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Song of the sea — Return ?
« on: August 13, 2019, 09:42:31 PM »
Inescapable the leaden weight of heavy tang, sharp its arising notes of salt beneath held the press of biting rust, cloying the gentle sweetness of rot hiding in the darkness of forgotten corners. They knew not when it had arisen and filled widened nostrils, forgone the previous sweetness of air given the heat of year winding down to inevitable conclusion, faint its traces along forgotten memory for sweet the ghost of it in chaotic train of thought. May it have been during the very first stages when the oddly cool press of metal with its fine layering of reddened rust had met the scarred surface of calloused skin, or the accumulation of days when fitful nights of little slumber had been passed within the thinning undergrowth before all fell away.

Had it always been present beneath the surface as though it were merely a tempered moment of suspended time their mind sought to hold yet the choking press of the tight grasp had robbed it of life and significance. Terrifying such for elusive the memories of days left behind, its arising murmur speaking of a loss of much, innocence and naivity striped away, a childhood budding under gentle care, tutelage all bound in the well taxed leather set against hip.

Gentle the arising pitch of lilting note, soft a beginning bearing the well meaning of pleasant intentions harbouring nothing but the want to impart a sense of lacking wonder, spiralling forth until crescendo was found in held beat. Forth are eyes drawn from where once they lingered upon a sea choked distance, held upon the framing of stone slotted within its scarred face glimmering points as tough caught the fantastical spectrum of light dancing in skull shaped fragments. Yet hollow rang the call of nostalgia in the slow beat of heart quickening, arising its uneven tempo until lips left split by scars arose in a snarl. Of no matter the sweetness contained in the core for it was nought but a festering wound beneath the surface, tugging along heartstrings grown into uncaring stone.

Yet such might never explain what it was that drew the dark creature forth, the spread of a grey so dark it near swallowed the rosettes of sides and back, stark the fine lines about hard features marking them as one who had been here before or at least a ghost of the child lost countless days before. There was no youth present here, apparent the raised ridges of lightened flesh were the fine strands of fur were incapable of new growth, lacking size but enough of an age they may be viewed an adult. If any recognised what once was the ill tempered and sharp tongued Sage confusion is all that would meet them, dark the copper eyes fixated on bell suspended near the gates.

For some reason Ward might never put into the structure of the lexicon at their disposal familiar the sight, of such a size it seemed near formidable though tarnished it surface beneath rust for unkind the ocean air encasing it. Cracks and dints further broke the mirage, the wear of age reflected in the fraying rope upon which it hung. Beneath they knew what was awaiting but still did they look. Wicker basket placed beneath the hanging rope and within writhing mass of living flesh, perturbed the hisses of coiled snakes. Response was not given but well they knew the tightening about their neck, felt how the already tight coil grew further so, flick of tongue working along the rim of ear.

“Hush, Lumen, they will not hurt you,” rasping voice arose, broken by sudden cough for long ago was the last time words spoken aloud been a necessity. Well they knew that the corn snake would continue to hold tight to fear and anxiety lifted was a paw, sudden its movement and the clapper within bell struck with a loud toll, movement brought to a forceful stop as they stilled the bell. Though they might not know when such information might be gathered allowing the bell to continue its song seemed a rather foolish idea, the anger the basket of snakes offered at its single peel of sound enough such thought was confirmed.

This completed back did the bengal move, seating themself at a distance any exiting the open gates might see them but enough the baskets of snakes and themself were separated, relief arising in soft sigh as Lumen loosened her grasp about their neck.
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Re: Song of the sea — Return ?
« Reply #1 on: August 13, 2019, 10:52:26 PM »
crash and burn
didn't mother warn you?
Admittedly, Celeste came from her own place of grime and grit. Although she wasn't terribly scarred, she'd been in her fair share of unfair fights, scrapes and scratches being her reward for making it out alive. She'd been born into a search for her own mother, abandoned by the other so soon after birth that Celeste hardly remembered her.

Her search took her to various places, from impromptu fighting rings to groups she had to fight her way out of-- each step in her journey was an aching one; each step in her journey a battle which only earned her pain, no answers. The search once previously consumed her, but after her sister went missing due to her own negligence, Celeste began to refocus on what was a priority. She continued searching, but now not for the one who abandoned her but rather the one whom she cared for most in the world: her sweet baby sister. Of course, she'd made sure to train her sister to be capable of holding her own, but still, the world was cruel and although Celeste trusted the young one, she did not trust the world.

Once again, her search lead her across the plains, to views she'd never seen before and to more fights that she'd grow stronger from. Until the day when the flames came, all consuming and hot. Eventually she grew accustomed to the newfound warmth, but it was around then when she learned that she was the sun, and that she had a job to do.

Find the Ancient Relics.

Shit, yeah! Snapping out of her thoughts of her past, Celeste remembered that that's what she was doing. She was searching for the Relics but... was that a bell? It was worth investigating, at the very least. So she followed the noise to it's source, finding a dark void of a creature waiting for her.
"Hey, who're you?" Celestialrobbery asked, cocking her head slightly. "Oh, and I should probably ask why you're here too. So why're you here?"
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Re: Song of the sea — Return ?
« Reply #2 on: August 13, 2019, 10:55:40 PM »
A return of any kind was a remarkable thing. Dovedeparture hoped to experience it one day. Despite being looked down upon in her former place of residence, she would love to return. She wished her wings would return to how they used to be - without horrible fault, with the ability of flight.

She was again exploring the terrain of her new home when she heard the clanging of the bell. Interestingly enough, she took note of the way its song was cut short. Deciding it could not be a forceful gust of wind, the fae moved toward the sound. She had yet to come into contact with anyone newer than herself and Celeste, and she admitted she was eager to see a new face.

The creature that greeted her line of sight was not what she had imagined. Their formed seemed to lag with a type of exhaustion and sadness she would never be able to articulate. Green eyes fluttered over each scar that littered their war-torn form, and she wondered what beast had gotten the better of them. Though she did not know this individual, she felt almost bad for them... Strange were the emotions of this mortal vessel - and of this world.

"Hello, snake charmer," the alabaster lynx called, stepping forward and halting beside Celestialrobbery. She watched the snake for a few moments before dragging her gaze toward Ward's copper eyes. "Do you medical assistance?"
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Re: Song of the sea — Return ?
« Reply #3 on: August 14, 2019, 02:35:30 PM »
Starry dreamed sometimes of returning to wherever he had come from, should he ever remember where that place had been. For now, however, he was forced to just wander through life, wondering where he had come from and how he had ended up here in the Typhoon, among these interesting people and strange unfamiliar places. He had hoped that when he had wandered along the railroad tracks to eventually come to the border of the Typhoon, he would end up finding something that would unlock the memories that had been tangled inside his mind for far too long now. So far, the only person that had come even close to rousing his memories was Celestialrobbery, and she had filled him with a strange sense of fear that he hadn't really been able to shake around her, even after she had reassured him that she wasn't dangerous. For some reason the presence of someone so reminiscent of the sun made him feel nervous, like her sheer rays would end up burning him out of existence.

When it came to knowing the past of the Typhoon, or those that had been here before, he had just as little knowledge of it as he did of his own past. When he had first arrived in The Typhoon, he had actually come at a time when many others were returning to the place, such as Vandal, and Fischer. It seemed as though this pattern was continuing with the return of this Ward person, and it would mean just as much to Starry as the return of the others did. Which wasn't to say he didn't care about them. In fact, Fischer and Vandal had been very kind to him, and he had begun to look up to them as much as he had begun to look up to Goldie, but that wasn't because of their best with the group. Rather, it was because of the impression they left on him through their interactions, which were usually kind and entertaining. When he had seen the treehouse belonging to one of the aforementioned females, he had been delighted, because it felt like a real home to him, and one of the first things that made him happy and feel really connected to the Typhoon.

And now, he would be introduced to yet another part of the group that he had no earthly idea about. He looked up when he heard the loud outreaching clang of the bell, and he slowly got up to his glimmering night sky colored paws. He leaped down from where he had been laying amongst the trees, and he slowly made his way through the trees, his paws leaving small indents in the ground as he padded along. He eventually came up beside Celeste and Dove, his starry body involuntarily tensing up as he walked to the side of Dove. Sitting back on his haunches, he blinked his pure white gaze at the newcomer, his eyes slowly drifting down to the snake the other was speaking to. He had never seen a snake in person before, and he blinked in slight curiosity at it, tilting his head to one side before speaking in a slightly dazed voice, sounding far off and distant, "Hello, mister..."


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