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Re: START A RIOT / mass raid + takeover
« Reply #105 on: November 30, 2019, 02:13:04 AM »
The vulpine never fully thought he'd go to the length of attacking Raziel.  The line seemed too far to cross.  He may have disagreed with his cousin's pacifistic attitude but he had never thought of taking the extra step.  A dramatic move to make and his cousin remained too naive to even see it coming.

He just lay there, catching his breath.  Gael's eyes narrowed, the thought crossing his mind to drain the air around the wolf; suffocation to rid the fae of their current monarch.  He did not however, his hesitation allowing his mind to register Raziel's sudden warning.  Aine?

True fear danced in his own eyes, alarmed that his daughter had been targeted or woun-- attempting to attack that damn lion again.  The child only sought to protect someone she cared for but Gael knew a losing fight when he saw one.  Aine came before Kydobi, regardless of his respect for the jaguar.  "Aine, a leanbh!"

The fox skidded after her as Aurum forced her away, a warning growl erupting from within his chest.  In that moment the final strike of lightning hit.  Gael focused on holding Aine back with a foreleg, gently but firmly preventing her from running back for Kydobi, who's form now seemed too lifeless for the faerie to deny the death of.  Of everyone, the jaguar failed to deserve such a brutal end.

"Aine, a leanbh," he murmured softer, eyes dark with the simple knowledge the child only understood death so well.  "I'm sorry." Would that we could do something better for him than simply grieve.  The retribution the vulpine felt inclined to offer would only repeat the cycle -- he'd be overtaken by numbers too quickly to properly pay the blood debt.  Fine.

Gael turned his cold gaze onto Goldenluxury, his ear twitching indifferently.  Trust and respect, she would forever lack from him -- a given she no doubt expected.  You desired enough destruction when you set the jungle ablaze.  She almost reminded him of Raziel, if not for the fact her words meant nothing.  His growl returned, dark and protective for Aine whom he still held close.

Slavery, he possessed no taste for.  Most fae regarded the practice as barbaric; belonging to long past times.  He simply saw the Pitt as a home with a strong enough backbone to see what needed to be done, done.  A home possessing beings with the nerve to protect their own with brutal efficiency.

With creased brow, Gael turned back to Raziel, measuring the wolf up.  "Reminds me of someone.  So 'honorable'." For all his irritating pacifist, smooth-talking ways, the faerie king never sought to complete an action in-which he realized children might be endangered.  He still tasted smoke on his tongue.

Dismissively he clicked his tongue, then raised his chin to glance about for other members of the Pitt.  Curiosity drove the fae forward, inquisitive if any dared to oppose the demands.  Reasonable as they were, Gael only disliked the thought of answering to a Captain willing to place any child close to the flames.

Perhaps he should take a page out of Seamus' book -- observe for a time.  The fox would use the opportunity to see Kydobi properly buried and respected; the fallen warrior deserved no less. 

"I accept those terms, captaen," he offered, his voice void and cold.  "Ach feicim thú le haghaidh nathair díreach cosúil le mo chol ceathrair."  She assigned Séamus to practice his favorite task of espionage, after all.  Yes, she reminded him so much of Raziel, with the twin's willing for violence, of course.

"Pittians? Speak up if this is too unacceptable for you, but hardly any of us own slaves anyhow," a true and worn fact in recent times.  One exception came to mind yet Gael had stepped in that case personally -- for Aine.  "I am not suggesting to simply bare our necks, but I for one have a daughter to protect and a friend to bury."

// captaen - captain
Ach feicim thú le haghaidh nathair díreach cosúil le mo chol ceathrair - but I see you for a snake just like my cousin
"ISN'T IT LOVELY?" —-- gael ó broin / faerie / pittian / lamby

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Re: START A RIOT / mass raid + takeover
« Reply #106 on: November 30, 2019, 11:25:37 AM »
The tiger does not concern himself with the opinions of sheep -

[OOC: ]

Truth be told Kanga was angry. Angry that the minor blows had landed and angry that Aurum stole all the glory. This was supposed to be his time to shine. But not the chicken cat stole it.

Envy and contempt would be in his crimson hues as he watched Kydobi pitifully lose the battle. Even the flames, although spectacular and terrifying in the beginning, began to fall short. In all honesty the tiger thought the man had more in him. As Aurum sunk his teeth in, Kanga would find his maw watering, jealously prowling around to see different angles of what he wished could be him.

To taste the life rush out of the stupid cat. That would be great. And Aurum took that from him, perhaps he should kill them now while they aren’t looking? Prove his point. Like Golden. But this was the way Kanga was, he needed an enemy. An enemy was a goal, an enemy was validation and proof when conquered and defeated. An enemy could be all you need. That’s why the brute didn’t go long without one.

He was edging closer and closer despite Bai Shi until he nearly tripped cause something tight coiled around his legs.

“Agh!”, a deep voice would holler as they began to tighten. Snarling he would ravage the green cords, tooth at first and once a paw was free they stood no chance. Where did they come from? He would snap his neck till he saw her.

The little brat. He crouched, watching her. Staring at her. Analyzing and fantasizing about her limp body in his jaws along with her father’s. Foxes were vermin, hadn’t Jervis proven it so? Vermin needed to be handled or else they begin to infest.

He would remember the child’s face. Perhaps one day, she’ll be unfortunate enough to be caught alone.  Staring dead in her eyes, till she noticed, he would slowly raise his upper lip to reveal large ivories and he would menacingly run his tongue over them. Meanwhile a deep and low guttural growl would rumble. A warning. A threatening promise.

By the time he looked back, Kydobi was dead. A frustrated growl would come from him. Kydobi was supposed to be his. He felt the need to do something, things had not gone his way and this required a large gesture. He wanted an eye. A soft little amber ball carved out from the corpse. A trophy. Or maybe a claw? Perhaps the heart? The more gruesome the idea the more appealing it was to Kanga. But he would not move to do such a thing. For even if he wouldn’t admit it to himself, he knew not to mess with a dragon.

Goldie would speak and she would snatch all his attention. He watched her deal with the fox and his mouth would drool for different reasons. Such power and violence... gorgeous. She would make him apex children. And she would, because few women could resist Kanga. In fact none had. He planned to court her shortly after. Kade too wherever that scarred beauty may be.

He gave one last look to Bai in bored disgust before walking closer to his Goddess.

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