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« on: December 03, 2019, 01:51:53 PM »
Crow Roux's reign over Tanglewood had come to pass. The alabaster feline ruled with relative timidity, though he damn well established himself as an admirable leader time and time again throughout his nine month-long regime. Nine months proved to be just the right amount for the male, though, and last night, Crow bestowed the rank of General upon his recently resurfaced second-in-command, Leroy. The canine, who had been six feet under for just over a month, abruptly appeared on the swampbound group's premises within the past week. His body - which was very much alive - sang a hymn of youthfulness and well-being. He felt healthier than ever before, and looked a hell of a lot less mangy and worn. And within twenty-four hours of his return, the wolfhound found himself at Tanglewood's helm.

Prior to his passing, Leroy hosted only one meeting. He made visits to other groups on a mere three different occasions, and had yet to shepherd his people into the heart of battle. Evidently, leading was but a brand-new addition to his diverse skillset. Coupling this with the fact that Crow did not share a great deal of knowledge regarding the job, only the bare basics, the mongrel was practically on his own in this. Already the General made some decisions that could be seen as beneficial (appointing Aurum to a higher position, and arranging a Yuletide celebration of sorts), but in all honesty, he was scared as all hell. Dirty looks and awkward, distrusting glances ran rampant through the crowd that attended his introductory meeting - apart from a select few, of course. But what could he expect? A good chunk of his group's populace knew scarcely anything about him, only that he was lying dead in a ditch up until now, so those with their doubts were 100% correct to feel that way.

He only wishes to get a fair chance.

As far as Leroy knew, Goldenluxury still had The Typhoon neath her control. He valued the female as a trusted confidant, one he could depend on in times of strife. One he could depend on in times like these. Also, it was of the utmost importance that Tanglewood's closest ally hears the word of the group's change in leadership. Thus, the island group would serve as his first stop while on his little "revival tour", which would take him through all of the allied and neutral groups.

So he sat on the brink of The Typhoon's claimed land, rump perched firmly on the moist earth, hoping his swampy scent met the nose of a pirate.

so does anybody know if help is on the way?
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« Reply #1 on: December 03, 2019, 04:11:10 PM »
"Link... it's time to wake up."
Despite having been in The Typhoon for quite a little while now, Hushsound hadn't interacted that much with the other groups that resided on the large main island. He had interacted somewhat with Tanglewood and Elysium during the raid on the Pitt, but he hadn't exactly had a long time to chat with anyone before they were in the throes of battle, viciously pushing back the Pittian threat. As a result of this, Hush had been mostly unaware of who the hell Crow or Leroy were, his only concern about leaders having been on Goldie and making sure that she was safe. So, needless to say, the change in Tanglewood's leadership wouldn't effect the young male that much, even if he would be glad for the fact that Leroy had come to inform them of the change. It was a sign of Tanglewood and The Typhoon's close relationship, and the wolf found himself very grateful for the fact that hadn't changed even after the raid on the Pitt was already over and done with. The wolf even found his tail wagging slightly as he traveled towards the source of the swampy Tanglewood scent that has suddenly invaded his newly extremely sensitive nose. He obviously didn't know of Leroy's death or subsequent taking over, so as he approached the hound, a smile curling slightly on his muzzle, he figured that Leroy was just some sort of ambassador, come to say hello or provide them with gifts. Well, the second option was unlikely, considering Hush didn't see any gifts in sight around the grey canine who was sat still near the edge of The Typhoon's territory.

Padding over, the wolf sat down in front of the smaller and shorter canine, tilting his head to one side before the mute male began to write out neatly in the wet dirt between them, "Welcome to The Typhoon. My name is Hushsound, what's your business here? You're from Tanglewood, right? Despite having only ever been around the other group once, Hush could definitely remember that distinctly swampy smell that seemed to cling to the inside of your nose, making you question how anyone could ever live within their unpleasantly wet and humid territory. Hushsound waited patiently for a response from the new leader of the other group, hoping desperately that Leroy could read his words, and he wasn't just scribbling nonsense in front of the other canine that wouldn't get his point across. He really hoped he wouldn't have to start talking again, since he had been doing that so much lately, and he didn't really want to do more of it.
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« Reply #2 on: Today at 02:41:05 PM »
— if I fall, get knocked down, pick myself up off the ground —
While the tiny Privateer hardly believed herself incapable, traveling between the other groups was no habit of hers.  A vague memory of visiting Snowbound once, many, many moons ago, still existed in her mind and she had made the trip to the Pitt and back, albeit unwillingly during the trip to.  Keona knew the distance was easier traveled by those of larger stature, regardless of their capabilities of vision.  Not to mention, the land between offered her few landmarks to trust in following.

Still.  Keona suspected an attempt sometime in the future, to traverse in between, may be in order.  To find some landmarks at least.

Rather than fight in the battle, which had been an easy victory from the start, the petite fae remained on the island.  Someone had to watch the home-front during war.  She had a direct line to someone on the inside of the Pitt anyhow and kept aware through him.  Despite the battle and their allies participation though, Keona honestly knew little about the other leaders.  Aside from very simple knowledge.

Including the fact Tanglewood lost their proxy before the raid.  But since the tiny feline recalls nothing on Leroy's presence, scent or sound of voice, the Tangler on the Typhoon's border brought up no memories of any sort.  He was simply a strange canine from the home of her cousin.  No doubt he carried news of some kind; an invitation, announcement, something.

Keona stood beside Hushsound, her pale hues blinking thoughtfully.  The sound of shifting dirt told her plainly Hushsound offered his greetings.  "Aloha." If the Tangler could read, good, but if not, the Privateer would speak up more.
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