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the forest of talking trees — intro
« on: October 12, 2019, 06:04:39 PM »
Found a few days ago and taken in by Argus, her wounds were finally starting to heal. The scabs were slowly shrinking, turning into dark pink, shiny scars. The major gash on her left side still had a lot of healing to do, but she refused to let it slow her down. As long as it didn't get infected - which it shouldn't, granted it already had the protective layer of dressings - she would be fine. The savannah cat still had no idea who she was, other than her name. Shade. It was funny that she remembered her name, but nothing else. Perhaps it was because she had been called Shade since she was a child. She couldn't remember if that was true, but she could only assume so. It was odd how the brain worked. She was making new memories in The Pitt, and that was what really mattered to her. If she had no recollection of who she was, it simply meant she would have to form herself from the ground up.

The dark brown hybrid padded into the central marketplace, feeling rather adventurous that day. She hadn't gone out in the territory much, usually spending her days by exploring the areas around the temple or learning the ways of The Pitt. For how many times she had passed the marketplace, she had never really stopped and looked. Today, she had promised herself that she would browse the marketplace, and perhaps meet some new Pittians there. She had nothing to trade, and only intended to socialize. Maybe if she found an item she really liked she could promise to give them something in return. Would any of them take a mere promise as payment? She wasn't one to know, and she would be surprised if it actually happened.
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Re: the forest of talking trees — intro
« Reply #1 on: October 13, 2019, 06:59:55 PM »
Better to be hurt by the truth than comforted by a lie -

[OOC: mobile, won't respond as fast as I used to but I'll try ]

Kydobi had been tending to his usual duties. Maintaining the more domestic tasks and goals of the Pitt and making sure the defenses were solid. He worked like a bee, never stopping enough to lt his mind wander. Because if he gave it enough time, Bai Shi and Idyll. It was a nagging fear, their intimacy and Kydobi prayed it would never be confirmed.

Because although he refused to admit his feelings or the shapeshifter, they were ever more obvious to himself now that the possibility of his love being swept away by another was more real. So he kept himself busy.

Busy and preoccupied. Too many sorrows and worries in the Pitt for him to really focus. Once he escaped these problems by seeking refuge in the higher canopies. Now the jaguar seemed another escape, shoving it away from his mind. Mentally escaping.

He would be lost in his thoughts, not no who but no what to do. Listening his ears perked forward listening to the sound of someone breathing. Who he did not know but they carried the faint scent of Pitt and so he would not be too alarmed.

"Hello, I'm Kydobi. One of the marauders of this place.", he spotted her. A smaller but more lithe feline. A respectful dip of the head in his usual fashion. At first he had been hesitant to admit of his ranking up but since he decided he had nowhere else to go he would claim his rank with dignity.


“Oh lord please dont let me be misunderstood..”
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Re: the forest of talking trees — intro
« Reply #2 on: October 13, 2019, 07:41:08 PM »
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It wasn't often that Vox actually took the time to go to the Pitt marketplace and look into buying anything. Initially it had been as a result of the fact that he didn't want to get close to anybody, because if he did, it would make it far harder for him to betray them in any way. Still, he had changed his opinion when he had gone to talk with Fourthwall, and had found out about the wonderful food made by the raccoon vendors that inhabited one of the many corners of the large marketplace. Fourthwall had recommended them so highly that Vox had decided to go and try to get some meet of his own, having taken a few trinkets in order to trade with the raccoon siblings. Fourthwall had said that he traded meat with them in order to have them cook things for home, but that wasn't exactly an option for Vox, since he wasn't the most amazing hunter, and he certainly couldn't bag an entire deer or anything like that, like Fourthwall could. Still, he had a few old trinkets around his new home that he had decided to take, packing a small bag full of things and trotting along towards the marketplace, his wings stepping softly against the earth beneath him as he moved along, his goal the delicious meat shop that the raccoons ran.

However, he was distracted from his goal by the appearance of a new person in the Pitt. A new person wasn't exactly the most exciting event in the entire group, considering how large they were, but Vox found himself curious about Shade as soon as he saw her, and then saw her approached by Kydobi, a male that he had only heard about before, rather than seen. He found himself grow more curious, and he hesitated in his steps before turning to head towards Shade and Kydobi, the larger hybrid cautiously placing himself Kydobi, settling himself back on his haunches and folding his wings in front of him for a moment. He tilted his head to one side as he looked Shade over, before he flashed a toothy smile and mumbled softly to her, dipping his head in an imitation of Kydobi's respectful action, "Hello from me, as well. My name is Redvox. I don't have any fancy rank I can lay claim ta, but I like to think I'm friendly and interesting enough. Who are you? I haven't seen ya around before."
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Re: the forest of talking trees — intro
« Reply #3 on: October 15, 2019, 03:00:22 PM »
Argus could be kind, it was rare, even more so in a place like this. Argus liked their distance more than anything, and playing the kind paternal figure they used to be put a dampen on what their presence here stood for. Argus was not kind, unless there was a reason: An excuse to be nice even, in a place like this argus was quick to take. Better yet was the reason, the same shape they used to fill.

The grass under their feet was unsettling, compared to the sand they've familiarized themselves to. There was this need, an instinct argus did not bury - to see their new project: shade. Found on the edges of the border, argus had taken them in, healed them. THey knew nothing but their own name, argus saw firstly to that before using their remedial healing to keep them alive. But that was days ago, it was... it was rewarding to see them already out and about; not completely healed, but well enough. From where argus stood shaded near the edges of the plaza; argus watched two more apprach them, discussing something - probably introductions before they made their own way across. A smile curving along the edges of their masked face as they settled within eyesight.

"Shade, it's good to see you're healing well." Argus' voice was a growl-like pitch. Head cocked so towards them; before directing a glance towards the marketplace. "If you'd like, i can offer you a few things to trade if something catches your eye"
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