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I AM A LOST BOY --- ravens and crows founding
« on: November 30, 2019, 02:20:22 PM »
It started off as a fun concept.  A game almost, between friends.  An idea that began to enthrall the youth more and more each passing day.  A true opportunity for adventure and friendship -- everything the young pirate craved.  The world was simply too big to ignore.

Finally, he bubbled over completely, pulling both his best friend Aine and a fellow Typhoon Beta, Salem along for the ride.  The first commodores of a new day.  Without a second to lose, Ikaia dedicated the time following the allies' attack on the Pitt to spreading word.  A summoning call for all those young, eager and curious.  Their time to meet and unite had come.

With his friends at his side, the boy bounced along, leading those who answered across the lands.  With the other commodores' help, he had discovered the perfect hide-out.  The ideal base for their ragtag crew of explorers and friends.  The journey wore his paws but the youth never lost his excitement.

On an old stone bridge, the small, spotted feline scrambled onto the railing, scattering a few loose rocks.  A fierce commodore gazed upon his new team.  He may have been beaten and scarred recently but he never backed down from an adventure.  A raven never backed down from an adventure.

Behind him stood the old stone castle, an ancient fortress surrounded by the cold loch waters.  Sanctuary in the midst of a beautiful but barren land.  Home.  They would make it an amazing base.  He couldn't wait to set to work.

"Aloha!" He felt tempted to shift into something, something larger maybe or more impressive but he felt comfortable this way.  The oncilla beamed, eyes gleaming.  "My name is Ikaia Kalawai'a, and 'm the Raven Commodore." Aine and Salem could introduce themselves in their own time, he had wanted to get everything out. "And this is our base!"

"We'll rebuild it together and make it even cooler than it already is," he had a few thoughts on the matter already of course.  "But we're not all about holding up in a home-base.  We're adventurers!" His tail lashed excitedly.  "I'll explain in more detail and offer some guides on the specifics of becoming a troop, but know first there are three divisions."

"That's where Aine and Salem come in," Ikaia added, grinning at the two respectively.  "I know we're called the Ravens and Crows, but we also have a Wolf division -- more flexibly there.  So if you're more interested in exploring, you're a Raven, or if you wanna help fight and defend places, you're a Crow; unless you just wanna help in general, then maybe you ought to be a Wolf."

"When we start dividing into troops, your Captains are in charge.  Don't forget us Commodores, we're the highest up, but the Captains take care of troop matters.  You'll be like... Mini-teams and teams need captains." That made sense.

"I'll explain more when we meet up again and help everyone find their divisions and troops.  But now we need to explore our new home base!"
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Re: I AM A LOST BOY --- ravens and crows founding
« Reply #1 on: November 30, 2019, 09:16:43 PM »
— aine | the pitt | commodore of the crows | fae druid —
Stars.  The petite vixen felt a buzzing in her paws.  Mind racing.  Heart drumming.  She remembered the game.  Adventures.  Her and Ikaia exploring the in-between lands, discovering and marking landmarks.  Smiles and exciting plans.

The plan in action frightened her.  Even as she scrambled up the stone wall beside her best friend.  The cold, highlands breeze ran through her bright fur.  Winter evident everywhere her eyes turned.  She tasted rain the air.  Snow maybe?  The fae shivered and turned back to Ikaia, smiling as she let him speak.  Take the lead.

When her own name is mentioned, she waved a soot-colored paw.  Squared her shoulders.  Stars.  Her chest felt a little tight.  They were really doing this.  A big team.  Explorers united.  No doubt she'd speak later.  Gather those who wanted to be a Crow.  Her division.  Hers.  Stars.

Too much information at once never did however.  Her limited attention span rediscovered the fortress, grinning at the encouragement to explore.  The castle certainly.  The highlands too.  They needed to learn the area.  Adventure.  Together.

The thought soothed her.  Recent days had been unkind.  Aine hummed softly, eyes on the land all around her.  Home base.  A place to meet together, plan and record adventures.  Yes.  This would be fun.

She smiled, offering a soft but warm "dia dhuit," to those who looked her way.
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Re: I AM A LOST BOY --- ravens and crows founding
« Reply #2 on: December 02, 2019, 04:36:22 PM »
SALEM | Soft, the tread of vine-covered paws.  Dark eyes gleamed thoughtfully through the silts of a pumpkin.  Easily standing among those of 'curious', the melanistic kodkod followed Ikaia and Aine as a friendly but quiet shadow.  The journey, the fortress, the faces all belonged to an interesting experiment -- a group dedicated to exploration and aid, founded by and for the youth.

In silence, he opted to sit below the other Commodores, trusting himself to stand out enough with little aid of height.  His dark ears, peeking from more silts, perked at the mention of his name from Ikaia.  His lips turned upwards in a smile, albeit possibly unseen, as he waved a tail in greeting.

Salem hardly viewed himself as shy, yet speaking hardly seemed required as of the now.  Soon, the feline knew he'd be offering words and directions to those of his Wolf division.  Soon enough for him.
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Re: I AM A LOST BOY --- ravens and crows founding
« Reply #3 on: December 04, 2019, 11:48:20 AM »
A r d o r (n.)
Any call for curious-minded explorers warranted the appearance of a young Winther.  For a time, bright eyes scanned those present, seeking out a face in particular.  Finding no sign of the lone cartographer, Torren fixed his gaze on Ikaia.  The name Kalawai'a belonged to an aunt of his, one he felt fond of though saw seldom due to her ocean-faring ways.

Somehow, the young wildcat imagined Ikaia knew nothing of said family and stored the matter in his mind.  Focusing, the plush feline knew already the division he belonged to.  One of the Winters had to help map out this part of the world.
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