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« on: August 16, 2019, 12:42:45 AM »
Delilah Evergarden
tanglewood | 32 m/o | femme | dark faerie

So basically this is a picky adoption! It only has one spot so apply fast!

Forms are free for all. Go all out!

Delilah Evergarden is the previous Sawbone of Tanglewood.


On her way through Tanglewood territory, Delilah finds this child after their mother was killed protecting them from the territories gators. Delilah decides to bring the child home to Tanglewood to adopt them and raise them as her own child.


The species is domesticated feline. Gender, appearance, powers, etc. is all free for all as long as you stick to the species!
The child can be between 5 months to 10 months old.


- You must stay active with this child.
- All angst, drama, etc is accepted. If you have some plot ideas, just message me!
- They will stay in Tanglewood with Delilah.

tags: ShowHide
✯ delilah evergarden // deli, lilah, flower girl, pinkie, petals, miss evergarden.
✯ female // she/her
✯ 32 months // mentally mature // spiritually old
✯ tanglewood
- ex-medic
✯ revenant, gatorbait, host
✯ completely blind, has only three legs, usually seen with a hand-made metal prosthetic.
- mental bond with renegadeanthem
- shares body with succubus named lilith

✯ maine coon [domesticated feline]
✯ slim, feminine maine coon feline with soft pink pastel fur. around her paws is black vine-like markings, and there are darker pink dots on her back. black and pink cherry blossoms constantly flow from her pelt thanks to her aesthetic element. she has pink irises, pale schlera, and slitted magenta pupils. her tail is long and extremely fluffy. her other tail is whip-like, with a heart shaped tip on the tip of it. she has drippy, inky black faerie wings that look more cursed than pure. she has darker colored curved horns on her head that curls around her ears. she still only has three legs.
accessories - grey scarf, satchel.
scars/marks/tattoos - three claw marks over both eyes, whip/claw scars all the way down her back, scar on her left inner front arm, flower branding on her stomach, skull branding on her back left thigh, scar on the corner of her lip, scar marks on her muzzle, she has a large scar across her neck where her throat was previously slit.
accent - Soft, gentle, motherly voice.
phobias - None.

✯ best friends with arrow
✯ sisterly affection for morgan
✯ respects leroy
✯ dislikes cosette
✯ mentored by malphas
✯ [G1] titania x oberon [npc's]
- adopted by talia and malkyn
✯ sibling of spica evergarden (f) & kasper evergarden (m).
✯ demisexual heteroromantic
✯ crushing // in love with renegadeanthem [1/2 of deliren]
✯ no children

tags // plot
✯ physically below average // mentally hard // x-ray vision, earth elementals, telekinesis, mental bond, mental manipulation, possession, enhanced senses.
✯ attack in underline

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tags - faerie - tanglewood
pfp art by tricky!

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Re: Be the adoptive child of Tanglewood's Ex-Medic?
« Reply #1 on: August 16, 2019, 05:49:55 PM »
Flint is a slender feline with a completely white pelt. There's really nothing worthy to note about his color. His nose is a gentle pink and the his pawpads are pink with dark black patches scattered about. His fur is thick and feathery. He appears to be some sort of Oriental mix with his delicate features and slender appearance. His eyes are a bright, sparkling cobalt blue. He has slender iridescent ram horns that curl around his ears. Little crystals poke out from the horns in various places - he will gain more as he gets older. Large wings are attatched to his back, with blue-green iridescent feathers. His elbows are also decorated in feathers. Since his fur appears so plain, he usually decorates his horns and body with shiny things.

If Flint did have siblings, they weren't with him and his mother near Tanglewood. Chances are they probably died soon after birth and Flint doesn't remember them and his mother never told him. All he knows is his mother. Flint never saw his father, but he never really questioned about his whereabouts with his mother. His mother is French and he spent his early childhood learning both the languages. As he grows into Tanglewood, he loses his ability to speak French fluently but may use common exclamations as they are a little less difficult to remember. As a result of this, his voice will sound a bit funny as he adjusts to this. His mother called him Silex which is a French word meaning silica/flint. As he is rescued by Deliah, he is too caught up in the trauma to say anything so when prompted with a name, he will just stare at a rock to try to give them a hint to what he was used to be called. The name Flint would be a symbolic reference toward Arrow, as flint is a stone commonly used to craft them.

Three major characterizations can be made about Flint that dictates the majority of his actions. First of all, he is quite greedy and vain. Flint takes a special interest in shiny things (bonus points if they are small) and he decorates himself with them. He is not quite prideful and does not have any political ambitions, but he does have what some may say an artistic eye and tries to look for aesthetic. Although he collects things, he is astoundingly skilled at keeping a neat and organized area to keep them in.  He can be self-conscious about his looks - especially as he thinks the plain white looks boring.
He is also wrathful. Flint holds onto grudges eternally and it's hard to win back his trust once it is lost. He broods over things constantly and makes it no secret that he dislikes someone. Flint is revenge-oriented and lives by the maxim "an eye for an eye". He is aggressive toward people he has deemed unworthy of his trust.
When Flint is alone with friends and comfortable in his surroundings, he can be quite the character. He acts goofy and dumb on purpose and sometimes this may defeat his purpose as it may seem that he is incapable of anything serious. He's a troublesome kid and pushes his boundaries -- he will be quite the child for a new mother. He enjoys being satirical and may unintentionally hurt his peers' feelings by playfully making fun of them.

potential voice/face claims jim carrey, pyrocynical (yt)
character themes youth, revenge, humor
his relationship with delilah He admires her, a lot, for saving him. He loves her a lot too, but during his gator arc, he begins to become a little distant from her when he becomes obsessed with getting revenge for his mother. After he kills the alligator, he finally comes to realize Delilah is his true family.
gator plot Flint goes back to the spot where his mother died and kills a gator with his quick thinking and spear traps.
deaf plot A plot that would involve him loosing all or some of his hearing. This would probably happen during a possible Pitt torture.
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