't he be? As always, the Tanglewood leader had always disappointed him. Stryker too. Where did they lurk in the shadows these days? That damn leader left his possession a long time ago after their lucky escape. There were a few other victims he noted mentally. Ultimately, he was displeased by the turnout.

Most importantly, he was missing those dear to him. Even though Kydobi had once been one of his dearest allies, they had betrayed his trust. Fourthwall seemed almost nowhere in sight for the time being. Besides those two, and his future children, he could barely make a list of those he cared about.

Defensive and frightened, Jervis threw his attitude forward and dished out insults as needed. Not once did he consider that his lover would be here, but here he was. Fourthwall himself. Not only that, but with his children in tow.

In the distance, the wolf's familiar pelt caught his attention. Immediately, his heart sunk. He could almost feel Fourthwall's wine red eyes piercing his skin. Their muscular body seemed tense from afar, but through the wicked flames, he could barely tell. Even if it was Jervis' imagination, he knew that Fourthwall cared. For once in his life, he truly regretted his actions. The chance at a real relationship, or even a slight sight of another one-night stand, had slipped away from his paws. Regrettably, there was no way in hell that Jervis was going to admit his sexual relationship and possession to the wolf though.

No ensemble followed Fourthwall though. There was no group following his ideal partner and presumed vicar. Eventually though, smaller foxes appeared beside the wolf. His suspicion was not confirmed immediately, but he had the lingering fear. It was not until one marble fox yipped the truth.

'Look our papas are here..'

Emotions sunk in. His mouth was agape and from what little vision he had, he stared down at them aghast. Four little foxes sat there, disobeying their father in proper Callahan and Fallout fashion. One was a red fox with black speckles lining their back, another similar but partially melanistic. The other red-toned fox held a marble pattern. Finally, the one who spoke out, was a true marble fox. Their white and grey pelt stuck out among the crowd. They all seemed so innocent and small still... He couldn't help but feel guilty. They were losing a father; someone who would appreciate them and raise them up to their true royal stance. Jervis' eyes began to slowly fill with tears.

An idea shot through his mind. The thought was dirty, but worth it, as it was his last hope. Using his children as a way to receive mercy was cruel. In his mind, if he escaped the situation, he would able to raise his children and eventually ensue his revenge through them. Perhaps even have more children. Maybe with Fourthwall again or another one-night stand to suffice his needs. Even if this didn't happen, Jervis would hope that his litter could carry on the duty, along with his short-lived lover. He would try nevertheless.

That was his ticket out.

And his only one.

So the show started again. This time with a change in attitude. He was pleading... begging for mercy. Passionate rage flowed through the vulpine as he lurched forward violently. Jervis pulled at the chains with a growl. His actions were in Goldenluxury's direction, hoping to gather her attention. His snout was barely crossing through the flames, stinging at his hairs. Ivory teeth gleamed out in her direction as he snapped threatening and his paws wildly swiped forward. Fur shot towards the sky. A golden eye pierced in the other leader's direction. "I HAVE FUCKING CHILDREN, YOU SICK BASTARD!" he shouted with all his might.

As the flames danced across his nose, the vulpine desperately flailed. He wanted out. "I'LL GIVE YOU WHATEVER YOU WANT." came his anguished scream. For a moment, his gaze shifted back to his children. Did they know what was happening? Would this traumatize them for the rest of their life? The thought stabbed him in the back like a knife. What would become of them? Fourthwall might give them the attention that they craved, but it would never suffice their mental fuckery. Just like his own family, trauma would be a big factor to their future. He could see that the Callahan line may be problematic and chaotic. Perhaps, with a great miracle, they would become something better than him. Sadly, their damning almost seemed inevitable.

The ardent turned back to Goldenluxury. He choked and coughed as he did so. His tail laid between his legs and ears pressed against his skull. With nothing but preventative remorse, Jervis stared up into her gaze. "Please," he whispered. His voice ascended back into a grave caterwaul. "LET ME L-LIVE!"

His bargaining had always been successful at first.  When he desired to overtake Stryker, he succeeded. The Typhoon even fell for his facade. Persuasion had always been on his side. Why wouldn't his special skill work now? Ultimately, it had ended up biting him in the ass. One more marvel wouldn't hurt. After all, raising his children to be a true Callahan would be a pleasure. Would his wish be granted though?

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Re: IN THE WHITE ROOM / jervis' execution
« Reply #12 on: January 14, 2020, 10:37:48 AM »

[OOC: ]

It wouldn’t be much of a surprise to see Tanglewood being one of the first groups to attend. They made their hate for the Pitt very clear, not even the ruining and successful battle had satiated their need for revenge.

But that was to be expected from such ignorant folk.

Despite all his hollering and screeching, Kydobi could see the fear. Hell, he could smell it. Taste it even. The fox knew his end was coming and was desperately pulling out every last trick he had. It was a shame to see someone so low. Someone who still felt that the world owes him.

When their eyes laid on him Kydobi saw the glimmer of hope. And it caused him disgust as well as guilt. Part of him wanted to help, wanted to believe the fox. But experience had taught him that he knew better. The fox was a silver tongue, a poor one at that. Their facade crumpled because he was not careful with his actions. He didn’t plan ahead at all. A fiery gaze hardened at the empty promises.

But before he could reply others would come and give their two cents. Kydobi would turn his head to look at Leroy, he listened to their words and snorted softly. Apart from that his gaze did not flicker. He would not allow the dog to stir emotion. But the threat would not be forgotten and it would only give the jaguar more reason to lead.

Even Aurum could not ruin the newfound Ardent’s focus. Kydobi couldn’t lie to himself, he was slightly irked by everyone else’s harsh words. All of them lacked the right to be so cruel. Because none had suffered worse than the Pittians themselves. None of their names were marked and judged just because of the actions of one crazed man. None of their homes were on the brink of utter loss. Sure they had lost people. But many Pittians were lost during the battle.

They called them cowards for not leaving but made them unwelcome to everywhere outside.

They cornered them And forced them to fight. But gave them unfair judgement when they saw they would not bow.

If Leroy wished to stir trouble then so be it. The dog did not know who he was messing with.

Finally he would get a chance to address the fox, “I promised you my loyalty and my protection. But you took and took and never gave me anything in return but pain. I am to lead my people, and I will be sure your name is nothing to no one. Because we were nothing but pawns to you Jervis but now you see how the king is helpless without any to serve him. See yourself out of this one, none will help you here.”

Kydobi swallowed a lump in his throat as he smelled the puppies. Heard their breaths. He turned to see three of the little mites standing there. He tensed his body in surprise, they did not deserve to see this. Eyes would flicker to Fourthwall. Did he bring them? No. Surely he hadn’t. None would scar their children in such a manner.

Needless to say guilt would set in. His chest tightened and Kydobi spoke, “Take them home. This is no place for children.” Immediately Jervis began to holler and Kydobi couldn’t take it. He had forgotten that the ex-ardent knew nothing of the pups. The cries and begs of the fox would reach deep into Kydobi. Pulling his most sincere sympathy. Being a new found father had awoken something in Kydobi. Given him a purpose and although the fox had done terrible deeds he knew this pain.

He couldn’t bear to feel it. He cleared his throat and his eyes fell to Goldie. This was up to her. Maybe just maybe the fox would get some alone time with his family. Just enough to leave a lasting impression.

“Perhaps we should let him say goodbye.”

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“Oh lord please dont let me be misunderstood..”
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Re: IN THE WHITE ROOM / jervis' execution
« Reply #13 on: January 14, 2020, 11:26:22 AM »
"He has wronged you jus' as much as I, n' others." The female would state with a firm nod to Kydobi, her words genuine. He was just as welcome to join in as any other that wished to do so.

She remained silent as others walked up to the scene, putting in their own opinions over the fox and how they all had the same goal in mind: see him punished for his crimes. He has been found guilty, as those judgmental Elysites would put it. Karma has come around, and the anticipation was just as much part of his punishment as the execution. The captain sits, head held high as she flashes smirks to her comrades that appeared, a respectful nod to Warringkingdoms as she made an appearance, and a sense of satisfaction fills her paws. Many of the faces here had worked for this moment alongside the tigress. Oh, how prosperous it felt to have such successful plans.

Her goal has been met. Now there was just a few last things to do.

His tantrum was met with no response from the tigress, drowning most of it out. It was natural, for a manchild to whine and shout in such ways. She's had plenty of experience with his kind before. The claiming over her efforts, his people's efforts, endless insults, and undying pride, they were all things to be expected. And thus came the greatest part of it, her tail flicking as his words shout out and plea in a desperation she's yet to hear before. Oh, so he has finally begun to break down, tear apart from that ego. She stands up, moving a bit closer to the fox to finally address him.

"Oh, what's the matter? I thought ya loved the attention."

He begged and screamed of children, and she would let him, cold eyes looking to him in a blank stare. They did not divert their attention when she was addressed by the jaguar, his words leaving no sympathy in her gaze. "You have children? So did your victims. So were your victims." She states flatly in response, an icy edge to her sharp voice. The Pitt has never been so high and mighty to make exceptions for children before. She knew that first hand. The female has no tears to shed for a fox fortunate enough to be given what he has been given. He's wasted it. No one took anything from him: he took it from himself. The pirate captain, surely, knows a thing or two about thievery, and this was not it. "This is his chance t' say goodbye. Get on wit' it." Her head does not turn away from the fox, slit pupils looking down to him expectantly. Goldenluxury Roux was not heartless, but Jervis was, and she knew how to be cruel to those who deserved it. His children would be better off, without him in their lives. However, if he were to receive any alone time with them, it would only make things worse, only draw the conflict within them out further. Their father is not a man to celebrate, and they would be ever so blessed to have the embarrassing stain of his existence removed from their lives as quickly as possible. And thus she will be painted as the very thing she hated.

So be it.

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Re: IN THE WHITE ROOM / jervis' execution
« Reply #14 on: January 14, 2020, 03:26:21 PM »
[[ ic opinions only lmao ]]

Eyes would turn towards her siblings as they showed up, ears pricking as she noticed which ones arrived and when, curiously about to ask what happened to Noor, why she wasn't there, when she heard voices. Eyes would flicker up to where the leaders were, listening as they spoke, as they decided to speak upon their father's actions, and that's when she realized they were not there for fun, it was something bad that was going to happen. All the bad things that they were saying Jervis did, and she wasn't going to have any of it.

She listened, and she waited, until Kydobi mentioned to take them home, `this is no place for children` no, she was going to stay, that was her father up there, and she would not be leaving his side. "No!" She'd speak out, angry at the idea of being dragged home once more, unable to see her father any longer. "I'm not going home, and you can't make me!" She'd step up towards the four leaders in an attempt to run behind her father, ears pinning to her head in defiance. "I'm not leaving my Papa, you're all saying mean things and it's nasty! He doesn't have to be alone to hear it." She would turn to Kydobi, eyes narrowing in anger, "And I thought you were nice Mr. Kydoobi, but you're being mean too!"
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