2.0.2 get your ass out of the grave [open/ mass role call/evaluation]
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Open get your ass out of the grave [open/ mass role call/evaluation]

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In Fourthwalls very arrogant opinion, his promotion was well deserved and overdue. Did he necessarily want to be an authority figure? Not really. He wasn't the sort of person others could look up to and politics had never been his strong suit. But did that mean he was content to sit back and let the clan go wherever someone else wanted it to? Of course not. The hellish hound might not have cared about much, but one thing he valued greatly was his freedom. To be able to do whatever he wanted whenever he wanted without anyone telling him otherwise or getting in his way. It was a core principal to who he was, and if he were to just let things fall apart or dive down a path he didn't care for, well, that wouldn't be in his best interest now would it?

And so, the massive maned canine was going to take advantage of this newly given rank. He knew that he didn't really have any power, just the ability to call raids and pull rank on others, the typical shit, but he was going to flex it as much as he could. The fact of the matter was that he, Kydobi, and Bai Shi were the most influencial members of the group beneath Jervis now, and aside from all that, Jervis had asked for his help. Fourth had promised to protect and obey the tempermental fox, to help him make the Pitt the indisputable powerhouse of the clans, and he intended to make good on his word.

"Pittians, fall in for evluation!" the hybrid would call out, his words a summoning roar that was more lion than wolf. He watched as a half dozen or so npcs scrambled to their paws and made they're way over to stand before him. As they did so, he began to speak. "Our clan is slowing down again, and we can't allow this if we're going to survive. Take a look around you. This is your home, these people your brothers and sister. And none of it can ever be safe from threat until the world recognizes the Pitt as the dominating empire of these lands."

It was time for a wake up call, a true call for them to show that they were a part of this clan through and through. Weather they were here because they lusted for violence or weather they were here because it was their home and their family, each of them had a reason to care and to fight, and they had to remember that. "If you are an active member of this group, state your name and your skillset. I'll be handing out tasks to evaluate your abilities before reporting them to Jervis- thos of you who perform well might find yourself with some special missions in the future. If you are a youth that wants to learn, speak up and state what field you want training in. "

He had seen them all fight to defend what they had on numerous times, but he doubted that he or Jervis knew exactly what everyone in the clan was specifically trained for or if they wanted training in other fields. This way he could get an idea of who might be good for certain tasks in the future, and Jervis would be able to utilize his clanmates more effectively in certain circumstances.

OOC- so I was thinking this might be a fun way for characters to show off their skills and training in whatever areas they might be trained in. basically Fourth will give them a task that will test the skills they have, allowing them to do a bit of development while showing off for the clan, and maybe they could be picked for certain special missions in the future, be they based on spying, healing, fighting, crafting etc :)



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Re: get your ass out of the grave [open/ mass role call/evaluation]
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Better to be hurt by the truth than comforted by a lie -

[OOC: ]

He hated this. He hated it dearly.

But he had to recognize the worth behind the idea. Knowing everyone's skills was a large advantage. He cleared his throat, stepping up beside Fourth.

"Might I encourage no more thoughtless raids and attacks? Too many of you are being injured and weak. We know they are all plotting against you. Any day they will strike to attempt to bring your downfall. And too many of you are injured or needing recovery from your brash attempts. Even if you do return with prisoners. We don't need the extra baggage.", his tail rippled, "We cannot waste our resources on you being fools in an attempt to cause terror. Play the war wisely. Skirmishes mean nothing, battles mean little, how we prepare is everything in times of war."

The jaguar turned and dipped his head at Fourth, irritated that he too supported the foolish cause driving the violence.
"Didn't mean to steal the spotlight but it must be said. We lost a member over in Tanglewood.", he murmured in privacy.

Straightening his posture he would look at the crowd of NPCs.

"I am Kydobi. I have numerous powers and skills...", he inhaled preparing to list them. The last thing he wanted was to make it seem like he was boasting, "They include my invisibility. I have the power to go completely undetected apart from scent. Intangibilty, I'm currently in the process of mastering this but I can walk through anything and anyone like I'm a mirage. I also can scale any type of surface out there. Be it marble, rock, wood, or whatever. Water too, some could say."

Amber hues fixed their focus on the horizon, " Before I came to this land, I was trained as the.... prince by the best mentors of my kingdom. I was instructed and drilled in the art of fighting, if you could call it art. Not only that but my senses are exceptional. I can hear a crickets chirp miles away. Smell scents from months ago... Sometimes it overwhelms me. Especially when I hear screams from your prisoners."

It was the first time since his conversation with Bai eons ago, that he had provided back story to his past. He did not like it. But for some reason, it didn't make him choke like it used to.


“Oh lord please dont let me be misunderstood..”
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Re: get your ass out of the grave [open/ mass role call/evaluation]
« Reply #2 on: September 18, 2019, 12:41:20 AM »
Line up for an evaluation roll call.  The red and black vulpine nearly snorted.  The faerie flicked an ear as he recalled happens of over a century ago; forming up in a line with his cousin for the royal guard.  While he and Kian dedicated themselves to become fighters and fliers, Seamus mastered the art of stealth and sabotage.  He wondered what 'Embry' planned on stating for his 'skillset'.

He regarded Fourthwall through cold, hazel eyes, indifferent.  His family perished in a fire set by his enemies, his daughter the only family he had left.  The Pitt failed to deserve the title 'brothers and sisters' — this place simply provided a home base, well barricaded by a desert to protect his daughter as she grew.  For this Gael would defend them, but for this only.  I care not for you, or the others.  Honestly, he felt more respect for Kydobi than any of those around him.  And I should have guessed he's royalty.  Another prince far from home, he mused.

The fox raised his chin, following a short nod of respect to the jaguar as he finished speaking.  "Gael Ó Broin," the Irishman stated cleanly.  "I possess the ability to manipulate the air around me." Not a trait he kept secret, though he hardly felt it entirely important.  "I fought alongside the royal guard of my kingdom for many years — both as soldier and commander.  Personally, I believe sound strategy is more important than the number or strength of warriors.  Certainly greater than brute strength."

"I studied the medical arts in my youth, though I hardly consider myself an expert in the field.But someone must teach Aine; 'Embry' can't keep his cover forever.

"That is all I have to say," he finished smoothly.  You don't own me nor do I owe you.  Gael intended gaining the same amount of information he gave.  The faerie refused to hand over more about himself than necessary.
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Re: get your ass out of the grave [open/ mass role call/evaluation]
« Reply #3 on: September 18, 2019, 10:30:16 AM »
we'll see the sun come up again, we'll climb higher than we've been
Astiar could not speak. It was something he was not capable of doing. He could not say his name, he could not say what he was good at. If so, in truth, the only thing he'd really done was a heap of deforestation. The insect knocked over a tree a week, munching it down in the span of a few hours. Thankfully there was a whole jungle for his talons and mandibles to sink into, and it would be a long while, if ever, he actually made a dent in ruining the jungle. His wings were buzzing softly as he lumbered over. The red eyes of the dragon landed on Kydobi. He was more familiar with this one, and elected he would come to stand next to the other. It was familiarity that drove him forward. Yes, he knew the one that was speaking- although that interaction had been once, whereas the ones with the feline he came to a stiff stance next to were much more prevalent.

A soft clicking noise sounded from Astiar, staring at Fourthwall with his ever neutral expression. He couldn't answer the other's question; it was debatable if the dragon knew that a question had been asked in the first place. There wasn't a flicker of confusion nor recognition resting on his face. Such was the way of a hulking beast that knew not of the ways of civil and structured life. But a mere insect, his mind said, the clicking of his mandibles continuing. His head lowered, ears raising as he listened. He said not a word, just made the mindless noise that was always present in his presence. Astiar remained still, head turning to follow the speaking that was being lifted to the air. A twitch of his tail and the previous movement of his head were all that he did after he approached. Minus the mandible clicking, and the ever present faint buzz of his twitchy wings.

//imagine your character being able to voice their nonexistent skills-
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— a nine foot seven inches tall cicada themed dragon. He has four antennae growing on his head from orange growths on his head. Two grow in front of his twisted horns, and two from behind. Dewclaws point backwards from the body-facing side of all six feet. He has mandibles on either side of his mouth that come from his upper jaw. The top of his upper jaw lays a hardened segment of scales, dotted with yellow dots. These extend as deep green freckles onto the face. A long stinger rests at the end of his lanky, segmented tail. His body has the segmented build of an insect, consisting of a deep orange head, brown body and abdomen, and black spine. His underbelly is a pale navy, with splotches of yellow showing the separation of the sections. His wings are tinted blue, but are translucent. The membrane for them is a bright, vibrant orange. Each wing has one claw at it's second bone, pointing down the rest of the wing's length from the body. His front paws have five fingers, while the rest of his limbs have only three toes. His red eyes are near unblinking, and are built like that of an insect. A series of jagged spikes rise from his black back, and run down his head to his neck.
— tongue and blood is yellow
— no current injuries

✧ Soft Buzzing
— Ambient noise. Pleased. Feels like making noise. Stretching. Curious.
✧ Loud Buzzing
— Angry. Infuriated. Sizing up. Stop. About to strike. Flying.
— IF ALONE: 'Come here'. 'Come closer'. 'Help'. 'Need assistance'. Lonely

✧ Mandible Clicking
— Ambient noise. Hungry. Curious. Nervous.
✧ Hissing
— Angry. Irritated. About to strike. Stop. 'Stay away'. 'I'm uncomfortable'. Testing vocal cords.
✧ Chattering
— Ambient noise. Mimicking speech. Pleasant.
✧ Grumbling
— Irritated. Annoyed. Being pessimistic. Bothered.
✧ Roaring
Angered. Infuriated. Enraged. Sizing up. Stop. About to strike.
✧ Rumbling
— Curious. Intrigued. Friendly. 'Come closer'. Pleased. Happy.

✧ Curious, inquisitive, devoted, loyal, open-minded
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✧ clueless, over-obedient, takes commands without hesitation

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— will add

✧ physically medium | mentally easy | no powers | no weapons | claws, teeth, talons
✧ will start/end fights on command, easy provoke | will kill
✧ very limited fighting knowledge
✧ allowed to powerplay peaceful actions | attack in bolded #B21925 | mention @Astiar when attacking

— mostly feral
— speaks a wordless bug language
— worker drone
✧ Obeys without question

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Re: get your ass out of the grave [open/ mass role call/evaluation]
« Reply #4 on: September 21, 2019, 11:45:54 AM »
noa's first instinct was to gaze for azvameth first, thinking this might be more his sort of thing but... there was no harm in participating at least. noa had never met fourthwall before, but from what it heard, he was some marauder alongside bai shi and kydobi. well, jervis must have put him up to the plate for the fact that he could get things done with just his booming voice. the feathers along noa's spine ruffled as a chill crawled up its spine, trying to shake it off.

their name and skills... that should be easy enough.

"my name is noa. i am capable of climbing high lengths. painting is a hobby of mine, and..." they paused, looking away from the hound to think for a moment. "well, i think i'm pretty decent at speech craft."

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Re: get your ass out of the grave [open/ mass role call/evaluation]
« Reply #5 on: September 21, 2019, 05:40:20 PM »
Better to be hurt by the truth than comforted by a lie -

[OOC: hate to flood @Crackers but I wanna keep this alive.Hope you're doing good man! ]

Gael's powers to manipulate air was a large advantage. Air was all around them, was in and through everything. Formal training as well? Kydobi had never known this, he curled his tail around his paws thinking about how he never really knew his fellow members.

He looked at the cicada, smiling when he saw it come over. It was an attempt to communicate no doubt. For some odd reason the insect was growing on Kydobi. It held... child like innocence.

Clearing his throat he spoke, "The bug has exceptionally strong jaws.. I watched him devour a tree.. While I've never seen it, I'm sure it can fly."

He smiled at Astiar, happy to see them around.

Then the bush dog came, second time seeing them.

"Hello Noa.", Kydobi listened to their skills, pinning his ears back for a brief moment.While he could certainly find use in that skill set he wondered what Fourthwall would think. It seemed the hybrid was all about abilities that could assist in battle.

Kydobi made a mental note to have a personal training session regarding whatever. If they were interested in medicine maybe he could pair them along with Aine in restock and cataloguing. Or perhaps, climb the trees with him and scout for weaknesses and good areas to push.


“Oh lord please dont let me be misunderstood..”
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Re: get your ass out of the grave [open/ mass role call/evaluation]
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" do you want to burn in hell with me? "


late and probably the last, but they would arrive begrudgingly. "i'm bai xiaodan also known as bai shi, I'm good at fighting, warfare and giving advice." they rumble as they appear, steadfastly ignoring Kydobi with what meager sight they had regained after the brutal scarring to their eyes.

"former pharoah of the rosebloods before kliment took over, and trained as a soldier. i have strong scales, strong jaws and wicked claws and teeth. i fight to protect what matters." they growled, golden eastern dragon drawing up and observing the rest with a chilling gaze, "i can also harness the wind to do whatever i want it to do.", their gaze turned to fourthwall, regarding the other marauder. they were done with giving their loyalty bravely, and they now had someone that needed protecting. they had been soft and diplomatic for too long, and now owed it to the dead and the living to return to their bloodthirsty ways of making war.
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