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go forth -- reviving a discussion
« on: August 27, 2019, 03:37:07 PM »
  Something ought to be done about the Pitt situation.

  Rin had taken a seat in the midst of the town square, her presence subdued but assertive. She was here to deliver information, affirm her stance, and address the elephant in the room. Was she overstepping her boundaries by reopening this can of worms when she wasn't even a full member of Elysium? Probably. Did she care? Not really, given that the others might find her information pertinent even despite the person it was coming from.

  Wrapping her tail around her paws, Rin cleared her throat, loudly enough that a few members she hadn't met yet turned to look. "I was severely injured by a rogue a few weeks ago, and ended up stranded near the Typhoon," she stated, twitching her ears. "The Typhoon provided me medical treatment and sustenance until I recovered. While they did not expect repayment, I intend to repay them by helping them in their fight against the Pitt."

  One of the members tilted their head, as if to ask who cared. That was a valid point. Tugging at her scarf with one paw, Rin continued, "I recall that the Typhoon requested to work with Elysium until the Pitt is dealt with. I am not a sworn-in member of Elysium, so I have no input in that decision, but I am curious as to what the group has decided."

  Closing her eyes, she lowered her head, in acknowledgement of her own position. She wasn't one to stand by in times of conflict, but she also had no desire to appear conceited. "If you have decided against getting involved, I will not pass judgment." It wasn't on them to solve the world's problems, especially when said problems were so numerous. She had promised the Typhoon, however, to put in a good word to Tena in return for their help... well, maybe she hadn't verbally promised, but in her head she had determined that she would do so.
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Re: go forth -- reviving a discussion
« Reply #1 on: August 27, 2019, 04:51:53 PM »

War was a fickle creature, for some reason she knew this well. Something had to be done with the hellish fiends who lived and breathed blood. Too much had been dismissed, but the time for dismissal was not now. "The Pitt has personally slighted us, attacked us, by burning down the observatory. If that is not a call to action I don't know what is. If we do not fight, and the Typhoon and Tanglewood are unable to defeat the Pitt, we will have shown ourselves a complacent target for their bastardly deeds." She took a pause, her throat wanting to close. Elio stroked the fur atop her head to calm her, knowing where she was going with this.

"Too many times have the groups that made up Elysium stayed peaceful, a sideline watcher, when the world called for action. I was but a mere child when the Typhoon captured me from the Ascendants, tortured me with wounds that could've killed me had I not been turned. No one came to my rescue. I never, ever want to know that there is a child that helpless ever again. There are slaves in the Pitt, many of whom are probably defenseless members of other affiliations, and many of the defenseless may be children who know nothing of what is like to be free." The feline sat, holding back tears from remembering. It needed to be said, but she wished those memories didn't resurface with it. Her brand, the triangle on her shoulder, burned and she could still remember the moment the fire had touched her skin.

"The time for action is now my friends."
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Re: go forth -- reviving a discussion
« Reply #2 on: August 27, 2019, 10:50:13 PM »
♡ — This was formerly a discussion that Nine had no stake in. After all, she was only one cat, and even though she had dedicated her life thus far to fighting against injustice in the world, she couldn't take on the whole of The Pitt by herself. However, now that she was in a group, punishing the Pitt was more of an attainable goal – not to mention the fact that Lewis now lived in Tanglewood, a group that had been threatened repeatedly by The Pitt. If a single Pittian laid a paw upon Lewis, she was going to tear them limb from limb, their plans be damned. However, luckily for her, it seemed as though the group as a whole was interested with assisting in the ongoing war with the Pitt, and she felt a little crooked and toothy smile on her face as she moved up beside Pele, settling down. She took in everything the other female had said before she took a deep breath preparing to speak and give her piece. Even though it was obvious that they had made a decision, it still seemed important for everyone to be able to give their opinion in a place like this.

Reflecting on what Pele had said, the thickly furred feline shook her head and meowed in a deep and solemn voice, her eyes narrowed towards the ground, "You and Pele... you're both right. For years now I have spent my time wandering the rogue lands, going from place to place, righting injustices and dismantling brutal longer groups who found it fun to maim or kill others. In all of my traveling, I heard many stories of the travesties that the Pitt had committed. I always wanted to go and dispose of them as I had done with so many other horrible groups, but they were always far too large for me to take on, at least on my own. But now that I'm here, in Elysium... well, I have to question how much of a justice seeking group we really are if we don't join the fight against them." She could already feel her blood boiling at this topic of conversation, and she took another deep breath to try and even herself out, digging her claws into the mountain dirt beneath her.

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Re: go forth -- reviving a discussion
« Reply #3 on: August 28, 2019, 01:45:03 PM »
Tena Moonspinner
The petite Demdji's tail tip twitches behind her, her bright blue eyes gleaming with a harder glint than normal.  Rin.  The Typhoon.  An ear flicked.  Well.  She liked Rin, generally, even if she decided she didn't want to be a full member of Elysium -- she understood the struggles of commitment.  She felt somewhat irked now that the discussion seemed to take off though.  More faces now.  More claws.

"That was the general consensus," however small, "from the last assembly." Still.  A longer discussion was what she would have hoped for, with more input.    She planned on seeing the Pitt pay no matter what, no trial required.  Yet, in these matters, she knew better than to act too rashly.  Or at least to try her best not to.  "We are justice-seekers, but are also a community.  I want everyone on-board with a major decision before acting."

"My personal feelings on the matter is that these slavers deserve what's coming to them.  They've bitten off more than they can chew and they are going to pay the price." Mother knew no depur would remain unscathed if she had anything to do with it.

"That said, if anyone objects to us joining forces with the Typhoon and Tanglewood, now is a second chance," or first for newer faces, "to speak up, so that we may reach a united decision."
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Re: go forth -- reviving a discussion
« Reply #4 on: August 30, 2019, 11:19:21 PM »
Alastor arrived. He was silently passing judgement to those who spoke, acknowledging a few with a nod. There opinions, were valid, seemed rather silly to him. The discussion of entering a war was unheard of within Elysium. For the entirety of their reign, they have remained a peaceful group. Yet now there were people calling for action because one fox changed the game. Elysium could deny it all they want, but they weren’t exactly prepared to go up against such a clan without help. They were pacifists after all (to Alastor’s dismay). Just because their label suddenly changed to ‘neutral’ doesn’t mean that they were immediately prepped for what chaos was coming.

The doberman’s head craned. A purple gaze narrowed down at Tena. ”And what makes you think we can handle their forces?” he questioned. His voice remained cold and concise, yet he was still watching his words to prevent any occurance of his power. Notice how he didn’t say ‘Tell me why.’ Nevertheless, he carefully continued on. ”Elysium always has been-“ His eyes shifted to the others, looking for anyone who would agree. ”-rather silent.” Perhaps advocating for the devil wasn’t appropriate currently. In truth, he lacked the empathy to care for what was happening in The Pitt.

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Re: go forth -- reviving a discussion
« Reply #5 on: August 31, 2019, 12:48:45 AM »
> CONRÍ Ó FAOLÁIN | current track ♪ | engaging. . . |
An excited energy buzzed in the youth.  The young wolf offered his voice the first time around and he quite happily bounded to Tena's side, agreeing whole-heartedly.  He disliked the Pitt.  Moreover, he felt confident in the idea of joining sides with the Typhoon and Tanglewood.

As such his amber eyes locked on a face he did not know, fierce with a fire of determination.  Elysium may have not fought recently, but they were not pacifists, not to him.  A justice-seeking group could not be pacifistic after all -- it simply did not work from a strategic point of view.  Father would disagree, but Tena gets it.  Tena, he thinks, was not a pacifist.  She wants to fight.

He huffed softly at Alastor, unimpressed.  "And what makes you think we can't?  Last I checked we outnumbered their attackers the night they went after us." But you weren't there and I was, so hah. He puffed up his chest, firm in his stance.  "Besides, the Pitt made a simple mistake in angering not just us, but the Typhoon and Tanglewood.  Clearly they lack any decent strategists."

"So I still believe we should join sides with the others and prepare to fight." Three-on-one.
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Re: go forth -- reviving a discussion
« Reply #6 on: August 31, 2019, 11:19:26 AM »
Lavi quite happily saw himself on the pacifistic side of things.  He disliked unneccessary conflict.  However, unlike his sister who completely refused to fight anyone, the youth was hardly placid.  He simply preferred thinking every step through.  The thick-furred feline flicked his ringed tail as he joined the gathered group.

As often, his chocolate eyes drifted towards Tena first.  Honestly, he felt as though he ought to commend her for being so patient on the matter at hand, at wanting an agreement first.  The Tena he'd grown used to seemed to act first, think later.  She understands the weight of her decisions now.  A deep sigh built in his chest as he considered all the words spoken.

The doberman and dire wolf caught his attention foremost.  The former seemed the only one remotely concerned they lacked the strength yet Lavi could not help but feel they had the strength.  What caused Alastor to believe such a thing, especially when as Conri said, they had outnumbered the Pittians the night they attacked?  They may not have saved the observatory but they certainly had not been over-ran.

Regardless of it all, the idea of a full-on-war made his fur prick.  Lavi's head soon turned back towards Tena, considering her.  It's not the observatory that burns her.  It's the slaves.  For Tena, this must be personal on a level he failed to truly understand.  Nor, do I think, her past is common-knowledge.  In that case, he imagined they must think she simply felt some righteous anger for the attack on her clan, which she certainly must.

Weighing everything, he spoke, "I stand with fighting back."  He smiled grimly, resting his tail over his paws.  "Beleive me when I say we can take them, with or without the Typhoon and Tanglewood, because the Pitt is overconfident." And they assume we're pacifists.  "It's not a secret everyone assumes we're not willing to get blood on our paws; everyone, including the Pitt, underestimates us."

"Well I haven't seen everyone here fight, but I've sure seen Tena fight." On her own, against slavers, no less.  And by the Force is she something else on the battlefield.  "And I believe we're strong enough to prove everyone wrong."

He tilted his chin, eyes growing brighter.  He may despise violence, but he understood the necessity.  He understood the fire boiling in the veins of many present, determined to bring justice on those who'd wronged them.  Lavi despised violence, but he failed to see another route whenever dealing with groups like the Pitt.  He could almost hear Lessa's voice pleading another way, but there are those who don't see the other way.  The Pitt stood against everything Elysium stood for.

But there's a fine line between justice and revenge.  He glanced around the faces gathered, many of them fired up by the Pitt's actions.  The young Jedi breathed out quietly.  "But do not fight because you are angry, fight because you know they have done wrong.  Fight for the defense of freedom and justice, not for revenge, because revenge is something petty the Pitt believes in."

He leaned back on his paws, eyes flashing back towards Tena.  "I stand with you." Whatever you decide, though I can tell all you want to do is fight.


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